tagBDSMOwning Bella Ch. 04

Owning Bella Ch. 04


Authors Note: Apologies to my regular readers who like this series. Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback on the series so far. Life is extremely busy at the moment but I will endeavour to keep up dating the series at least once a month. Thank you all for your patience. ~ellie


Bella's eyes flickered open, she was still woozy, but the insistent hand squeezing her own and shaking her slightly had roused her from sleep. "See I told you she wasn't really asleep," Rosie smiled down on her daughter the smile though, did not reach her eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Bella asked hoarsely.

"My baby in the hospital, where else would I be?" Rosie seemed shocked by the question.

Her father came forward and kissed her cheek, "How are you feeling EllieBellie?"

Bella smiled crookedly. "I am fine Dad really, I just fell. Nothing to worry about," she looked at her mothers worried face, "I am actually terribly embarrassed about all the fuss I created because of one clumsy move."

"Nonsense," Rosie fussed with her bags, "You men get out while I get her changed out of that awful hospital gown."

Bella groaned as Rosie held up a long conservative night gown. Mel chuckled, "C'mon Joe, I'll buy you a cup of coffee." The men left quietly leaving Rosie to fuss over Bella.

Watching them leave Bella smiled up at her mother and tried to sit up, a wave of nausea rolled over her making her bury her head in her hands. Rosie sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped her arm about her daughters shoulder looking concerned. Feeling the nausea pass Bella looked up again. "You know me, Mummy if I am going to do something, I do it well, even concussions."

"Oh Bella, don't joke you gave us all a big fright, especially Mel. He sounded distraught when he rang us," Rosie hugged her tighter.

Bella hugged Rosie back, "I am glad you're here, Mummy."

"Good. Now let's get you dressed up and looking pretty," she stood up and gathered her bag pulling out two night gowns and some fresh underwear to lie beside the first night gown she had pulled out.

Bella Laughed, "How long are you going to leave me here?"

"I didn't know until we got here, but the doctor said at least overnight for observation. Which night gown do you like, I didn't want you running around here in those skimpy little things you wear at home," her mother frowned in a mock scolding.

Bella was grateful as her mother helped her change; the crisp white cotton of the basic gown she chose was crisp and felt lovely against her skin as did the sensible, fresh cotton underwear. The movement had caused her head to pound again by the time she lay back propped up by the pillows. Her eyes felt heavy, and she closed them as her mother talked about the possibility of taking her home tomorrow to recover properly.

The nurse came in to do observations as Rosie kept up a steady stream of conversation. "I am so tired mum," Bella whispered as the nurse left and her mother kissed her on the forehead and told her to sleep.

The next time she opened her eyes, Mel sat in a chair beside her bed playing with his phone. Bella smiled as she watched him. It was several minutes before his looked up again to see her watching him, "So quiet, little one. I didn't realise you were awake."

Her throat was dry, "I didn't want to disturb you I have been too much bother entirely today." She thought back to her melt down of the morning and then this silly fall that landed her here. "Did Mum and Dad go home?"

"I got John to take them to Dockside, it's nice there," Mel came over and sat on her bed beside her, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay," Bella smiled, "I just seem to be so tired." She scooted up in bed a little.

Mel took her hand, "It's been a hectic week or so hasn't it."

A nurse bustled in, "You're finally awake again. I was thinking I would have to wake you up to take these observations," she said as she took Bella's wrist and looked at her watch.

Mel stood back and let the nurse take the observations. "You're a popular girl, Miss Biancotti."

"Please call me Bella and I think you have me confused with someone else," she laughed shyly.

"The phone has been running hot with inquiries after your health. It's like having a celebrity in the ward," the nurse was friendly and chattered away as she worked, "I would hate to think how many people would be in here during visiting hours if the doctor hadn't recommended otherwise."

Bella laughed softly again shaking her head. The nurse winked, "Remind me to get your autograph before you leave, just in case you're a star about to burst onto the stage." Bella laughed harder and rolled her eyes.

The nurse wheeled over a bed table that held a tray. "Are you hungry? You can have a small snack since your obs are fine." She lifted the dome exposing a warm clear broth, "It is not very appetising I know but if you keep this down over night you can have breakfast in the morning."

Bella was nonplussed about the food, but as the nurse left the room Mel encouraged her to eat something. Then wheeled the tray away, returning to lie on the bed beside her and hold her gently in his arms kissing the top of her head.

"I am so sorry this happened, my Ellie, I won't let anything happen to you again," his voice was soft and full of emotion, and he tilted her chin up to kiss her. "I adore you," he looked searchingly into her eyes.

"I am fine honestly," Bella hurried to reassure him and lay her head on his shoulder. They quietly talked through what had happened earlier in the day and the likelihood that her hair had snagged on the catch. Mel knew that Rob would be waging war with the girls of the club. This was exactly the type of drama they hard fought hard to keep out of their club and thoroughly vetting members and staff had protected them for the most part.

Mel left Bella's hospital bed only when the nurse came back to retrieve the plate and check her observations once again.


Rob sat in the office looking at the computer screen, the nature of the club called for strict security and monitoring, they had camera's everywhere. He could see quite clearly that someone had been in the girl's locker room when Bella had fallen, but he could not see the face of the girl clearly. His fingers tapped impatiently as he waited for Stephen and Jake, both of whom were conducting investigations of their own based on the figure on the tape.

A wall of silence seemed to have gone up as the girls all denied any knowledge of the accident. After the staff meeting, the girls that would have been the most obvious suspects including Ada had all been accounted for in the kitchen or bar area's preparing for lunch and evening crowd ahead. Stephen returned a few minutes later with a brunette woman. Rob looked her over and flicked his eyes back to the computer screen several times comparing the two as he waited for Stephen to speak.

"This is Belinda," Stephen started, "She and a few other of the club beauticians helped out at Bella's parent's party last weekend." Rob raised an eyebrow but stayed silent waiting. "Tell him what you told me," Stephen prodded the girl.

"One of the other girls that went with us to the party was at the centre of the ruckus that night. She was flirting with that handsome young man who tried to punch Mel," she swallowed nervously. "Anyway she has seen him again since then, and he has been telling her things about Bella, how badly she treated him and stuff I guess. I spent some time with Bella before the party I don't think its true but Marie falls for guys so easily. I don't think she would do anything this terrible, but she was missing earlier, and she left early tonight claiming she sprained her ankle."

Rob motioned Belinda closer, "Look at this and tell me if it is the girl you are talking about?"

Belinda moved to look at the monitor, she frowned, "It could be but it's so hard to tell from that angle, it looks like her, but it also looks like a few of the girl's."

"Thank you Belinda, you have been very helpful," Rob smiled at her, "I know it's not easy to think a friend could do something so awful, but we need to look at every possibility. Who else was at the party?"

"There were four girls went from here to the party to help with the family's make-up and costumes. Julie, Cassie, Marie and me," she explained, "Julie mainly helped Rosie and I helped Bella, and the other two girls did the set up, pack up and massages." Belinda whispered, "Bella is alright now, isn't she? She is very sweet. I can't believe someone would want to hurt her."

"We will know more in the morning, but it appears she will recover," again he smiled at her, "You can go now." Relieved the woman hurried from the room.

Stephen told him the little he knew from the party and the subsequent move of Bella's things, and as Jake came back he filled in a little more detail on the moving of Bella's belongings and what happened during the evening after it. Not wanting to disturb Mel at the hospital Rob called Kurt who immediately when into a round of expletives as he heard the news of Bella's injury and the investigation so far.

As Rob got off the phone, he turned to Stephen, "Make sure Belinda doesn't mention her suspicions to anyone else let's keep this under wraps until we are sure what's going on."

Stephen left the room without a word leaving Rob to his thoughts. Something didn't quite add up, and he couldn't put his finger on it. He admitted he had stayed in his self imposed exile for far too long after the death of his beloved Kitty. It was time to return to the world he and Mel had fought so hard to create and make safe for those who enjoyed their lifestyle. He glanced around the room and shook his head, nothing had changed in the last twelve years. Perhaps a real good shake up was what was needed. He smiled to himself. 'Who would have thought the catalyst for change would come from a tiny green eyed, innocent looking slave.'

He thought about Bella, and he could see why Mel had pursued her as he had, there was a toughness behind that vulnerable, sweet exterior. Not a toughness of the streets but more a strength of character and will that showed in what she would endure and could endure for those who commanded her. She seemed to Rob the perfect blend of princess and slut. Unwaveringly well mannered and well bred in public, a curious, dark minded, sexy slut behind closed doors.

He found himself wanting to know her better, more intimately, share in her training and ownership to some degree. He looked back up at the portrait on the far wall. A much younger version of Rob and Mel stood with a girl kneeling between them, Kitty. They had begun this club together with just a vague idea of what it could become based on stories they had heard. While travelling through their other businesses to similarly minded places around the world, they discovered how others had built the type of club they wanted.

The better ones of course, they could barely get into until they made the right contacts, and so when it came time, their own club instigated a vetting system for all members and strict code of conduct guidelines. It was rare that they had been forced to remove staff or members over the last few years, having built an elite clientele and loyal staff base. Rob was proud of what they had built, but he had the nagging feeling that right at this moment it was like a house of cards and about to fall around them.

Rob sat back and sighed, maybe he was over thinking things, and it was all some lovers spat between Bella and her ex's new girl. He decided to go get a drink at the bar while he waited for Kurt as he stood and looked at the portrait a last time she smiled, "It's time to move on my love," he said out loud and walked from the room.

Seeing Belinda in the Saloon bar he motioned her to him. "Glenfiddich, neat, then join me."

"Yes, Master," Belinda nodded gently and moved to the bar, quickly returning with his drink and kneeling quietly beside him holding it up to him.

Smiling down on the well trained girl he took the drink and sipped the amber liquid running his other hand through her long dark hair. She wasn't a beauty, but she had the tight well muscled compact body of a gymnast and Rob considered seeing just how flexible she was when Kurt came in with Dianne close behind him.

He let Kurt fill him in on the party and Jim's appearance and subsequent exit without interrupting him. Finally smirking at the end of the tale, "The arrogance of youth, I guess he wasn't very happy when she never arrived home the next day."

"I believe he was arrested for a break and enter. The apartment was empty, and he took his frustration out on a window, I heard the real estate agent pressed charges," Kurt said with a small smile curling his lip.

"So it seems a bruised ego caused this," Rob murmured. He was unable to shake the feeling that there was more to this than he could see at the moment. "Maybe we should send someone over to talk to Marie. She hasn't been here to defend herself, so we only have innuendo to go on at the moment," Rob felt the girl beside him stiffen under the hand that still ran through her hair but showed no acknowledgment that he had felt anything as he looked down on her, "Was she going home or to the doctor did you say?"

Belinda pursed her lips, "She didn't say, only that she had sprained her ankle and was leaving."

Rob watched the girls face as she spoke her eyes flickering, "Let's get someone to contact her and see what she says shall we?" Again he felt the girl tense under his hand.

Jake had stayed back past his shift to help Stephen with the ruffled feathers of the girl's and ensure everything as usual went smoothly, so he was the obvious choice to go see if he could find Marie, who was not answering her phone.

Kurt and Dianne left to collect clothes for Bella who would be going home for a few days. Despite Mel's reservations, Rosie was adamant. Dianne also collected a clean suit for Mel and they left for the hospital.

Rob motioned Belinda to follow him as he got up and moved from the bar. He moved through the arched doors to the private rooms. Taking a door to the left he held it open for her to follow him in before closing it quietly. He turned on her then and smiled, "Like Bella you have the small honed body of a gymnast or dancer, let's give it a work out shall we." He walked slowly toward her stopping just before her and ran a finger across her jaw and down her neck. His finger glided over her shoulder flicking at the broach that held her short toga in place, "We won't be needing this will we?" His eyebrows went up as he asked the question showing the hungry gleam in his eye.

"No Master," Belinda lifted a small hand and removed the brooch allowing the toga to puddle about her feet. His rough hands stroked over her small breasts and down her ribs as he lifted her to sit upon a high bench. His hand continued to stroke and tease her body as her moved her knees further apart with his hips and stood between her legs. Reaching above them Rob pulled down a chain bearing steel cuffs and secured her hands above her head.

Rob kissed her lightly his hands wandering lightly over her skin watching the goose bumps rise and pucker her nipples. "You have limits?" The question was murmured into her ear as he continued the tickling caress.

Belinda was breathing deeply her mind unfocused, Robs lips nibbled at her neck as she whispered, "Yes. Needles, hard to extreme punishment, whips, canes, scat, water sports, age play..." her voice trailed off as his lips caught a nipple, but he had heard enough to know what sort of kink worked for this girl. Although she had the small, compact frame he found so desirable, she clearly was not Mel's type or his own for that matter, and he wondered once again why she seemed so nervous about them finding Marie.

He stood back slightly and grinned to put her at ease, despite his disappointment and murmured, "I can work with that." He had designed this particular room himself for ease of use. Pulling a spreader bar from the end of the bench he murmured, "Now let's see just how flexible you are, shall we?"

Rob quickly buckled the spreader bar between her ankles opening wide and murmuring his appreciation of her supple legs as the muscles flexed and strained. He then undid her wrists re-cuffing them behind her back and laying her on her stomach. Taking the chain from the centre of the spreader bar he connected it to the chain from the ceiling holding her wrists, bowing her body.

All the while as she had been bound Belinda had felt his rough hands tickle lightly over her skin teasing her softly. The bindings were not tight, and the position she was pulled into was not arduous due to her long gymnastics career. She felt rather than saw him pull her hair back into a ponytail and tie it tightly to the chain keeping her head lifted.

Belinda hung in the bonds, her belly still resting on the bench so as to reduce the strain on her limbs. With her hair bound as it was she could not move her head fully to follow him as he walked around her. She felt a feather light touch on her lower back, and she let out a sigh of pleasure, her goose bumped flesh crawling from the light teasing of his touch hands already. The soft feathery touch travelled up and down her spine before dipping through the cleft of her ass cheeks and across her moist pussy lips.

Rob smiled as her body quivered at the touch of the large emu feather in his hand as he teased her. Her wide open cunt shone with wetness of need and anticipation already, perhaps his reputation had not disappeared entirely he thought to himself. He trailed the feather back up her spine and down again varying the speed and weight of the feather as he caressed the girl before him. Bringing the feather down her ribs and over her hip he avoided her ass as the feather trailed down her leg and up to the souls of her feet. Not wanting the tickling to feel annoying rather than sensual he applied added pressure to the father as it teased over her feet.

Belinda whimpered as she felt the feather finally leave her feet and trace the curves of her right leg making her quiver with the exquisite sensations. The feather trailed up her aching arms causing the growing numbness that prickled at her like pins and needles under the gentle force of the feather. He pulled the feather between each finger before teasing down her supple arms once more. Once again the feather travelled over her shoulders to her lower back making her hips move and rock as the heat built within her further with his teasing. The only sound in the room was her rapid breathing and soft whimpers of pleasure.

Tracing the feather up the left side of her torso seeing her squirm within the bonds he moved around to her face looking into her lust filled eyes. The feather trailed down her cheek and neck tickling teasingly lower on her chest until it lightly caressed the flesh of her breasts, barely touching the hardened nipples. He bent his head to kiss along her neck following the trail of the feather and listened to her appreciative moans. Moving closer to her ear he whispered, "I know you haven't told me the whole story, sweet girl."

Rob watched her body as she tensed up at his words and raised the feather again to her arms starting the whole delicious dance of the feather again. Swiping a trail directly down her spine he watched her quiver and squirm against her bonds. The feather played over and through the wide cleft of her ass as he inspected the shining wet pussy lips a groan escaped her lips and he pulled the feather away.

Picking up a vibrator he slid it into her without turning it on. "Hold it," he commanded softly. Working quickly he slid a soft rope around her hips his fingers enjoying the feel of the classic bondage knots he knew so well, running the soft rope up over her clit and against the base of the vibe, he drew it tightly up through the cleft of her ass to secure it in place tightening a small knot in the small of her back. The vibe turned on at a low speed and Rob picked up the feather again to resume the slow dance over her flesh.

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