Paul's Baby


"I just met him...downstairs...he's just a boy...I never said I was going home with him," I stammered, my legs trembling.

"I'm Cathy," my best friend announced to the boy, then added ruefully, "Liz never wants me to meet her boyfriends...we could stand here all night and she'd never introduce us."

"Paul," the handsome teen answered confidently as he took Cathy's hand and the bent over and quickly kissed her cheek. "She left me downstairs," he said, indicating me, "said she had to go upstairs and get rid of her nosy friends and then we could go." He had picked up immediately on Cathy's teasing, fun nature.

"You slut," Cathy mouthed silently at me.

The laughing, teasing delivery of Paul's words had belied what he said but still I rose to the bait, "I never did."

Cathy departed laughing, her final words a warning to me as she waved a finger, "Now you go straight home young lady."

"You shouldn't have said that," I admonished Paul when we were alone. "Besides, I told you not to come after me. I have a husband."

"Tell me about it while we dance," he answered as he took my hand.

Yeah sure. Except we were in the pick-up bar now. It was almost one a.m. The DJ was only playing slow dance, fuck me, music. And as soon as I was in Paul's arms I felt it. Felt it between us...a long, hard alien presence that seemed to want to imbed itself in my stomach. I was shaking from head to toe. I didn't say a word about my husband.

"Ohhhhh," I groaned softly in his ear as our stomachs trapped his shaft, unable to stop wondering what it would feel like buried deep in my womb.

"Ohhh what?" he whispered as I felt his fingers lightly move over my bum. I knew he could feel the sudden hardening of my nipples through his thin silk shirt.

Oh fuck, I thought as I gloried in the feel of his body against me. He seemed to fit me perfectly. Well over six feet tall, he was at least four inches taller than Johnnie and fit against my tall frame in a way few men or boys ever had. My head fit perfectly in the crook between his shoulder and cheek. Then I giggled aloud.

"What?" Paul demanded.

But I wasn't going to tell him the thought I'd just had, the thought that, not only was he was four inches taller than my husband, but that he also had to be at least four inches longer in another part of his anatomy. The part that was poking relentlessly against my stomach. "Nothing," I answered as I cupped his ass in my two hands.

Christ you're twenty-seven, married, you're not some innocent virgin, I told myself as I melted into Paul's body. He's like every other man; it's nothing special I tried to convince myself as I felt every inch of his length. He tried to swallow my tongue when our mouths finally met. I really wanted to feel it curled around my clit! I knew he'd be better than any man I'd ever had.

Two dances later we fled the dance floor and hurried out toward the parking lot.


"A motorcycle?" I asked, aghast at the prospect. "I don't think I want to..."

"Just get on behind me and hold on," Paul answered with a grin.

Oh gawd, I thought as I spread my legs and climbed on. As soon as Paul started the engine I felt the machine purring and throbbing between my legs. "I don't think I'm dressed for this," I complained, unsure what to do with my arms as the bikes vibrations coursed up through my pussy.

"You're fine," Paul said with a laugh. "Now hold on," he ordered as he grabbed one of my arms and curled it around his flat stomach.

"But," I started to protest as he grabbed my other arm and wrapped it around his waist and then accelerated away from the curb.

"Noooooo," I squealed as I struggled to hold on to Paul as the heavy machine bucked angrily between my legs.

"Not so tight," he yelled back over his shoulder and into the night.

"What?" I cried but then realized what the fingers of my left hand were curled tightly around. I squeezed his hardness once, then slowly explored its full length before sliding my hand under his shirt.

"Where are we going?" I shouted in his ear as we sped through the near deserted streets. "I live the other way." Minutes later we pulled up in front of a small, three story apartment block deep in the student quarter.

"You live here?" I asked, but not in protest, when the deep roar of the bike was finally stilled. My arms were still tightly wound around the muscled torso of this strong young man. I'd made no move to lessen the contact between my breasts and his back. Somehow both my hands had got under his shirt as we rode and I found my fingers lightly playing over his smooth, hard skin.

My legs were still shaking from the constant vibration when Paul finally hopped off the bike and offered me his hand. If his strong arm hadn't supported me when I tried to stand I would have stumbled. "C'mon," he laughed encouragingly, leading me towards the door to his apartment building.

He didn't know that my panties were sopping wet and scrunched up into my crack and pussy from the wild ride. I stumbled again on my heels as he pulled me after him, trying to adjust my underwear as I moved. There was absolutely no question that I was going to follow him. There was no question that I wanted to make love with this boy/man.

"Kiss me," I suddenly begged as Paul fumbled with the building key.


We embraced and he kissed me as he pinned me to the glass outer door. Pushing my tongue into his mouth I probed and tasted his moist saliva even as I felt his hands lift my little skirt above my hips and then struggle to lower my damp panties. Frustrated he finally simply ripped them from my body and pushed my now bare ass against the cool glass.

As his left hand slipped under my cami and cupped one of my breasts I snaked my hand downward between our bodies, then urgently forced it under his belt and then down onto his cocks already sticky, bulbous head.

"Christ Lizzie," he groaned as the fingers of my other hand undid his zipper and pulled his straining manhood out into the dark night air.

"Fuck me, fuck meeeeee," I groaned, desperate now to feel him inside me.

"Christ, not here, oh shit, somebodies coming," he suddenly warned as looking over my shoulder into the building he saw somebody approaching the front door. Letting my skirt fall back over my bum he pulled me away from the glass and them embraced me as two female students, curious grins on their faces, pushed open the door.

"Hi Paul," the girls trilled as they passed us.

"We forgot our key," Paul explained to the bemused coeds. I could feel Paul's cock between my thighs as he held me close. I kept my face averted, turned into my lovers neck.

"Oh, I don't know about that Paul," one started, giggling, "It looked to me like you were just getting ready to put your big key right into the lock."

"Well we gotta go," my lover, his face red, announced and then walked me backwards through the door. His cock bounced nakedly between my thighs as he duck marched me across the lobby.

"Hurry," I ordered.

He simply lifted me up into his strong arms and started to carry me towards the stairs. As I looked over Paul's shoulder I could see the two through the glass, both were laughing now, and I knew they were watching Paul's penis as it flapped outside his pants. Then I watched as one of them bent and lifted my torn, lacy, black panties from the sidewalk where Paul had dropped them and then held them up flapping in the wind.

And then we were through the door of his second floor apartment and before we reached his bed his cock was inside me. Hot...and thick...impossibly much more than anything I'd ever experienced. As we bounced down upon his bed he totally penetrated me. I could feel my insides struggling to stretch wide enough...then felt a gurgling spasm of my female essence spew out and lubricate his massive piston.

"You okay," he asked as he slowly withdrew.

But I knew I'd never be totally okay again even as I lifted my hips to meet his next thrust.

"More," I demanded, even though I'd never been filled like this before. I was stuffed.

"Again," I screamed after he pulled back from a near pussy splitting penetration.

"Oh gawd yesssssss," I wailed as the cadence of his hips sped up. For minutes he fucked me, leaving me finally nothing but a trembling, blubbering, spasmising, slave. My pussy was stretched impossibly wide.

Then suddenly I felt the first contraction of his prick, then actually felt the warm sperm as it exploded up his bucking cock and then splashed deep into my womb.

Again...and again...and again....thick, hot ejaculations of his cum flooded up inside me. I could feel my inner body pulse open and shut, drawing each creamy spurt deep into my centre. "More," I groaned.

And then almost immediately he was starting again, slow, long, sticky pumps of his still hard pole.

And then it started. Deep inside me. And then the waves of orgasm started to pulse outward. Small at the orgasms I'd had before. Not often...but once in a while my husband had made me come like this, but usually only after I'd begged him to use his mouth, his lips, his moist tongue on me.

Paul continued to stroke through my orgasm, his big prick unrelenting as my vagina pulsed around him. "Hurry," I begged, afraid he'd miss me, "I'm coming."

"We have lots of time," he said, then pushed in til his cock was at the door of my womb, then simply left it there, huge, filling, massive, as my orgasm broke around him.

"Oh Paulllllll," I groaned, my ecstasy tempered by his not sperming me.

But then he was moving again, forceful, commanding, his cock and hands and mouth playing my body like a world renowned musician might play his instrument.

A second time I came, an orgasmic eruption unlike any I'd ever felt. Still he held off, then slowly worked me up to a third eruption, into an unknown area of exhilaration and total female sexual slavery that I'd never even guessed existed.

Then he exploded inside me again, pushing great gobs of hot, virile male lava into every nook and cranny of my cunt. I was screaming, a mindless animal who wanted every inch of this male prick as my brain was buried in a billion explosions of pleasure.


I moaned out a protesting, "noooooooo," when he finally pulled his softening shaft from my pussy and rolled off me and lay panting next to me on the bed. It was like a part of my body was being ripped from me.

There was a strand of cum hanging from his cock's head, a strand that lured me downward towards where it lay among his bed of dark pubic hair. To taste him. Unable to resist I leaned over and gently sucked in the filament of male essence and then popped his bulb shaped cockhead between my lips. Tongued it clean.

Then I fell back and looking down at the juncture between my legs, I watched spellbound as the jism he'd deposited inside me leaked out and oozed slowly from my now bright pink, distended slit. My triangular patch of pubic hair, full of white, sticky droplets, seemed to glisten in the light from the bedside lamp.

And then, for the first time that night, I thought of the implications of our deed, and then embraced the idea of the pregnancy I knew was to come.


I was lightly touching Paul, first cupping his heavy balls and then squeezing the last drops of semen from his again hardening penis when my cell rang. "Are you nuts? It's three-thirty in the morning," I squawked into my mobile phone. I knew it was Cathy.

"I just wanted to check...make sure everything's okay," Cathy apologized. "You didn't answer your home phone."

"Some of us try to get a little sleep once in a while," I said gruffly and then after ten seconds of silence added challengingly, "besides, I'm not home."

"WHATTTTTTTT!" I didn't answer. Just let the silence hang in the air. As I waited for my friends next question I straddled the thighs of my beautiful lover and again cupped his balls.

I heard Cathy take two or three deep breaths before she asked, "Where are you?" Then rushing on she added, "You're married. Happily married... Are you alone? .... Talk to me Lizzie," she begged.

"I took your advice," I finally said.

"I didn't tell you to go crazy," my friend screeched.

"It's all your fault," I accused as my palm closed around the thick, hard maleness of my lover and slowly started running his cockhead up and down my oozing, sticky slit.

"It's not!" Cathy protested.

"You were right though."

"About what?" my friend demanded as I lifted my hips and then lowered myself onto Paul's throbbing, hot cock.

"About big cocks ....ohhhhhhh godddddd yessss...," I suddenly groaned, now unable to concentrate on anything except the pole that was penetrating me.

"What are you doing?" I heard my friend shriek just before I dropped the phone.

I was noisy, in fact screamed out my passion as I lifted and lowered myself atop my lover. At first, it was partly to shock Cathy, who I knew would listen to every sound, but later all thoughts of my friend were gone as I yelled out my helpless need.

I picked up the phone five minutes later, and with Paul's cum seeping down my legs, I asked, my voice gasping, "Cath, are you still there?"

"YES I'm still here."

"I won't be in to work tomorrow. Could you let the powers-that-be know?"

"Are you crazy? Where are you going to be?"

"In bed," I purred.

"You can't. You're married. I didn't think you'd go nuts. When's Johnnie coming home anyway?"

"Tomorrow night."

"Is it that boy?" she asked. "The boy from the club?"

I ignored her question and asked back, "Do you remember what you wanted to order in the restaurant?"

"What do you mean?"

"What you asked pretty boy Jules to serve us?"

"What?" but then remembering she asked, "Do you mean the ten incher?"

"I found one," I said smugly.

"That boy...he has a ten incher...the boy in the club," my friend stammered out just before I turned off the phone.


Paul fucked me once more before we fell asleep in each others arms. Simply rolled me over on my stomach and then, after lifting me to my knees, mounted me like a dog might a bitch. He had me yelping before again finally emptying himself deep into my squirming depths.

But as I lay sleeping in his arms that night I dreamt of the baby I somehow knew he'd put inside me. And knew it would be a girl. Our daughter. I'd call her Paula Cathy.

We woke late the next mornig...and made love...and ate...and talked...and showered together...and fucked again...more talk...then more cock.

He was a freshman, here from Chicago, he'd written an exam yesterday before going to the club...had only one more to go ( the next Thursday), and then he'd be returning home for the summer. He'd only be in town for another six days. And my husband was due home that night!

He'd dated that year at school but had no real steady. But he had a girl back home, a high school sweetheart who'd spent the year at Northwestern, a girl he was pretty serious about.

We made love but we didn't talk about love. We marveled at how well our bodies worked so well together. Talked about sex...and cock...and cunt...and breasts. We talked about lovers we'd both had...and both of us conceded it had never been like this. But we didn't use the love word. We both knew we had no future.

The two of us were still naked and in bed when my cell went off just before three in the afternoon. I'd been trying to convince Paul that I had to go for the last twenty minutes. He'd just kept licking me! All over.

"Johnnie," I answered, recognizing the area code for Charlotte from previous calls that week. Johnnie was down there making a major sales presentation. I silently signaled my lover to be quiet.

"You weren't at work," my husband complained, "I tried the hospital."

"I felt crappy this morning...I took the day off," I explained while watching Paul's tongue flick out and circle my nipple.

"Noooo," I mumbled softly.

"No what?" Johnnie asked from five hundred miles away. "Where are you anyway?"

"I'm at the butchers....I'm getting you a nice thick steak for your dinner... I didn't like the piece of meat he offered," I said as I stuck my tongue out at Paul. "When are you going to be home?" Paul had now slid down my body and his head was between my thighs as his two hands slipped under me and grabbed my butt and pulled me up towards his tongue.

"There's a problem," my husband admitted after a couple of seconds of silence.

"A problem?" I asked as I furiously signaled Paul to stop.

"We have to stay...for the weekend...maybe Monday and Tuesday...I don't know, maybe Wednesday. The boss is flying in tonight. These bastards are dicking us around," he complained.

"It's the weekend," I almost shouted. "You promised...that we'd have the weekend together," I complained petulantly even though I was ecstatic at the news. Paul's tongue had reached my clit...his thick middle finger had slipped inside me. The thumb of his other hand was riding along my ass crack.

"Honey we got to entertain these jerks. We're taking them deep sea fishing for the weekend...Christ, we've got to get their signatures on this's worth twenty million to the company. Listen sweetie, with the bonus I'll get from this deal I'll be able to take you to Hawaii for Christmas."

"We were supposed to try to make a baby this weekend," I said huskily, all the while watching my lover as sat up and positioned his cockhead at the pink, distended lips of my pussy. His thumb had forced its way into my anus.

"Ohhh baby, wait til I get back," my husband promised as Paul's thick shaft was pushed remorselessly inside me.

"You'll fuck me...hard?" I demanded.

"All night baby, just wait...Johnny will put his big hot cock inside his beautiful bride."

"Unh...unhhh...unhhhhhh...ohhh baby," I started to groan into the phone as my whole body started to tremble under Paul's deep strokes.

"God Lizzie, I love it when you talk dirty," Johnnie interrupted.

"Touch yourself," I ordered my husband. "C'mon, touch your big cock," I demanded as I arched upward off the bed to meet Paul's every thrust. Then I started to yell out my sexual excitement.

"Oh god Lizzie, I'm coming, I'm fucking coming," I finally heard groaned down the line from my husband's far away hotel room. I smiled, imagining his penis squirting out its load of cum into his palm. Weak cum I thought almost contemptuously, understanding now what a real man could do.

"Call me Sunday lover boy," I purred, "And make sure you make that sale. Mommy will be waiting for you," I promised before quickly hanging up. It was another five minutes of almost mindless ecstasy before Paul's sperm flooded inside of me.


Sunday morning at ten Cathy arrived at Paul's door with coffee and breakfast for us. She had called three times on Friday and five times on Saturday. Always wanting updates. Wanting to know if I'd gone home yet. Threatening me. Cajoling me. Berating me.


"Stop calling," I'd ordered when she woke us Sunday morning at eight thirty.

"I'm worried," she pled.

"Then bring us breakfast," I said and gave her a food order and Paul's address.

We had time to make love again before Cathy rang the apartment an hour and a half later. We'd hardly been out of bed since Thursday night.

I answered the door naked, the smell of Paul's and my sex permeating the room and my body.

"Oh my gawd!" Cathy groaned as her eyes flicked over my body and then past me and into the room beyond.

"We're starving," I greeted my friend, then gave her a quick peck on the cheek as I took one of the three bags of food from her and invited her into the room. "C'mon, we'll eat on the bed," I directed.

"But," Cath protested as I sat down cross legged on the bed. Paul was sorta under the sheet and mostly covered up to his waist.

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