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Paris de Noche


We were sitting outside the bar of the Paradise Buffet restaurant waiting for my sister to meet us for drinks and some karaoke. As I was scanning the busy scene, a man across the outside deck caught my eye. He was seated by himself and was looking in my direction with a slight grin on his face. I smiled back to be polite. I began to look around again and when I glanced back in his direction, he was still looking and grinning. I re-crossed my legs on the barstool and his grin became a big smile. It was then I realized that from his vantage point, he was looking up my skirt directly at my uncovered pussy. For his benefit, I again re-crossed my legs. His smile became even bigger. This was becoming quite fun and a nice way to pass the time. Scott told me to have fun and take it further if I wanted. I decided to escalate it a bit and uncrossed my legs and sat on the stool with my legs a few inches apart. Although the outdoor lighting is dim, this move earned me a wink and a thumbs up sign.

This was starting to get fun and I was starting to get aroused. Without taking his eyes off mine, the gentleman moved his hand down to his crotch and began to slowly rub himself. My pussy began to get wet watching him stroke himself across the deck. To show my appreciation, I spread my legs as far apart as I could on the stool. This caused the man to begin stroking his cock even faster. By now, his cock was completely erect under his trousers. He moved his hand aside so I could get a better view. Even at the distance I was from him, I could see he was quite well endowed. My pussy got even wetter and hotter at the sight. I could not believe what happened next. He stood up and began to cross the length of the deck, massive erection in his pants and all. There was not an open bar stool for him, so he placed himself between my stool and the outside banister, his back leaning on the edge. He swiveled my stool so we were now facing one another. Without a word, he placed his hand on my bare thigh.

Since he met with no resistance, he began to slowly work his hand up my inner thigh inch by inch. I could feel my juices begin to spill from my pussy, and in a moment, so could he. His finger began to caress my clit in slow circular motions. I could not help myself and came on his finger, letting out a low moan. The man talking with my husband looked in my direction at the noise and I merely smiled. He went back to the conversation he was having with Scott. Now, I was soaking wet and the man began to finger fuck me. First with one finger and then he gently inserted another. Since my pussy is so tight, I knew there was no way he would be able to fit in yet another finger. But with a gentle shove, in went the third finger. Oh my God, it felt incredible! He began to quicken the pace and rub my clit with his thumb. I could not control myself and came again, my moan even louder than the first. Again, the man next to me glanced over to see what was happening. Again, I merely smiled back at him. I wanted to tell him I had just had my second orgasm as he sat less than two feet away.

When I turned back to the man with his hand up my leg, I was shocked at what I saw. He was unzipping his pants! In one deft movement, he took his huge cock out of his pants and secreted it under my skirt. It all happened so quickly I could only get a glance at his manhood, but it had to have been a good 12" in length! So here we are, sitting in a crowded area with his cock up my skirt, the tip touching my pussy. I looked around the room to see if anyone was watching. Surely, someone had to be seeing this. But all I saw were people chatting and laughing and having a good time. I felt his hands on my hips as he urged my body to the very edge of the stool. He placed a hand on his cock and began to stroke it up and down on my pussy. The head of his enormous cock was now soaked and he gently inserted it inside of me. The feel of the tip of his cock and realization of my surroundings was beginning to make my head swim. Having lost complete control of myself, I erupted in yet another orgasm.

By this point, the man next to me seemed to be getting quite irritated having his conversation interrupted by the sounds of my pleasure. This time when he looked at me he gave me a very nasty look. I smiled back sheepishly as my way of apologizing to him. I know my face must have been beet red by now, both by embarrassment and passion. The mysterious stranger seemed nonplussed by it all and continued to insert another inch or two of his cock into me. With his cock far enough inside of me now he removed his hand. He then reached behind me and grabbed hold of my ass with both of his hands and pulled himself closer to me. With this motion another few inches of his cock were now inside of me. Never in my life have I ever felt a cock as thick and as hard as his. And he was only half way into my pussy! I knew there was no way physically possible for him to put the entire 12" inside me in this position. But again, he grabbed my ass and shoved in another few inches. I could not believe what happened next.

With one final hard thrust, he rammed the entire monster inside of me. I felt a mixture of both pain and pleasure at the same instance. I scanned the area again, but the dozens of people there seemed to be totally oblivious to the fact that I was being fucked at the table. I could feel his hands move from my ass to my hips. He nodded at me as if to ask permission. Dumbstruck at this point, I nodded back. He began to pump me. He started off slow and gentle and then began to increase the intensity of it. Each thrust became a little harder and a little faster and much, much deeper. I could barely see his body move, but my pussy could certainly feel it. This went on for several minutes. I was afraid I would cum again and the entire establishment would stare at us. He, on the other hand was pumping away while looking around the bar as if seeking out a familiar face. Finally, he turned back to look at me and I saw a look in his face of pure and total savage passion. He began to fuck me like I had never been fucked in my life.

My nails were digging into his arms and I was biting his shoulder to keep from screaming out. This only caused him to become faster and more furious in his thrusts. His cock was tearing my pussy apart. But there was no stopping him. He fucked me and fucked me, faster and harder and deeper. Suddenly, I could feel his entire body begin to stiffen. The muscles in my pussy contracted tightly around his cock. Suddenly, we both exploded in mutual orgasm. I could feel his hot cum shooting into me. I have never felt so much cum ever. It filled up my pussy and began to drip down my leg. I have no idea if I let out a scream or not. But at that point I honestly did not care. Before I knew what was happening, he removed his cock, put it back in his pants and zipped himself up. With a smile and a wave, he picked up his drink and walked back to the other side of the deck. When I felt a tap on my shoulder by the man next to me, I knew he was most probably furious with me by now. Hesitantly, I looked in his direction. I was quite surprised to see a smile on his face. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "My turn!"

A strangers cock was in my not-so-tight pussy, and I was frozen with first shock, then fear, then shock again, and then (it was strange), ultimate delight. He hadn't moved an inch, and neither did I. Three quarters of his long, cock was tickling my pussy, one quarter inside of me. He then took his hand, rimmed his clothing back, and slid his naked cock all the way in. It was very warm, very smooth, and very thick. I could feel this breath on my back, the temperature of his body blending with mine. I directed my ass up at him, and with my glowing hot vaginal walls, squeezed his cock harder. I imagined all the people behind me viewing my fuck, and every time the music stopped, so did the cock inside of me. This oh-so-perfect unison, cock and pussy fuck should be the latest, hottest, new dance, because it was going to turn my body into one big orgasm of shattering, irregular, pulmonary beats. I'd slowly backed into him, and that was his clue to rise up into my pussy and radiate his cock outward, with no movement at all, just to get the total sensation of all of me tightening over his long shaft.

I'd periodically eased around to look at his face, which contained a menacing, devilish, smile that was plastered all over it. We couldn't talk, couldn't give off any emotion of pleasure, and couldn't be too obvious. This was an organized, mission impossible, hidden, systematic and artistically creative fuck, I'll admit. Not sure if this could be accomplished anywhere but on the back deck outside the bar in the dim light. I pressed back against the stranger, wanting his sex, all of his sex, and secretly waiting for him to ram his cock into me, all the while keeping a neutral expression on his face. I couldn't believe that I was already horny again. My pussy was throbbing with the new flow of blood rushing to my clit and labia. My juices were flowing and I wanted him to just fuck me hard and savagely. He plunged his hard cock into me hard. I let out a small cry, which was quickly replaced with a sweet moan of bliss. His position and thrusts, hit every sweet spot I had, so that my clit was equally tormented.

I could not contain my orgasm as it raced through my body like a bolt of lightning. He must have felt my pussy tighten around his cock and thrust even deeper, so I would not push him out. He felt me relax and began the savage thrusting once more. He fucked me hard, and without mercy. My sweet pussy yielded to his demands as if it were his own little fuck toy. How many times could he make me cum? He reached down and smacked my ass. He wanted that ass. I could feel his cock hitting my cervix, and although it was slightly painful, it added to the pleasure, knowing he was so deep inside me. The karaoke was starting and the outdoor crowd moved into the bar. My next orgasm was even more powerful than the last. His added aggression was more than I could take. He had pulled my hair, smacked my ass, and showed my tender pussy no mercy. My orgasm made my pussy gush with more juices and I could feel them running down my thigh.

He must have felt the liquid running down his cock and onto his balls and brought his lips to my neck pushing as far inside me as possible. He whispered softly in m ear, "I want your ass. Will you let me?"

My mind was only thinking of how much I loved fucking him and wanted to feel him. With gasping breath I said, "Yes, but softly please."

It was all the encouragement he needed and he pulled his cock out of my dripping pussy. The added liquid gave some lubrication. He let the lubricant slide down my ass and he brought a finger up to work it into my tight hole making sure I was relaxed. I could feel his advance and relaxed as much as I could to allow him access. He added more lube and brought his hard cock up to replace his finger. I braced for the entry of the tip and it slid through. I bit into my husband's arm and then relaxed a little once the stranger was in. He moaned heavily at the new feeling and guided his cock slowly in and out of my ass, careful not to remove the tip. He pushed against my ass cheeks and brought a hand around under my hip to play with my pussy. The new stimuli made me relax a little more and I began to enjoy it. His motion was gentle, but he picked up the speed a little. He was going to cum quickly this way. My own orgasm was welling up inside of me and I rocked back meeting his thrusts. The added encouragement sent him over the edge and he pushed his cock deep as he came.

He worked my clit harder and faster as his orgasm subsided and brought me to a new sensation as well. I don't often cum this way and the feeling was more erotic than I could have imagined. Possibly because of the others that might view us or the danger of being caught. I came hard and fast. As I relaxed and came back to reality, he slowly pulled out. I grimaced slightly as he pulled out completely and then relaxed. He found my hand and held them together, hand in hand, under the star filled sky, watched only by the full moon, and my husband now. Tomorrow we would go back to our individual worries and lives, but tonight we had each other. However, I knew that Scott and I were joining a group of the bar regulars in a cruise trip to the Baja, and I would surely meeting my stranger's cock again in the near future. I had already fucked several of the regular patrons and would soon be involved with others on the adults-only cruise.

After we docked in Ensenada, Mexico the first night, one of the older experienced couples took a group of us to "Paris de Noche", where we gals got nasty and removed most of our clothing while dancing. Thank god, "What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico", according to the Toby Keith song. I don't know what all happened that night, but I really had a great fucking time according to everyone. I got really wasted, so I'll let Scott tell what happened from here.

Scott's Version:

Donna was drunk and had been flirting and dancing with everyone all night. She was wearing a short skirt and heels, which made her taller and face to face with most of the men. She removed her thong about halfway through the evening and some of the bolder men had been fingering her crotch. Bob and Sharon are swingers and Bob announced it was time to begin a private party. With that, Sharon stripped down to her thong panties and started some music on the jukebox. She began teasing Bob and pushing her breasts into his face. Bob sat back and enjoyed his wife's topless display as the others nibbled, sucked, and fondled her large tits. Not to be outdone, Donna then started dancing to the music and stripping off her blouse and bra in front of the guys. Having already removed her thong earlier, she was now dancing nude in only her high heels. Tonight I believed I was actually going to be able to watch my sexy wife get fucked by the other men! Sharon saw Donna teasing the men nude, so she also removed her thong and started dancing nude.

Jim started dancing with Sharon and stripped out of his clothes. He then pushed her over a bar stool and penetrated her from behind. Bob just sat at the bar drinking beer and watched as Jim fucked his pretty wife. I thought, yea, I can do that and eagerly waited for someone to grab Donna. Bob has been one of the long time bar patrons for a long time and he always flirted and drooled over Donna. He walked up to her and took her hands, placing them on his crotch. She winked at me at took his hint, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock. Bob is well equipped and Donna lustily played and pulled on his growing erection. Once he was hard, she leaned forward over the bar and thrust his eight inches into her pussy from behind, sinking all the way to his balls. The great thing about Donna, she is so tall in five inch heels, you don't need to crouch or squat down to enter her pussy at waist level. After he got Donna lathered up, he stopped momentarily to remove his clothes and then continue.

As Bob pounded away into her pussy, the sounds of his balls slapping against her ass echoed in the bar. The other guys eagerly stared at the two fucking couples, waiting patiently for someone to climax so that one of them could replace their cocks with his. Jim was pounding away at Sharon and the two of them were the first to orgasm. It suddenly hit me that Donna was not going to fuck another man for my enjoyment and fantasy, but actually be fucked by several other men. After three other men took turns fucking Donna, Bob was up again and he led her over to a well lighted table and pushed her back onto the edge. He wanted to experience her long tanned legs wrapped around him or over his shoulders with her heels locked behind his neck. From this angle, everyone could watch Bob's cock ram in an out of her pussy lips; stretching and pushing her hole beneath her well-shaved pubic mound. Also, he was able to squeeze or suck on her luscious tits and nipples.

I escorted Sharon to an adjacent table so I could fuck her in a similar fashion while watching the others bang my wife. All four men in our group again took turns with Donna, pumping her pussy with their cocks and filling her hole with their cum. After I finished my turn with Sharon, I stood next to the table near Donna's head. I offered my flaccid cock to her mouth and she sucked me off while I watched her being fucked by the others. Donna was fucked by each guy four times during the early morning. Dave finally announced that he wanted to see Sharon, who is bi, suck on Donna's clit and suck the cum out of her pussy. Sharon then bent over Donna and did just that. Donna then continued each to give each guy's limp dick new life with her mouth, as the new erections were replaced into Sharon's waiting pussy. I later walked over to Donna, my limp cock dangling in front of her face, while she was being fucked again by Bob. She had a shitty grin on her face, as cum ran down her cheek, and a gazed look as if she was on some other planet. She was really drunk and I don't think she really recognized me at first.

I asked her if she was having fun. She mumbled that she was totally wasted, and thought she fucked about twenty bar patrons. She wasn't aware by now that it was the same five men repeatedly. She said, "Why didn't you stop me from fucking all those strangers?" I played up to her memory loss and asked her if she enjoyed all the orgasms. She said it was a night she'll never forget; fucking two dozen men and all the cum that was oozing out of her pussy or sliding down her throat. I got her up from the table and walked her around. She said, "Where did all the others go", as we walked by our friends. The gang asked me what she was talking about, but I told them to ignore her question. Bob helped me walk her nude from the table around the room. As we walked her around on staggering legs, she kissed me and said, "Thank you for allowing me to live out a fantasy of being gang-banged by a large group of men! I can't believe you allowed me to fuck so many guys!"

Sharon said that Donna needed to be introduced to the "Body Shot" and to meet the remaining crowd. Dave and I were sent to get some drinks for our group, while Bob and Sharon took Donna to the other end of the disco amongst the crowd. When Dave and I walked to the growing crowd to find the others, I observed a large group standing around a table, clapping and cheering. I could partially see a woman lying on her back, nude, and a man was sucking her pussy. One of the onlookers slightly moved and I noticed the woman's left leg resting on the man's back. There was a gold rope bracelet on her ankle, which I plainly recognized as my wife's. When I got closer, I could see every patron standing around Donna, man or woman, taking turns sipping a shot of tequila off Donna's abdomen and then finishing by sucking on her clit or pussy. By the time they were all finished, Donna was soaked in her own cum and ready to fuck. Next, Theresa was treated to the same treat, with John watching from the behind the crowd.

After a few hours of more drinking and dancing, my naked wife got us all invited to a private sex party at one of the estates on the beach. Bob and Sharon assured us that this couple was extremely clean and upscale hosts. This led to an all night orgy with our new friends and some local people in a large party room. I watched my wife being penetrated by several strangers, sometimes two at once. Donna completely let herself go and fucked them back with lust and eagerness to experience it all. Two of the men were local American residents, and Donna was penetrated by a large black cock. He was larger than any other man in the room; I'd guess about fourteen inches long and thick. The man's lovely Mexican wife sucked on my cock as her husband stretched Donna's pussy to the hilt. She kept saying how Leon would take care of my wife, and then yelling at Donna, "You go girl, take all that big cock in bitch!" This woman, Maria, could really suck cock, and she swallowed my load as she pumped my balls dry with her free hand.

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