Over a Piece of Pie


"What do you mean Skye?" I replied with a 'who me?' look on my face as I flexed inside her.

Skye moaned deep in her chest, clutching me hard. I flexed again, making her cry out.

"Oooh! D-don't do that again you're going to make me cum!" Skye begged me.

I couldn't resist, I flexed again but harder.

Skye wailed as she humped herself up onto my member with her legs.

Before she was done I slammed into her. Skye's eyes went wide as I fucked her hard and fast. She squealed and moaned, babbling gibberish as I gave her orgasm after orgasm.

I could feel my balls clenching up. Skye wrapped her arms around my torso and pulled herself up. Her mouth mashed into mine and her tongue squirmed into my mouth like a little snake.

My cum started shooting deep into Skye, pulsing and jetting, filling her up and oozing out around my cock.

Skye came again, groaning and panting when she felt my seed plaster the back of her womb.

Her last strong orgasm put me over the top and I erupted into her again. My second orgasm wasn't as strong as my first, but with her pussy being full to overflowing with our fluids it gushed out around me and down her crack.

We lay there for a few moments, staring in to each others eyes and smiling. My dick softened and slowly slipped out of Skye. She let out a soft moan of disappointment when the little guy popped out.

I rolled off to the side and lightly stroked Skye's belly, thinking about how wonderful it would be when we created a new life in there.

Skye rolled onto her side and smiled, "I think I'll make do with one fucking today if you don't mind Carson. That was incredible, just incredible."

I gave Skye a tender kiss and caressed her cheek. "I'm glad you enjoyed that sweetie."

"Oog, I need to get cleaned up," Skye muttered as she rolled out of bed and waddled to the bathroom, her hand holding our cum inside her cunny.

"Mind if I join you? It may save some time." I suggested.

Skye grinned over her shoulder at me, "Sure I guess, just no funny business okay?"

I covered my heart with my hand and solemnly swore that I'd behave. Okay I lied but the little tart started it when she cleaned my cock!

We barely had time to get dressed and plop our asses on the sofa before her mom came in.

"Skyelar you forgot your keys in the do...Oh! Well why am I not totally surprised that you're here Carson?" Bev chuckled.

I tried my innocent look, but she didn't fall for it. "Hi Bev! How was your day?"

She gave us an appraising look then smiled, "Well, judging from your squeaky clean looks and still damp hair not as fun as yours!"

"Mom! Jeez, I am twenty-four you know!"

"Oh honey I'm just teasing. What you and Carson do is none of my business. To a point. At least I know he's got a job." She said with a smile and chuckle.

I decided to tease Skye a bit too just for the hell of it, "Take it easy Skye, your mom's way cooler than my last girlfriend!"

Skye's mom laughed and my sweet young thing belted me one in the shoulder.

"Speaking of girlfriends Carson. I don't have a problem with you two seeing each other, but I just want you both to make sure this is what you really want. I don't want you moving too fast here."

I smiled at Skye then turned to her mother, "Bev you have nothing to worry about. I've never felt for another woman the way I feel about Skye."

'Never ever, ever. Not once buddy,' I thought to myself with a smile.

It's funny how things turn out. Five years ago I had been crushed on Valentine's Day by a girl who I thought was the girl of my dreams. If I hadn't met her the chain of events in my life that lead me here may never have happened. But I did meet her, and she did break my heart. Then, on a miserable Valentine's Day night I really did meet the girl of my dreams. Over a piece of pie.

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