tagErotic PoetryOur Love Is No Sin, Mom

Our Love Is No Sin, Mom



Sleeping sweetly after a deep lovemaking session
My newly adult all contented strong robust manhood
And your fully satiated cream honey femaleness
In each others' embrace in your silky soft bed O Mom
Snoring oblivious of all our bodies souls and spirits
Silent like The Silence before the Creation
We are here now the couple joined by God
As it was destined to be from The Beginning of Creation

Our naked bodies sweating profusely
My penis still little hard and seeping semen
Your womanhood oozing off hot cum
We would want more and more and more
Love of this kind now for all our life
When we wake up O Mom

It had to happen one day inevitably
This lovemaking and pure erotic sex between us
Sheer natural flesh fucking the natural flesh
Destined to happen when God made us

Being together for eighteen longest years
Knowing we love each other so deeply
Aware that we would be doing this some day
Doing it in our minds day and night every moment
We struggled and fought and warred against
This Pure Godly Divine Love O Mom

But no one can fight The Nature ever
Nature made by God Himself
That still runs on His Rules today

All and every natural creation obeys God's commands
They just do not know any other options
Than to be Natural and Disciplined
Obedient to their Master, The Creator

First of all God created Energy and Matter
He said Let There Be Light
And Energy was created
He converted the Energy into Matter
And made all the natural tangible universe
God's own natural universe His Domain

Every atom every cell every energy is ruled
By God's own natural rules still today O Mom
And the bodies of ours too are truly natural flesh
Made of Natural God Made Energy and Matter

After being created
Humans too made a virtual world of their own fantasies
Of human ideas concepts imaginations thoughts
Humans made homes, relations, families, societies
And cities, states, nations,
And humans created wealth, exploitations, violence, wars
Some humans made rules to make others slaves
Some humans made systems to be Powerful rulers
To reign upon the whole world forever

These human made rules change every moment
Change to benefit the Rulers of Present Time
Because they are made by strong humans for weak humans
To rule enslave torture and kill other humans

Said Jesus "God's reign is bestowed upon us freely
But the Powerful always hijack it".

Also when Mary Magdalene asked "What is Sin, O Savior?"
He answered "There is no sin in Action, but whenever we think something against nature,
We CREATE sin".

Humans sinned when they created a virtual world
Full of lust violence and exploitation
It is sin to be unnatural devouring animals Mom
It is sin to be exploiters looters and killers of men
It is UNGODLY and UNHOLY sin to prohibit Love, Mom

But Love is Natural
Love is Life
Love is Eternal
Love is God
God lives in our body soul and spirit
Jesus said "Your body is The Temple of God"
Jesus never lies Mom

People made people to think otherwise
They denied the natural life's virtues
And preached unnatural restrictions
They made the natural love a taboo
And tried to impose upon their rules
On the God made natural flesh O Mom

But it is simply utterly impossible!!
Nature cannot be tamed or conquered!!
May be by God but never by men!!!

This is why you were amazed at my birth
You looked at my tiny organ and were thrilled
You got for yourself what you did not have
Absolutely yours and undoubtedly yours only
A Penis no matter how small how little
Coz a penis is a penis is a penis
Made of you part of you
your flesh your solely freely owned penis

You saw it with an unexplained pride and happiness
You felt it touched it caressed it again and again
You got a strange feeling when I suckled your nipples
It was not sex neither lust nor something you knew
But it was simple natural LOVE Mom
It was Godly Divine Love only.

This love made you and me to make love today
The episode begun with your innocent looking touch
When I was given in your lap
Came to its logical finale on your bed
Bodies know no language but only gestures
Bodies cannot think but act instantly upon every thought
Bodies only know to fuck like animals Mom
Coz every body is just an animal

If our love were a sin and our coitus a taboo
How could I penetrate your creamy honey dripping vagina
With my throbbing hot rod so easily today?
God certainly would have had made provisions to prevent it
Your cunt would have had repelled my dick
Like flowers reject discard pollen from foreign species
My semen would be thrown like vomit instantly
And we could not have been able to create a new embryo
In your womb where my conception had been done

God must have had made some measure to prevent all love
Between human bodies related like us
But Eve was created from Adams body
And God blessed them and they multiplied
Filled this earth with their seed O Mom

Our union is not sin
But nevertheless a holy and sacred wedding
Purely Godly Divine and Natural partnership
I swear to love you more and more each day
To support you when you are old and weak
To be with you in health or in sickness
To make you the mother of my children
To give you a family of your own
Like Eve and Adam
Our love is never a sin, O Mom

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