tagGay MaleOur Night Together Ch. 01

Our Night Together Ch. 01


*knock knock*

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, hang on."

Allen came to the door and opened for me.

"Sup, Pigm?"

This was their nickname for me - they had all always poked fun at my weight, but I didn't mind anymore. It was just their way of showing me that I was accepted. I was a bit overweight, but I still think I looked pretty good with shoulder-length, curly brown hair and half-frame glasses. Allen was a bit heavyset too, but his was a bit more muscle than fat.

"Not much. Anyone else here?"

"Nah. Jeff's out of town, Karl has work, and Sam is with his girlfriend. Come on downstairs, I rented some sweet movies."


I followed him down the stairs, removing my backpack and jacket as I did. When I sat down, I grinned and pulled out a 1.75 liter bottle of Captain Morgan spiced rum.

"Oh, sweet," Allen exclaimed, "Where'd you get that?"

"My brother. It was his gift to me for finally taking some direction in my life."

Let me explain what's going on here. I had just finished my sophomore year of college, and I had decided not to go back to school for a while, at least full-time. I was only 20, so I couldn't buy my own booze, but my older brother was cool with buying it for me. Allen and I had been friends since middle school, and we hung out whenever we could since he went to school in Iowa, and I went to U of M. Needless to say, we didn't really see each other much unless it was winter break, spring break, or summer vacation.

Also, we were the first people in our little group of friends to really become open with each other as far as sex goes. He had introduced me to furryism (anthropomorphic animals), and he was the first person that I told about my diaper fetish. He was fine with it, and he told me about his fetishes, too - mind control and light bondage. Around this information, I had made my plans for tonight. We had both talked a lot about experimenting with each other, but nothing much had yet come of it. I was wearing a diaper, of course, and had a few spares in my backpack. I was planning on acting on something we had both been wanting for a long time.

He put I Am Legend in the DVD player and we sat back to watch it, both with our glasses of rum and coke. We watched the whole movie, both of us finishing two glasses - each containing anywhere from 6 to 9 shots. We were pretty wasted when we both whipped out our laptops and began to surf the net.

"God damn, I'm so horny, I can't stand it," I randomly exclaimed.

"So jack off to some internet porn. It's not like you haven't done it here before," he responded.

"Yeah, I guess...but lately just jerkin off isn't doing it for me, you know?"

"Yeah... nothing new anyways... but what can you do?"

"Yeah, I guess you've got a point. Having diapers is always nice but lately I really just want to fuck a real person...anyone would be fine, really."

"Well then go get a hooker. Shouldn't be too hard."

"Prostitution is illegal, dumbass," I retorted, grinning.

"Didn't stop the Vikings," he pointed out.

"And I don't want to end up with a fuckload of STDs. Also, I'd want it to be with someone I'm close to, someone I know....."

"Wish I could help you with that bro," he replied, looking slightly concerned at the turn the conversation had taken.

"You could......."

"You know I have a girlfriend dude."

"Yeah, that's true.....but she wouldn't have to know......if you catch my drift."

"Yeah but I'd know."

"And what's wrong with that? It's just sex, it's not like I want to marry you or go out with you or anything."

"Yeah but I'd feel uncomfortable," he said, looking very uncomfortable.

"Alright. On a side note, here, I got you this for all the birthdays of yours that I never got you a present for," I said as I handed him a black leather studded collar. This was how my plan was all going to come together. I had given him the chance to do it willingly, but he had refused. I was going to have to resort to force...

"Oh...uh, thanks," he said, unsure of how to feel about such a strange gift, "but why a collar?"

"I bet you'd look badass with it on," I said enthusiastically.

"Really," he said, slowly fastening it around his neck.

"Nice! You look awesome!"

He tried to take it off, but found that the clasp was stuck shut.

"It's kinda not my thing... how does this thing come off anyways?"

"Why would you want to take it off? You love the way it feels," I said, hoping that it had started to affect him already.

"You're right," he said, looking confused, "it does feel kinda good."

"Good, good," I said, smiling widely. It was working like a charm. "You know what else would feel really good?"

"What's that," he asked, his eyes starting to glaze over.

I unzipped my pants to reveal my soaked diaper and my cock bulge.

"It would feel really good for the both of us if you sucked my cock," I said, hoping that this suggestion wasn't too strong for the spell on him. When I had bought it, the man told me that the longer it was on, the stronger the spell was - and the more strange or ridiculous things the wearer would agree to do.

"Yeah it would...wait, WHAT? Why would I do that?!" His eyes had focused and he looked very upset. It looked like the suggestion had been a bit too strong after all...but now I just had to wait.

"Well, we'd both enjoy it, wouldn't we? It's a win-win!" I said in my most convincing voice.

"Well, I guess I would enjoy it....but no, I'm not gay!" He said. Looked like he was still fighting the spell.

"Neither am I. Does sucking one guy's dick one time really make you gay? You said it before, you've got a girlfriend," I said. I was really grasping at straws now.

"No, it wouldn't make me gay, I guess," he said, his eyes starting to lose focus again, "But I still don't know, it just seems wrong..."

"Why is it wrong? We both want it," I said, egging him on. 'I've got him now,' I thought.

"You're right," he said, his eyes now fully glazed, "I do want to!"

I smiled. The spell was finally fully on him. He'd do anything I told him to now.

"Now, get down on your knees and take my diaper off - slowly," I said, relaxing on the couch.

"Yes," he said, slowly undoing the tapes on my soaked diaper. As he undid the last tape, my now aching cock sprang free of the piss-soaked inside. He licked his lips and started sucking my cock, quickly and sloppily.

"Come on, you can do better than that! Go slower," I encouraged. If I could have him do whatever I wanted, I was damn sure going to make the best of it. He slowed down and started sucking on just the head of my cock, occasionally taking long licks up the shaft.

"Ohhh, that's good. Suck it deeper," I said, my eyes closed tight in pleasure. He did, and now I was on the verge of cumming. I thought about stopping, but figured that what I had planned next would definitely get me hard again.

"Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum! Shit," I yelled, now thrusting my cock at the back of his throat.

"Swallow it all, bitch," I yelled as I unloaded my hot spooge into his mouth. He tried to swallow it all but I came so hard that some shot out of the edges of his mouth. He swallowed what he could and attempted to lick the rest up without me even telling him to. Oh, this was good.

"Now stand up," I commanded him. He obeyed without hesitation.

"Strip," I commanded, reaching into my bag and grabbing two clean diapers. As I rose, he was removing his boxers to reveal a huge erection. I was going to have some fun with that, but that was for later.

"Lie on the floor and raise your legs," I said, unfolding one of the diapers. He looked at me slightly questioningly, but obeyed. I slipped the back of the diaper under his ass and told him to lower his legs. He did, and I brought the front of the diaper up and secured the tapes. I patted the front, feeling his erection as I did. He groaned slightly, and I smiled.

"Does the diaper feel good on your cock?"

"Yes," he answered, smiling back at me.

"Good," I said. I put the other fresh diaper on over my wet one - I always did enjoy the feeling of a soaked diaper on my cock.

"Now all you have to do is pee in it," I said.

"What," he said, his eyes starting to focus.

"You're going to wet your diaper like a little baby, and it's going to feel amazing," I said, rubbing the front of my diaper to get myself hard again.

"B-but...I don't want to," he said, his eyes narrowing and his forehead furrowing. I knew I had a problem. This collar was not as strong as I expected!

"Listen, slave, you don't have a choice. I control you now," I said sternly.

"S-slave? I...I'm not your slave," he insisted, starting to stand.

"Not my slave? Look at you! You're wearing a diaper that I put on you, and you've already sucked my cock and swallowed my cum!"

"B-but I didn't want to," he complained, "you made me!"

"Exactly," I said, even louder now, "and now I'm making you stand there and piss that diaper so I can change it and suck your cock!" He struggled for a second, and then his eyes glazed again. Good, I was worried that he'd gotten out for a second. I couldn't take risks anymore.

"Now, slave, I want you to piss in that diaper. Piss until you have nothing left. Then, I'll take your diaper off and suck your cock for you. But you have to pee first!"

"Yes, master," he responded, and I saw his thighs tense. He concentrated and then sighed as the piss began to flow. I saw the front of the diaper become yellowed and sag, and the wetness liner went from blue to yellow. He wet for a good thirty seconds before he was done.

"Good job, slave, now I can reward you," I said, licking my lips and walking over to him. I grabbed his erection through the wet padding and began to jack him off. He moaned and almost fell backwards, so I told him to lie down. He did, and I hurriedly took his diaper off and jammed his cock in my mouth. I sucked on hit frantically, wanting nothing more than to taste his cum. It was something I had thought about for a long time, and I really owed it to him. I sucked harder and herder, egged on by his moans of pleasure.

"Oh, master, I'm going to cum," he said, gasping for breath.

"Yes! Yes, cum for me slave, I want it all," I said, now fondling his balls with one hand.

"Ohhhh gooooddddd," he shouted as he shot his load into my waiting mouth. I gulped it all down, not missing a single drop. I raised my head, looking at his face. It was beaded with sweat and he wore a satisfied smile.

"Sleep for now, slave," I said, and he fell asleep instantly, "You're going to need your energy." I removed the wet diaper and put a fresh one on him and then lay on the couch to take a nap. We were both going to need a good deal of rest before part two of my plan.

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