tagBDSMPanty Fetish to Submission

Panty Fetish to Submission


I heard the door open and hastily took the panties from my face and saw her coming in, and then stopping in her tracks, staring at me. Blood drained from my face as I saw her face registering disgust and then surprise, before her features hardened. I could feel my life collapsing around me and my head reeled as the panties fell to the floor released from my hands... a desperate effort to alter the situation and save myself.

Well I was solely responsible and I had plunged into it with careless abandon. Family and myself were neighbors to another younger couple for quite a number of years. I was at 44 and the neighbor's wife Sreelatha, a stunning beauty with a well proportioned body, was 35. Our families were quite close, with the children forging the bonds further. Sreelatha was the one wearing the pants in their house, as me and my wife often joked. My wife teased me that, for my wayward ways. I should have in fact married someone like her who would have shown me my place. I was the perfect domineering husband at home and was by all means a very aggressive person in my profession. However inside me I had this inclination to be submissive to a female my masturbation fantasies centered around

Sreelatha. It was in one of our family trips together that the families had to share a bedroom and I got the bathroom after Sree; as she is called, finished her bath. As I entered I saw her used panties on the hanger and involuntarily my shaking hands went to them and I brought it to my nose. As I inhaled her crotch smells my cock stiffened and I came with a groan, with my face buried in the crotch opf the panties. I was careful not to lick it and left the bathroom heady, as I saw Sree retrieving her panties from the bath.

This was just a stray incident and I soon forgot about it. Since Sree was a good friend of my wife's' I felt a bit guilty too. It was months later that we were invited to their house for a party, with a few other friends who were visiting our town. I arrived from work and joined the party. After a drink I excused myself to go home for a wash. As I was returning I saw the door to their bedroom, opening on to the terrace, open and I don't know what came over me as I climbed over the sunshade and raised myself to the terrace. I was sure Sree and her husband will not come up, as they were busy hosting the party. I sneaked in and saw their laundry bag and on rummaging inside found a pink lacy pantie with the crotch dirtied by Sree's juices and it was while I was enjoying this that she walked in on me...

" What are you doing here Sammy," she asked.

"Well, Sree its like this... I saw your bedroom door open and thought I'll close it, and come down to join you all."

Her eyes moved to the panties on the floor and ...

She asked, "So what were you doing with that?"

I just bowed my head in shame and she stared at me, before moving to the bed and sitting on the edge, with her legs crossed. I felt silly, and like a schoolboy, I turned in her direction, with my head bowed.

" What will your wife think about you when I tell her this?"

I shivered and raised my eyes pleadingly to her and said,

"Please Sree. I'll do anything... don't tell her, please...I really didn't mean to, It just got over me. I beg you, don't destroy my life"

She pointed her hand to the panties on the floor, "You didn't answer me. I asked what you were doing with that?"

I again bowed my head and I started at her command, "Pick it up!"

I bent down and picked it up, and this time it burned my hands.

"Now show me what you were doing with that?" I looked at her, and saw her staring at me, slowly raising the glass of wine she carried, to her lips. I was dumbfounded and implored again, "Please Sree..."

"Sammy I am going to call your wife and you better do what I ask you to, or you'll have a lot of explaining to do when she finds you here."

I immediately raised the panties to my nose, and while rubbing it all over my face I couldn't resist inhaling deeply. As I removed the panties from my face she said, " You said you'd do anything?"

"Yes Sree anything. But I beg you don't tell her"

"BEG properly."

I started and looked at her questioningly.

"On your knees and respectfully."

I was blown and did not know what was happening. But nevertheless I sank to my knees and begged, "Please Sree."

And I heard myself say, "Sorry Mistress"

"Mistress? Madam will be better."

"Madam Sree"

"No Madam SREELATHA, and do I have to teach you to beg properly that too for your own cause?"

"I am sorry Madam Sreelatha" I found it silly but I was getting hot and I could feel my cock getting hard. She got up from her seat and came to me and stood in front of me and slapped my face once and commanded,

"Hold my legs and beg!"

I bend down and held her legs and begged. I could hear the noise of the partying downstairs as she moved away from me to the door. On her way she picked up the empty wine glass and went downstairs. I didn't know what was expected of me and remained there foolishly, on my knees. After a few moments while I was about to get up, I heard her coming back and as she closed the door, I found her glass half filled, and I hastened to be on my knees.

She came to me and said, " I have excused myself for half an hour and, you also are not missed."

She finished the wine in one swig and bend down, to take the panties, and put it in my mouth. I heard her moving to the door and calling out to her hubby for a glass of wine. My heart stopped, as I heard him come up, but she went out, and took the glass, asking him to go straight down. I thanked god that he was henpecked, as I heard her move behind me. When she moved in front of me, she had a Table Tennis bat in her hands and quizzically smiled at me. She stood there, and asked me to remove my pants. As I opened my mouth to protest, the panties fell down and she slapped my other cheek saying, "We have to decide who is in charge here."

I nodded as she stuffed the panties in my mouth.

As I was unbuckling the belt she said, "You will not talk unless permitted to; and you will address me always as Madam SreeLatha. We both do not want to destroy our marriages and hence you will never be allowed to penetrate me."

I wondered what I was getting into but had the sense to keep mum.

" In the company of others we'll behave normally but alone you are my slave, Understood?"

I nodded my head and she said, "Speak up."

I removed the panties and said, "Yes Madam Sreelatha."

"You will pleasure me orally and your gift will be my used panties with which you can masturbate. But no cumming in the panties and you will return the same washed, is that clear?"

"Yes Madam SreeLatha, " I was learning fast and looked at her coming to me. When she reached near me I bend down to hold her legs and heard her,

"Kiss your Madams legs."

I bowed down and kissed her feet.
"Lick them," she commanded and I snaked my tongue out to lick her manicured feet with long painted nails. The feel of the soft skin and the hard nails sent shivers down me and I felt her other leg on my back, slowly caressing my back. I felt something break inside me and felt the waves of pleasure course through me, as I lay helplessly under her feet. At her command I raised myself, removing my pants, while still on my knees. My cock was bursting inside my brief and she saw the erection and raised her foot to play with my erection. On removing the brief my cock jumped out and she slowly played with my pee hole, trying to insert her toenail inside. I felt precum ooze out with the slight pain accentuating the pleasure. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure as it coursed through me as waves.

I opened my eyes to her deep but at times breaking voice calling me,

" Slave...Slave...Slave..." I looked at her and saw her obviously enjoying the moment, forcing herself to believe it, as she rolled the words around her tongue.

I bend down again and kissed both her feet.

Then she came around me and asked me to bend down. I bend down with my right shoulder on the floor, and my naked ass jutting out. I could feel her move around me and at first heard the slap of the TT bat on my ass, before I felt the pain. I tried to jerk up, when she bend on one knee, pressing my neck down with one hand, slapping me twice each,on both my buns. My buns were tingling, and soon I felt her soft caress; on my buns.

She asked me to get up and led me by my cock with my pants and brief, rolled up around my knees. I toiled to keep them there, and at the bed she collapsed, raising her skirt. The sight of her wet black panties made me lick my lips in anticipation. She took my head in her hands and pushed my face to her crotch, covered with juices. I inhaled deeply and felt the wetness on my nose. I pushed in with my nose and I heard her moan. I strained to look up to see her looking down at me with pleasure, caressing her breasts. I longed to caress them, but decided to let her lead. She again spread her legs and I buried my face deep in her crotch, licking her cunt through her panties, wetting it, with my saliva. I eagerly tried to get at her cunt and then, I felt a liquid, trickling down the panties. I looked up and saw her slowly tilting her glass of wine, on to her panties, which absorbed the dark liquid. I went to work in earnest, drinking the wine from her panties noisily, pleasuring her at the same time.

My hands were on her ass buns and I took one away to stroke my cocxk, as I heard her sharp command,

"Do not come without my permission."

I nodded, as best as I could between her thighs. and licked and pleasured her. I thrust my tongue in, through the wet panties and felt her stiffen and press my face to her crotch, with her thighs tightening on my ears. I could barely move, let alone tongue her, and she shuddered as she came, with a grunt. The pussy juices stained and wet her panties and she pulled me away. I raised my torso and stroked my cock with my face pleading for her permission. She silently watched me with a smile and I took my hands away, carefull not to shoot as I reached the peak.

"Please Madam Sreelatha," I implored, and her smile widened. Despite my fervent begging she refused to relent and got up, moving around the room, always watching me. She opened the cabinet, taking out a fresh pair of panties and removed her used, wet, dirty, wine and juice soaked pantiesin front of me. She placed it in my mouth and wore the fresh one, adjusting her dress and make up while I continued imploring with my eyes; to her. Eventually she came to me and told me that our time is over, and commanded me to put my dress on. I tried to protest: but seeing the look on her face, dressed, resigned to my fate. She commanded me on to my feet and as she stroked my cock, with her breasts pressed against my chest, whispered in my ear,

" Take my panties and cum only in the night. Now go down the way you came and join the party immediately. I'll be watching," she teased and tweaked my nose.

As I turned to go I heard her saying, " No cheating and get the panties washed before you return it on the morrow"

I nodded without turning back and felt a dull ache in my balls. As I joined the party, she was busy as a host and called me over to hand mer a drink. I gulped down the stiff drink and saw her looking at me knowingly. She flirted with me openly but none felt anything amiss; least of all my wife. She always had something special for me when she came near me, a caress or at least a whiff of her smell; and I longed to hold her in my arms and press her body against mine and the dull ache constantly reminded me of her . I occasionally fingered the panties in my pocket and waited for the party to get over to run to the bathroom and release myself with my face buried in her crotch...


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