Palmer Ch. 08


Through her drug and sex-filled haze, the blonde nodded. She did, although she was suddenly nervous. She reached for the razor hesitantly, having never done this before. Mimicking the chopping motion she'd seen Erin do so many times in the past, it felt much more wrong than when things were done for her.

"Go ahead and lay out three," Dominic's voice boomed as he crossed the room, taking a seat on the bed with them. He shared a long kiss with his wife, although his eyes remained on the lithe blonde.

She was indeed incredible. She was certainly built like a model, with long, slender limbs and skin as unblemished as fresh snow. The ponytail she had her long blonde hair in helped to emphasize the chiselled bone structure of her high cheekbones and elegant jawline.

Looking at those full breasts that hung before her as she cut the coke up with long, shaking fingers, he thought about Roxanne. A worthy predecessor indeed. The two sets of breasts could have been mirror images of one another.

Finished, Kelli turned hesitantly in their direction, holding the short straw out to Dominic first. Good girl, Erin thought, watching as her husband got his buzz on. She quickly followed suit, leaving the final line—the fattest of them all—for her sexy conquest.

What was happening to her? Even after the hard orgasm Erin had given her, Kelli felt the fiery sensations linger. The coke didn't help her ability to focus, but it did give her a wonderful buzz that seemed to enhance every sensation racing through her aroused body. She did the final line, feeling the medicinal drip down the back of her throat as the kaleidoscope of erotic sensation shot through her.

"There, darling," the American woman whispered, suddenly next to her. She nearly came at the warm touch. Mimicking what she'd watched Brooke and Erin do in the past, she wet the tip of her finger, sopped up the cocaine residue, and spread it across her gums.

The act brought a smile to Erin's lips. The girl would be her coke whore before she realized it. "Ready for Dominic now?"

Kelli nodded. Pumped up as she was, she was ready for anything.

The sensation of Erin's husband's hands on her tits flowed down her stomach to her still tingling pussy. She needed more attention. Only it wasn't a tongue she craved. It was cock. Dominic's cock.

"I know," Erin breathed, reading her mind. She took Kelli's hand and slipped it onto her husband's hardness. While not in the same league as Max, right now it was very acceptable. "Feel good, doesn't it darling?" she seductively whispered.

It did. Kelli found her hand sliding up and down his shaft, almost of its own volition. In a moment, her lips would follow.

Erin slid her mouth to the blonde's soft ear. "You need to thank Dominic, darling. For helping make you a supermodel. Want to thank Dominic?"

Kelli nodded. Of course she did.

She gasped as Erin pushed her head forward. Dominic's cock was fully erect and already impressive. Erin's mouth remained next to her ear, constantly imparting words of encouragement – not too subtle suggestions "Take it, Kelli. Suck it. Love it. Like you did Max. Like the delicious young slut you are. You want to be." The blonde didn't take in every word, but she heard enough.

Dominic relaxed back on his elbows, cross-kneed. His thick cock pointed skywards. When Erin's hand attempted to guide the blonde's mouth to her husband's shaft, Kelli pushed it away.

For a second the married couple glanced at one another. But Kelli wasn't resisting. The young model wanted to put her own stamp on the situation. With a low growl, she fell forward. Her long fingers wrapped themselves fully around Erin's husband's girth as her wet mouth descended on him.

Her anxiousness to please was evident with every bob of her head. She worked with a wonderful efficiency, swallowing more and more of his veiny flesh between her lips with each passing second. He tasted every bit as good as Max had.

Fucked up like she was, he tasted better.

Her chin bounced against his large testicles. Was he thrusting up? Was he helping out with each hard suck? The blonde's hazy mind wasn't sure. She didn't care. Spitting saliva down along his length, she worked it in with both hands and then allowed her mouth to get back to work again.

Another growl erupted as she took him deep enough into her mouth that Erin was quite sure she was deep-throating him. With each bob of the blonde hair, the watching older woman's arousal increased.

"That's a good girl. So sexy," she encouraged, releasing the girl's blonde hair from its clasp. The silky waves loose, she ran her fingers through them, encouraging her even more. Dominic's hand joined hers and she smacked it away; he wasn't going to get control. Yet.

The young model choked a little as Erin shoved her head deeper onto Dominic's cock. She wouldn't let her escape. This was the defining moment for all three of the participants. Every one of Erin's moves would bring the blonde one step closer to her ultimate form of submission: being willingly fucked by her husband.

Her fingers found their way back between the young model's thighs. For a second, Kelli gasped. She eased back, attempting to catch her breath.

Dominic would have none of it. His right hand shot out to grab her blonde tresses, dragging her mouth back onto him. "Make me cum, baby," his deep, commanding voice growled.

The words sent a shudder through her body. Her subservient mouth dropped forward again. She swallowed him as deep as she could. Her growl was like that of an animal cornering its prey. It was no longer just about his pleasure. It was hers, too. She wanted his cum.

Her hands joined in, squeezing first his right testicle and then his left. It was enough to take her to her prize.

"Oh fuck, yeah!" He grunted, clenching his teeth and pulling her in until her lips touched his trimmed pubic hair.

Erin's hands grabbed her tits, holding the young model steady from behind as her husband sent two blasts down her throat.

Then the American woman's hands were jerking Kelli's head away, ensuring that the next three blasts splattered across her face. The facial was one of the most erotic sights she'd ever seen. And she'd seen quite a few. The cum dribbled down the model's cheeks, down her neck, onto her tits.

Kelli almost bounced as the Agency Head pushed her flat on the bed. The older woman's experienced mouth lapped the pearly juice from her tanned skin as she felt her trembling legs being spread apart.

By the time she licked her clean, Dominic would be ready again.


"Sandra, we can't!" Palmer cried, breaking free of the feverish kiss with Wilson. His friend and colleague. The badass female cop who didn't give a damn! Damn!

He felt her fingers move between their bodies, which had plastered themselves to one another during their spontaneous make-out session. He knew where she was headed but could do nothing to stop. At some point, his own hands had drifted from her upper arms to her lower back, where neither her tight tank top nor her low-rise jeans covered her soft skin.

"We can't?" she questioned, snaking her hand down between his legs. She held his straining cock through the denim as she batted her lashes innocently, waiting for his response.

In his eyes, she saw everything and nothing. Lust and denial. His mouth was open and those twinkling, brown eyes were heavy-lidded with arousal. He was unsure, but needed this as much as she did.

In answer to her question, he kissed her again. Hard. Dominating. He slid her fingers beneath the tight waistband of her jeans, feeling her thong beneath. Her fingers pulsed harder along his cock, stroking the impressive girth.

How long ago was it since he and Kelli had fucked? Did it matter? It wouldn't happen again for a long time and right now, Sandra Wilson felt and tasted so good.

Some things were so wrong, they were right.

The brunette stepped back, her hands going to the hem of her white tank top. She loved the shy, lopsided grin he gave her as he leaned back against the counter and watched.

Palmer couldn't believe this was happening; yet things were moving too fast to stop them. With a half smile, the black-haired cop yanked the tight top over her head, her perky ponytail bouncing as she shook the bangs from her dark eyes. Her white see-through bra was perfect for her small, firm breasts, doing nothing to conceal the erectness of her little, dark nipples.

Not that it mattered; it didn't stay in place long. Quickly, she reached for the front fastening clasp and let it drop.

"You've been staring at them since I got here," she husked, running her hands across her perky tits.

His eyes looked like they might pop out of his head. His stare was drawn hypnotically to the round little nipples. They stuck out like eraser tips.

"Looks like you want this as bad as I do, Jack," she smiled, looking down at the bulge in the seat of his jeans.

Her hands were already unbuckling her belt, then working the figure hugging jeans down her thighs. With a sexy shimmy, they were on the carpet. The white, lacy thong was as translucent as the bra by her feet, her trimmed patch of dark hair exposed.

They were back in one another's arms, kissing as her fingers went to work on his shirt. It took seconds to unfasten the buttons and ease it from his broad shoulders. A single finger traced its way down his naked chest. "Impressive," she smiled, for the first time appreciating the hours the young recruit spent in the gym.

Flicking her tongue over her lips, her gaze wandered downwards. She followed the thin trail of dark curls that marched across his taut belly. Back to the outline of his cock. It grew under her gaze. Her mouth began to salivate.

Maybe she was a slut? But she was going to fuck Palmer. She'd thought about it before. Now she was going to find out.

Glancing up into those dark, swimming eyes of his, she moved her hands to his belt and unbuckled it. Only the clink of its clasp broke the sound of their heavy breathing. She held his eyes as she drew the zipper down, smiling as she dropped to her knees. Without a word, she tugged his jeans down his legs and dragged out his semi-erect cock.

"Very impressive, Jack," she growled, staring up at him. Watching him, she lowered her head.

Her mouth caressed his length. Nothing too heavy. Taking her time. Soft licks along the shaft. Her tongue flicked around the crown. Her need to fuck could wait a few seconds. She wanted this pleasure first.

He was silent for a few moments, other than the low growl. Holding back. Thinking of his wife? She didn't care. Soon he'd be begging her.

Then he groaned. "Sandra..."

His hips jerked at the sensation of her lips around his hardness. Her mouth was wet and tight, so amazingly different to Kelli's. Suddenly, his hands were gripping her dark hair. Urging her on.

Wilson growled her approval. He was starting to participate as well as receive. She dipped her head to suck his balls into her mouth, one at a time. Then at the same time.

He groaned and dug his hands into her scalp. It was the reaction she wanted. Her mouth left his testicles and took his shaft again. He roughly shoved himself as far as he could into her throat, seeking release.

That's better! But not yet, Jack. Not yet.

Flicking her ponytail as she glanced around, her eyes lit on the Chesterfield leather sofa. Perfect. Pulling herself up his body, she dragged tongue all the way up his bare chest. "Nice pecs, Jack."

With a soft giggle, she took his arm and dragged him across to the sofa. Do you want this as much as me, Jack? her dark eyes asked. Want Sandra to fuck you? She threw herself into a corner, the feeling of the cold leather surprisingly erotic against her shapely back.

"Well?" she asked, looping her thumbs in the thong and skirting them down her long legs. He stood above her, gripping his glistening cock between thumb and forefinger. She opened her legs, giving him a clear view of the sculpted wedge of dark curls she'd left above her otherwise bare pussy lips.

Her fingers slid between her thighs, one pushing into her pussy. She gasped. "Ugh! Nice and wet, Jack," she moaned. "Just for you."

His brown eyes were wild. Out of control. This was what she wanted. She pushed his buttons further, holding out her juice-covered digit for him to suck. It was an invitation Palmer couldn't refuse.

With a growl, he took her wet finger into his mouth, slurping her juices as he rested his saliva-bathed cock against her buttery soft folds. When she gave a long, low growl, he repositioned himself against her opening and pushed forward. She was so wet, he slid in easily, his balls slapping against her ass.

"Oh, yesssss! Feels good, Jack," she murmured appreciatively. "So good, baby..."

Her hands stretched out along the back of the antique chestnut coloured sofa behind her. Her dreamy eyes called him forward and he thrust back into her again, harder than the first. The sofa shifted a couple of inches.

"Come on Superman," she teased, raising her hands to free her ponytail. She shook her hair free, sensually bouncing it around her face as she raised her hips to meet him. "Fuck your Lois Lane..."

His face reacted to her provocative words. So did his cock. It thrust harder, deeper. She bent her legs to dig her feet into the sofa seat, gaining more purchase to push her ass up higher.

"Yes, Jack. Yessss..."

He fucked harder. So did she. One of her arms dragged itself around his shoulder, the other rested on the arm of the couch. Other than her planted feet, her body was completely off the couch as they ravaged each other. Palmer's hands slid under her ass, holding her up as he pumped inside. Two cops fucking. Their bodies slapped and their throats moaned.

"Make me cum, Jack," she gasped. The gasp turned into a scream. "That's it, Jack. Oh, yessss...."

Her face curled and twisted as the orgasm shot through her. Biting down on her lower lip, her body shuddered in his arms. Even as her scorching climax soared through her, she could feel his hands squeezing her buttocks, his cock still moving inside her. It set her off again.

Palmer was patient, waiting until she came down. Sandra Wilson didn't have the same patience.

"More," she encouraged. "You haven't satisfied this hot bitch yet, Jack. I want you to think of this every day. It'll keep you warm at nights, baby."

The wantonness of her words had the effect she wanted. Palmer dropped her back onto the cushions, thrusting his cock forward again. The new angle dragged his shaft across her clit. With each thrust, the friction ran through her swollen nub like lightening striking a lightning rod.

"Ngh... fuck... Jaaaack..."

She dragged his face to hers, moaning into his mouth as she shuddered through the second orgasm. Then without warning, she was viciously yanking his head away. His face contorted in pain, but it was a pleasurable pain. His cock grew another inch inside her.

"Suck my tits," she commanded, staring into his eyes.

Her hands were pulling his head down before he had time to respond. His mouth closed over one hard nipple, sucking hard before she dragged him across to the other.

Suddenly, the roughness was gone. "Like a baby, Jack," she moaned, her hands turning from a tight grip to a soft stroke. "Suck me like a baby."

For a while, he somehow stopped himself from fucking her. His cock remained firmly sheathed inside the thirty-three year old divorcee, moving gently. But it was her two small, hard erasers he focused on pleasuring.

Wilson's hands caressed his hair. The suckling lips provided a welcome contrast to their hard fucking. She allowed him to pleasure her for a few minutes, and then she wanted more. Her soft purrs turned into longer growls. Her hips began to move again.

"Don't move," she whispered, stopping him as he began to pump again. She pulled his head up to stare into his narrowed eyes. "Hear me?" her gruff voice reinforced. "Lois Lane's gonna take Superman to heaven."

He grunted, unable to tear his eyes away from hers. She was swivelling like a contortionist, escaping from under his body and straddling him. How the hell did she do that?

His cock instantly found its way home again. "Yessss," she groaned, her hard downward thrust making sure he bottomed out inside her.

A second thrust brought a moan from the young cop. His hips began to thrust back.

"Don't move, baby," she insisted, her voice sharp. Reinforcing her order, her squeezing internal muscles stilled his movement. Then she jerked her body down on him again, using his cock as if it was a dildo. "Sandra wants your cum, Jack. Want to give it up, baby?"

Her dark hair flipped forward as she dropped her mouth to his neck. His skin tasted of sweat and manliness. With each groan from the imprisoned man, she moved, never keeping still. Her teeth nipped his earlobe, grazed his chin, and pulled down on his lower lip.

His obedience aroused her further. Time to take him to heaven. "Want it, Jack? Want to cum in Sandra?" His cock immediately surged at her words. "Oh, Jack. I felt that," she goaded. "Sooo good, baby!"

He didn't respond. Not in words. Instead, he pushed forward so her ass hung in mid air over the edge of the sofa. Sinking to his knees, he lowered her onto her back on the antique Oriental rug.

For a few seconds, neither spoke.

Sandra Wilson's eyes flicked to his thick cock, twitching even as it rose from the greasy-smooth furrow between his legs. With a soft moan, she ran a hand down the trimmed wedge of dark curls between her thighs, tickling her clit and the space he'd just left. She nodded. "Come and get it, Jack."

His eyes gleamed as he fell over her, pressing his hips down and forward as he sank between her wet folds. Immediately, she wrapped her legs around him. He sank ball-deep in her.

"God, that feels good, baby," she whispered huskily, casually slipping her hands behind her head. Her legs tightened around his waist, pulling him deeper. "Yes, Jack." Her voice became strained as she lifted her hips. "Show me how good this can be."

Leaning up, he thrust hard and deep. Slowly to begin with, prolonging her pleasure before building the pace. Then he was no longer interested in her pleasure. He pounded harder, needing to cum.

"Yes... yes," she moaned, spreading her legs so that he could use her any way he wanted. "Fuck me, baby!"

Jack pumped harder, dropping onto elbows that dug into the rug. His changed angle gave him better leverage. Deeper penetration. Her growls were deep, escaping her throat in low moans.

She tossed her head right and left, her eyes closing completely as she allowed him to use her. "So good... so good... so good..."

He held himself up on arms, relieving the burning pressure on the tips of his elbows. "I'm close," he warned.

"Me, too." Her dreamy eyes opened and she pulled her hands from behind her head to lock them around his neck. Her tongue found his as her knees dug into his sides. "Cum in me, Jack," she slurped. "Cum now..."

When her internal muscles tightened on him, he was lost. She was about to milk him for all he was worth and he so needed the sweet relief it would bring. His moan started loud and ended louder. As his cock went off in her buttery cavity, he felt her fingernails digging into his shoulder blades, her heels into his back.

His seed filled her like a bursting geyser. Then she was cumming with him, the continuous bursts from his jerking body igniting her own orgasm. "Yesssssss!"

When their bodies stilled – when the sweat of their fucking began cooling on their naked skin – they heard it. Over the sound system. Over the surveillance equipment.

It took both a second to realize what it was. For anything but the warm feeling of their bodies to register.

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