tagLoving WivesOur New Neighbors Ch. 05

Our New Neighbors Ch. 05


What a strange path our feet had found when earlier this summer a seemingly innocent evening of dinner and hot tubbing had turned into an unexpected orgy of wife swapping pleasure! I mentally traced the steps from that night, through flirting and teasing afterwards, sex with my friend's wife while he lay bound in his own bed, and now the events of last night. The climax of it all was the four of us lying sweaty in Kelly and my bed, with the scent of fucked pussy hanging like a fog in the air and Wade and my come leaking from both of the women's pussies, as well as Jen's ass. Of course, the sex was one thing alone, but there was a deeper motivation involved. From the first, the women had for their own reasons orchestrated this entire situation and maneuvered Wade and I right where they wanted us. And last night, in Jen's pre-orgasmic confession that she loved me, and again this morning in Kelly's confirmation of her similar feelings for Wade, I knew that lines had been indelibly drawn between us all.

As for myself, it was strangely complicated. I loved my wife Kelly immensely and felt no lessening of that since expanding our sexual activities to include our friends. Yet Jen, with her similar personality but radically different looks had made her way into my heart as well when I wasn't even aware of it. And from the way Wade was caressing Kelly's leg in bed then, I knew he had been snared by the same charms that had drawn be to her six years before.

So between the four of us had grown a complex web of affection. Friendships between all. Love between man and wife. And now love between man and the wife of his friend. The real question was, what now?

We all fucked again that afternoon, and again that evening. At some points I was with my wife and Wade was with his. At other points, we took our lovers and watched our respective spouses enjoying the pleasures of another. I lost track of all sense of time and all that I was aware of where breasts moving beneath me, lips surrounding my cock, sticky, well-fucked pussies lowered to my waiting mouth... It was surreal. At one point I found myself fascinated as Wade and I both lay on top of our wives fucking them in missionary position, side by side, and they began kissing tenderly, letting their tongues slide in and out of one another's mouths. I actually forgot to keep thrusting as I stared intently at them, and Kelly used her vaginal muscles to clench and release around my cock, milking me until I managed one last weak orgasm for the day.

Spent but happy, we ordered Chinese for delivery and threw a big blanket on the living room floor to relax and watch pay-per-view movies for the rest of the evening in each other's arms.


During the week, things returned to some semblance of normality, yet all was still different. My relationship with Kelly was stronger than ever. We made love in the mornings, went to work, talked on the phone three times in the day, and had cuddling evenings together before fucking again at night. We had never had so much sex in our entire relationship.

But I would also talk to Jen during the day. It started Monday morning, when Jen called me.

"Hi lover. Want to meet for lunch?"

I readily agreed, although it was funny because in all of these weeks, and having slept with her several times now, I had never gone out alone with Jen somewhere. Sure, we had spent all night making love a few days prior, and slept in each other's arms after, but this was in the bright of day, and my pulse quickened with anticipation. I immediately called Kelly.

"Hi sweetie. Jen called me just now, and wants to meet me for lunch today..." I started.

"She told me she was going to do that," Kelly responded. "Actually I'm seeing Wade today too. Have fun!"

We chatted for a few minutes and then disconnected. I was satisfied that Kelly didn't mind me seeing Jen for what was essentially a date, and by this point I was no longer worried about her seeing Wade either.

I met Jen at a quiet Middle Eastern restaurant downtown, not far from either of our offices. She was waiting when I arrived and rose to greet me with a big kiss and a hug. She looked beautiful. A chemist for a pharmaceutical company, Jen dresses fairly conservatively at work in Ann Taylor style suits. Still, even in a simple tan suit with a knee length skirt, her tight waist and nicely sized breasts were enough to set my blood pressure a notch higher. She wore just a hint of blush and a pale pink lipstick, and her light blonde hair was adorable in its short, stylish cut. And she wore a delicate pair of wire-rimmed glasses that I had never seen on her before. "For the computer," she explained. "I don't need them for anything else, really." She took them off and kissed me again, leaning across the small table. Finally we broke off to allow the waiter an opportunity to do his job and hand us the menus.

Over lunch we simply enjoyed each other's company and talked. Holding hands across the table, our conversation ranged far field. I discovered that Jen had obtained dual master's degrees, one in biochemistry, and one in technology and computers with an emphasis in the pharmaceutical development process. Hence her day-to-day work consisted mainly of using computers to model the effects of various pre-trial drugs to determine dosages, safety, and side effects.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and we both had to get back to work. I walked her most of the way back to her office but left her far enough away that we could embrace passionately without any real risk of her coworkers seeing her.

That evening, Kelly greeted me almost at the door. I felt a surge of passion at the sight of my sexy wife with her dark hair and red lips. She shoved the door closed behind me and began kissing me ferociously. Then she fell to her knees and unzipped my pants, taking my cock out and stroking it. Already hard from her kissing, it didn't take long for me to respond positively and I groaned as she slid her mouth down on me, taking me all the way to the hilt in her throat. She sucked and bobbed a couple of times and looked up at me, pouting.

"I was hoping to taste her on you," she told me. "Didn't you fuck her today?"

I told her that unfortunately, I hadn't - not for lack of desire, of course. Kelly sucked me for several minutes until she judged me ready to fuck. She stood and turned around to face away from me, unbuttoning her pants and bending over the back of our loveseat. I slid her panties down and immediately a string of come slid out of her to stretch between her cunt and the panties.

"Fuck me now," she told me. "I've been feeling that hot wetness inside me all afternoon and I'm so horny I could scream!"

I wasted no time but plunged my rod into her sloppy pussy. I could feel Wade's come squishing inside of her while I stroked her velvety passage. As I fucked her, Kelly told me how she had met him for a quick lunch, and then unable to stop themselves, they had parked in the back corner of the restaurant's parking lot and he had fucked her in the back seat. With the tight confines, it was both good and frustrating at the same time, and they had only enough time for a short five-minute screw before heading back to work. So he banged her hard and fast with his thick dick and they each had the hurried kind of orgasm that leaves you hornier than you were in the first place.

I was screwing Kelly hard from behind as she told me the rest of the story, how she wiped away the most external come splatters, licking her fingers clean, but pulling her panties tightly into herself to keep the rest inside so that she could give me sloppy seconds when I got home. Finally I came inside her as well, feeling his come dripping out with mine as I slowly pulled out. Kelly had intentionally fought back her orgasm so that she could pull me down to the floor behind her, licking her well-used pussy for several minutes until she came.


The remainder of the week was slightly more subdued, but not too much. I got used to talking with both Kelly and Jen every day, and met with each of them once more for lunch during the week. Unfortunately, being downtown versus in the suburbs, I was unable to get any real action from either of them, aside from a quick hand job from Jen that left me gasping and her licking her fingers clean in an empty restaurant. Kelly got a little luckier and was able to fuck Wade once more that week at lunch. And on Thursday night the ladies came "home" to the wrong place, which provided all of us a much-needed chance to fuck the entire night away. I played catch-up that night, fucking Jen twice in the night and then making love to her once again in the morning. A nice side benefit to that included getting to see them use each other's makeup in the morning. They know Wade and I both like the change, and so they had only brought fresh clothes with them and skipped the makeup. The different look of Kelly's darker makeup and red lips on Jen was fascinating, as well Jen's more natural, lighter look on Kelly when I had lunch with her that afternoon.

Saturday was expected to be a perfect day weather-wise, so Wade and I decided to catch some golf. The ladies said they were going to stay home and prepare for our vacation together. It had been made clear to us that we needed to arrange the next Friday and Monday off so that we could do a little four-day getaway. After we hit the links at a nice course about an hour from our home, Jen came over to my place to start planning the trip with Kelly.

"What do you think of this one?" inquired Kelly.

"Oooh, sexy," Jen murmured, running a finger over the lacy red bra. "I think both guys will love it. What else did you get?"

Kelly handed her the matching panties and pulled more tissue wrapped garments from the large Victoria's Secret bag before her. "I got some more fishnet thigh highs because my last pair snagged, and also a nightie," she continued, holding out a long, sheer black nightie. "I got you a couple of things too," she said as she handed Jen a package.

Jen unwrapped the pink tissue to find a silver push up bra in her 34B size with a pair of thong panties, as well as a bikini so tiny that it was barely decent for public wear. "I love them," she cried, putting her arms around Kelly's neck for a hug. "Thank you!"

Kelly grinned wickedly. "I saved the best for last." She held up a plain brown bag with no store name on it. Peeking inside, Jen discovered two identical black vinyl bra, panty, and glove sets. "I think we'll get their attention in these, don't you?" Kelly asked.

"We sure will," responded Jen. "In fact, I'm getting wet just thinking about it," she admitted. "OK, shoes, lingerie, makeup, all set. What's left?"

"Toys!" exclaimed Kelly.

"Shit, how could I forget?" With a mischievous smile, Jen started opening drawers on Kelly's night stand looking for the infamous "toy drawer". In the top one she noticed Kelly's cigarettes. She took one and lit it, noting, "We can't forget these, for Biff." Two more drawers later she found her mark.

"Wow, I thought I had a bunch but you two have us beat." Jen reached into the drawer and withdrew a rather large dildo. Holding it up, she mentally compared it to the dicks on the men in their lives. "This is even thicker than Wade, and a good 4 inches longer than Biff," she remarked. Taking a drag from the cigarette, she playfully thumped Kelly in the leg with the heavy dong. "Looks like somebody likes them big," she teased.

Kelly took the cigarette from her and puffed on it. "Hell yeah I do," she said assertively. "Although I have to admit, I can't take this all the time. Biff has to get me pretty hot before I can handle this without it being uncomfortably big. Although once I get it in..." she trailed off in happy thoughts. The sound of a vibrator broke her reverie and she saw Jen rifling through the drawer some more and fiddling with a hard plastic g-spot vibrator.

"Go on - what does it take to get you horny enough to use that?" Jen inquired as innocently as possible. But she left the vibrator switched on and absently ran her fingers across the tip, testing the power.

Kelly took another drag and exhaled a long stream of smoke. "Well, usually he'll start by kissing me for a while and running his hands over my thighs. Once I'm warmed up, I spread my legs to let him know he can move in. He'll keep kissing me while he starts to rub my clit. That lasts for a while, until he really starts to feel me getting wet. That's when I let him go down to lick me." She stopped suddenly, saying, "I feel silly saying it out loud like that."

Jen gazed at her intently, her tongue licking her lips slowly. "No, keep going - please. I want to hear what he does to you."

Kelly continued, "Well, you know how good he is with his tongue." Jen nodded, clenching her legs together slightly as her pussy began tingling. Kelly noticed her efforts and smiled slightly, handing her the cigarette. Jen sucked on it furiously as Kelly went on. "I usually like him to start out mainly on my clit, with just a little bit of saliva to make me slippery, but not too much, so there's a lot of friction. Sometimes he'll slide one finger into my and start rubbing my g-spot with it." Seeing the slight flush coming over Jen's face as her arousal built, Kelly began slowly running her hand up and down the thick dildo in her lap. Jen's nipples began to make obvious bumps under her shirt as she saw Kelly's motions.

"After Biff licks my pussy for about ten minutes, I'm usually ready for more intensity, so I start moaning to let him know I'm getting excited." Jen's hand had crept steadily downward as she tried to hide her efforts to wedge the running vibrator deeper into the V of her jeans. "He usually gives me a second finger on the g-spot at that point to open me up more." Kelly licked her lips and brushed her hand across her breasts, letting it fall near Jen's thigh. "Then he pushes a third finger inside of me and starts fucking me with them while he licks my clit really fast." Kelly's fingers were sliding to meet Jen's advancing thigh and they touched lightly. "And because he's sneaky and planned it beforehand, Biff already has this thing hidden in the blankets," she said holding up the dong.

"He brings it out then and starts rubbing it on my lips to get it wet." By then, planned or not, Kelly was demonstrating the technique vaguely, holding the dildo up and down with the head pointed at her clothed cunt. She moved it slightly up and down, twisting it side to side. "He turns it to get it all wet in my juices." Kelly's hand was now steadily climbing Jen's leg, and Jen was openly touching her own breasts.

"Then he angles it up and starts to slowly push it into me." Kelly pressed the head of the dildo against her crotch and pressed inward until her pants were stretched tightly on her mound. Jen's legs spread farther and she leaned in closer. "It takes a while, but eventually he pushes the whole thing up me and starts to fuck me with it while he eats me out." Kelly was now rhythmically pushing the dildo against her clit through her pants and a hint of wetness was becoming visible through the khaki fabric. Jen moaned involuntarily. She put her hand over Kelly's on her leg and finished pulling her inward until Kelly's fingers were in her crotch.

Kelly leaned in at the same time as Jen did and their lips finally met in the middle. Their kiss released a floodgate of passion built up over the past several weeks of sexual openness and over tested by the raw description of oral sex Kelly had provided. Kelly's mouth opened to eagerly accept Jen's probing tongue, and their lips fused together, pink and red lipstick mingling between them.

Jen put her arms around Kelly's neck as their kissing grew more intense, and was rewarded by Kelly's fingers rubbing her clit through her jeans. The touch was thrilling and sent little jolts of pleasure throughout her body. "I've been wanting this for a long time," Jen whispered. "Since kissing you to get Biff hot that night. Since that wild moment in the hot tub went I tasted you - I've never done that to a woman before, and it was so unplanned and I was drunk, but... I want to do it to you again."

Kelly kissed her again, probing with her fingers until she succeeded in unbuttoning and unzipping Jen's pants. She slipped her hand inside the waistband of Jen's panties and felt the slick wetness oozing from her cunt. "I've never felt a woman's pussy before," she admitted breathlessly. She rubbed her fingers through the closely trimmed hair, smearing the sticky fluids over Jen's mound. It felt so like touching herself, but so different at the same time. Even the juices were of a different consistency and texture, she marveled. Kelly tried to imagine how she would touch herself, or how Biff touched her, and attempted to repeat that on Jen. Soon her fingers were gliding over Jen's clit, down through her moist slit, and probing inside the folds of her labia for the opening within.

Jen's pelvis tilted to help Kelly find the right spots and she moved a hand up to caress Kelly's ample breasts. She pulled down the elastic of Kelly's self-supporting tank top to reveal her left tit, leaned forward, and took the erect nipple into her mouth. She swirled her tongue over the wrinkled, stimulated areola and sucked gently on the nipple until Kelly rewarded her with a moan. Encouraged, she began suckling on the other nipple as well and enjoyed the sensation of Kelly working two fingers up her running snatch.

By mutual silent agreement, they paused to strip off their pants and shirts, and then Jen laid on the bed next to Kelly in a 69 orientation. Grasping the vibrator that she had kept at hand for the last 15 minutes, she began rubbing its buzzing head against Kelly's moist cunt, angling it so that the bend in it was pressed firmly into Kelly's crack. On the other end, Kelly pulled Jen's hips closer and closer until she could smell the fresh secretions of her pussy inches away. Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth, tilted her head, and pressed her lips to Jen for her first taste of another woman.

The flavor was not unlike her own, but subtly different she realized. Licking a slow track through Jen's slit, she felt the glistening nectar collecting on her tongue and savored its sweet tang. Jen groaned and pushed her hips forward in positive reinforcement. Kelly realized she must be doing something right and began licking in earnest, trying to get used to the musky flavor of pussy in her mouth. Below, Jen started pushing the vibrator in and out of Kelly's twat and lowered her head for some sensual kissing of her own.

The women licked and tasted each other for several minutes, slowly letting their passion build. As the vibrator began setting off fireworks in Kelly's stomach, she lifted the giant dildo to Jen's opening. Swirling it like her husband did on her, she wet it in Jen's natural lubricants and firmly worked it into Jen's gash. Jen moaned loudly in pleasure at the unexpected penetration. "Fuck," she gasped, "I've never had anything so big down there in my life!" Kelly licked steadily at Jen's clit while fucking her on the thick toy. The dual stimulation was far more than Jen could resist, and she climaxed in a series of small explosive orgasms.

Kelly was pleased at the power she felt after successfully getting her friend off. For a first attempt, she had done well and was proud of herself. She gently withdrew the dildo and licked a streak of Jen's juices from the side. Then, with a sudden thought, she handed it down to Jen. "Put it in me, while it's covered in your come. I want to feel it."

Jen put the head of the well-moistened dildo to Kelly's slick opening and pushed it straight in. Kelly was so aroused that it easily slid right up to the 8" mark, which was as far as she could handle it. She immediately started tightening her cunt around it and Jen stroked it in and out of her with short 1" thrusts while tonguing her slit. Kelly came in moments with a screaming orgasm.

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