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Patty's Costume


Pat dressed up for Halloween like I had never seen. She was a cross between a sexy Hooter’s cheerleader and a 100% slut. Starting from the bottom of her lovely legs, she had on a pair of white sneakers; her legs were bare with just a tan and so smooth and toned. The cheerleader shirt was Hooter’s orange and white and it was shorter than any cheerleader’s skirt I’d even seen. Her top was a Hooter’s tee shirt, tied up showing of her tight waist and all kinds of interesting rips in it. She looked like she had been rode hard and put up wet and she also looked so sweet and so damned fuckable I couldn’t stand being around for long without having to adjust my crotch. Pat is 30 and even after 3 kids she has the best ass of any woman in the office. When you walk behind her, her ass appears to have a sexy life of its own. As for the rest of her, she's short, blond, slim, nice face and a wicked sense of humor. I don't work with her directly, but I love seeing her around, particularly from behind.

Today with her cheerleader's skirt, obviously stuffed bra, and Hooter’s tee-shirt ripped showing so much skin, she looked in-fucking-credible. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a pair of pom-poms. When she jumped, her stuffed bra moved nicely and the skirt flew up enough to show you she wasn't wearing gym shorts, just a pair of what looking like satin panties of a lighter orange than her shirt. Damn she has got my attention and the attention of everyone she walked past.

Other than lusting after Pat every time I saw her in the hall, it was a typical day and came to an end after the clock took its normal forever to make it around the dial one lat time. Then things were looking up when I saw Pat standing looking very dejectedly looking at her car, which was parked right next to mine.

"What's up?"

"Oh this fucking thing broke down again and I can't get my husband on the cell. Can you give me a ride home?"

I have no idea where she lived, but the idea of sitting next to her was damn attractive. Pat isn't a slut, but she sure looked the part. Hopefully woody wouldn't give away my feelings. The last thing I need is her ticked off at me because I did something stupid.

I opened the door for her and was treated to a great ass shot as she got in my truck. The urge to reach up and 'help' her in was almost uncontrollable. By the time I got around my side of the truck, I was hard! She leaned over and unlocked the door for me and was still leaned over giving me a good view down her Hooter's Tee. She laughed when she caught me looking. "Yea, I know, I stuffed my sisters bra with about three boxes of tissues to get them looking like that. She has enough tit for both of us." On that note she started doing something under the shirt and handful after handful of tissues started hitting the floor. Not that I minded. It was harder than hell to keep my mind on the road from her being there. I can't describe her scent; there was something there, something earthy. I don't know what it was, but it was as exciting as she was.

When she got done a bra also hit the floor mat. I looked over and damn near ran off the road. She was stretching her back and massaging her tits. OH Fuck Me!

She caught me looking and pulled her shirt down tight. Her breasts were small, but her nipples were tight little points pushing against the material.

"What do you think, pretty tiny huh?"

I swallowed. "Damn it Pat, you want me to have an accident here."

"You’re sweet, but I was just comparing, I have nothing up here like my sister."

"Pat, you have great tits, and an ass that can't be beat." Although I would love to beat it once or twice. My cock was like a bar of steel now.

"Thanks, baby, I know I am not much there, but my ass always gets attention. She leaned up and lifted the skirt. I got a great view of a panty covered cheek and reluctantly tore my eyes back to the road.

She sat with her back against the door and faced me. Her hand was on her thigh. I was so aware of her sitting there and my brain was just barely keeping an eye on the road. She was so unconsciously driving me nuts.

"You know I know you like to look at my ass, baby."

"Of course I do, and so does every guy and half the girls and you know it." I was starting to sweat even though the weather was nice and cool.

She lifted up her skirt and flipped it up to her waist at the next stoplight. Her knees were apart so when I looked over I got the view of her open thighs and her panty-covered pussy. I looked down and was drowning in by the muscles of her thighs, stretched like tight cords directing my gaze to her hidden prize. “Relax baby, I don’t fucking bite.” I had never heard her curse before. I wonder if she got a little drunk at lunch. I heard she and a few others went out to party a little and were late getting back in.

"Do you know what I did today?"

"Beside dress up so sexy and hot? Nope. I didn't see you much today."

"I got fucked today!"

That bombshell nearly killed us both as I swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic and back. She was laughing her ass off by the time I got control again. I don't think she realized how close we came to dying. Her fingers were brushing against her pussy and inner thigh as I stared at her while pulling onto the shoulder.

"Bullshit!” was my only reply. She was driving me totally nuts.

"You don't believe me? I got well fucked today, but it only left me wanting more. I went looking for you, but you went to lunch with someone else."

"Patty, quite playing here, there is no way you fucked around at work and you know it."

"I did so and I can prove it." With that she pulled aside her panties and I saw her pussy for the very first time. She pulled apart her lips and a small whitish/clear cream flowed. She caught it on her finger and waved it under my nose. "And all that cum is still inside me. I made each one cum in a cum-filled pussy because my husband filled me up before I went to work today. These plastic panties kept it all in."

I was shocked and still so damned excited. She looked down at my cock and smiled a grin that said pure slut. “How many guys?”

"I fucked 6 and blew them also. But no one would eat my cunt.” She changed the subject before I could react. “Becky told me about your cock last year when you had that fling with her. She never could keep her mouth shut. Although why you wanted to fuck that little bitch and not me I will never understand.” She reached over and grabbed my cock, squeezing hard. "Be number 7 for me."

She slid down and started working off the panties. When she spread her legs again she was naked under the skirt. We were stopped on the side of the road, but my truck was high enough that only the truckers would be able to see in. She opened her legs again and I saw the prize I had fantasized about hundreds of times. It was swollen and wet and a thin whitish cream kept slowly flowing out. She started playing with her cunt and rubbing the cream into her skin and inner thighs. “Come on, baby fuck me!”

I didn't hesitate; I whipped my cock out and dove for her cunt. She pulled my face to hers and her hand guided me in. I wasn't extra long, but I was thick and she felt so good as I sank in balls deep in one shot.

"Yes, Becky said you would be like a wine cork and stuff my wide and full. You love the feeling of all the cum in my pussy, don't you? You are as dirty as I am. Now fuck me hard!"

I couldn't have stopped myself. I slammed into her and felt all that cum grease my way. I fucked as hard as I could and she was cumming in moments. I didn't last long and followed right behind her as I shot my load into her and added myself to the cum bath she was carrying. She was smiling when I looked at her again and the scent of well fucked pussy filled my truck. That was what I smelt earlier, her thoroughly fucked hot little cunt. She pushed me away and sat back up with her legs spread. “Not bad baby, I wanted you so bad I knew I wasn’t going to last. The next time we fuck I want it long and slow!” Holy shit, the next time. I know she’s married! Oh shit!!!

I watched her snag another dribble of cum from her cunt on her finger. She licked it off in a move that was sure to bring me back to life to fuck her again. But she surprised me. She took another fingertip of pearly white stuff and stuck it in my mouth.

I balked at first but she was smiling again "Do you know how hot that makes me seeing you taste cum like that. I bet that was your first time, baby. That's it, suck my finger. See it isn't bad; I love the taste of cum. What I didn't tell you is that I sucked 6 cocks today as well and drank their loads of cum. She got another dollop and fed me again. It wasn't bad, not much taste at all, but the effect it was having on her made it worth it.

"The bad thing is nobody would eat my pussy. They were too afraid of smelling like pussy so no one took care of me that way yet today. She was pushing me toward her cum covered cunt, now slowly dripping on my seat covers. Again I couldn't stop myself, even if I wanted to. I had dreamed about holding her ass in my hands while eating her cunt.

I touched her clit and slid my tongue to the top of her lips. I was hesitant to dive right in.

"Oh my god, you make me fee so hot finally seeing you there I knew you wanted my cunt." She started rotating her hips and pulling at my head. I tasted her and also a spurt of cum hit my mouth, her movements smeared it across my cheek. I looked up and she screamed "Oh fuck, this is to hot to bear." She started cumming, pushing her cunt against my face, forcing cum out of her puss and into my mouth.

It was pretty fucking amazing. I didn't care; I was eating the pussy I had fantasized about so many times. She was hot, wet, and delicious. Her ass was tight globes in my hands as her own hands pulled and pushed at my head. When she arched her back I clamped down on her cunt and sucked for all I was worth. I swallowed and more came, and then she came over and over again. Then I came against the seat where I was roughly rubbing my cock against without realizing it. She fell back and I paused for a breath.

She pulled me up into a wet sloppy kiss that made me loose my breath gain. Then she licked the juices off my face. "That was fucking incredible, Baby."

"Yes, it was. I had not idea!"

"You never thought about fucking me?"

"Oh I thought about it a lot, but I never imagined this."

"I know, I am such a dirty little slut."

"Stop calling yourself that."

"No, it's what I am; it's what I have always been. I just usually hide it better, This fucking outfit made me horny just thinking about it and then my husband fucked me so good before I went to work I couldn't stop myself. Two ladies caught me masturbating in the bathroom and they took me into their boss’s office to fuck me. The three of us had just started when the boss walked in. I thought we were so busted when he pulled me over his knee and spanked my ass. He was the first and I was on fucking fire all day."

She pushed me back up and cuddled next to me. "Take me home, Baby, I need more loving soon." She held my cock and gently rubbed me hard again while I took her home. I was starting to have second thoughts, but then she leaned over and licked my cock again and thoughts just didn’t seem important right then.

There was another car in the driveway, her husband I would assume. Oh Fuck!

"Pull into the driveway. Would you mind running me back to my car as soon as I get my husband? I'll ride with you!" A huge shit eating grin and one last swallow of my cock had me agreeing to anything.

She straightened herself out and carrying her panties went into the house. Oh fuck, what the hell was she doing! A minute later she came out and waved me toward the house. I shook my head. She smiled and waved more forcibly. When I demurred she frowned and pointed to the house and with one imperious look, ordered me non-verbally into the house. I don't know why, but I zipped up my cock and went in. I met her husband for the first time. Bob was larger than I was and in excellent shape. He was an auto body mechanic and he looked like he could straighten frames with his bare hands.

I shook hands when he shocked the shit right outa me.

"I am not so fucking pleased to meet you."


"I sent this slut into work to come home nice and juicy and you beat me to the prize. I've been sitting here waiting on her knowing I would get to eat that prime fucking cream pie like never before and someone stole my favorite dessert."

I ummed and ahhed. I couldn't find words.

Pat reached over and kissed my cheek and then kissed her husband who still hadn't let go of my hand.

"Go easy on him honey, he's a little caught off guard."

"Fuck that and for that matter fuck you. Get your ass over here."

Pat squealed and turned toward me; I was still trapped by her husband’s meaty paw, and pushed her ass against him. With a weird jump he was holding her legs around him while I caught her shoulders. In a flash she had my cock out and was sucking on it while suspended between us.

"Fuck baby, you didn't even let me get my cock out." He put her down and she never broke contaqct with my cock once. She was on her knees as I watched Bob pull out his cock. Holy shit, it was huge. I know I was thick, but he was pretty thick and long. The head looked like an apple on the end of a bat. He stroked it once or twice. "Surprised huh?"

I managed to gulp a "yea" when she raked her teeth over my glans and I felt my knees buckle.

"No sweat man, she is a horny slut and has been telling about wanting you ever since some other slut was bragging about you. I'm glad to finally fucking meet you, even if you did steal my creamy cunt. I know she's hard to fucking resist once she aims that ass in your direction."

I nodded, not sure what to say. Pat was working hard on me and I getting close again. She smiled up at me and told me to lie down. Right there on the floor I lied down. She got on top of me, in a 69 position. This time I took the time to admire her pussy.

She was almost hairless; a tiny strip remained above her lips. Her lips were full, probably from all the activity. She smelled like nothing I had have ever smelled before and it was like a drug to my brain. Her mouth took me in as I heard a sharp smack to her ass. I forgot about Bob. He knelt on each side of my face and his heavy cock hung there. "Goddammit make yourself useful and put me in the bitch."

I didn’t move and then I felt Pat hands tighten about my balls.

"Put my cock in this slut’s cunt or she might tear your balls off." Fuck what did I get myself into? Taking his cock in my hand, it felt harder than mine ever had. I lined the apple tip up with her cunt and he slowly sank in deep. His balls loomed large right over my face as I watched, surprisingly fascinated. Pat let go of my own balls and also let go of my cock. I could hear her. "That's right, fuck me, you bastard. I love it! Yes, fuck me while my lover watches you pound me."

She called me her lover!

Bob was moving steady, as was Pat's screaming and talking. "Oh fuck yea, do you how much of a turn on it is knowing my lover is watching you. That he is close enough to suck your balls. Come on you bastard, fill me up so he can eat my cummy cunt again. I want him to taste you and me together." She grabbed my cock hard and started milking me. "You love this, don't you baby. Watching a cock in my cunt knowing that when he cums in me it's all yours. You get so hard when you know what is waiting for you. I am so happy you like my cummy cunt. And it is so fucking hot knowing this. I have been dreaming about you like this like forever."

"Come on baby; eat me while he fucks me. He loves it. Help me cum again, baby. I am such a fucking dirty slut, this is so fucking exciting!" She was holding my balls again, but not squeezing. The slight threat was enough. I stuck my tongue out and let it rub her clit as she rocked over me. Once in a while I could feel my tongue on his cock, but it didn't matter, it all tasted like her pussy.

She shook through an orgasm, but Bob wasn't done. It made him fuck her harder. She pushed down and his balls dragged over my face as he fucked her. Pat had slipped a moist finger up my ass and was fucking me at the same time.

"Do you like this baby? Your cock tells me you do. I am fucking your ass while Bob fucks my cunt. Oh My God I am going to cum again. FUCK!"

She shoved two fingers cruelly up my ass and held on while she rocked through another orgasm, only this one wouldn't stop. She was going crazy pushing down on me, pulling up, and writhing from side to side. Bob started smacking her ass and I could tell he was about to cum as well. Just as he started, she swallowed my cock and screamed into me, setting off another cum of my own. OH FUCK ME!

The white light faded and I watched Bob slowly pull from her cunt, a large dollop of cum hit my mouth followed by the head of his cock. "That's right cumsucker, swallow it all." His cock head was in my mouth before I knew it and he was pumping cum straight in. I couldn't hold it all; more was dripping from Pat’s pussy and flowing around my mouth. He gave one last convulsion and pulled away, when Pat pushed her dripping cunt back on me and ground herself into another orgasm while nearly making me pass out.

When I came to I was still laying on the floor, with Pat on one side of me and Bob on the other.

"Whew, that was fucking fantastic!” said Bob as he climbed to his feet. "Boy, you are one mean cocksucker and cum eater!" I flushed partly out of embarrassment and partly out of anger. Pat curled up to me quickly.

"Don't be mad. It was the only way I could have you. Bob is my husband and it would break his heart if I went behind his back fucking around. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy yourself. I know you better than that. You fucked my cum-filled cunt and ate me, knowing I was married. You can't tell me having it all open and above board with Bob is a bad thing. Besides you looked to sexy with his cock pumping in your mouth." With that she kissed me and climbed back on top of me. My hands went right to her ass and I lost myself in her kiss while Bob chuckled.

"Like I said no one can resist her. Shit, you should see it when we are out and she sees a girl she wants. Half the time she disappears into the back of some store for an hour while I have to pull my pud waiting on her. She comes out reeking of hot cunt and she teases me with kisses all the way home."

"We don't always get home. Remember the Mall in Fair Oaks?"

"Oh fuck yea." He looks down at me lying there under his wife. "She picks up a Fredrick’s of Hollywood sales girl and her female boss and goes into the back for 2 fucking hours. The three of them come back out to my annoyance because the other salesgirl did nothing but flash her tits to me while we waited. We got on my cycle and halfway home, she got in front of me and straddled me until I pulled off and fucked her there by the side of the road with the engine going."

"Yea, that was fucking great!" She snuggled me with another kiss and pushed her tits against me, rubbing her cunt on my cock which was still in a world of its own for the moment.

"Bitch, give the guy a break. He'll be primed for more, but let him catch his breath."

Reluctantly she got up and I rolled on my knees. Before I got up Bob says "Perfect. Come here just like that."

Patty cooed in my ear, "Oh yes, baby, please!"

Bob was holding out his cock, it was only partially soft, still looking impressive. I paused looking at it.

"Hey, this is the price of admission. You loved fucking my slutty little wife, I love fucking as much as she does, but anyone who we get involved in has to go all the way with us. So you have a choice to make and your answer is to either leave or to come over here and suck my cock.

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