tagNonConsent/ReluctancePayback's a Bitch

Payback's a Bitch


Author's note --

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

This story contains a description of a rape scenario. The author does not condone that type of behavior. If that is not something you are into, you should read something else. There is, what some might say, a good point to it at the end.


Ray Jacobs, 21, was the kind of guy most women feared. A lot of other guys thought he was downright mean and sadistic at times. As if that wasn't enough, he had a pack of friends who thought and acted similarly. What made him stand out was the fact he was the most brazen of the pack. That fact made Ray somewhat a leader of this group of bad boys. At 5'7", it would be easy to se him as a middleweight 'cage' fighter. He had a chiseled face and deep set, dark eyes.

What some of the other guys were reluctant to start, they seemed more than willing to playing follow-the-leader with whatever Ray did. There was another guy, Jim, who was a close second at being a real jerk. Jim was about 5'8", with slightly less muscle mass and light brown hair. He had once challenged Ray for leadership of this small band of thugs, but was quickly put in his place by Ray.

When this 'pack' was cruising the streets, it usually meant something got destroyed or someone got unmercifully harassed. There were a number of buildings, monuments, and signs to attest to their mean, destructive nature. There were a number of unsolved physical abuse cases in the police files but none could actually be linked to the 'group'. One of the pack's most favorite pastimes was to harass women, usually in the early 20's range. They seemed to find this age group was the most vulnerable and the easiest to intimidate.

It was on one such occasion that these trouble makers were cruising down a rural road in their party van and came upon a young woman, who's car was broke down. She had a flat tire and didn't know how to change it. She was an average looking girl, about 5'6" and short brown hair, who's skills lie with anything but knowing how to maintain a car. Having stood by her car for almost an hour without seeing another car on the road, she thought she would end up stuck by the side of the road all night long.

Sara's spirits brightened when she spotted the van slow to a stop behind her car. In a well rehearsed way of taking their victim off guard, only Ray and another guy called Stan, got out of the van. Both Ray and his buddy were all smiles with helpful small talk about how they were from another state and how fortunate it was they just happened to be on the same road. They asked if she had been there long, why no one else had stopped, and if she had to be somewhere soon. Getting confirmation that Sara's car had not been seen and that she wasn't expected anywhere anytime soon, they knew they had a new victim for the evening. All this all-smiles small talk went on as they dug out the car jack and the spare, in preparation for changing the tire. To keep Sara focused on them changing the tire and not on the van, they had her positioned so her back was facing away from the van, sometimes having her bend down to take a look at her brakes or something else that might need fixed.

As Ray and his cohort kept Sara mentally and physically occupied, the other 3 guys in the van silently exited the van, creeping up behind their unsuspecting victim. By the time she happened to turn her head and see the other three behind her, it was too late. She only had time to take one step before the three pounced on her, grabbing both arms, and lifting her completely off the ground. As she continued to struggle and scream, her three strong captors brought her back to the side of the van, where they tied her hands and feet, stuffed a gag into her mouth, blindfolded her, and tossed her onto the floor of the van. A needle was jabbed into her arm and the contents of a substance that wipes short-term memory, was shot into her blood stream.

Once she was completely secured, the attention turned to getting her car's tire changed so it could be driven to an area where it could be easily concealed. The guys were adept at concealment. It only took them 10 minutes to hide the car in the woods and cover it up with brush so well you could walk within 10 feet of it and not even know it was there. With the car taken care of, the guys drove 20 miles to their remote cabin where no one would hear or see what was going on. At the cabin, the defenseless girl was roughly pulled from the van, thrown over the shoulder of Jake, one of the bigger members of the pack, and carried into the cabin without regard to her pain of being roughly jostled around. Jake was pretty much the muscle man of the group, at 5'10" and 250 pounds, he was more brawn than brains.

The inside of the cabin was about the size of a two car garage and was arranged more like a dungeon of horrors that a weekend getaway. There were just two rooms, there was a small bathroom and a kitchen area but other than that it was just one big open room. In each of two corners of the room was a camera mounted on a tripod. On one side of the room was a workbench like table with a pegboard back. Hanging from hooks on the pegboard were numerous whips, flogs, and lashes. There were a variety of dildos and vibrators were lying on the table. In the center of the room was a wooden rack that could be moved and pivot in various positions. The rack was equipped with various straps and restraints for arms, legs, and torso. From a dungeon master's point of view, it was a work of art.

Unknowing where she was at or what was just in front of her, Sara was stood just in front of the rack, facing it. Still blindfolded, she could not have known what she was about to be secured to. Not knowing where to turn or what to expect, she stayed motionless until she was pressed up against the rack. Her struggles were mostly brought under control when a large leather strap attached to the rack, was cinched around her waist, pulling her tight against it. Unable to move much, the ropes around her ankles from when she had been thrown in the van, were untied, her legs jerked apart and secured with the leather restraints attached on each side of the rack. Her hands were also untied and raised up to the leather wrist straps high above her head. Once her feet and hands were firmly secured, the leather strap around her waist was removed.

Sara couldn't figure out how she got here. The last thing she remembered was that she had been waiting for someone to come by and help her fix her car but no one had been by in hours. The drug that was shot into her was starting to wear off. The drug was designed to erase a person's short-term memory for only about an hour. After that, they would be back to normal. Ray had some up with this insurance policy to keep their victim from remembering the faces of who had abducted them and any kind of cognizance of where they were.

At this point she was still fully clothed but blindfolded and gagged. Without the use of her eyes, her ears were more attuned to every sound in the room. There were sounds like things being moved around and what sounded like kitchen utensils being arranged on a table. Suddenly, Sara heard a metallic snap close to her ears that made her jump. Unknown to Sara, it was the sound of a switchblade being locked into the open position.

The cold steel blade being dragged across her face and around to the back of her neck, caused her to cringe in muffled, terrified screams. The blade made its way down the back of her neck until it reached the collar of her white cotton blouse. A quick tug of the sharp blade, quickly cut through the collar.

As her mind was reeling at what would happen next, a pair of hands had grabbed each side of the collar and started pulling hard. With a forceful pull to each side, the top third of her blouse was ripped open by Ray's strong hands. Repositioning his hands lower and pulling apart again, another third of her blouse was torn open. A third and final tug, finally ripped the two halves of her blouse apart. The halves of her blouse were pulled far apart and hung from her arms in ragged pieces. Except for the elastic that material that held her bra together, her entire back was laid bare.

Sara's knee length skirt had a side zipper but Ray had no intention of using it. Grabbing the bottom hem of her skirt, his knife cut into the hem and sliced it apart. Again, there was the sound of ripping, as Ray pulled the two sides of bottom of her skirt apart. In the same fashion as her blouse was ripped apart from top to bottom, her skirt was ripped from bottom to top. When he got to the waistband, his knife made short work of it as well. When the waistband was sliced apart, Ray yanked the torn material from her body and threw it over to the corner of the room. Her pantyhose were soon sliced into shreds and lay in a bunch around each shackled ankle.

All this was being keenly documented from two different angles by each of the two video cameras in the corners of the room. As more and more of the girl's flesh was revealed, the sexual tension of the guys increased. Three of the guys had removed their jeans and had pulled their cocks out, slowly stroking them.

Still untouched were the girl's plain white bra and lace panties. It was not to stay that way for very long. Unhooking the back of her bra, Ray pulled the elastic apart and left it hang. Knowing all too well that things were about to turn even worse, Sara tried begging for her release in muffled pleadings through the gag but all her muffled sounds fell on deaf ears.

Taking the knife again, the blade found its way underneath the panty material at the side of her hips. A quick slice cut through the entire side. The same was repeated on the other side. The portion of her panties that once covered her ass, now hung down, held up only by the fact that her legs were not spread apart enough to let them fall on their own. Ray's hand grabbed the back part of her sliced panties and gave them a hard yank, pulling the remaining material through the folds of her pussy lips. The brutal way in which he removed the remaining panty caused her to jump and scream into her gag. The act of yanking the remnants of her panties through her pussy had a dual effect. On one hand, it caused a lot of pain. When that died down some the effect of rubbing across her clit, sent another kind of twinge through her body.

Giving her ass cheek a good slap of his hand caused her to jump and scream again. The process was repeated again and again, until her ass cheeks started turning red. With each smack, the girl's body jumped.

And then the spankings stopped.

The spankings were soon replaced by another form of punishment, a leather flog. With lots of practice, Ray had become a master at letting the square leather ends of the flog lay across her back, stinging but without breaking the skin. Sara's back was becoming really bright pink with narrow lash marks. As the flog was working her back, Jim had picked up a flat ended crop to work on her ass.

Giving her a little time to think of what might be next, Ray grabbed a vibrating 8" dildo, lubed it up good and pushed it into her pussy, followed by a stern admonishment was given to hold it in her ass. With it firmly implanted in her ass, the device was turned on at a low setting. After letting the dildo work her pussy for a few seconds, Ray grabbed a flat ended crop, like the one Jim was using, and went to working her ass with it. Each mild spanking with the crop was enough to redden the skin without doing damage. With each slap on her ass, her body tensed, gripping the dildo even harder, intensifying the feelings it was producing in her rectum. When her ass became a nice bright red, Ray stopped the spankings.

Rotating the 'rack' around on its top and bottom pivot points, the helpless, blindfolded, and gagged Sara, was now facing Ray. Her exposed back side and bright red ass was facing away from him. This was more for the benefit of the video cameras that were recording the whole proceedings.

The button down blouse that had been ripped asunder in the back, was still buttoned in front and even hung low enough to cover her pussy. A humming noise still emanated from the vibrating dildo in her pussy.

Intent on displaying the front side of her, Ray grabbed each side of her blouse at the top and started pulling the front apart. Some buttons just popped off from the force, others held tight and the material they were attached to gave way. Two buttons at a time, Ray forcefully opened the front of her blouse until her blouse had been fully pulled apart. The torn-apart halves were pulled up out of the way and draped over the rack where her hands were cuffed.

The only piece of clothing left on her was her bra, and that was hanging loose. Ray pulled out his knife again and cut the shoulder straps, freeing the bra completely from her body. It was tossed to the floor like the rest her clothing.

Reaching between her legs, Ray yanked the dildo from her soaked pussy, causing her body to twitch. The dildo was slick with her juices. As much as Sara hated what was inside her cunt, it was fulfilling a primal need. When it was summarily pulled from her pussy, Sara almost wished it was back inside her.

Walking around behind her, Ray untied the gag and removed it from her mouth. With her mouth now free to speak, she began pleading with her captors to release her. Her pleadings were cut short as her concentration shifted focus to the dildo being wormed up her virgin ass. Ray paid no attention and soon the vibrating dildo was embedded deep inside her chute, working the sensitive lining.

Picking up the flat leather crop again, Ray smacked the top of each breast, leaving bright pink spots to mark where it had been. Again and again, he worked each breast until the entire surface was pink from contact with the flat blade of the crop. He then started flicking the edge of the crop across the tips of her nipples. The sensation was a mixture of pain and pleasure to her stiff points.

With her nipples now very stiff, Ray began alternating strokes across her nipples with similar strokes to her pussy. With each stroke on hr pussy lips, the blood flowed to her outer labia, causing it to puff up. This in turn forced hr clit to protrude into view. Soon, the crop was making direct contact with her clit.

As painful as her bright pink ass and nipples were, the attention that was being paid to her nipples and clit was too much to ignore. The stinging crop was having a primal effect on her body. As much as she tried to fight it, Sara could not resist what was happening. Finally she just gave up and let it happen. She was now grunting and moaning with each contact of the crop. Her ass was flaming hot. The dildo was working her ass deep inside her. Electric jolts were coursing through her nipples and clit. It was all too much for the helpless girl and she convulsed in a screaming orgasm.

For some sadistic people, this might have been enough but Ray and his cohorts were nowhere near done with her. For them, this was just the beginning. All that had transpired up until now was just the preparation for what was to come next.

As Sara slowly recovered from her climax, the 'rack' was again re-adjusted. This time, a support was put up against her back and the 'rack' was pivoted so that she was on her back, facing the ceiling. Her legs were pulled up and spread further apart, giving greater access to her pussy. The rack was lowered so that she was laying at waist height for Ray.

Bending over, his lips made contact with her already inflamed labia. His flicking tongue on her slit made her squirm, not only from the pain but also the pleasure. Having just come down from her first orgasm, she was being primed for another. Ray's tongue slid up and down her slit, making contact with her clit with each stroke. A whimper emanated from her mouth each time his tongue made contact with her clit. He body took over again and she soon found her hips rising and falling, trying to make contact with Ray's tongue. She was on a roller coaster ride for another climax.

When Ray sensed she was close, he put his lips over her clit and sucked hard. That was all it took to drive her over the edge. Her fists clenched and her body shook again.

Not giving her any time to recover, Ray dropped his jeans and underwear, displaying an already stiff cock. He lined it up with her pussy lips and shoved in hard. It was enough to take her breath away for a couple of seconds.

Not giving her time to get used to his length and girth, Ray began sawing in and out or her pussy. Not having had time to come down from the last climax, the pour girl was on a constant plateau of continuous orgasms. As Ray rammed his hard shaft in and out of her, two other guys came over to suck on hr super sensitive nipples.

Sara's mind was in a daze. She was desperately trying to fight her brutal rape but her body's primal sexual instincts kept overriding it with sexual need.

It had been a while since the pack's last conquest and Ray was primed to shoot his load quickly. Without thought to the consequences, Ray's cock began firing spurt after spurt into her womb until his cock started to soften. He didn't care if she was on birth control or not. It didn't mater to him since he would never see hr again.

Not giving her time to take stock of what had just happened, Ray backed up and let one of his buddies take his place. The exchange took place so quick, Sara hardly noticed it. Her pussy was now being just as brutally assaulted by the second guy. When he finished firing his load into her pussy, another had lined up to take his place until all 5 had filled her womb with a copious amount of squishy sperm.

Again, the 'rack' was re-positioned. This time, she was facing the floor.

Opening her mouth to beg for mercy, two hands grabbed her hair and lifted her head. Her mouth had no choice but to stay open as it was forced down on a waiting hard cock. As her mouth was pulled up and down on the cock in her mouth, she was caught unaware that something was being lined up on the other end. As if that wasn't bad enough, clips were attached to her sensitive nipples. Small weights were hung on chains attached to the clips. These two things pretty much consumed her attention.

Suddenly, she realized something hard was poking at her asshole. She started trying to pull her head off the cock in her mouth but the hands on her head held firm, keeping his cock stuffed in her mouth. The pressure on her asshole kept up until the stiff cock at the entrance, pushed past her anal ring and inch by inch, finally buried its full length inside her.

Soon both cocks were stroking in and out of her body in a see-saw rhythm. All Sara could do was concentrate her breathing to get some air every time the cock in her mouth pulled out. She was caught off guard when both cocks drove deep into her ass and deep into her throat, unloading their contents. Both cocks were quickly replaced with two fresh ones and it wasn't long before the fresh ones doing a repeat performance of the first two cocks. When the second two cocks started unloading their cum, the one went in her ass, the second across hr back, the third went in her pussy when the cock got shoved into her pussy. The cock in her mouth, put part of the first shot down hr throat and the second part into her mouth as it was being pulled out, the second shot sprayed all over eyelashes, nose and chin. The last shot got sprayed all over her hair.

Over the next 4 hours, it was non-stop pussy fucking, ass fucking, and face fucking. When all 5 of the Sara's abusers ran out of stamina and cum, they loaded her passed out body into the van. Driving the van and her car back to the place where her car originally broke down, they placed her battered and abused body in the driver's seat and drove off. Before driving off, they pumped her arm full of a drug that would block out her memory of the last 12 hours. They brutish 5 were long gone when she came to in her car, totally naked. She had no recollection of where she was at, why she had no clothes on, or why her whole body ached and was covered in a dried sticky substance that was oozing out of her pussy and ass.

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