tagErotic CouplingsPassionate Nights with the Prince Ch. 03

Passionate Nights with the Prince Ch. 03


~ The prince makes up for the lack of the concubine's relief to start the day. ~


The next morning I woke up still feeling the pain from the previous night. My prince was sitting at the table having some tea and noticed that I was awake. He walked over to the bed holding a cup of tea.

"Did you sleep well?"

I gave a nod and covered my front body with the bed covers. He smiled and offered me the cup of tea. Then he touched my face with his fingers gently admiring my beauty.

I suddenly got on my knees asking for forgiveness since he awaken before I did.

"Forgive me, sire. I should have been awake and helped you with your robe."

"It is alright. Let see those beautiful fruits you have. Yes. Do not need to be shy in front of me. I would love the feel of your mouth on my jewels."

My prince had on nothing except a night robe. He untied the golden sash for me to see his smooth skin and eager softness. I gently kissed his soft sack before taking it all into my mouth. The sound of him moaning made me feel warm inside. He stood there at the edge of the bed as I was on my hands and knees indulging on a special breakfast. It is rare for him to wake up and stay in the morning.

"Mmmm... Good. Oooohh... Take it all in. Ooooohh..."

He had both hands on my head holding me close to him. I know that he loves me despite his occasional nights of cruelty. All his moaning made me wet and I am sure he will enjoy seeing my flower wet.

"Look at what you have done. What am I supposed to do with all this attention you have raised?"

He gave a smile and I knew he was ready to see my flower. I turned around for him to see the pouty, wet lips between my legs. He rubbed my soft behind and teased my flower with the tip of his hardness.

"Mmmm... Sire, I am ready for you."

"Turn the other way. I want you to sit on my hardness instead."

He got into bed, sat with his legs wide open and pulled me towards him.

"No. No, sire. I should not do that."

"Yes. Come here. Sit on top. Look how attentive I am for you."

"No. I am not allowed to do that, sire. No. I am not trained to sit on you."

"I give you permission to. Now come here and sit or I will have to punish you for disobeying me."

I was reluctant, but made my way over trying to sit on his hardness. The tip went in about an inch and I felt some pain. I tried to go down a little further, but got back up feeling the pain. He pulled my hips towards him a bit to make me sit and I tried to sit covering only two inches feeling the pain before he pushed my thighs down to get me to sit all the way. I screamed feeling the pain.

"Aaaaaahhh... Sire. Mmmmm..."

"Does that not feel good? I know how much your flower loves my hard attention. Squeeze for me. Yes. Good."

"Mmmm... Sire. Please let me lay down. This is too much. Mmmm..."

"Alright. Since you want to lay on your back, I shall let you lay down. This way, I can massage those soft, bouncy twins."

He let me lay down and then he tied my legs up spread open for his viewing pleasure. It was easier for me to be in this position since I would have a difficult time bouncing for his relief. My legs would want to stay closed to reduce the pain. This way, he can have his hands free to touch me without having to hold my legs up.

"Oooohh... Look at that small, wet opening waiting for some hard attention. Let me show you how much I love being inside of you, Gui Ling."

He slowly went in and gave a hard push that made me moan and bite the bottom of my lip. Both of his hands were holding onto my twins and he had his finger brushing the tip and pinched them too.

"Mmmm... Aaaahh... Sire. Mmmm..."

"You made me wait long enough. It is time for my relief."

He put each hand on the side of me and started pushing for his relief as I screamed with every push. Part of me was in pain and part of me felt really good. Every push made me more and more wet for my loving prince.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Oooooohh... Ssssss... Ooooohh... Mmmm... Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes. Yes, sire. Thank you, sire."

I love the idea that my prince can relieve himself inside of me. His warm cream makes me feel special.

"I will stay in you till I am ready to give you more cream. I know how much you like them."

"Thank you, sire. Mmmm..."

"I know you are a little sore. I will stay in you to ease the pain. You will squeeze to show me how much you love my attention. Yes. Squeeze. Good. Mmmm... Do not worry. I will make sure you are filled well before I slide in and out of you. As much as you say no, I know you enjoy that. Your screams do not lie. Ha ha ha ha."

"Mmmm... Sire. You laugh at me."

"I am not laughing at you. Admit how much you love the feel of my hardness sliding in and out of you."

"Mmmm... Sire. I do not."

"You do. You enjoy it. Admit it. Admit it or I will slide in and out of you till you do. Is that what you want?"

"No. No, sire. Please, no."

"Admit it. You enjoy all my hardness sliding in and out of your tight flower."

He pushed me several times hard to make me admit that I like the feeling of him sliding in and out of me. It is intense, but it also feels good and I know he enjoys it.

"Are you upset at me for what I did to you last night?"

"No. No, sire. I would never be upset at you when I failed to please you. You had every right to do what you please to me. I want you to be happy."

"As long as you are not upset then that is good. Do not think you will leave here today without getting some more love from me. I will show you how much I love you. You will not leave till I make you scream and shake until I am satisfied. I will make up for the loss of all your shaking last night. Does that sound good to you?"

"Mmmm... Sire. You do not need to worry about me. It is enough to receive your love and attention."

Part of me wanted all his hard attention because it makes my body feel good. The other part of me did not want him to be in me since I am still in pain. I know when my prince has made up his mind, he will stick to his decision. He did not want me to walk straight for the next few days. There is not anything I can do about the matter.

I can only take in his love knowing he does not offer this much attention to all of his concubines. He shows all of us love, but very rarely does he make it hard for us to walk straight. It is his way of showing his affection aside from the gifts he showers us with ever so often.

His hands ran up and down my legs feeling their smoothness. In between rubbing my body all over with his firm hands, he would smile and give me a hard push making me moan. I am happy as long as he is happy.

"Squeeze. Yes. Oooohh... I will be with the new concubine this week. All seven days of fulfilling her while you rest. Then you shall have the honor of training her what you know to please me best. I will let you know which areas she needs to work on. Do what you can to train her well or you shall both be spending time in my secret chamber. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes. Yes, sire. I do not want to upset you. I will do my best to train her for your pleasure, sire."

He noticed how frantic I was and started pushing for his relief to relax me. I was close to quivering, but know that I am not allowed to shake until he gives the word.

"Hmm? You are ready to shake for me so soon?"

"No. No, sire. I will not shake. I want your relief. Please continue for your pleasure, sire."

"Very well then. You hold off on the shaking and you shall receive a wet gift from me. If not, I may have to do something about your back door. Do you want to be double penetrated the same as last night?"

"No. No, sire. Please continue, sire."

I was desparately trying to hold back as he pushed hard for his relief. Each push felt unbelievably good. My body was weak and melted as it always does every time he enters me. How much I wanted to touch his body and kiss him all over to show my thanks. I know the position he loves most and I should be the one to relieve him, but I am unable to do this after what went on last night. He was being very kind to let me lay down and take in one, hard push after another.

Finally, he was relieved and I received his warm, wet gift. He pulled out and slid in a slender tool in replacement to keep the cream in. Then got up to clean himself off and had another cup of tea. He came back with a cup for me to drink knowing I would be thirsty from all the screaming.

He untied my legs and indulged on my twins for a bit before he laid down to let me kiss him from the chest down. I could not wait to swirl my tongue around his softness. It was my way of showing him how much I love him.

"Oooooohh... Gui Ling. Oooooohh... Mmmm... You definitely deserve more attention from me. It is time for you to lay back down and take in what you love to hug so much."

He got up and had me back in the position I was in earlier with my legs tied up. This time, my lower back was in the air. I was at a higher angle for him to have a better view of my flower. He removed the slender tool and pushed it all into my back door. Then he slowly slid into the warmth and wetness of my welcoming flower.

"Let see how well you can hold back from shaking this time."

My eyes grew wider as my back arched when he slid in and out of me. The slow teasing made it difficult to hold back my quivering.

"Aaaaaaahhh... Sire. Aaaaaahh... Mmmm..."

"Oh, look at those beauties. They are arching up for my attention. Do not worry, my perky berries. Your prince will kiss you soon and make you feel good. You know how much I love kissing you two."

He continued to slide in and out making me scream without end. I wanted relief badly, but I had to hold back.

"Aaaaahhh... Aaaaahhh... Mmmm..."

"Gui Ling, you love to scream for me obviously. I shall make you scream some more."

Then he slid in and out faster until I could not hold it in any longer. I screamed out loud and shaked hard before he quickly pulled out.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!! AAAAAHHH!!! Aaaaaahhh..."

"You could not resist shaking for my manhood."

The grin on his face told me that he had something in mind. He allowed me to catch my breath before he plunged in with a single, hard thrust.


"Since you enjoy shaking for me, I want you to shake some more."

He slid in and out in a quick motion until I screamed at the top of my lungs again. Then pulled out and watched me lay there too weak to move. He paused to look at me and smiled again as he too was catching his breath.

"Would you like to shake some more for me, Gui Ling?"

"No. No, sire. Thank you, sire for the kind gesture."

"No more? I believe you want more relief. It would make me happy to see you get some more relief. You want me happy, do you not?"

"Yes. Yes, sire. I want you to be happy. Mmmm... Please relieve yourself, sire. I am here for your pleasure."

"I will have my relief after you shake some more."

Then he began sliding in and out until I screamed long and hard before he reached his peak.

"AAAAAAHHH!!! OOOOHHH... Mmmmm... Oooooohh..."

He pulled out as he caught his breath for a few minutes as he rubbed my legs up and down some more. Then he gave my perky twins soft attention of his tongue.

"Mmmm... Sire. Mmmm... Oooohh... Sire. Mmmm..."

After savoring on my delicate fruits, he scooted back to view my very tender and extra wet flower.

"Your lovely flower needs some more attention, is that right?"

"No. No, sire. I am very fulfilled and happy."

"Are you sure you had enough of my attention? You will not see me for a few weeks. I do not want you to feel deprived of my love for you."

He got up to clean himself again and then came back to untie my legs.

"You shall show me your gratitude with your tongue."

I was happy to show him my gratitude without haste. He moaned in delight and I felt all the cream flowing down my legs.

"Ooooohh... Look at what you do to me. It would be a shame to let all this hardness go to waste. Turn around to receive the attention you deserve."

I slowly turned around hoping he would slide in slowly, but instead he pushed all the way in hard. Then he pushed and pushed till he let out a loud scream. He stayed in to catch his breath before pulling out and then had me clean him with a wet towel.

I think he has exhausted some of his energy to be easier on the new concubine tonight. Since he did all the work to relieve himself to start the day, it is most likely he will make her do most of the work tonight.

He held me and touched me for a while before letting me dress him up to go out to his office. Before he left, he told me how much he looks forward to seeing me again. I will be more than ready to give him pleasure next time we meet.

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