tagGay MaleOur Night Together Ch. 02

Our Night Together Ch. 02


The next day dawned bright and early at 8 AM with my cell phone alarm chiming. I clicked it off and looked at the floor to see Allen, my new slave, lying there in a diaper. His cock was creating a bulge in it from his morning wood, and I salivated at the thought of it. I crawled over to him in my doubled up diaper (which I had soaked again during the night) and undid the tapes on his, letting his cock spring free. He moved slightly but didn't wake up, so I took his rod into my mouth and began sucking on the head, tickling the hole with my tongue. He moaned and shifted again but was apparently still asleep. I took his whole length in and started sucking him hard, bobbing my head up and down. He started thrusting his hips lightly, stabbing his cock into the back of my throat, and he came after about two minutes of my expert cocksucking. I swallowed it and licked my lips.

"Thank you for the breakfast, slave," I said loudly, "Now wake up."

His eyes snapped open, already glazed over.

"Good morning, master," he said sleepily. I grinned, knowing that sleeping with that collar on had only strengthened the spell it had on him. I could command him to jump off a skyscraper and he wouldn't question me. Not that I wanted to, no. I had other, better plans.

"Well, slave, it's time for some more fun," I said, pulling a small dildo and some lube out of my backpack. He looked at them seemingly without interest. I squeezed out some lube and coated the dildo with it.

"Get down on your hands and knees," I said commandingly. He obeyed without question.

"Open wide," I said, grinning, as I slowly pushed the dildo into his ass. He groaned and squirmed, and I could see his cock hardening as the dildo brushed against his prostate.

"Yes, you like that, don't you slave?"

"Yes, master, it feels great," he said.

"Good, good." I turned the knob at the base of the dildo and it began to vibrate, making him moan and squirm. His cock started dripping precum onto the carpet, and I grinned, turning the vibrator on low. He stopped squirming, but his cock was still throbbing excitedly. I gave it a few quick pumps, eliciting another horny groan, and stopped. I grabbed another diaper from my bag and put it on, struggling to get it over his cock, enjoying the sight of his bulge.

"Does that feel nice on your hot cock, slave?"

"Yes, master."

"Good," I said, taking off my two soaked diapers to revel my own throbbing erection.

"Come get your breakfast, slave," I said, offering him my cock. He came over and started suckling the head of my cock, making me groan and smile.

"You're a great cocksucker, slave."

"Thank you, master," he mumbled around my cock. I was soon bucking my hips into his throat, and then I emptied my load into his mouth.

"Eat your breakfast, slave, all of it," I moaned. He complied, swallowing my entire load. I grinned and got myself a fresh diaper from my bag, taped it on, and started rummaging around. Since the collar was now fully powered over him, now I could try out some of the other goodies I had purchased. I took out a few scrolls and a small notebook and began uttering words in a language I didn't fully understand.

"Master? What are you doing," he asked, watching me read the strange words.

"Just making a few...adjustments, slave. Just wait. If you like what happened before, just you wait."

I finished reading and chains appeared and bound his ankles to his wrists, forcing him to kneel, chest and crotch thrust out. I started to remove his diaper but thought better of it.

"This one may feel a little strange, slave, but while it's happening I want you to piss that diaper or you will be punished."

"Yes, master," he said.

I read the next scroll and watched as his stomach fat began to disappear and his face began to become more feminine. His hair got a bit longer and his entire body got a bit smaller. The whole time, he was pissing in his diaper. I was hoping the wetness would distract him a bit from the feeling of having a cunt grow below his balls.

"M-Master, what's happening," he said, moaning at the odd sensations.

"You're becoming my little cunt bitch-slave. I'm growing you a pussy for me to fuck."

"Oh, master, thank you! I so want you to fuck my cunt...I want your big cock so bad!"

"I know you do, slave, I know." He was finished pissing so I took the diaper off and admired his new cunt, which was wet with piss and already a bit of cunt juice.

"Wow, you're already wet for me?"

"Ohhh, master, I want you so bad, please master, please fuck me" he groaned, struggling against his bonds.

"Be patient, slave," I said, slowly removing my own diaper. The transformation had turned him into an adorable little cunt-boy, and I was incredibly horny. I undid the chains and he quickly got on his hands and knees, without me even asking. I grabbed the final scroll and read it quickly. But I realized too late - I had grabbed the wrong scroll! I squirmed in discomfort as I felt something odd happening behind my balls - I was growing a cunt too! As soon as it was done growing, I started imagining the possibilities, and got extremely wet. Then I grabbed the right scroll and read it, and felt a great swelling as my cock grew to an impressive eight inches long.

"Oh! Master, is that for me," he asked, gazing adoringly at my new cock.

"Oh yes, slave, this new cock is a nice gift for your new pussy! Now open wide," I said, pushing my cock into his cunt - I went slow, but not too slow. I wanted him to know I was still in control. He groaned as I took his new cunt's virginity and rode him like the bitch he was. His cock was spasming and he started to cum all over the carpet as I reached orgasm and came in his tight cunt. While his cock was still hard, I laid him down and kept my cock in his cunt, but I twisted around so I was able to stick his cock in my cunt at the same time that I was fucking him. I slid back and forth, forcing him to fuck me while I did the same to him. We both groaned and came together, squirting the last of our mornings' cum into each others' cunts.

And the end of the story of our night together.

But there may be more to come.

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