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Author's note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

Thursday, May 29th: The night was a good one. With the start of the June season just two nights away, I had known that things were going to heat up. They always do at this time of year.

The bachlorette party was in the presidential suite of the stately West Wind Hotel, not one of the most expensive places in town but certainly still a very nice place to stay. When I knocked on the door at five minutes before 10 that evening, I was admitted by a beautiful blonde in her mid-twenties.

I already knew that there would be fourteen attendees at the party, not a large group but still good sized for this kind of party. They were all sitting around the living room and I suspected they had been expecting me. The living room was large with four sofas arranged in a box formation and women occupied about ever available seat, and it looked like everyone had a drink in their hand.

I was greeted by loud catcalls, so I suspected these ladies had been drinking for some time already. Someone said, "He's handsome" while another said, "On with the dancing." I set my portable boom box on the floor in one corner of the box and hit the play button. I stepped into the empty floor in the middle of the sofa box and slowly began to dance.

As I gyrated, I moved around the group of women, looking each one in the eyes but liking the fact that most of them, even if they expressed embarrassment, watched my hips. Before long, most of the women were pointing me toward a very nubile blonde sitting in the middle of one of the sofas, telling me that she was the bride-to-be. I made my round of the group and then turned back to the blonde. As the music played, I swayed in front of her as seductively as I could.

When the music changed to the next track, I began slowly working on the fastenings of my clothes, a sort of modified tuxedo a la the Chippendales. The noise of encouragement from the women often was so loud that it overrode the music from my boom box. I got close enough to the woman to rub myself against her leg or her arm several times, causing a permanent blush to creep up her neck. But she didn't lose her knowing grin either.

I took time to turn around and press my bottom against her lap a few times and it didn't hurt my feelings to have her give my buns a squeeze. When I pulled off my shirt and discarded it, I leaned over her, forcing her to lean backward and still I brushed my chest against her face. Her tongue reached out and licked me. Hands of other women rubbed over my bottom time and again and some extended down my thighs and even up between my legs.

After standing again and dancing some more in front of the woman, I pulled the velcro fasteners apart and discarded my pants, leaving me covered in only a G-string with a sewn-in pouch for my package. While it did cover me technically, it didn't leave much to the imagination. For many long minutes, I didn't hear a note coming from the boom box as the women clustered around and admired my jewels. Hands again roved over my bottom, squeezing and pinching. Several times fingers worked from the back between my legs so that I felt them touching my balls.

Of course I had to dance again so that I was rubbing on the pretty bride. To get even closer, I put a knee on each side of her bottom and sat so that my chest was in her face. Bending to her ear, I whispered that she was allowed to touch anything she wanted to. I loved it when her fingers tentatively reached out to trace the muscles of my chest.

I kept a little motion going, feeling her legs between mine. I bent and licked her ear and kissed her neck ... and was rewarded when her fingers closed around my stiff cock. A few moments later, her other hand cupped my balls and the other women ribaldly encouraged her to take it out. She had help though and I felt the G-string with its pouch being pulled down my form – so I got up to make it easier for them, and then climbed back on her lap.

For several minutes I played on the young woman's lap, letting her feel me or rubbing myself against her. Then, slipping to my knees on the floor at her feet, I unfastened her skirt and began easing it down her form, watching her eyes every second. There was no hint that she wanted me to stop.

When the skirt was gone, I lifted and spread her legs, licking my way along her thighs, all to the sounds of more raucous encouragement from the other women. When I got to her wet panties and pulled them aside, only to bury my face in her crotch, the encouragement got even louder. At the same time, someone scooted on the floor between my legs and began to suck on my cock.

It didn't take much to make the girl cum. She was already hot and horny, wet and ready when I put my mouth on her. A few strokes of my tongue inside her and then touching the tip of my tongue to her little nubbin and she was moaning and thrusting up against me as her pussy pulsated through an orgasm.

Carefully extracting my cock from the warm mouth below, I stood over the bride-to-be and listened to shouts of the crowd of women, all saying, " Fuck her ... fuck her ... fuck her ... fuck her ..." So I pulled her forward on the couch a little more, again spread her already splayed legs, and slid my cock into her depths. I fucked her hard and fast, rubbing her clit every time I drove myself in to the root. The now-frazzled looking blonde reached the mountaintop again just before I did and dove off into the abyss just as my sperm began splashing the walls of her cunt.

Taking time to gulp a glass of water and a little blue pill for help later, I went back to the center of the sofas. It was easy to find partners – every woman there seemed ready to fuck. I drove my cock into three more pussies, getting each of the women off without cumming myself.

When I finished the third one, I noticed the bride seemed to be fully recovered. Without a word, I stuck out my hand and a little reluctantly she took it. I put her on the floor on her hands and knees and entered her from behind. Taking off her blouse left her completely naked so I could massage her tits and squeeze her bottom while I fucked her doggy style. After several minutes, I felt my next climax coming and slipped a hand between her legs to finger her clit just enough to make her cum again as I shot another load into her pussy.

The exhausted bride lay beside me as I fucked a brunette, a redhead, and another blonde. As I pumped the blonde's smooth-shaven twat, I noticed again that three of the women were definitely older than the rest of the crowd and I wondered about them. When the blonde finished climaxing and I left a little love bite on her left tit, I went to one of the older women and offered my hand. At first she refused but I just stood there smiling, hand out, and she finally came with me to a clear spot on the floor.

Bunching her skirt at her waist was no problem, nor was getting off her plain white panties. Working my cock into her pussy was a bit of a problem though; I don't think she'd had much sex, or at least not by a cock as large as mine. My cock is nothing like world-record sized but it is a little larger than average. When I finally worked it all the way into her, I have to say it felt good.

While I knelt between her legs and flexed my cock in her cunt, I worked on unbuttoning her frilly white blouse and then her heavy white bra. Once it was open, out tumbled a huge pair of creamy white tits, sprinkled very lightly with freckles. Her nipples were as large as the last knuckle of my thumbs and her areolas were large and washboard rough, offering a delightful feast to my mouth. I must say I took advantage of them when I started to fuck her, all to the renewed encouragement of the other women. It seems that this one was the mother of the bride and everyone wanted to see her get off. They did – twice! The second time I sprayed her insides with my third load of the night.

As I sat back and my cock came out of the woman, several of the younger ladies clamored for me to fuck another one of the older ones. She turned out to be the mother of the groom. She too was reluctant at first but the women were adamant and she let herself be undressed and led to a vacant spot on the floor before me. She was biting her lip so hard I think she thought I was going to hurt her. But I didn't. In fact she had her third orgasm with her legs locked around my waist and thrusting her pelvis against my intruding spear. I didn't cum in her but she didn't care.

The third of the older women, the sister of the mother of the groom, was no longer reluctant. She removed her own clothes and helped guide my cock into her wet pussy. Her second orgasm happened while her tongue was swabbing my tonsils, after which she whispered, "If you ever need an old puss to get off in, you're always welcome in my bed, honey." She later gave me her name, address and phone number and I think I'll use it someday soon when I'm not working.

It was nearing two o'clock in the morning, my assigned quitting time, when I finished fucking the last of the fourteen women. I checked to make sure that all of the women had been satisfied at least once and was about to get dressed to leave when I spotted the bride again. She looked so ... so gorgeous, so fuckable ... I went over and picked her up. After several sensuous kisses, I lifted her off the floor and lowered her only my still erect rod. For the next twenty minutes, I danced around the floor with her bouncing up and down my cock. She hugged me close and we kissed while my fingertips met beneath her at her anus. Whether it contributed to her feelings or not, it must not have hurt as she came twice, the last time just before I blew my last load into her hot cunt.

Wishing her well in her marriage, I dressed and headed home. Besides my usual prepaid fee, I left with some hefty tips stuffed into the pockets of the tux.

(Footnote: May 27th, just two days short of two years later, the blonde beauty knocked on my door. When she asked to talk to me, I invited her into my apartment. There she told me that I had fathered a beautiful baby girl that night! We could have a DNA test done to prove it if I wanted to but she had tests done on her husband and daughter and knew that he was not the biological father. I was the only other man that had fucked her so I didn't doubt it. What did she want? She wanted another one just like the first one! Hubby was tickled pink with "his" daughter, especially since he'd been tested to have a low sperm count, so she intended to give him another.

When she left my bed that night, she had conceived again, although she came back several more times "just to make sure.")

Saturday, June 1st: Tonight's party is a relatively small one with just eight attendees. It was held in one of the suites at the Best Western (I didn't even know they had suites!) It turned out to be a decent place, with sufficient space for the small party. This time all of the attendees were about the same age, at least within a few years of the bride, a 21 year-old brunette.

I went through my usual song-and-dance routine, found out which one was the bride and then focused my attention on her for a while. The women had been watching some porno flicks and it didn't take any persuasion at all to get them to participate. When I took my clothes off, they immediately stripped of my G-string and began fondling me.

I first focused my attention on the bride, as always, and when I was ready, she let me fuck her until she had cum twice. Through the course of my four hours there, I fucked my way through all of the eight women, including three times with the bride and a couple times with some of the others. I had managed to come up with five deposits to leave in the pussies of the women, three of them in the bride herself. I hoped it would be a memorable night for her.

Sunday, June 2nd: I don't usually have requests for bachelorette parties on Sundays but this one started in the afternoon and would break up in time for the attendees to get some rest before starting their workweek on Monday morning. There were just seven attendees but the bridesmaids had paid extra for a six hour party and I intended to give them their money's worth.

Although the dancing and most of the sex was unremarkable, even though it was more plentiful than most because of the time frame, there was one very notable difference. There was one young beauty who bore a remarkable resemblance to the bride. That turned out to be natural because she was the younger sister of the bride. While the bride was 20 years old, the sister was eighteen – or at least, that is what several people attested to.

The sister kind of hung back while I worked my way through the other six pussies ... er, women. Then I turned to her as the last one and she grinned rather devilishly and slid onto the floor beneath me. All the other women, including the bride, knelt around us and urged us on.

I guided my cock into her pussy, which was glistening wet. When I eased forward into her, she was tighter than anyone I could ever remember screwing. I had to work my cock into her millimeter by millimeter until ... I hit a barrier! There was no doubt about it – this girl was still a virgin.

I started to back out but she had her legs wrapped around my waist and as I moved backward, she clamped her legs together like a pair of scissors closing and in an instant she was impaled on my cock, grimacing with the sharp pain. Besides the legs locked around me, there were hands all over me: hands fondling my balls, hands rubbing my ass, hands massaging my back. The entire party was taking part of the deflowering of this young woman.

At that point, there was no going back. I began to fuck her slowly, searching for her clit on every inward thrust. The pained expression soon disappeared and was replaced with a lustful yearning. While I kissed on her face and neck, she came twice before I shot a load of hot cum into her love tunnel, the first one ever for her. Afterward there was so much love shared between the other women and her, I felt a little left out. At least until I backed off, spotted another bare ass of someone hugging on the girl, and planted my rod deep inside her.

Monday, June 3rd: Thank goodness for all the June weddings. I was booked into ...

The End

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