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Pee-Play with My Partner


For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated and turned on by the sight -- and even the sound -- of a woman peeing.

As an adult I have had several relationships with women who let me watch them pee, but none so thrilling as my present partner. I'd like to try to describe our pee play, hoping I can give my readers a taste of what I myself feel -- and taste -- when we are at play.

Early in our relationship, at that point when you let your lover in on such secrets, I told her that pee turned me on, and she reacted with a gentle indulgent smile that left me hopeful. First it was simply a matter of being in the bathroom at the same time, watching and listening as she sat on the toilet and peed, with her knees together, and relishing the splashing sound while trying to visualise what was happening out of my sight. But soon, seeing how interested I was, she began to open her knees, and allowed me to kneel between them to watch. She has full and fleshy outer lips with crinkled inner lips that protrude further, and it is fascinating to watch how this flesh, that I had previously explored so deeply with my tongue and my cock, changes shape as the jet pushed her lips aside. She will also sometimes lean forward as she pees on the toilet bowl, and let me watch her from behind, as her rounded arse cheeks open ands give me a glimpse of her anus, while the pee streams out from her protruding lips below.

About a year into our relationship, we visited Paris together, and found, quite unexpectedly, that our hotel room had a large two-person shower with jacuzzi-like water jets. We were showering together when she said she needed to pee. No need to get out of the shower, I told her, and she stood, feet apart, and let her muscles relax; I stretched down my hand and for the first time felt the warmth and wetness as her pee flowed all over the palm of my outstretched palm. That was not the end of it: when she had finished, she let me kneel down and lick the final drops from her, with their intense slightly salty taste; but I did not stop there, and continued to tickle her lips and her clitoris with my tongue as she stood in the shower. After only a short pause she realised that I was trying to make her come, and began to relax, with her hands on my shoulders to carry her weight as I knelt between her knees, until she came intensely, and sank down into a seated position at the back of the shower compartment. I have two photos I took of her at this moment, with a serene but slightly dazed expression on her face and her pussy lips a little open, where my tongue had recently been at play. Yes, photography is another part of our sex-life, and I thank the digital camera for the freedom it has given us.

Other moments I remember were walks in the country. I can see her -- again, my memory stirred by a photograph -- crouched in the woods, smiling broadly with her panties and trousers round her knees. And another time, we were in a public park with very few other people around, and I persuaded her she could pee in full sight alongside a path; nobody disturbed us, and I treasure the first photo I took of her lips as the pee came out of them, just visible beneath her trousers, and also the delicious image of the soft round cheeks of her arse as she pulled up her panties.

I got to know her peeing better when she began to pee standing up above the toilet; she had also shaved her thick pubic hair at that point, so that I could see it all so much more clearly, and could reach her so much more easily with my tongue to clean off the last drops as she finished. I see her again in my mind's eye standing above me, with her quite small soft breasts and their wide pink areolae, smiling down at me as I gently played the tip of my tongue up and down between her labia and out across to the top of her thighs, where her pee had sprinkled, to make sure that every last drop of the yellow liquid had gone.

Another similar scene, but in a hotel this time, with a two-person bath. I am sitting in the bath, my knees apart, and she is standing between my knees as she begins to pee. This time, I can reach out with my tongue and catch some of the stream in my mouth directly as it comes out of her -- far stronger and more intense than the few drops that I had previously tasted. From where she was standing, the rest of her flow splashed down around and onto my cock, and this time I was selfish: as soon as she had finished, and as she stood there with her exposed lips glistening with her pee and my saliva, I masturbated and quickly mixed the jets of my cum with the pee across my belly and balls.

I had seen a number of pee videos, and realised that women can make their pee jet out in front of them, by pulling their labia up and apart. She was delighted by the idea that she might be able to 'pee like a man', and prepared for the experiment by drinking a lot of water, before she was finally ready to take up her position standing in my bath. This time there was no touching or drinking, but I had my camera at the ready, on video setting, and it has a small microphone attached. As she opened her thighs and pulled the full flesh of her lips apart, a thick jet of pee spurted out forwards, to her delighted laughter. As I write this, I have just watched that video again -- twenty-five seconds of peeing, with the full jet followed by little sharp spurts and finally by little dribbles welling up between her wide-open lips; and the drops of pee are splattered all across her thighs, until, in the rest of the short film, she uses the shower to wash herself, focusing wonderfully on her fleshy labia.

The next move was for me to be in the bath with her as she 'peed like a man'. Again I sat with my knees apart, and she kept one foot between my knees, but put the other up on the bath side so that her thighs were wide enough apart as she opened her lips. It was something of a shock when for the first time her jet hit me full in the face. I quickly moved so that it avoided my eyes and I could watch, and positioned myself so that it went straight into my open mouth. There was too much to swallow, and I just sat there with it streaming into my mouth and pouring out again, until, as the jet slackened, I swallowed the last gulp and hugged her standing body close to me so that I could lick out the last drops.

This is something we have done several times now -- generally when she needs to pee in the middle of a bout of love-making. One time -- this time in a hotel in Liverpool -- I suggested she should try to pee into a toilet while standing in front of it like a man. She peed well enough, but she isn't yet accurate enough for her to make a habit of it; some of the streams jetted out right across the bowl and down behind it -- great to watch, but it did need some careful cleaning up afterwards. Clearly more practice is needed here. She has also explored her recently acquired skill out of doors. My home garden is nicely secluded, and she has 'peed like a man' for me outside, holding her lips open as the jet sprays out in front of her on the grass. There is something particularly sexy about the sequences of photos of this, as she is otherwise fully dressed and just hitches up her skirt and pulls her panties aside, before the jet emerges from deep inside her.

Yes, pee play has added a new and richly flavoured dimension to our sex life.

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