tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

Our Sexual Awakening Ch. 03


I pulled into the garage and Jane was right behind me. She parked next to me in the garage and I closed the door.

It was now four a.m. as we got out of our cars.

"Damn I am tired." She said as she got out.

"It has been a wild night." I responded.

As we walked into the house she said, "I am heading to the shower."

I followed her down the hall as she was beginning to strip off her clothes. She turned and went into our bathroom and turned on the shower to warm up the water.

I stood in the bedroom and began to disrobe as she got in the shower. I then went into the bathroom and opened the shower door.

"I hope you don't mind if we save sometime and shower together?" I asked.

"You know that is never a problem." She said as she soaped up her body.

I then made a comment to break the ice, "That Brandon sure had a big cock didn't he?"

"Yes he did." She replied.

"Did you enjoy fucking him?" I asked.

She turned to me, "I know where this is going. Honey I will not lie to you. I have never had my pussy that full of a man's cock. And, yes, it was fantastic. But, I love you more than life itself and a steady diet of big cock would probably be way too much. I feel kind of sore after being stretched so far. Your cock is a wonderful size and above average so you have nothing to worry about. You satisfy me completely."

"Would you fuck him again if you ever had the opportunity?" I asked.

She was now looking toward the water rinsing off the soap and replied, "Yes."

"Thanks for the honesty." I replied.

"Let me ask you something. Jen was deep throating your cock. That is something I cannot do. Are you going to dump me because she sucked your dick better than I can?"


"Then why would you be concerned that I would leave you to find a bigger dick?"

"Point taken." I replied.

She turned to me and grabbed the soap, "Now stop being ridiculous and let me wash the cum off your body."

We rinsed, dried off and got to bed about four thirty and both of us fell to sleep immediately. The next morning I woke up and glanced at the clock. It was nearly eleven and I turned to find Jane not in bed. I got up and walked down the hall to the sound of her voice. It was obvious from the conversation she was on the phone.

"I don't know if my pussy can take it again tonight after the pounding Brandon gave me last night." She said, so I stopped around the corner to listen in.

"Oh I know. It was huge."


"Yah, Steve too."


"Men are so silly."


"I don't think we can ask guys to whip it out so we know that before we hookup." She said laughing.


"Let me talk to Steve and see what he wants to do and I will call you later."


"OK, Bye"


I waited for just a moment and then walked around the corner. Jane was standing in the kitchen naked.

"Good Morning Sweetheart." She said with a smile.

"Morning." I replied.

"I was just talking to Brenda, she and Rod would like to go out again tonight." She said.

"Tonight?" I responded.

"They thought last night was so good that we should go out again tonight." She responded.

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

"It might be fun. They want to go to one of the casinos with Brenda and I dressed all sexy and let you guys enjoy watching the guys drool. More like a exhibitionist date than anything." She said.

I did enjoy it when Jane got all dressed up and watching the guys trying to steal looks at her.

"Sounds good to me." I replied.

"Ok, I will call her back and let them know." She answered.

She picked up the phone, "Hello Brenda? We're in."


"Ok, we will meet you there about six for dinner."


"Sounds good. See you there." She hung up the phone.

"Were on for dinner at six." She said with a grin.

She walked over to me and kissed me squeezing my cock.

"Is this poor worn out boy ready for another night of getting hard?" She asked.

"Right now he is aching but I'm sure he will be up for it by six." I replied.

She then went down the hall to our bedroom.

I was still naked and went to the counter to get a cup of coffee.

I took my cup of coffee and went out to the deck. We live in the country with no other houses within miles so it makes it possible for Jane and me to take advantage of our nudist tendencies and run around outside naked.

I sat in a lounger and was soaking up the early afternoon sun. I knew that I had to get some rest before tonight. I did not know what was going to happen, but it was a sure thing that it would end up with some fucking.

Jane soon came out of the house also still naked. She sat in the other lounger and I think we both soon drifted off.

I woke up and fortunately, the sky was cloudy hiding the sun's rays. I would have been brunt to a crisp if it had not. Jane was still napping. I looked through the window to see what time it was. It was already four o'clock.

We had to be there in two hours. I knew Jane and knew that it would take all that time to get ready.

"Jane!" I spoke up.

She stirred and looked at me, "What?"

"It's four o'clock." I replied.

"Oh shit." She exclaimed jumping up and heading inside.

I sat there for about another thirty minutes and then went inside to take a shower. Jane was at her vanity fixing her hair and applying her make-up.

I showered and slipped on a pair of slacks and a white linen shirt.

I then went to the family room to catch the five o'clock news and to wait for Jane.

About five thirty Jane came into the room and stood between the TV and me.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed when I looked her over.

She was wearing a black tube dress. It was pulled over her big tits and there were no straps holding it up. The top of it was barely covering her areola. Her nipples were hard and without a bra. The dress clung to her very sensual curves. It barely covered her pussy and ass it was so short. She had on a pair of black thigh high hose and the lacy tops were showing beneath her dress. She finished the outfit with a pair of black strapless five-inch heels that made her legs look even longer and sexier.

"Well?" She asked, smiling, already knowing the answer to her question.

"Well, I think you better be careful or we might not make it to the casino. I will fuck you right here. I will have to fight guys off you tonight." I replied.

"That's the idea right? I mean that is what turns you on is it not?" She asked.

"Yes and yes." I replied.


When we arrived at the casino we valet parked. The young man who opened Jane's door got a big smile on his face as she climbed out. I had forgotten to check whether she was wearing panties or not.

As we walked to the casino entrance I asked, "I am assuming from the grin on the valet's face that you forgot to put on any panties."

"You would be assuming correctly." She replied grinning at me.

As we went inside Rod and Brenda were already there waiting for us in the lobby.

Brenda waved when she saw us come through the door.

Brenda was looking stunning. She had on a red silky dress that was open in the front to her waist. The fabric of the dress barely covered her tits and left her firm, flat stomach exposed. The fabric flowed over her large tits in a fashion that left the bottom half of her tits exposed. Her nipples were rock hard. The dress was also as short as Jane's and barely covered her ass. She was not wearing hose but her long tanned legs looked silky and smooth with red high-heels on her feet.

Jane and Brenda hugged and kissed cheeks while Rod and I shook hands.

"I am not very hungry. Are you guys ready to eat or do we gamble first?" Brenda asked.

Jane replied, "Let's gamble for a bit and then we can eat."

"Why don't you ladies go to the bar for some video poker and Steve and I will play some blackjack close by." Rod suggested.

I knew what he was after and I was in for it. He wanted the girls dressed as they were to be at the bar and us close by to watch the guys stare and flirt with them.

"Sounds good to me how about you Jane?" Brenda asked.

"I'm in."

The girls headed for the bar as Rod and I watched them go.

"We are a couple of very lucky guys you know it?" I asked Rod.

"Yes sir we are." He replied.

The girls got about ten yards away and we followed them. We both were enjoying the stares and looks from the guys in the casino. They all stopped playing to admire them.

The girls crawled onto a couple of barstools and ordered drinks while Rod and I was lucky enough to get a blackjack table close enough we could see and hear what was happening.

Their drinks came and they began playing the poker machines laughing and talking.

It did not take long for the seats around the girls to begin filling up with guys.

Soon the drinks were coming so fast that each of them had two or three at a time in front of them.

Rod and I were having a little luck at the tables so that was making the night complete.

The Broncos and the Chargers were playing football on the TV behind the bar. Most of the bar was rooting for the Chargers but Brenda was pulling for the Broncos.

"I have never got her away from the Broncos. She was brought up in Denver and her Dad is a big Broncos fan so she has always been a die hard fan." Rod said.

There were four guys sitting at a table behind the girls. They all were watching and admiring them when they walked up to the bar

The girls now had several drinks under their belt and apparently from the loud talking and extrovert personalities were feeling no pain.

"The Broncos are going to lose this game." One of the guys at the table suddenly blurted out.

Brenda turned in her stool to look at them. It was now evident that Brenda had also decided to go sans panties.

"Oh no, here we go." Rod said.

"Any bets on that?" Brenda said as her bare pussy was flashing in their direction.

All of them had to see her naked pussy under her very short dress. It took them awhile to respond.

"Yes I'll bet with you." One of them said.

"What's the wager?" Brenda asked.

He quickly responded, "Chargers win and you two come up stairs with me and my buddies."

"And if the Broncos win?" She asked.

"I will give you one thousand dollars." He responded.

Brenda did not even hesitate, "You're on!"

"What the fuck did she say?" I asked Rod.

"She said you're on."

"I thought that is what I heard. Is she nuts? The Chargers are undefeated." I replied.

I looked at Jane who had a "oh fuck" look on her face.

"Rod the score is already fourteen to nothing and it is almost halftime." I exclaimed.

"What's the matter buddy afraid you might watch your wife fuck four guys at once?"


"Relax" He replied.

The cheering became raucous at each positive event of the Chargers and it seemed that when the Broncos did something good only Brenda and Jane were cheering. Jane had never been a sports fan but tonight she was cheering for the Broncos like a true sports fanatic.

The Chargers scored again with just thirty seconds left in the half.

"By the way Ladies my buddies are not just these three but also the four sitting next to us."

"OH FUCK!" I exclaimed.

"Oh fuck I guess buddy, there are eight of them." Rod replied.

I could tell he was a little worried about it then.

Both Brenda and Jane then got a slightly worried look on their face.

"Sounds like my wife has let her drunk mouth get her in over her head again." Rod said.

The third quarter started and the Broncos came out and scored on their first possession.

Brenda jumped off her stool and threw her hands in the air signifying a touchdown. What she had apparently forgotten was that she had on a short dress. Her arms pulled over her head left the bottom half of her ass exposed to the guys behind her.

Two of the guys bumped fists and one said to the other, "I'm going to love tapping that ass."

Brenda turned around to them and said, "Here come the Broncos!"

Rod and I were not as excited as the score was still twenty-one to seven.

At the end of the third quarter the Broncos scored again and both the girls jumped up and both exposed their asses to the guys. They high-fived each other and when they did Jane's top slipped down and her right tit almost escaped. Her nipple was exposed for a moment before she pulled it back up to cover herself.

With the score now twenty-one to fourteen, it was slightly more positive with a quarter to go.

During the fourth quarter, it was a defensive battle. Nobody had scored.

"Do you think you are ready to watch your wife go upstairs with eight guys?" I asked Rod.

"Maybe we can just step in and tell them the girls were drunk and kidding." He said.

"Oh yah and get our asses kicked by eight twenty something guys?" I smirked.

"Well would you rather have your ass kicked or watch your wife fuck eight guys?" He asked.

He had a point. The ass kicking was probably preferable to watching my wife being used at a gangbang session.

There was one minute left in the game and Denver had the ball on their own thirty-five yard line. They threw a pass into the end zone. Jane and Brenda were up again with their arms in the air and their asses on display.

The receiver dropped the ball. The next play they ran the ball and it ate up some time on the clock. There was now twenty-eight seconds left in the game. It was third down and the Broncos could probably get two more plays.

The guys were standing up ready to take our wives upstairs and fuck them.

Denver threw a pass and "Holy Shit! He caught it." I exclaimed.

The girls were jumping up and down. Their asses were flashing from under their dresses and Jane's top had again slipped down her tits. Her areola was showing and the only thing holding it up was her hard nipples.

Denver decided to go for two to end the game.

"Say a prayer buddy. We are three yards from either getting our asses kicked, watching our wives fuck eight guys or one thousand dollars." Rod turned and said to me.

The ball was snapped and the quarterback stepped back looking for someone open. It seemed it was in slow motion.

He passed the ball and the receiver caught the ball!

Rod and I were now both jumping up and down.

Jane and Brenda were jumping up and down hugging each other.

The guys with dejected looks were still watching our wives as their asses were showing from under their skirts and both of them had nearly both their tits hanging out.

One of the guys collected the money from his buddies and went to the girls to pay up.

"If it had gone the other way would you two really have gone upstairs?" He asked.

"A bet is a bet." Jane replied.

"Damn Chargers" He replied.

As the boys were walking off Brenda yelled at them, "Hey Boys!"

They all turned and Brenda and Jane pulled up their dresses and flashed them their naked pussies, "Just wanted you to see what you missed."

Two security guards showed up quickly and asked the girls to leave.

They began laughing and leaning against the guards rubbing their tits on their arms, "Come on we were only having a little fun." Jane said.

"Sorry you will have to leave. We can not have guests flashing in the casino." One of them replied.

The girls still laughing walked toward us.

"We have to leave. They did not like us flashing our pussies in the casino" Brenda laughingly said.

We all started for the door with the two guards behind us making sure we left the building.

Once outside I asked, "What would you two have done if the Broncos had lost that game?"

Brenda slurring her words laughed and said, "I guess we would have had to fuck all eight of them."

"Speaking of fucking. Where can we go and fuck? I'm horny as hell." Jane slurred.

Rod then said, "I know a place. Just follow me."

Rod and Brenda went to their car, Jane, and I to ours.

I went around opening the door for Jane and helping her in the car. I opened the door and before she got in, she pulled her dress down. It went all the way to the parking lot. She bent over to pick it up.

"What the hell are you doing now?" I asked.

"I'm getting ready to fuck." She slurred.

"Well get in the car before we get arrested." I replied.

She got in and I went around to get in. No sooner than I had sat down than she was rubbing my cock through my slacks.

I saw Rod and Brenda heading out of the parking lot so I started the car and followed them.

"Your cock is hard. You must have been excited about the thought of watching eight guys fuck me." Jane said to me.

"I was more excited about you stripping in the parking lot than seeing you gangbanged." I replied.

"Oh come on you mean the thought of eight guys drooling over my body did not turn you on even a bit?"

She unzipped my pants and reached in to pull my hardening cock out.

"I'm not sure if I was excited or scared." I replied.

She then turned in her seat and laid back against the door. She spread her legs with one on the dash and the other on the back of my seat and said, "Finger my pussy. I'm soaking wet and I need some attention. I need to cum."

I let my right hand reach across to her spread pussy and let a finger slide inside her. She was right her pussy was soaking wet.

"OOOHH YESS! Rub my clit. I want to cum on your hand." She moaned.

The passing streetlights lit up the car interior and I could see her glistening pussy lips as I let my finger swirl around her hard clit. She had her hands on her tits rolling and pinching her nipples.

She then moved her leg off the dash and to my lap. She let her nylon-clad toes and sole of her foot massage my hard cock.

"I don't think I have ever been this horny in my life." She slurred her words again.

Rod's turn signal came on and we turned toward the lake.

I was hoping we would get there soon because I was having a hard time concentrating on driving with my cock getting a foot massage and my finger in my wife's pussy. The smell of her juices was inundating the car.

We soon turned down another road and drove back about a quarter of a mile. We stopped at a power relay station by the lake.

The relay station had a light over the front door and the building was completely fenced with chain link.

I opened my door to get out and Jane jumped out of the car naked with the exception of her thigh high hose and her heels.

Brenda got out of their car and saw Jane, "Damn girl are you ready or what?"

"I'm ready to fuck." She said.

Brenda pulled her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Now she was naked except for her heels.

Rod was in the trunk of their car and put something behind his back.

He walked to the fence and said, "Come here girls it is time to fuck."

They eagerly walked to him and as they passed him, he handed me a couple of lengths of rope.

Brenda got to the fence, playfully grabbed it, and bent over, "Come on someone fuck me."

Rod grabbed one of her wrists and tied it to the fence.

I quickly got the idea, grabbed Jane, and tied her wrist to the fence. Rod was tying Brenda's other wrist so I did likewise to Jane.

"Oh you kinky boys." Brenda said.

Just then, Rod smacked Brenda's ass with his hand. The sound resonated in the quiet of the woods.

"FUCK! What was that for?" Brenda exclaimed.

"That is for making a foolish bet that could have got you or all of us hurt." He replied.

I took his lead and slapped my hand across Jane's ass.

"Son of a bitch!" She yelled out.

She continued, "I didn't make the bet Brenda did I was just there."

"But you were excited about fucking all of those guys weren't you?" I replied.

"NO!" She replied so I smacked her ass again.

"FUCK!" What was that for?"

"For lying." I replied.

"Now tell me the truth you wanted to fuck those guys didn't you?" I asked her.

"YES! I was hoping the Chargers would win so we could go upstairs and Brenda and I could fuck them all and you could watch me do it. It made me so fucking horny just thinking about it." She replied.

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