tagGroup SexOyster Creek Ch. 14

Oyster Creek Ch. 14


The night had been a success.

Daniel let himself enjoy that thought as the staff finished the clean-up. The last customer had left about twenty minutes previously, the till had been overflowing with money, and it was midnight.

He could not have dreamed that it would go so well. Every single person involved in the store had excelled themselves, from the staff to the suppliers. He had not seen one unhappy face at the grand opening party, and that spoke volumes.

With a contented sigh, he checked his watch. Three minutes past midnight.


A cold wave of nerves ran through him. Friday. The day his parents arrived to judge his work, to cast him out or welcome him back. He didn't know what to expect.

And he refused to even let himself think about it. This was far too joyous an occasion to let it be dulled by the future, even if it wasn't far away. No, this was a time to reflect on a job well done. Better than that: a job excellently done.

With a smile he surveyed his staff - no, his friends - who had helped this happen. Jenny was making a bank run with the profits from the night. Everyone else was tidying. Even Daniel himself had a broom in his hands, although he had to admit he was being a bit lax about its use. But it was late, and he wasn't going to make them clean the whole place at this hour. There'd be tomorrow for that.

Lucy moved close to him then, drawing his attention. "Dan?"

He smiled. "Yes?"

"I won't be here tomorrow to attend the meeting with your parents; I'm heading out of town just as soon as we're done tonight. I've got a modelling show to participate in, and I won't be back before Wednesday."

"A modelling show? Can I come with you?"

Lucy laughed. "I wish you could, Dan. I'm sure we'd have.... lots of fun together." She let the words hang in the air salaciously, then continued.

"But seriously, I just wanted to say... well, thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for us. I don't know what your plans are after tomorrow. I hope you don't leave us - I think you've enjoyed yourself here - but at the same time I know there's a good chance that you might. So just, well, we've loved having you."

She paused, then winked. "I've loved having you. If you do leave, make sure you come back one day to visit."

"I will, Lucy. I promise," he said.


As that thought lingered in his mind, the front door opened and Jenny stepped through. She was still wearing her luxurious red dress, though now with a thick coat on top that actually looked rather incongruous. She smiled at him.

"Dan, can you come here for a moment?" she said, and he dropped the broom eagerly. Anything to get away from sweeping.

"Of course."

She tugged him towards the corner when he got there, a sheepish look on her face. "Um, I wanted to thank the guys for helping out tonight, but I don't really know how. Could you do it?"

He laughed softly. "So you're a natural in front of the camera, but can't talk to your friends?"

"That's not the same at all. The camera's like an informal conversation. This... this is different. I don't want to be all, y'know, bossy." She glanced around, slightly embarrassed. He chuckled.

Jenny's gaze shot back to him, her brows creasing in annoyance. "Look, will you do this or not?"

"Of course I'll do it. I just like tormenting you," he said.

She rolled her eyes, exasperated. "I know."

Daniel laughed, giving her a playful nudge before turning back to the rest of the staff. "Lucy, Claire, Rodrigo. Stop working. You've earnt a rest."

The three of them set down their assorted cleaning apparatus and gathered round. Daniel smiled at them all.

"You did amazing work tonight. Amazing. I think we can all tell what a success it was, and there's only one group of people to thank for that: you guys. Seriously, this was a fantastic, awesome achievement, and you're all a part of it. Thank you so much."

"You're not going to cry, are you?" Claire said with amusement in her voice.

He laughed. "If I do, I'll bring you all with me." There were grins all round.

Daniel continued. "But we're done for tonight. Go home. Get some sleep. It's the weekend. I'll see you on Monday."

"Maybe. But maybe you'll be gone by Monday," Jenny whispered. Daniel wasn't sure he was meant to have heard that.

He turned to her as the staff dispersed. "You alright, Jenny?"

She smiled, although he could tell that it was forced. "I'm fine, Dan. Don't worry. We did great tonight. We all did."

"Yes we did."

Suddenly, he was aware of another presence to his right. Claire had joined them.

Jenny coughed, brushing a strand of hair away from her eyes with a nervous laugh. "Well, Dan, Claire and I had an idea. To thank you for all of your hard work here, y'know? And if you leave tomorrow, after the meeting with your parents, well, um, well as goodbye too."

His interest was piqued. "Oh?"

Jenny grinned. "I'm not going to tell you right now. But I will tell you to come by my house in about an hour. Your gift will be waiting."

His gift? What did she have in store? He glanced over at Claire, who only smiled back at him with barely concealed amusement. And maybe a little of something else he couldn't quite place.

"An hour?"

Jenny nodded. "An hour. But now, I'm heading home. I'll see you then, Dan."

"Can I at least get a lift?"

"Nope. You'll have to call a cab," the brunette laughed back, before disappearing out the back of the store with Claire and Lucy.

Daniel said a bemused goodbye and threw on his coat, locking the front door behind him and heading out into the bitterly cold night. He dialled a taxi as the three women pulled out of the parking lot in Jenny's car. Surprise or no surprise, they could have given him a lift.

Shaking his head, he wondered what they had in store for him. Of course, his mind conjured a few particularly appealing scenarios featuring Jenny, Claire and himself, but he laughed as he dismissed them out of hand. Surely they couldn't be...? No, there was no chance of that.

It was almost too awesome to contemplate.


The cab pulled up outside of Jenny's house and he climbed out. He tipped the driver and strode up the drive, noticing that Lucy's car was already gone. She hadn't been kidding when she'd said she was heading out of town immediately.

When he reached the front door he knocked hurriedly. It was freezing cold outside, and he wasn't really dressed for it. He'd gone back to his hotel room, taken a quick shower to freshen up, and got changed into more comfortable clothes. But a shirt and jeans weren't a great defence against the cold.

Rubbing his arms and hopping on the spot, he willed Jenny to hurry up. The lights in the living room were on, as were some upstairs, yet there was no answer. He knocked again.

Eventually, there was movement, and a figure slipped towards the doorway. The clicking of the lock brought a sigh of relief from his lips. Then the door swung open and Jenny smiled at him, waving him in.

"You look cold, Dan."

He shot her a dirty look. "You're fucking right I am! I was standing there for ages."

"You were stood there for about thirty seconds," she said, laughing. "Don't be such a drama queen."

She had changed outfit since returning home from the store, her body now covered by a loose black dressing gown that shimmered faintly under the lights. Daniel guessed it was silk, and probably not cheap.

Some part of him was disappointed to see her out of that magnificent red dress she had been wearing, but he did not let that thought linger for long. Not when the dressing gown only fell to midway down her thighs, exposing most of her luscious legs. Clearly, she was not wearing much beneath it.

"Barely in the door and you're already checking me out," she teased.

He raised his eyebrows at her. "And when you answer the door looking like that, what do you expect me to do? Stare at the floor?"

"Not at all. I expect you to check me out." She stepped close to him, until their bodies were practically touching. She lowered her voice. "Do you want to know what I'm wearing underneath this dressing gown, Dan?"

He nodded. "Very much so."

"Good. You'll find out soon enough," she said, giggling and stepping away. A broad smile was on her face, and it widened when her hazel eyes dropped to the bulge that was forming in his jeans. "But first, come with me."

She turned, striding up the stairs, letting her ass sashay from side-to-side with each step. Daniel could barely keep his eyes off it. The dressing gown seemed to ride up further every time she moved, revealing more and more of her gorgeous thighs.

When Jenny was about halfway up the staircase, she turned back to him with a small smile on her face. "Well? Are you coming?" she said.

Daniel nodded hurriedly, racing up the stairs after her, ignoring the twinkling of laughter that his reaction provoked. Instead, his blood raced at the sight of his lover so scantily yet wonderfully dressed.

She stepped onto the landing, then through into her bedroom. As he followed her in, he realised that he had not yet been in Jenny's bedroom; he had only visited the house once before, and on that occasion it had been Lucy, not Jenny, who was his company.

Not that he paid much attention to the furnishings. What grabbed his attention was the look on Jenny's face as she spun back around to face him. A naughty glint shimmered in her hazel eyes and his member twitched merely at the sight of such an expression. It seemed as if his reward might be something he would very much enjoy. But how was Claire involved?

"Ah, he's here," he heard a voice say from the landing, and he turned to the source. A grin spread slowly across his features.

Claire was standing there, one hand on the wall as she reclined casually, wearing nothing but a set of wonderfully sexy black underwear and a wicked smile.

If his cock had been slowly stiffening at the thought of things to come with Jenny, it now positively raced to grow harder. There were two women, both in very revealing outfits, both looking at him with impish grins... it was almost too good to be true. Were they really going to...?

If any doubt had been lingering in his mind, it was soon swept away by what happened next. First, Jenny stepped close to his back, placing her hands on his shoulders and moving onto tiptoes to nuzzle his neck. Then, Claire joined them, reaching out to run one hand over his chest through his t-shirt.

Jenny kissed his neck, her mouth tracing higher until she bit his left earlobe between her lips and pulled away. She rested her chin on his shoulder and giggled.

"I think we've left him slightly stunned, Claire," she said, sliding her hands over his back, letting them creep lower until they grabbed his ass.

The redhead smiled at her friend with mischievous glee. "I think you're right, Jenny." Her eyes dropped lower, her grin broadening. "Not too stunned, though..." The words trailed off as the hand on his chest dropped, instead pressing its palm against the tent that was forming in his jeans.

He groaned at the feeling, then groaned again when she started to massage the bulge. The redhead licked her lips.

"Hmm, definitely not stunned," she whispered. Then her hands were on his shoulders and she pushed him further into the bedroom.

Jenny giggled, following her friend in, and Daniel could only stare on in lust as Claire immediately sank to her knees. Her fingers moved to his belt, unclasping it and tugging it open. Moments later, his jeans were loose, and Claire was sliding them down his legs. Only his boxers remained between them.

Jenny moved to stand to his right, and with one hand on his chest she stared down at Claire, too. If the redhead felt embarrassed about being the focus of both their attentions, she did not show it, instead guiding the waistband of his underwear over his solid cock, letting his member spring free. She moaned at the sight.

That noise was soon overwhelmed by Daniel's pleasured groan, however, as his lover parted her lips and sucked his tip into her mouth. Slowly, she took more of him in, and her tongue began to dance along the underside of his head. It felt exquisite, and she opened her blue eyes to stare up at him.

"Wow," breathed Jenny in his ear, and he could only nod faintly in agreement. He was far too occupied with how amazing the blowjob felt, especially as Claire was now gently bobbing her head. She brought her right hand to bear, cupping his balls and delicately playing with them whilst her lips and tongue caressed his cock so wonderfully.

Jenny kissed his neck then, stepping round slightly until she was almost in front of him, her lips tracing higher until they met his. He closed his eyes and kissed back, their tongues duelling as this kiss quickly grew fervent. Jenny wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing herself against him, and he put one hand on her waist.

Meanwhile, Claire was still maintaining her rhythmic ministrations on his member. He was slick with her saliva now, and the bobbing of her head was drawing groans at rapid intervals from his lungs. He wasn't sure how this could get any better.

That is, he wasn't sure until a few moments later, when Jenny broke the kiss and stepped away. A wicked smile was on her face as she reached for the knot in her dressing gown, undoing the ties and letting it slide from her shoulders.

Beneath it she was totally naked, and he wasn't quite sure what the noise he made in response to that glorious sight was. It something between a groan of pleasure and a gasp of delight, though if it sounded strange neither woman reacted to it. No, quite the opposite; Jenny stepped close to him again, crushing her now-naked form against him, whilst Claire moaned onto his cock.

His right hand slid up Jenny's body as he kissed her, roving over her delicious trim form until he came to one of her breasts. He cupped the mound, enjoying its weight, his tongue battling with hers in their passionate kiss. At the same time, his left hand reached out to stroke Claire's silky hair as her head continued its steady but magnificent bobbing.

Then Jenny broke the kiss again, reaching down to lightly touch Claire's shoulder. The redhead looked up at her friend and grinned, pulling her mouth from his cock and standing. It seemed they knew what they were going to do next.

Daniel soon found out, too, as Jenny grasped his shoulders and guided him backwards until he bumped into the bed. She didn't say anything when he did; instead, she gave him a gentle shove, enough to send him sprawling over the mattress.

"Make room for us," she growled, climbing on after him, her large breasts hanging down as she settled on all fours.

He hurriedly clambered further up the bed, thankful that it was an oversized American monstrosity, especially when Claire joined them on the plush sheets. The redhead's blue eyes mirrored every ounce of desire that burned in Jenny's, and his cock seemed to twitch just at being the focus of their predatory gazes.

Jenny crawled closer then, angling herself with his waist, and as he watched on in a lustful daze she sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. If she was concerned about the fact that Claire had been doing the same only moments before, she did not show it, instead beginning to hungrily devour his rigid length.

As she was doing so, Claire moved closer, kneeling beside him. She reached out to place a hand on his hard chest and moaned quietly as she ran her fingers through his chest hair, a mischievous smile on her face. She looked so good in her sexy underwear that it was hard to drag his gaze from her.

Yet something even more tempting called to his eyes, and he cast his vision back towards his waist, where Jenny was hunched over him. He could only stare down in lust at the sight of the gorgeous brunette so hungrily devouring his cock. She groaned onto his length, the vibrations of the noise thrilling through his sensitive tip, and he reached out to stroke his fingers through her hair.

Yet even as he did so his attention was diverted, Claire grasping the wrist of his other arm and guiding it straight to her chest. He grinned wickedly, letting his hand wander over the wonderful mounds of her breasts through her pretty underwear.

She smiled back with mischievous glee. "Would you like to see more, Dan?"

He opened his mouth to respond in the affirmative, but she had already reached behind her to unclasp the black bra, sliding it from her shoulders and tossing it carelessly away. Clearly she was well-aware of what his answer would have been.

Her delightfully large breasts fell free, and suddenly he was even happier that she had pulled his hand to her. He grasped the mounds, enjoying the contrast between their supple softness and the rigidity of her rapidly-hardening nipples.

Then the redhead leaned down, reaching up to pin his hand on her tits, yet at the same time engaging him in a fervent kiss. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, her breathing heavy, and Daniel merely lay there in blissful thankfulness at the situation he found himself in.

Their kiss continued for a while, his hand squeezing and kneading Claire's lovely breasts whilst the other stroked through Jenny's silky hair. The brunette did not relent with her efforts on his cock, her gentle moans telling him she was enjoying her work, and he made no attempt to stop her. Her tongue danced on the underside of his head, and then slipped lower as she took him deep into her mouth.

He closed his eyes and arched his back unconsciously at the feeling, a load groan escaping his lips. Claire pulled away just long enough to let him vocalise his pleasure, then she was kissing him again. This time, however, she did not kiss him for long.

Daniel opened his eyes and watched on as she reclined into a sitting position on the bed, grasping her knickers and slowly guiding them down her legs. He exhaled in lustful wonder as the redhead threw the undergarments away. She was now totally naked.

Another thrill of pleasure ran through him from Jenny's superbly skillful blowjob, but he only had time to be briefly distracted by the sensation of her wonderful mouth engulfing his cock before Claire had snatched his attention back. The redhead smiled wickedly at him, pushing herself up onto her knees and gazing down at him with obvious lust. Leaning over, she gave him a quick yet passionate kiss, before throwing a leg over him and moving to straddle his chest. There, she lifted her hips, slowly moving forwards until her pussy was inches from Daniel's face, then lowered herself down.

Immediately his tongue was out, pressing against her folds. A delighted sob was drawn from his lover's lungs, and he slowly let his lips travel across the entirety of her pussy. The redhead's hands shot out to grasp the bedsheets.

She pressed her hips down harder against his face, her eyes rolling back at the feeling of his work between her legs, and Daniel slowly paid more and more attention to her clit. He swept his tongue over her folds, then circled the sensitive bud, watching with glee as her skin grew flushed.

All the while, Jenny never stopped sucking his cock. He groaned at the magnificent feeling of the blowjob, her head now bobbing on his shaft. As always, it felt amazing. Her tongue slid along the underside of his member whilst her lips caressed every other inch. At the very base, where her mouth could not reach, her fist pumped in time with the downwards strokes of her head.

He half-wished he could gaze down at the brunette, but that thought did not linger long as Claire moaned loudly above him. "Oh God that's so good," she sobbed, and he both felt and heard Jenny moan onto his cock. It seemed that her friend's pleasure was turning Jenny on, too.

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