tagNovels and NovellasPastor Sarah Ch. 07

Pastor Sarah Ch. 07

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Sarah was glad to see Jeremy, and immediately knew how she would spend the next few hours.

Young Jeremy brought out the playful side in her and she challenged him to catch her before she got to the top of the steps. Catching him by surprise, she got a lead on him as she started running up the steps. However as he could take them two at a time, he caught right at top of the stairs. He caught her by the ankle causing her to trip and fall on the carpeted floor. Trying to break his hold she turned over on her back which gave him the opportunity to grab both legs and pull her forward which caused her short skirt to be pulled up by the carpet.

"Well look what we have here" said Jeremy.

He would really be surprised if he knew she left the underpants in his father's van.

He buried his face in her blonde bush and started to drive her wild with his tongue. When she started to squirm this time, it was not because she was playing tag. She had been caught and her pursuer was enjoying the feast.

At some point, she said "My bed is more comfortable than this floor.

When they got in the bedroom, they both removed their clothes and stretched out beside each other on the bed. For the next two hours, Jeremy fucked Sarah almost non-stop. She loved this young man's endurance.

Jeremy thought he was in heaven,. Before he met Sarah he had only been with two girls and they were so scared, it wasn't very pleasurable for him or the girls.

Sarah made him feel like a king. She never spoke down to him and never embarrassed him in any way in front of his friends.

The next morning she got dressed in a mini skirt and a tight blouse. Before she left to go pick up Margaret, she went around and talked with each of the men who were painting the church and parsonage.

When she got to Henry, she saw some trash on the ground , so she stooped to pick it up with her knees facing toward Henry. Henry almost dropped his paint brush when he saw that Sarah had nothing on under the skirt.

"We really must find a time when you can do more than look," Sarah said as she stood up and walked past him.

Frank and Margaret were having a cup of coffee when Sarah arrived and they asked her to join them.

"So what are you ladies up to today that requires my wife leaving her underwear at home?" asked Frank.

Sarah outlined for them how she had recorded everything by wearing a wire and bugging Brian's office.

"So is Margaret the only one not wearing underwear?" Frank asked

Walking over and standing beside him Margaret said, "Why don't you check for yourself."

As Frank, ran his hand up under her skirt, Sarah told them how she left her underpants on the back seat of the van and they all laughed about the possibilities of who might have found them.

Sarah spread her legs to give Frank access as she winked at Margaret. Putting her hand in his lap, she patted his growing erection and said "Save it for the weekend Frank, you have three pussies to service for 24 hours."

When they were in the car Sarah and Margaret developed their strategy for getting the signed documents and the van.

As they pulled into the dealership, Judy came out to meet them.

Sarah introduced Margaret to Judy and handed her a photo saying, "Here is a souvenir for you.

Judy broke out laughing at the picture of Brian with his pants down around his ankles looking at the telephone receiver trying to figure out how Sarah got his phone number.

"You ladies look like you are out to get your man.. Good Luck!"

If you see us drive away with the van, you will know we were successful.

Why don't you stop by tonight after work and I will let you know how everything played out.

"Great, I get off at 5:00 today."

The receptionist decided to be cute and make them wait 10 minutes until the appointed, saying Mr. Starkey was on an important call.

When she finally told them they could go in, Sarah handed her a picture which showed the secretary putting on a company t-shirt.

"Nice office attire cutie" Sarah said as she dropped the picture on her desk.

Brian was obviously not expecting two people, however, he was obviously interested in the way Margaret's nipples were pushing the fabric of her blouse forward.

Sarah asked Brian to show Margaret his control desk where he could watch what was happening at his various locations, which he was glad to do while she checked and email message on her laptop. Actually she was just booting up the system to monitor the cameras and record the conversation.

Brian sat in his big leather executive chair and invited Margaret to sit in the side chair, but she walked around and sat on the edge of the desk giving him a clear view up her skirt.

Sitting to the right of Brian's desk were 8 monitors with some showing views in display rooms, some on the car lots and one focused on the reception desk outside his office.

"Show me how you change which camera you are seeing" said Margaret in a voice that made it sound like she was really excited about it.

Brian gave a demonstration by changing a monitor from the car lot to the show room to service areas.

"So do you have any cameras in the ladies' room?" Margaret asked in whisper.

Suddenly his face started to turn red and he said "oh no"

Slipping her shoe off, she moved over in front of Brian, rubbing his thigh with her foot.

"Oh you could tell me Brian." He still said he didn't have any in the bathrooms.

She moved her foot higher, moving her toes against his cock and said, "Are you sure?' starting to move her toes a little faster.

Frank reached over to the controls and the inside of a ladies room suddenly appeared and as luck would have it one of his employees had her blouse off putting on make-up.

"Well you little devil!" Margaret said standing up and putting her shoe back on.

"Well, are you ready to sign the papers Mr. Starkey?" Sarah said as she walked around the desk.

Brian had the papers all ready and said all he needed was a receipt for tax purposes.

"I have some documents for you to sign," said Sarah, handing him the documents saying the Van was being donated with nothing being expected in return.

"Well, I thought you and I had a friendly agreement about how you could reward me for my generosity" said Brian.

"You mean what the couple was doing on the porno movie? Sarah asked.

"I thought that is what you were offering," said Brian

"No way in hell." said Sarah, "I don't know what gave you that idea."

"Margaret, would you ask the secretary to come in and witness the signatures and you can be a witness also."

As Margaret moved to the door, Brian said "I don't know why I have to sign such a document."

"I suggest you go around and look at the screen of my laptop."

"Brian walked around and looked at the computer screen and started to look around the room for the cameras."

As the secretary came in Sarah said "I am waiting for your signature Brian and looking at the secretary, she said, "Would you be so kind as to witness this document."

"What happens if I don't sign it? Brian asked.

"Then everything recorded on that laptop will be sent via email to the Mayor's office and to your secretary's husband for starters."

"How long have you been recording?" asked the secretary nervously.

"I gave you a picture that should answer that question!"

"Please sign it Mr. Starkey, my husband would kill me and maybe you too."

"Where do I sign?" asked Brian as he walked around and sat in his chair.

Sarah placed the documents in front of him and then passed them to the secretary and Margaret.

Picking up the papers, and keys, Sarah walked around removing the miniature cameras and removed the microphone from below Brian's desk. He just sat in his chair as Sarah shut down her laptop.

"On the behalf of our congregation, I wish to thank you Mr. Starkey and we will be sure to give credit to your dealership when we have the lettering put on the van.

"It was nice meeting both of you" Margaret said as they left his office.

As they were walking out of the building, Sarah asked Margaret if she wanted to drive the van or her car back to the church.

"Oh, you have to drive that van into the church parking lot. I can't wait to see the expression on the painters faces when they get a load of this buggy."

As Judy was coming toward them, Sarah held up the keys and said "See you for a glass of champagne."

As Sarah was driving to the church she called Brian on his private number and when he answered she said "You have 24 hours to have all cameras removed from your ladies rooms, because a reporter will probably be stopping by to check" and hung up before he could reply.

When Sarah stepped out of the van in the parking lot, the painters stopped what they were doing and came to see the van. She had the stereo playing as they entered. The painters were sitting in the seats and asked her if she had a movie for the video, but she decided to not share Brian's selection of videos.

Sarah introduced the painter's by name to Margaret, telling her which ones were interested in being in the choir that would be starting in the Fall and which ones had children and were interested in Sunday school telling them that Margaret has two children and that Margaret's father-in-law is a trustee of the church.

One of he painters asked how such a small church could afford such a luxury van? Oh, it was a gift from Brian Sharkey's dealership. We are looking for a driver for Sunday mornings and special trips if any of you are interested in donating your time.

"OK men, time to get back to work said Jack as he started to exit the bus. Reluctantly the men returned to their painting.

"The church and parsonage never looked better" said Margaret, "how did you get the financing for that so quickly?"

"Oh didn't you know, Bill Johnson realized he hadn't been giving as much as he should and is now making up for it."

"So what do you have on Bill Johnson?"

"Oh he just doesn't want his wife to know he frequents strip joints."

"Do you have time to join me for lunch and help me pick out some new drapes, carpeting and wallpaper for the parsonage?"

"Sure, who is footing the bill for this one?"

"Let's just say Rita Johnson is going to very convincing with the trustees."

"And how did you convince her to be influential? Margaret asked.

"Let's just say I observer her trying out for "The lead in Deep Throat" Sarah said.

Of course Sarah didn't think that it was necessary to tell Margaret that it was her husband and father-in-laws cocks that she was using as the props for her audition.

Margaret volunteered to make them lunch while Sarah called Samantha to give her an update and to send her additional files with pictures and voice recordings. She told Samantha how she and Margaret had double-teamed Brian.

"Can we meet with Susan Sunday afternoon." I want her agreement on the demands I plan to present to 'The Bastard'. As soon as we have our meeting firm with her, I will contact him and let him know that he is to meet with us Sunday evening at 7:00 and I will give him his choice of meeting at the parsonage or at his home. My friend Angie from the FBI is so outraged by this guy that she said she would be willing to drive up on Sunday. I told her I was sure you could provide her a bed for the night."

"No problem and I will see you and Greg Friday night."

As Margaret was standing at the counter making the salad, she said, "You really know how to get what you want, don't you.?"

Sarah stepped up behind Margaret putting her hand under Margaret's skirt and massaging her bare pussy and said "I got you didn't I?" as she kissed the back of Margaret's neck.

"Are you sure it wasn't the other way around. Remember I touched your tits first."

"Whatever….we make a good team" Sarah responded. "You were great with that foot action on Brian. Have you ever used that foot action on a pussy?"

"No, but lunch will be ready in a few minutes and you might choose your seat carefully."

They sat across from each other and as Sarah was eating her salad, she felt a foot sliding up her leg. She moved closer to the table and spread her legs. Margaret began a massaging action on her pussy.

"Slide ahead on the chair," Margaret suggested. This allowed her to slip her big toe into Sarah's cunt.

The doorbell rang and Sarah said, "Damn, don't forget where you were."

When Sarah opened the door, Sampson and Candice were standing there with a huge flower arrangement.

"We just wanted to stop by and show our appreciation for all you have done for us," said Candice. Sampson was nodding in agreement behind the big bunch of flowers."

Candice waved to Margaret, saying, "it was nice meeting you in church on Sunday. Sampson said hi, but didn't say "It was great banging you two days in a row."

"Won't you come in?" Sarah offered.

"Thank you, but I have to get back to work" Candice said. "The job is just wonderful and Mrs. Johnson loves my collection skills."

"Let's have lunch someday. I would love to hear about your technique. I can always use ideas for fund raising."

As they were leaving Sarah asked her to have Rita call her about a time to get together to discuss the Drapes, Carpet and Wallpaper.

"She could have just sent Sampson, Margaret said, "but we would not have gotten any decorating choices made."

The both laughed and returned to the table.

Sarah decided to try her skill with the toe-to-pussy routine.

Margaret said, "I can't wait to try this the next time we are in a restaurant."

How about a church supper?" Sarah asked.

"I really believe you would try it," Margaret responded "especially if the person across the table had something you wanted." Sarah started to think about the possibilities and laughed.

After they set the dishes in the sink, they started looking at samples. Rita called and said she could come over now if that was convenient.

When Rita arrived, Sarah said, do you know Margaret Wagner?

"Informally" said Rita. "We have spoken in church, but have never been formally introduced. Our company recommends her husband's furniture company for many of our clients."

They spent the rest of the afternoon measuring selecting fabrics. By the time Rita left they had details for every room in the parsonage. Rita said she would present it to the trustees, but didn't see any problems.

As she was leaving, she said, "I really want to thank you for telling me about Candice. She is really talented. She has gone after and gotten tens of thousands of dollars in receivables that I was ready to write off the books as a loss. She is absolutely amazing. Whenever we have a husband and wife considering signing a big contract, she takes the husband aside and when they return, he agrees to everything the wife wants. The size of our contracts has doubled.

"I understand Sampson is also doing some plumbing for you. I hope you are equally satisfied with his skills," Said as she glanced over to see Margaret's reaction.

"Let me just say, you will right on all your recommendations," Rita said as she picked up some of the samples. Sarah picked up the remaining samples and followed Rita to the car.

As they reached the car, Rita said "one good referral deserves another. If I were you, I would find something that needs fixing in your bedroom and have the foreman help you with it. Jack's wife is a lesbian and she quit having sex with him several years ago, so he always needs a woman's touch."

As she was getting in the car she waved at Jack and said, "Don't forget to come by and fix my downspouts"

OK, Jack responded.

Sarah was getting to like this lady. Sarah walked over to Jack and said "Is downspouts a code word?" Winking at him, she said "I enjoy coded conversations," and turned and went back in to join Margaret. Judy would be there shortly and she and Margaret had some unfinished business.

At 5:30 sharp, Judy showed up and said "You are my hero!"

"As soon as you left the maintenance man was removing a camera from the ladies room and one of the women who works in the office saw what he was doing. She called all the women together and we marched to Mr. Sharkey's office. We gave him his choice of paying every woman a $5,000 bonus or calling the press."

Showing them her check, she said, "we know he got off easy, but if we had gotten him arrested it would have been years before we saw any money in our pockets."

"I think she qualifies for our team" Sarah said to Margaret.

"I'll drink to that Margaret said as she popped the cork on the bottle."

"What team is that?" asked Judy

"Women Who know what they want and how to get it. - W W K now" said Sarah.

Here's to W W K now they all said as they lifted their champagne.

"Ok," Judy said, "tell me everything that happened in his office this morning and don't leave out any details."

Sarah booted up the laptop which had been set on video mode showing a split screen from each of the two cameras and the sound recording in sync with the video.

"No Shit…..No Shit" was all she could say as she saw the mighty ego of Mr. Sharkey as though he had imploded. "You are both my heroes."

"You haven't seen anything yet." said Sarah.

"What is happening next?" asked Judy

"I really can't tell you all the details right now, but let me say that by Sunday night, he will wish he had treated his first wife a little nicer."

"Can I come by Monday morning and get the details?" Judy asked. "I am not scheduled until noon and I would love to have some gossip to share with the other women."

"Oh, it will be more than gossip, Sarah assured her. It will the ass-cleaning of his lifetime."

"I think I need another glass of that champagne," Judy said.

Sarah and Margaret joined her and they all shouted "W W K now!"

As Judy and Margaret were leaving, Jack pulled into the driveway and walked over and picked something up from the fire escape.

Walking out to greet him, Sarah said "Forget something boss?"

"Yea, I laid my cell phone down and forgot it at the end of the day."

"Are you in a rush to get home to your wife?" Sarah asked.

"No, she is out with the girls tonight, I won't see her till morning. Why do you ask."

"I would like to rearrange some furniture in my bedroom and I need some muscle to lift it."

"Lead the way," Jack said.

They walked to the parsonage together. As Sarah started up the steps, she unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse.

This seems like a good place to break, leaving you wondering,

How much furniture will get moved?
What does Samantha have in mind for Brian?
How will Walter and his daughter-in-law make out alone on his yacht for the day?
How will three women and two men spend 24 hours on the yacht?
Will Henry get to more than look?
When will Rita let Sampson fuck her?
Will we find out how Candice gets the men to let their wives order anything they want.
Will we meet any of Jack's wife's lesbian friends?
Will the trustees approve the renovations for inside the parsonage?
How will Sarah get new furniture for the parsonage?
How many of the painters will become church members?
When will we next see Judy?
Will Jeremy continue to be Pastor Sarah's young private stud?
What will turn on Angie, the FBI agent?
What are the possibilities in a van with shades all around?
How many more women will join W W K now?

The answers to these and many more questions will come in future chapters.

Thank you for reading.


p.s. My apologies if I occasionally get a name mixed up. I try to balance time proof-reading against getting the next chapter to you.

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