Our Trip to the Beach


I let her lay there for a minute or two with just the buttplug in her ass. I got behind her and stuck my cock in her pussy really slow. Two long deliberate strokes and then I pulled out. Brianne immediately knew what I wanted. I laid down in the bed and she mounted me in a 69 to lick her juices off my dick and to rub her fluids on me. There is nothing I like more than the taste of her pussy after she has cum. There is nothing else in the world. She rubbed her worn cunt all over my face and mouth while I lapped it up. She was slowly licking my dick and moaning. She still had the buttplug in so I started play with it while she pleased each other. After I had sucked her cunt dry she flipped off of me and licked her mess off my face. It was so passionate that we almost forgot there were other people in the room still.

I looked at Brianne and then Brad and Jason. I told Brianne that it would be rude for us not to let the guys get off too. She agreed. I told her that she could do whatever she wanted to finish the job she started. She got up from the bed and crawled across the room to Brad and Jason. Watching anxiously Brianne moved from one to the other giving them a quick deep throat. She then got up on the table in front of them on her knees and told the boys to have their way with her anyway they choose. Treat her anyway they felt and cum any way that would make them happy.

Not needing to be told twice Brad picked her up and tossed her on the bed. Brad took the buttplug out and went straight for her ass. The toy had done its job in stretching her so she could take it with ease. Jason went back to her mouth and was holding her head in his hands and staring her in the eyes while he fucked her face. She looked punch drunk after cuming so hard and being used for so long. She lustfully gazed in his eyes giving little yelps as Brad pumped in and out of her ass. Brad and Jason exchanged looks and decided to switch spots. Brad stood in front of her and held his member right in front of her face while Jason positioned himself behind her. Brianne leaned forward and gleefully took Brad's cock in her mouth and began cleaning it. Jason pushed all the way in her ass, as far as he could go. Brianne just moaned having already been stretched open. She was in her own zone and was content to accept anything inserted in her and suck anything presented to her. She had always wanted to feel what it would be like to be pushed to her sexual limits and tonight she was getting it.

Jason slowly rolled on his back while still keeping his cock in Brianne's ass. She started to bounce on his cock like a catcher in baseball with her knees in front of her. Brad stood in front of her and went back to slowly face fucking her with long slow strokes. Jason was teasing her pussy while fucking her ass. She bounced up and down on it while pleasing Brad. After a few minutes of this Brad pushed Brianne far back on Jason and slowly entered her pussy while Jason stayed in her ass. She wrapped her arms around Brad to help regulate his ins and outs with Jason. They quickly had a beautiful double penetration going. One would go in her while the other withdrew. She looked stuffed from the position I was in. Not having anything in her mouth she was able to scream out in sheer delight. She looked at me and I knew she wanted to try all three holes. She did not have to say anything; her eyes willed my dick to her lips. I bent over her and had to do little squats to get my dick in and out of her mouth from the position she was in. She just tilted her head back and took my cock. I could see spit coming out of the sides of her mouth while I did this. I loved watching my lovely wife's fantasy come true. We had done some much sexually before we got together it was nice being able to experience something new together. In a weird way I never felt so closer to her.

Jason announced that he could not hold out anymore. Brianne asked how he would like to cum. He said he wanted her to swallow his cum while he used her face. She got off Brad and Jason and returned to her knees. Jason shoved his long cock deep in her mouth. He barely pumped more than four or five times before he grunted and I watched my wife choke down his load. She sucked him until he was limp and turned to Brad. He said he wanted to shoot his load in her ass. She got back on her hands and knees on the bed and allowed him to enter her most private hole. Jason and I watched as Brad pulled her hair back and pounded away on her for what seemed like five minutes. Everytime I thought he was cumming he just kept going. Finally he announced he was going to cum and emptied his load in her ass. When he pulled out a little bit of his cum oozed out of her ass. She reached around and slathered it on her hand, turned around and jacked his softening cock with it. She took him in her mouth to properly clean him off. He moaned and held her head and stared her in the eyes, completely spent. Once he was totally limp he sat down at the desk next to Jason. My beautiful bride then turned her eyes on me.

She was on her hand and knees with cum from both guys on her face. I walked behind her and entered her pussy roughly. I told her to repeat after me.

"I am only a dirty whore when my husband wants me to be."

"I am only a dirty whore when my husband wants me to be."

Then I pulled out and entered her well fucked ass.

"This body is for my husbands' to do with whatever he wants."

"This body is for my husbands' to do with whatever he wants."

I then walked around her and put my dick in her mouth.

"He is my Master and I will always obey him."

I remove my cock from her and look down.

"He is my Master and I will always obey him."

While she is looking up at me I stroke my cock and cum all over her face. She smiles up at me and slowly wipes the cum from her eyes. After doing so she naturally puts her lips back around my dick to suck the last drops from my cock.

Brad and Jason are completely exhausted. They asked if they could crash the night in our room but I felt that I needed some alone time with Brianne. I gave them cab money so they would not drive drunk. Later I found a scrap of paper with their names and numbers on it that they left on the desk in case we missed those pleasantries later. I put it in my pocket but knew we'd never see them again. Part of making this fantasy a reality was the promise that it was not the other people who matter, only our enjoyment. Continuing any friendship with Jason and Brad would just lead to a violation of that. Instead, Brianne and I have decided to go to different beach every year and see if another situation like that one presents itself. Brianne and I have been even closer than ever and look forward to the possibility of a repeat experience.

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