tagLoving WivesOut of Thin Air Ch. 02

Out of Thin Air Ch. 02

byJust Plain Bob©

"How many more times did you cheat on Harry?"

Three more times, not counting tonight."

"Not counting tonight?"

"Yeah. A leads to B right? Wasn't that the plan? I tell the story, we both get horny and have a fling?"

She stood up and started to take off her clothes. I watched her and then I stood and started undressing as I smiled at her, "Yeah, A leads to B and you still have three more stories to tell me. Right?"

"Four sweetie. We have to count tonight too, don't we?"


She was lying next to me stroking my limp cock and she said:

"When can we get together to do the next story?"

That's up to you. I don't have anyone to answer to, but you have a husband to worry about."

"Well, tomorrow is out, but I can make it the next day."

"That will work for me."

"If you would like I have time for another before I have to go."

"Tell you what sweetie; I'm willing to go as many times as you can get me up.

Debbie giggled and said, "I sure do know how to do that lover" and she lowered her head and took me in her mouth. The woman was a blow job artist supreme! We had already made love four times in the space of two hours and that was my personal best. I had gone six times in one night, but I'm talking a full night - eight hours and a bit - but Debbie and her magic mouth had me up and running when I would have bet money that I was done for the night and now she was doing it again. It took her a lot longer, a whole lot longer, but damned if she didn't get the job done.

"You know what we haven't done yet?" she asked.

"No, what?"

"You haven't tried my ass."

"Sweetie, I'm sorry to say that I haven't tried anybody's ass."

"You've never done anal?"

"Never even came close to trying."


"What's the matter?"

"I've never done it either. Harry won't do it and I hoped that as long as I was being a slut for you you would do me there."

"I'll give it a try, but I'll tell you ahead of time that I don't know what I'm doing."

"How hard can it be? I expect that we will have to go slow since the hole is only about twenty percent as big as my pussy and it will be harder to get into. Do you have some KY or something we can use for lube?"

I didn't have any KY but I did remember that old movie, "The Last Tango in Paris" so I went out to the kitchen and got my butter dish. I spent some time greasing up her butt hole with the butter using my fingers and thumb to work it in. When she told me that she thought she was ready I buttered up my cock and put it up against her asshole.

"You sure you're ready?"

"Just go easy on me honey. Take your time and go easy."

I pushed against the little puckered opening and my cock popped by the sphincter and Debbie gave a little cry. I stopped pushing and asked if she was all right and she said that there was a little pain, but she had expected it.

"Just go easy honey, until I get used to it."

I went back to slowly working my cock into her anal cavity. It was tight and it seemed like it was gripping me and I suppose that the sphincter muscle was. When I was all the way in she told me to stop and let her get used to it so I stopped pushing and reached under her and used a finger to find her clit. I started rubbing it and she moaned and pushed her ass back at me.

"Okay honey, slow and easy. Pick up the pace, but be gentle."

Half a dozen strokes and she hissed, "Oh yes, oh yes, I'm gonna like this. A little harder honey, fuck my ass."

I had come some many times that night that it took me forever to get myself off in her ass and halfway into it she was screaming and hollering for me to fuck her harder and faster. When I finally came and pulled out of her ass she fell forward on the bed and moaned, "Oh God, but I just have to find someway to get Harry to do this."


She looked up from the pages, "That is pretty much the way it happened all right. Have you proof read it yet?"

"Not yet."

"I spotted a couple of 'than's where there should have been 'that's, and a 'think' that should have been a 'thing' but that's all I saw.

"Hopefully I'll catch them when I do the last spell check and then proof read it."

"I know I keep bugging you on this, but no one is ever going to know that this is me, right?"

"You just read the story; is there anything in there that identifies you?"

"No, I guess not. What do we do now?

"Well, I guess the best way would be to tell your story in sequence so why don't you tell me about your second time?"


It was three months later and again it was because of Harry and his obsession with big tits. It was the night of his company Christmas party. We were a little late in getting there and using hindsight I'm almost sure that he planned that way."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, if we had gotten there early and got a table we would end up sitting with whoever came in later and saw an empty seat and came over to join us. By arriving later Harry was able to see who was sitting where and he could join whomever he wanted. Anyway, we got there and Harry looked around at the tables and then made a beeline for one in particular and surprise, surprise, two of the women sitting there were milk cows. No, that isn't nice of me - it wasn't their fault they were blessed in the breast department or that Harry was such a damned tit freak. Mary was probably a 36C cup and Dianna was a good 38D. I looked around the room at the other tables that had empty seats and I didn't see a good set of jugs at any of them and I think that is why Harry got us to the party when he did. His goal was to sit with Mary and Dianna if he could."

"Not that there is anything wrong with what you have, but if your husband is so hung up on big tits why doesn't he just pay for you to get a boob job?" The only thing wrong with that was that he spent more "I offered, but he said it would be a waste of good money, money that could be best used on something else more important."

"Okay, so he seats you at a table where there are two large breasted women, what happened next?"

"Neither Mary or Dianna was married, but Mary had brought a date. Dianna had just broken up with her boyfriend and had come to the party alone and that's where the trouble started. Harry decided that it wasn't right that Dianna not be able to dance so he appointed himself to see to it that she wasn't a wallflower. The only thing wrong with that was that he spent more time out on the dance floor with her than he did with me. The more time he spent with her the more pissed off I got. Add to that the fact that the drinks were flowing and alcohol always tends to lower my inhibitions a little and I finally reached a point where I said, "Fuck you Harry!" I started looking around the table and checking out the guys.

It was a large table and besides Harry and me there were three couples, two single guys and Dianna. That was another thing that pissed me off. With two single guys at the table why the hell did Harry think he had to be the one to keep Dianna from sitting out the dances? I downed another drink and when the band came back I started flirting with the two single guys and the next time Harry went out on the dance floor with Dianna one of them, Tom was his name, asked me to dance. I stayed out on the floor with him for the last two songs of the set and while we danced we talked. Actually he did most of the talking and I just listened. He complimented me on my dress, told me he liked the way my hair framed my face and as he talked he pulled me closer and closer to him and I felt his erection pushing into my leg. He told me that Harry was a fool for ignoring me and spending his time on Dianna. He had just finished telling me that if he had a woman like me he damned sure wouldn't ignore her when the band announced they were taking a break. I thanked Tom for the thought and he walked me back to the table.

I downed another drink and when the band came back Ben, the other single guy, asked me to dance. Either he or Tom kept me out on the dance floor for the band's entire eight song set and Harry never even missed me.

I wasn't stupid. I knew that Tom and Ben were trying to hustle me. They didn't expect to get anywhere that night, but they both worked hard at trying to get me to give them my phone number and to agreed to meet if only for coffee. I had no intention of doing either, giving them my number or meeting them, but while I didn't say yes, I didn't say no. I wanted to keep them interested. I had the silly idea that Harry would see them sniffing after me and he would get his head out of his ass and protect his territory. Silly me right? Protect his territory when there were big tits to ogle and lust after? Not my Harry!

It was about two and a half hours into the party and I'd had enough alcohol by then to lower my inhibitions and that combined with my being pissed at Harry led me to do a few things that I would not normally do. When either Tom or Ben pushed their erections into my leg or lower belly, I pushed back. When a hand slipped down my back and ended up resting on my ass I didn't protest or push it away. When Ben put one of his hands on my right breast all I did was say, "Naughty, naughty" and push it away when what I would normally have done was slap his face and walk away leaving him on the dance floor.

What I was trying to do was get Harry's attention, but all I was accomplishing was making myself horny. Talk about a situation that sucked. I was horny as a goat on the one hand and on the other I was so pissed off at Harry that I was going to cut him off for a week.

I was on the dance floor with Mary's date and she was dancing with Tom. Harry was - where else - on the dance floor with Dianna. They - 'they' being whoever it was who decorated the room for the party - had hung a large clump of mistletoe from the ceiling and they had rigged a baby spotlight to shine on the space just under it. I just happened to be looking that way when Dianna and Harry moved into the spot lit area and stopped. Harry kissed Dianna and it wasn't just a peck either. Even from halfway across the room I could tell that there was some tongue involved. My first impulse was to storm over to them, push them apart, punch Harry in the face and pull Dianna's hair out by the roots. That's what I wanted to do, but I guess that basically I'm a coward so what I did was tell Mary's date that I suddenly felt light headed and I asked him to take me back to the table.

I was sitting there staring down into my drink when Tom said, "You seem upset" and I told him that I was. He asked if there was anything he could do and I told him he could tell me where to find a pay phone so I could call a cab to take me home. He asked "What about Harry?" and I said, "Fuck the son of a bitch." Tom said I wouldn't need to call a cab, that he was getting ready to leave anyway so he would be glad to give me a lift.

"You sure it wouldn't be any trouble?" I asked.

"Not a bit."

"I need to hit the ladies room first and then I'm ready to go."

When I got back from the bathroom I told Tom I was ready.

"You going to tell Harry you're leaving?"

"No. The shit head has ignored me all night, he won't even know I'm gone. Let him waste an hour looking for me when he is ready to leave."

"Okay, let's go."

It was dark in the parking lot and it wasn't until the interior light in Tom's car came on that I saw Ben sitting on the back seat. I looked at him and then at Tom and Tom shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ben was leaving too so I offered him a ride."

Like I was too stupid to know what they were hoping for, right? I could read their minds. "She's pissed at Harry, she's had a lot to drink, she's been pushing back when I poked my cock into her so if I play it right I might get a piece of her sweet ass."

I got in the car and gave him directions and then I sat there staring out the passenger side window and looking at the houses, yards, trees and parked automobiles that we passed. I was fuming inside over Harry and the way he lost all common sense when he got close to a big pair of boobs. And I of course remembered the last party we were at and what had happened to me there. I was already horny as hell and the memory of that time when those two men had me on my knees and on my back out in that backyard just made it worse. Being in a car with two guys who wanted to make my hornyness disappear didn't help matters any.

I was still looking out the side window when Tom said, "We have to go right by my place to get to yours. Would you like to stop for a drink?"

A lot of things went through my mind just then. I wondered if he thought I was dumb, or just an easy piece of ass, or maybe he thought I just might like some company just then. I what he was hoping for and that, in fact, he and Ben were both hoping for the same thing. I was pissed at Harry and thinking about how to get back at him and remembering the time at the last party and how much I had loved it when the two men got me going.

I turned away from the window and looked over at Tom for several seconds and then I said, "No, if we go to your place I'd get too comfortable and lose track of time and that wouldn't be good because I need to be home when Harry gets there. Find us a dark place to park." I swear his jaw dropped. I had actually caught him by surprise, but he was even more surprised when I climbed over the seat and got in back with Ben.

I'll show Harry I thought to myself, he isn't going to get as much fun from looking at Dianna's tits as I'm going to get from putting out for Tom and Ben. I had Ben's cock out of his trousers and in my mouth and was well on the way to getting him off when Tom finally found a place to park. I was on my knees deep throating Ben when Tom moved in behind me. He didn't even try to pull my panties down; he just pushed the crotch gusset to one side and poked his cock at my hole. I'd been horny most of the night so I was wet enough and three strokes had him all the way in. Tom grabbed hold of my hips and started fucking me. Tom was a talker and as he fucked me he kept up a running line of chatter:

"Damn but you are tight girl. Doesn't Harry ever use this pussy? Is that why you are so easy, you need more cock than you can get at home? I'm going to give you all you can handle baby; I'm going to fuck you so good that you will be begging me for more."

Well, the fact of the matter was that he was fucking me good and I decided to see if I couldn't wind him up a little. I took my mouth off Ben's cock and moaned:

"Oh yes honey, fuck me good. Make me your slut honey, come in me, knock me up, give me a baby. I'm at my most fertile honey, cum in me, make me pregnant."

It was all bullshit of course. Two years earlier I'd had a hysterectomy and pregnancy was no longer a worry for me, but Tom and Ben didn't know that and the more I egged him on the harder he fucked me and the harder he fucked me the closer I came to having an orgasm.

Ben kept trying to get my mouth back on his cock and I finally told him no. I told him that if I kept sucking him off he would cum and then when Tom came all I'd have was two limp dicks.

"Keep your hard on" I told him, "So you can fuck me when Tom finishes."

Just about then Tom moaned, "Here it comes, I'm gonna fill you, here it comes" and I felt him shoot into me. Ben was struggling to get up so he could take Tom's place in my pussy - there isn't a whole lot of room in a back seat when three people are there having sex - and Tom was pulling out of me and asking if I was going to name the baby after him. Ben laughed and said:

"What makes you think it's going to be yours? Maybe my sperm is stronger than yours and I might be the daddy."

By then I was off my knees and lying on my back and Ben was pulling off my panties. Tom moved to where he could get his dick in my mouth and I started licking our combined juices off of it and then I went to work at getting him hard again. Ben pushed my legs apart and I had one draped over the back of the front seat and the other was sticking almost straight up and I had the foot planted against the roof of the car. I noticed that the thin four inch heel had poked a hole in the head liner and I wondered if Tom would ever notice and if he did would he know how it happened.

Ben drove into me so hard he took my breath away and then he started fucking me hard. I was moaning and gurgling around Tom's cock as Ben started building my fires again. Ben was a silent fuck so the only noises in the car were my continuing moans and Tom's constant babble. The man just could not keep his mouth shut.

"That's it honey, suck it, suck it good. Get it hard for me baby, iron bar hard. I don't want you to ever forget it baby, I want you to remember my cock forever. Get it hard sweetie, I want another chance at knocking you up."

Ben was doing a fine job of fucking me and I took my mouth off of Tom long enough to give him some encouragement:

"Fuck me hard Benny" I said to him, "Make me cum sweetie, give me a baby, help me get even with Harry, give me a baby sweetie, knock me up and give Harry a kid to raise."

Tom pulled my head back to his cock and for the next couple of minutes I just lay there and moaned while the two men used their cocks on me. Ben brought me to one orgasm and I was well on my way to another when he groaned, "Shit! I'm going to lose it, I don't want to lose it, I want to stay hard and fuck you forever. Oh fuck, I'm loosing it."

I pulled my mouth off Tom and cried, "No, not yet, please not yet, just a little bit more, please baby, please, I'm almost there" but the words weren't even all the way out of my mouth when I felt him splash my insides. "Get off, get off of me" I cried, "Get out of the way so Tom can get on me and get me off. Hurry damn it, hurry."

Ben jerked himself out of me and tried to get out of the way while Tom scrambled to get from my head to my pussy. Did I mention how cramped a back seat can be when there are three people having sex on it? Anyone outside looking in would have laughed their asses off at that Chinese fire drill. The boys finally got relocated, but by then I'd lost the edge.

No need to get repetitious here so I'll just say that Tom fucked me while I sucked on Ben, Tom and I both came and then Tom got in the front and pointed the car toward my house and Ben fucked me on the back seat as we drove.

I did get a big buzz over something that happened on the way home. We got stopped by a red light and while waiting for the light to change Tom was watching Ben fuck me in back when a car full of teenaged boys pulled up next to us. I was lying on my back and I couldn't se them, but I could hear them calling out and asking if they could be next. Tom laughed and said:

"How about it sweetie? Want me to pull over so the four of them can get a taste?"

"You will never know how much I wanted to do it, but of course I couldn't. "Get me home Tom," I said, "I have to beat Harry home."

"What if he is already there?"

"He won't be. He's never in his life left a party until he was one of the last ones there."

Ben was just getting me off when Tom pulled into my driveway and after I came it was another three minutes before he got his rocks off. Tom kept looking over his shoulder nervously while Ben and I finished up. I guess he was scared that Harry might pull in behind us.

As I was getting out of the car both guys were still trying to get my phone number and to commit to another meeting. There wasn't a chance in hell that I would see them again, but I wanted them to keep their mouths shut so I told them that as long as Harry never found out what we had done I'd think about it and get back to them. I kissed them both goodnight and went into the house. I showered and douched and then went to bed.

I was sound asleep when Harry got home so I don't know what time it was. I won't go into all the bullshit that took place the next morning other than to say that it was two weeks before Harry got a piece of my pussy again.

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