Paradise Found Ch. 03


When she sat beside me I ran my hand from her knee almost to her mound and moved my lips close to her ear. "I really loved your kisses," I whispered. I must have been staring as I imagined how her darling breasts must look and feel and taste.

"Slave." The word brought me back to reality.

"Yes, Master."

"Stand up and come over this way." As I moved behind Barbie, he stopped me. "Show us Barbie's delicious titties."

I saw the surprise on Ken's face and could imagine the thoughts racing through Barbie's mind. My hands hurried to her shoulders and I pinched her fiercely on the nape of the neck.

"Ow," she whimpered and I quickly pressed my lips to the place I had pinched. I nipped her skin and bit it gently with my teeth. I smelled her perfume as I licked her lovely neck almost to her ear. Then I felt her hand on the back of my head, holding me, her fingers twisting my hair. Encouraging me. I moved my hands to her armpits and pinched my way down her sides. She whimpered with each pinch, but made no move to stop me.

"Sit up straight," I commanded when my fingers were at her hips. Then I pinched the skin on both sides of her spine as I gripped the fabric of her blouse and tugged it free of her skirt. I moved around her waist, pinching and tugging until the shirt was free. I caressed the trembling stomach under the shirt and pinched here and there. She whimpered and sighed and seemed almost on the brink of orgasm and I would have loved to bring her over, but I had an assignment. I unbuttoned the bottom button and pinched the skin it had covered and scraped her gently with my nails. Gradually, I worked my way to the top button and when it was open I pushed the cloth back over her shoulders and off her arms. The looks in the men's eyes rewarded my efforts.

I slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and raked her skin with my nails. I pinched the tops of her breasts and slipped my fingers down between her lovely mounds to tug open the front closure. When I moved the cups away from her breasts, both men exclaimed and I felt Barbie sit straighter.

"Wonderful, my darling. And Barbie, you're even prettier than I imagined!"

She didn't reply and both men watched as I began to pinch her again. Looking over her shoulder, I was enchanted with the sight of pink flesh shaped like two tiny volcanoes with bright pink projections at their summits. I pinched slowly, moving only a half-inch between assaults. Her little cries punctuated my movements, but she made no move to stop me. She was gasping by the time my fingers pinched the bottoms of those mounds and spread to cup her lovelies.

"Let me get you off, darling. Please," I said softly.

For reply she covered my hands with her own and whispered, "Pinch me, Cammie. Please pinch me."

I joyfully pinched and squeezed and twisted those hard breasts and I felt her getting closer to orgasm. I whispered in her ear as I pinched as hard as I could.

"Yeeeeesss!" she screamed. "Yeeesss!. God! God! God!" and her body shook with the fury of the release that racked her. For a moment she may have even fainted, but she never took my hands from their precious perches.

"Come here, Barbie," Peter commanded when she'd had time to recover. She moved hesitantly to stand in front of him. Everyone watched as he forced his hand between her legs. "Dip your fingers in that hot little snatch and let Ken see how good your love juices taste."

"But I never," and her protest was cut short when Peter pinched her wickedly behind her knee. "Oh god!" she cried and I could see that she had cum violently.

"Spread them!" His hand had moved under her short skirt and half way up her thigh.

"No, Peter. Please." She made a feigned attempt to push herself free and her hesitation was cut short as he pinched her to another violent orgasm. "It hurts," she whimpered.

Ken might have moved to interfere, but I pressed my breast hard against his bare arm and reached down to grip his lovely cock through his trousers.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Oh, no," she whimpered again. "It hurts so good."

"Then give Ken a taste of your pussy juices."

"Please. No. I never . . ." His fingers must have been on her pussy lips because the scream she let out was enough to alarm the neighbors. "I can't," she sobbed, shuddering, as she almost collapsed onto Peter's shoulder.

"Then get dressed and take Ken back home."

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Barbie looked at him as she stood straight and I hated to see her leave so soon. But she delighted us all when she raised the hem of her skirt and slid her hand down under her panties and panty hose. In a moment, she raised her dripping fingers and held her hand out to Peter. "Taste me, darling. Please taste me."

"Ken first."

She turned to her husband and held out her hand. Peter watched with a smile as Ken licked and sucked each finger clean of the sweets she offered. "God, you're delicious, Babe." Barbie was ready to refresh her offering for Peter and looked disappointed when he stood.

"Let's go into the bedroom for a while," Peter commanded. "Cammie, help Barbie freshen up in the bathroom, but don't touch each other. Do you understand?"

We both nodded our understanding and bounced into the bathroom like a couple of schoolgirls.

"I feel left out," I pouted when we were alone.

"What do you mean, darling?" she looked seriously concerned.

"Ken got a nice taste and I feel jealous," I pouted.

Barbie looked amazed and she also looked excited. "Would you really like to?"

"I've never tasted another woman, but I think I'd like to," I beamed. And I couldn't contain my joy as she lifted her skirt and dipped her fingers into her hot little nest. We were disobeying Peter and I didn't know what might happen about that, but the smell and taste of her were irresistible. "Oh god, Barb. You're so delicious." I licked her fingers clean. "I can understand why men go so wild for the taste of a beautiful puss."

Ken looked at Peter. "God, Peter, I've never seen her cum so many times. She is so hot."

"She needs a lot of training, but I think you would enjoy the results." He paused when we came back. "Barbie, darling."


"Show Ken what delightful treasures Cammie is concealing under her lovely outfit." Barb's eyes brightened and she moved quickly to unsnap my pants and tug them down over my feet. She looked at Peter. "Panties, too," he responded to her unspoken question and she tugged the white bikinis off and away.

"What a beautiful bush, darling," she sighed. And she and Ken admired my slender legs and the effect of my white garter belt above the sheer white hose.

"Now show Ken how good she tastes."

She might have resisted, but the lust was too great. Long fingers traced their way over my thighs and across the hot lips of my flooding puss. In a moment she had pressed three of those precious fingers deep inside me to caress the folds of my vagina. Then she withdrew them and held her hand out to Ken.

"Not like that, beautiful," Peter interrupted. We all looked at him, confused. He smiled. "Ken and Cammie will enjoy it much more if you let him lick it off her delicious titties."

Barbie almost laughed as she reached up to slather the juices on my throbbing breasts. Her eyes were filled with mischief as she pinched my hard buds. Then she smiled at Ken and said, "Come and get it, lover."

His tongue soon had me gasping and I caressed his neck and back and shoulders as he licked and sucked every inch of my breasts.

"Now show Cammie how exciting Ken's prick is, darling."

She didn't hesitate, quickly tugging his shirt off over his head. Then she dropped to her knees in front of him. His clothes were soon on the floor and she was holding his hard cock in both hands. "Isn't he beautiful, Cammie?"

I could only sigh and tremble at the sight of that rigid monster.

"Now let her see how good it feels to have him in her hot little puss, darling. Give her to him doggie style."

She released him and turned to me. She quickly had me leaning on the bed as she caressed my firm bottom and let her fingers dip into my drooling puss. "Come on, Kenny. She's so hot and wet and ready! And you will love it." I could tell she was guiding Ken's hard ram into my steaming nest.

"God!" I screamed as he gently drove that rod deep into me. I couldn't believe myself, but I couldn't deny the lusty pleasure I was feeling. "Yessss. Gooooddd. YESSSSSS!!!" And I was tumbling over the brink of another fantastic orgasm. One hand found my breast and squeezed it deliciously. The other covered my burning mound and I felt his finger on my engorged clit as he began to piston into me. Everyone was gasping or quiet as Ken plunged and withdrew his wonderful tool for several minutes before he gushed his hot sperm into my starving puss.

When I looked over my shoulder I saw that Barbie was quiet because she was otherwise occupied. Kneeling before Peter, she was bobbing her head over his massive cock, straining to take all of it into her mouth and throat. She let it slip out of her mouth for a moment and licked it from tip to balls, smiling up at him. Ken kept his softening cock in my puss as we watched his beautiful, blond wife worship Peter's black lovewand. Then Peter's hands were holding her lovely face and he was pumping his ram to a wonderful, pulsing cum.

Peter kept my hand on his naked cock while we drove to his hostel. I parked in a dark corner of the lot and he let me lick and suck him again, but not long enough. Then he kissed me deeply and squeezed my eager breast until I almost came. He looked deep in my eyes. "When you brought Barbie off in the kitchen, what did you whisper to her?"

I beamed and whispered, "Big black cock!" And he rewarded me with his delighted smile.


The blowjob I gave Frank had him gasping. "If this is what going out with Patty does for you, I'll have to get you a faster car," he chuckled.

He almost choked when I whispered, "Maybe you would like to 'Come up and see her sometime.'" I laughed at his embarrassment. "Unless you think you'd prefer to make it a threesome." I couldn't believe how daring I'd become, but I knew I was only getting started. And in a couple of minutes, he filled my bobbing mouth with a nice load of his hot cum.

Later I held his hand tight against my hot tit as he drifted off to sleep and my mind flirted with a multitude of fantasies.

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