Panty Games Ch. 07


"Come in!" we both shouted.

I heard the door open and felt a cold draft come through the room giving me goose bumps.

"I'm here." Bob said.

I tapped Nikki on the leg and said. "Go."

She got up and I watched her black covered ass as she walked out of the office.

"Oh my!" I heard Bob say.

"Hey honey. I have something for you." Nikki said with a sexy voice. "Take off your boots and coat and sit down."

I heard some movement, a sound of a coat being tossed, a thud from a couple of boots and then a squeak of a chair as Bob sat down.

I then heard some kissing sounds and I peeked around the door. Nikki was kissing him as he sat in the same chair we used a little while before. Bob's hands were squeezing her butt through her panties.

I flipped the switch on the radio turning on a CD I had placed in there while we waited for Bob.

"Huh?" I heard Bob say as I walked out of the office dressed only in my white bra and panties.

"I told you I had something for you." Nikki said.

Bob's Jaw dropped and he looked like he was about to speak. I put my hands to my lips and said. "shhhh. Don't say a word Bob. Just relax." I figured it was best to keep him silent.

I stood in front of Bob and let him look at me. His eyes darted back and forth between Nikki and myself. I reached over and pulled her over to me. Her hands went to my hips and mine went around her neck as we started moving to the music.

I turned Nikki so her back was to Bob. I knew he was a panty man and I wanted to give him a really good show. I moved my hands down Nikki's body to her butt.

I started squeezing her cheeks through the black Fabric as we pressed into each other and kissed each other on the neck.

"You ok?" I whispered to Nikki. She just grunted an affirmative.

"You like her ass Bob?" I asked a bit louder. Making sure to squeeze her again.

He nodded.

"Touch it." I commanded. Bob reached up and gave Nikki's butt a squeeze through her Panties.

Nikki began to make circle motions with her butt in time with the music. I moved, turned away from Bob and stood side by side with Nikki.

Our hips touched together and we put our arms on each others back. Our butts moved together in time to the music. Bob must have been in heaven. There, before him, was two round butts both covered in panties swirling and shaking for his viewing pleasure.

I glanced back and saw Bob was rubbing himself through his pants.

"It's ok if you want to take it out Bob. I don't mind when guys touch themselves. Do you Nikki?"

"No, I don't mind at all." she agreed as we both continued to swirl our butts for Bob.

Bob wasted little time undoing his pants and taking his cock out.

We continued to dance in front of him a bit moving our asses for him while he stroked it.

Nikki caught me looking back at his cock and patted me on the hip, letting me know it was ok to do more.

I moved and stood between Bobs legs with my back to him. I bent and crouched slightly so my butt sank low in front of him. Bob rewarded me by rubbing the head of his cock against my panties.

Nikki moved to the side of the chair.

"Let me help." She said.

She took Bob's cock in her hand and began stroking it and slapping it on my cotton covered ass.

I was in an uncomfortable position but I held it for a bit, letting him feel the white cotton on his cock for some time before standing up and facing them.

"Now you." I said and pulled Nikki in front of Bob. She took my position between his legs and bent into a similar position as I was. I then stood next to the chair and took Bob's cock in my hand.

I stroked it and rubbed in on the black fabric covering Nikki's ass.

It was a dream come true for Bob. A masturbation fantasy he had lived in his mind so many times. It was happening for real now and he was loving it.

Loving it a bit too much.

Just as I was planning my next move Bob Shouted "OH FUCK!"

I quickly felt a hard pulse in my hand as I pumped his cock, Bob arched his back and tensed from head to toe. Before I knew it hot white cum shot out of Bobs cock, all over Nikki's Black Panties and lower back.

Nikki shook her ass for show and giggled as I continued to milk the cum from his cock. A few more smaller eruptions followed, soaking the back of her panties and my hand.

After the pulses stopped Nikki turned to face us. She looked down at my hand still on Bob's cock and smiled.

"Hold on" She said and then pulled down her wet panties. She stepped out of them. She moved towards us and used them to wipe the cum from my hand and Bob's cocks. She then stood full up again.

"Like the trim Lynn gave me?" she asked, motioning to her now bald pussy.

Bob could barely speak but in a low voice asked. "ah what else did you do?"

"This." I said and pulled Nikki down in the chair next to Bob.

I moved fast and got between her Legs. Bob missed seeing the full girl on girl action earlier but I could give him an encore.

I dove in-between Nikki's legs and plowed my tongue into her Pussy.

She laid back in the chair. Dressed now only in her bra.

I licked her some more before entering her with my fingers. As I began to pump into her I motioned with my fingers to Bob.

"Come here."

He stood up and moved towards us. He stood next to Nikki's leg. With my free hand I reached up and grabbed his cock. Its hardness was rapidly returning.

I stayed there kneeling between her legs. I stroked Bob with one hand while I fingered Nikki with the other. I continued doing this until he was ridged and ready, then I made my next move.

So far it had been masturbation and hand jobs with Bob. Now it was time for a bit more.

I didn't say anything or give any warning. I just moved my head.. just a bit since he was so close.. and took Bobs cock into my mouth.

I glanced up a Nikki who heard Bob's gasp and had looked down at me. I had Bobs cock deep in my mouth as I met her eyes. She smiled and nodded so I went to work.

I sucked, licked, and stroked his cock all while fingering Nikki with my free hand. I could hear her breathing tense and it wasn't long before her body grew tense and she let out an orgasmic cry.

As soon as her shaking stopped she jumped out of the chair. She pushed Bob back into it and we both kneeled on the floor in front of the chair.

First Nikki took the head of her cock into her mouth while I grabbed him and stroked his shaft. I moved in closer. Nikki moved too and then we both moved out tongues up and down on opposite sides of his shaft. We took turns taking the head of his cock into our mouths and we each had a hand in the area that alternated stroking.

We worked as a team, almost as if we had regularly practiced what to do. Sucking together, stroking together. and Licking together. When one of us moved our mouth off his cock the other moved in an quickly replaced it. Bob tried to watch us work but could not focus as his eyes kept rolling back into his head.

I could feel his cock throb in my hand and my mouth when it was my turn to suck. Nikki could feel it too.

She turned to me and said. "I want to watch you finish it."

She moved out of the way and stood next to the chair. I got between Bob's legs and went to work solo on his cock.

Nikki stood next to him and un snapped her bra. She let it fall and bent over Bob's head letting him take her nipples into his mouth.

I sucked and licked Bob faster and harder all while watching him play with Nikki's tits.

His cock began to throb in my hand and mouth so much I could have taken his pulse.

I was thinking of my next move as his body tensed more. I was quickly trying to decide if I should take his load on my face or move up fast and take it on my bra.

Nikki made the choice for me.

"Oh God Bob this is so hot." she said. he could only mumble something I couldn't understand since his mouth with filled with Nikki's nipple.

"I want to watch you cum in her mouth. Will you do that for me?"

She looked at me and I winked back letting her know it was ok.

Bob's answer was simple and without words. I felt another hard throb in his cock as he grunted and then a hot salty taste of thick fluid erupted into my mouth.

I sucked deep and hard as Bob Filled my mouth. I let some dribble out the side running down his cock, my chin, and my hand as I pumped the last of his cum out him.There was a lot there but this was Bob's second eruption of the night so it was manageable. Usually I prefer to be cummed on than take it in the mouth but Nikki asked so I couldn't refuse.

I stood up and wiped some stray cum from my chin. Nikki moved and sat on Bob's lap. They kissed some and I just stood there in my Bra and panties watching a bit.

I then moved over and kissed them both on the cheek.

"You both have fun?" I asked.

"Yes." they said in unison.

I dressed while they cuddled on the chair, kissing and being close.

As I put my coat on I could tell Bob would be going at least one more time more than likely without me.

Just before I walked out the door Nikki spoke up.

"Thank you Lynn. We owe you. That was a blast."

"Yes thank you very much." Bob quickly added.

"Owe me?" I said with my naughty wheels turning and a sly smile on my face.

"Yea. Anything you want just ask." Nikki said.

"Anything?" I said using my sly voice.

They both caught on I was playing naughty and we're more than willing to go alone.

"Oh yes anything Lynn." Nikki said, also sounding sly.

"Well ok. You did say anything."

I sat down in the chair and tried to sound business like.

"Ok. So I made both you and Bob cum twice tonight but I only came once."

They both frowned a bit at that realization and said in unison. "Sorry."

"No, no it's ok. I loved it." I reassured them.

"But that means you owe me 3 things" I held up 3 fingers.

"One. You have to promise we'll do this again. The 3 of us."

The both nodded quickly.

"Two. I get you each alone some time to do what I wish."

They both looked at each other before agreeing.

I decided to be clear because I figured the thought would turn them both on greatly at this point. I stood up and walked over to them and sat down on Bob's other knee.

"Let me be clear." I continued as I leaned in close. . "Nikki, that means I get Bob alone some night." I kissed him on the cheek. "He's real cute and I want a bit more than I got tonight."

"Ok" She said.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Why not?" she shrugged.

"That means some night, you go out and I get to come over to your house while your gone."

"Sure." she said. There was no hesitation.

"And that also means Bob and I are going to fuck like Bunnies all over your place." I said kissing Nikki on the cheek.

Bob let out a loud gasp at my bluntness. Nikki and I both giggled.

"You can fuck him or do what ever you want, when ever you want." she went on. She was totally playing along with me. I am not sure if she knew I would take that "what ever, when ever" seriously but it didn't matter and honestly I don't think she cared. She was letting Bob openly play now and that was only fair due to her many adventures. I planned to take full advantage of that.

So in side my head I went "YES!" outward I said. "Awesome."

"And Bob?" I said, and he looked up at me. "That means I get Nikki sometime without you."

"OK." he said.

"To do what ever, ok?" I could tell he didn't get where I was going. He just stared back blankly.

"That means her and I may not be alone Bob. Just without you."


Nikki pressed her naked body into him and kissed him on the lips. "You promised Baby. I am letting you do Lynn."

"Who?" he asked. a bit Nervous.

"Me silly!" I said punching him in the arm as both Nikki and I laughed.

"No I mean who would she? You know.." he cleared up.

I just shrugged even though I had an idea. "I don't know." I said.

Nikki answered for me. "Well it's only fair Bob that she share her husband with me." It seemed she was on the same wavelength as me since I was about to suggest that very same thing.

I smiled and nodded. "Just what I was thinking."

"Can I watch?" Bob asked still somewhat unsure.

I kissed him too and said. "Sure, but not the first time."

"Alright then. I guess it's only fair." He agreed.

We all had big smiles.

"So" Nikki said after a moment. "What's number 3?"

I tossed off my coat and sat in the chair next to them, turning it to face them.

"Well I see Bob' getting a bit hard there again and I really need to cum again thinking of all this sex."

I could see Bob swallow with anticipation but I wasn't going to give that up to him just yet.

Nikki had a big smile.

I started pulling my pants back off and said. "So I am going to sit her and touch myself..." I paused briefly as I stepped out of my pants. "and I am just going to watch you two fuck each others brains out....."

The three of us left about an hour later. The snow had stopped falling but there was at least 3 inches on the ground. I was flushed and my panties were damp from getting myself off in them, Bob was totally spent, and Nikki had to carry her cum soaked panties while I am sure Bob's third orgasm dripped out of her.

I smiled the whole way home with the memory of watching him explode into her from behind as she was bent over the salon chair.

Someday I was going to have to see if I could get him to do that to me.

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by Anonymous07/11/17

best ever

fantastic story. made me soak my pink bikini panties twice and then lick them and I am a guy

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