Out Of The Shadows Ch. 08


Looking up I saw the face I had missed too, the one where he was struggling for control, desperate to come, but when his eyes locked with mine I saw the love he had for me, and the sadness at the time we had spent apart. I wasn't going to let that feeling win out, and I worked harder, teasing him, sucking and licking, working my way up and down his shaft and taking it into my throat as far as I could.

His gasps and moans filled the room. His hands rested on my shoulders, keeping him upright while he shook with the pleasure I was giving him. I knew it wouldn't be long, I was too desperate to taste him again to slow this down and build him slowly and he wouldn't mind. I moaned at the feel of his hardness in my mouth and that did the trick, causing him to shoot his load into me.

I cleaned him up, unwilling to leave him just yet, and his attempt to push me away was hardly effective. In fact, he was starting to get hard again as I licked at his head to get every last drop of cum. He pulled away then, having got enough control to move, and sat down heavily on the bed.

"I forgot how good that was," he groaned out, still shaking slightly.

"It gets better," I told him with a grin.

"Oh, I know it does. Now come over here and let me get you naked so we can get to that part."

Happy memories, the ones that had become hard to think of because of the pain that came next, flooded my body at the sensation of his hands on me again, slowly removing my shirt and then pulling the vest top I had on underneath up and over my head. He paused, looking at my chest, and then raised his eyes to my face with a grin.

"I don't remember signing you before I left!"

Oh shit, I'd forgotten about the tattoo. At least he didn't look upset by it, but I was blushing. He was the last person I ever expected would see it.

"I wanted to remember you were always in my heart. It's kind of corny, sorry."

"Don't apologise. I kind of like that you have my name on you, it says you are mine. I was just going to get you a ring."


His smile broadened, and he laughed at me being flustered.

"I want us to be tied together as many ways as possible, and I thought we could go choose rings and get married, once we decide what our new names will be. I guess I'll be sticking with Rob now!"

"Okay," I stuttered out, confused beyond belief. He'd just come back from the dead and now he was talking about marriage, I was having a hard time keeping up.

"We'll discuss it properly when you are less spaced. How about tonight we just do the loving, and tomorrow we deal with everything else? Right now, the only thing that matters is you, me, and what we can be doing when you take the rest of your clothes off."

That, I could do. I got my jeans and boxers down and off fast, then launching myself at him, pushing him back so he was lying on the bed and I was on top of him. I heard a muffled grunt but I was sure I hadn't hurt him, it was just a surprise. He looked up at me with a smile, and slid his hand up to cup the side of my face.

"You are gorgeous Alex. I love you."

"I love you too. How about you show me how much?"

I was hard, had been pretty much since I accepted he was really here, and now we were pressed together and naked I could tell he had recovered pretty much entirely. I had to fight the urge to get him inside me right that second, and hold on until I was worked open a little. After three months of celibacy, it was going to hurt otherwise, and I didn't want our first time making love to be like that.

He rolled us over, pressing me into the mattress, and I savoured being under his hard body again. He reached for something, and I really hoped it was lube, but before I could think any more about that his lips were on mine and then he started working down my body with gentle licks and kisses. It was my turn to moan, writhing in pleasure as he touched and caressed me again.

It was almost like the first time, when he hadn't known my body at all and was learning every spot that turned me on and made me moan. I was aching for more touches, to be claimed by my lover, but he worked on me slowly, even when I started to beg, moaning out his name and the word 'please' whenever I could catch my breath enough to speak.

I bucked up into the warmth of his mouth when it finally reached my hard dick. I needed this badly, and I wasn't going to last any longer than he had. The first slip of a finger inside me made me shake, and when he worked it further in I screamed as I came harder than I could ever remember. The waves of pleasure running through me didn't stop, because he just used my orgasm as his cue to insert another finger and work me open.

Moments later I was riding his fingers, begging for more with my movements, because I couldn't form the words. He knew what I needed, but he kept working me anyway. Maybe he had the same thought as me, about not wanting this to hurt me, but right now I wouldn't care, I just wanted him inside too much to mind if it started out painful, because I knew how good it would get.

Even though I couldn't find the words, I found the strength, grabbing hold of him, flipping him over, and descending on his erection before he even realised where he was. I saw the look of shock as his eyes widened, but after that I was too involved in what I was feeling as he slid inside me. This was where he belonged, and where I needed him to be right now.

I kept it slow, wanting to feel every little piece of him as he entered me again, slowly working more and more of him inside until at last I was sat on his body, panting as my body relaxed around him and moaning at the slight twitches of his cock as he struggled to keep from thrusting up inside me. I opened my eyes to look at him, seeing his struggle with his desire but also the love he had for me that was reflected back at him. I'd seen that look before, but now he had said the words to confirm what it was.

"Hey baby," I whispered to him. "Are you going to do something about this? I want you to make love to me."

"Come here."

His voice was almost a growl, low and sexy, and he pulled me down to him for a kiss. It was a tender exploration, but while he was seated inside me it seemed more passionate than many we had shared. His hands stroked at my back, then he raked his nails down me very slowly and it made me squirm, little shocks going through my body at the contact.

Every movement I made reminded me of him inside me and made me want him to move, make love, fuck me, whatever he wanted, but I couldn't take being still and I started to grind on him to encourage him.

"Oh fuck," I heard him groan.

His hands were on my hips then, and despite the weight he had lost and quite possibly some strength too, he lifted me a little, letting me fall back down to impale myself again. I liked the idea and loved the feeling, so I used my legs to help him with it, lifting myself up further each time to really appreciate the descent as he pushed me apart to claim me.

I heard him groaning, but his sounds must have been drowned out by the ones I was making, screaming and crying his name, moaning at each movement of him inside me, desperate for more contact, more force, faster, my mind a whirlwind of emotions and sensations. He was back, and he was mine.

Our roles were reversed again, he rolled me onto my back, kissing me harder than before while he sped up the pace and the force, pushing into my prostate on each slide into my body. Lights danced behind my eyes and I couldn't see him, all I could do was feel, take each thrust, pushing me higher and higher into ecstasy. I heard his voice, telling me how amazing this was, how he had dreamed of this moment and coming back to me, and I came, spreading my seed between our bellies.

That was the end for him too, and I could feel his body stiffen as he released inside me, moaning my name as he came. The sound of that sent shivers through me even though I could barely move right now, exhausted but so happy I could barely stand it. I grabbed his face in my hands and began to kiss him frantically anywhere I could reach, thanking him while he tried to recover enough to kiss me back.

With another moan from each of us, mine mostly of disappointment, he rolled off me, lying to my side and panting. His hand reached for mine and held it, stroking it with his thumb, and he turned his head so he could give me a quick kiss.

"That was incredible, better than ever."

"Because we don't have to pretend it doesn't mean anything now. You mean everything to me."

"I know. You're my world too. I don't want to leave your arms again."

"You aren't going to. I'm never letting you go, and I'm definitely never making you leave me again. I need you too much."

I smiled at him, loving the words he was speaking to me. We spent so long unable to say what we were feeling, it felt so good to be able to tell him what he meant.

"Sleep?" he asked, yawning.

"So long as it's curled up with you."

He moved, pulling up the covers and settling down properly on the bed, pulling me after him and into his embrace, and I snuggled against him. I was warm and comfortable, but part of me wanted to watch him rather than sleep, needing to make sure he would still be there. I was too exhausted to do that though, the night of emotion and passion had taken its toll, and I rested my head on his shoulder so I could let the sound of his heartbeat lull me to sleep.

I knew when I woke up it would be with him, and for the first time, we had a future. All those plans I stopped myself from making before and had dreamed about when he was gone, they could happen. All the years I thought I would be alone were going to be spent with the man of my dreams, and I fell asleep with a smile on my face, thinking about tomorrow.

* * * * * *

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by ilovegibbs04/17/18

What an amazing story!

I fell in love with your work when I read Cats & Dogs. Then I read Friends & Foes. You are incredibly talented. I'm hooked with each story, from the first word until the last. I get so invested in yourmore...

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by Anonymous01/27/18

Wonderful story

First of all , I want to say this could be a published novel. A wonderful, well thought out story.
I love your writing.
The only thing I am sad about is you could have carried this story on for a few moremore...

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