tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOver-Tipped Hooter Girl

Over-Tipped Hooter Girl


A fan of my last story inquires:

Ever really work in a Hooters?

Of course. I was on the original staff at the Bay City Michigan Hooters when they first opened.

He continues to speculate:

I can just imagine the night when you closed up and those 3 nasty black guys followed you to your van.

Actually, I drove a black dodge shadow back then. But sometimes, after our "shift drink" (or two or three, or four) I was a bit too tipsy to drive. Not that DUI was a problem back then; An off-duty Bay City policeman once foiled an attempted armed robbery at the restaurant (and who knows what else the nasty robber would have done to us girls!)

Since then, all police officers on duty or off always enjoyed VIP treatment at Hooters. And we sent unlimited supplies of free hot-wings to all of their policeman's picnics and stuff. We had a strong unspoken alliance with the cops. And not everyone knew about it, but the all of the employees and some of the regular customers understood that as long as you were on your way home from Hooters, and as long as you didn't cause an accident or get sassy, the most you'd get for drinking and driving would be a stern lecture and a police escort home.

Still, DUI immunity or not, my car was brand-new, and I didn't want to risk wrecking it. And since we also had an arrangement with the Holiday Inn just across the river, I occasionally opted to "sleep it off" over there at the "Hootergirl" rate of $15 per night, which included late check-out. That is, until that one night....

I was exhausted from a night of waiting on some very demanding black customers--who incidentally didn't tip. And when they left, I found an empty rum bottle on the floor, which may have explained why they got increasingly loud and obnoxious even though they'd only been ordering Cokes.

Quickly stripping off my t-shirt and orange shorts; and bra and nylons, I crashed face down on the hotel bed, asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. The room was warm since I'd not had the energy to figure out the air conditioner. It was blurry in my drunken haze, and even by covering one eye I could not make out which way was "cold". So I crashed, and quickly kicked off the covers.

The soon-to-be rapists' eyes greedily raked down my smooth back to my tiny hourglass waist and then drank in the sight of my smooth, unblemished buttocks.

I awoke to the horror of feeling one huge, strong hand tightly covering my mouth while another pair of hands quickly and roughly bound my arms together behind my back. They wrapped my ankles with duct tape.

I then heard the unmistakable sound of several zippers being undone, and gave a sob of fear. "Oh GOD!" I thought wildly, "they’re not going to...Please don’t let them want to..."

But as I was rolled over onto my back on the bed, I realized exactly what the huge black men were after. The man holding my mouth made a “Shhh” gesture as he moved his hands directly to my breasts and nipples, mauling them roughly and causing severe pain to radiate through my upper torso.

His pants fell to his ankles, and he stepped out of them, planting his tree trunk sized legs in a wide stance. Between those legs dangled two big testicles, and above them was a thick bush of dark pubic hair. Rising out of this bush was biggest penis I'd had ever laid eyes on.

I couldn’t believe how enormous it was! It was the size of a small arm with a balled fist at the end. It was certainly thicker than my wrist, bulging with lust-bloated veins. Suddenly, the shaft jerked, pawing at the air like a living thing. The purple, apple sized knob throbbed visibly as a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

Still clawing at my tits, he climbed onto the bed straddling my shoulders with his knees. For a brief moment, I was starring up at his big, firm buttocks as they lowered onto my face. My nose was wedged into his musky butt crack and his sweaty, hairy scrotum pressed against my soft, pouty lips.

“Roll my gonads around in your mouth, cunt!” He ordered, and I obeyed. He grunted in satisfaction as he pressed my big soft boobs against the sides of his cockshaft. He wrapped the smooth white flesh tightly around his throbbing member and began stroking steadily back and forth. He sat fully on my face on the back stroke, then slid forward until his balls almost popped out of my hot mouth.

Faster and faster he rammed, bruising my face, leaving large purple bruises on my tits where his hands forced them onto his abrasively rubbing thick shaft.

Tears began to pour from my eyes as humiliation of this savage act finally hit me. I was being brutally tit fucked, his balls were hanging in my mouth, and with every stroke his asshole impaled itself onto my nose. And since the cheeks of his ass filled my field of vision at all times, she couldn’t see how many more black men were waiting their turn to use my body. She could however hear them talking about several other perverted acts that they had in store for me, including deep oral and anal penetration. I was doomed!

I began to moan with the agony of her current assault. Ironically, it might very well have been the vibration of my continuous moaning against his testicles that sent him over the edge. He mashed my abused titties onto his cock as hard as he could, and spurted several scalding hot streams of thick semen all the way down to my naked blonde bush.

As soon as he got up, another black stud grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into a kneeling position near the side of the bed. As I was allowed to sit back on my haunches, I gasped at the sight of my next rapist. He was completely naked as he stood at the edge of the bed, and I could clearly see that his cock was even bigger than the first one! It was at least a foot long! I had grown up on a farm and still I had never seen a cock this big on any animal, even a horse!

“Open your mouth wide, bitch!”

I complied obediently, my swollen pink lips parting daintily, exposing the sweet, small oral cavity of my mouth.

He lunged forward, the fat, fist-like knob of his cock mashing impatiently between my soft lips, scraping against my teeth.

His hand slid down around the back of my neck, squeezing hard until my jaw muscles were forced as wide apart as they could go. I gave a strangled yelp of pain and my eyes bugged out as I felt a snapping sensation and heard a loud clicking sound on each side of my face. MY JAW HAD BEEN DISLOCATED! And since my mouth had never opened this wide before, my lips and cheeks were being painfully stretched.

To my horror, the thick, fat tip of his bulging boner forced its way into my mouth, mashing my tongue flat and squelching against the roof of my mouth. Just the head filled my mouth completely!

He continued to relentlessly grip me by the back of her neck. I was kneeling submissively before him. My warm, sensuous lips circled tightly around the corona of his equine member.

The oral rapist grunted as he humped his hips forward slightly, sliding several inches of his big phallus into my mouth. I was making strangled grunting noises, my face turning blue, my eyes wild with fear. I was fiercely struggling, but it was all in vain. There was no hope of escape.

He grinned down at me savagely. His cock twitched and throbbed in my hot wet oral cavity. He undulated his hips, savoring the sensation of sliding his dick around inside my soft, sweet mouth. Then he gripped both sides of my head firmly and pulled her toward his crotch. His big knob battered against the back of my throat, but he pulled harder, and suddenly, popped into my esophagus. I gagged, but that didn’t stop him. His cock was not even half-way in yet, so he continued to force himself forward steadily.

In a moment, he was all the way down my throat. My nose slammed hard into his pubic bone, and his huge churning nuts swung up and slapped the underside of my chin. His course crotch hair scraped my cheeks like steel wool as my widely ovalled lips circled tightly around the very base of his oversized boner. Past my tonsils, down my neck and into my chest, his mighty cock reached painfully deep into my guts as I choked on it until I began to pass out from lack of oxygen. My involuntary resistance almost milked the cum from his balls. I'm sure he considered just holding his cock deep for another minute or so and pumping a huge load straight into my belly. But I imagined that the experienced rapist knew from the misfortune of previous victims that such an act would probably kill me, and that would be a severe disappointment to all the other men waiting patiently to enjoy my flesh. Besides, as tight as my throat was, he knew he could find a tighter orifice if he searched...

He pulled out, and I fell face down across the bed. Just as I had started to catch my breath, a blood-curdling scream was forced from my lips as he then jammed his twelve-inch log of flesh and gristle to the balls inside my tiny little asshole. My mouth was quickly plugged with another black cock, effectively silencing the scream. The obscene rectal assault caused waves of unmitigated agony to wash over my suffering young body. The complete length of my colon was stretched outrageously by the cruel penetration. Fortunately for me, the vile attacker came soon after my widely stretched sphincter muscles spasmed tightly around the base of his excitedly throbbing member. His huge tennis ball sized nuts had nestled against my hairy, steamy pussy. And the humid cheeks of my frantically struggling behind had rubbed hotly along the entire length of his thick dick as it had forced entry into my unwilling bottom.

The additional swelling of his deeply sunk cock as he climaxed into my bowels added to my pain, but the copious quantities of semen spurting into my butt would ease the entry of next anal rapists.

Suddenly, he placed his palms on my buttocks for leverage as he pulled his slightly deflated tool from my behind. The retreat of the mushroom shaped head helped to evenly spread the semen all along the twelve violated inches of my rectal tube.

My violated sphincter muscle attempted to seal itself after his dickhead popped out, but a small rivet of creamy cum oozed from its center and dripped down my thigh. Even as my body began to try and recover from the most painful ordeal of my life, I was realized that the horror was not yet over. The next man crawled up behind me, spread my buns, and thrust deep into my tight wet snatch. At least this was something I understood, and for the first time I began to assist in my own violation by thrusting myself back onto the impaling organ.

By the time the vaginal rape was over, a whole row of muscular black rapists stood behind me. They took turns with my bound body, pounding my cunt and ass with all of their might. At the same time my mouth was kept busy until I had swallowed the jism of sixteen black studs in a row.

"Sorry we forgot to tip you, babe. Hope this makes up for it." Said the last and biggest member of the gang to assault me. It was noon by the time they all left, satisfied.

I was thankful for the late checkout time, as it would give me time for a long shower, and to clean up the room. Leaving it in this condition would be rude to the management who gave us such a generous discount, and I didn't want to ruin things for the other Hootergirls who occasionally used this hotel.

I was thankful that they'd removed all my ligatures as they were leaving. I was thankful that my clothing--my uniform--had been spared any trauma. It was untouched, in a pile on the floor where I'd left it a whole lifetime before. I was thankful that, amazingly, all of my bruises seemed to be in places that the clothing would hide. I was thankful that my jaw wasn't broken after all, just really, really, really, really, really sore. As was my ass. And my vagina. And my boobs. I was thankful for the $100 "tip" they'd left on the nightstand.

And, as I looked across the Saginaw River, and seen the mid-day sun reflecting from the orange awning, I was thankful that my shift didn't start for 3 more hours.


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