Peeping Tom Ch. 03

byMany Feathers©

"The mole?"

"Well, that's what we all call him anyway. I'm not sure anyone even knows his real name. According to Steven, who's lived here longer than anyone else has, the Mole was here when he moved in. Anyway...he doesn't do any of the work himself, but he has lots and lots of connections. Calls them, arranges everything, and then they come out and take care of it."

"Convenient, but expensive I bet too," I thought.

"Actually, no. But that's kind of the best part. The mole pays half of whatever's needed or required, right out of his own pocket. You get a bill from the service that comes out, you drop in half the cash it cost to do the repair or remodeling through a slot in his door, and that's that. Saves everyone a bundle...for those who are willing to provide the mole with a small little return service."

"Such as?" I was now wondering.

"Best I show you as opposed to trying to explain it any further. Come on," she said redirecting me, taking my hand. Rather than leading me up the decorative walk to the more formally set front door, she lead me around the back, easily undoing the latch on his fence which had been built sealing off his patio area. I noticed as we walked in, there was no patio furniture in sight.

"He really is a hermit isn't he?"

"Yeah like I said, no one's ever really seen him. I think I actually saw him once, month's ago late at night. But never since then. There's only one part of him I actually have seen."

"One..." but I quickly closed my mouth. Just ahead, where the entrance to the sliding glass doors would have been, he'd had those removed. What I saw was a sturdy dark glass box, or what appeared to be a dark glass box. It was too dark for me to be able to see in however, even though I tried. In the front there was a slot where people deposited their payments. And then next to that, a small round opening, that appeared for the moment at least, to be closed. "I don't get it," I said wondering as Rub stepped up to the strange looking box, and pressed the buzzer.

"This should give us a few credits for the next time we need his services," she told me. I looked at her about to ask yet again another question, when I heard the panel there in front of us opening. I looked down, and then audibly gasped at what I saw next. It was the strangest, most amazing thing I had ever seen. And I certainly hadn't expected to see that. It had to be about the biggest cock in existence! It was like watching a snake as it seemed to run out through the hole in the door, as Rub's hands quickly reached down surrounding it.

"What the hell?" I openly asked. Maybe I'd been expecting an albino hand or something, but certainly not this. Something to do with the light and all. Though Rub quickly explained it had something to do with his eyes, not his skin. And that light literally blinded him...even the smallest amount of light hurt his eyes. She stood there however, working his cock back and forth, taking long, long...almost obscenely long strokes with her hands, running them up and down the length of the man's shaft, that again simply defied description, let alone measurement. And so we stood there talking with her rubbing the guys dick, up and down, up and down, as though it was the most normal thing in the world to be doing.

" you've met the Mole," she told me. "And like I said, need anything done, just drop a note in his inbox, telling him what you need done and when. He's always good about getting whatever service or repairman is needed in contact with you right away."

"I don't think I'll be getting any discounts for my repairs," I told her...somewhat appalled, and yet somewhat fascinated too.

"Hey, no worries. More than happy to do it for you," she told me. "Do it for Steven all the time!" She continued stroking the mammoth dick for several moments, finally speaking again. "Ah there...he's about to cum. I can always tell," she told me. "Mind grabbing one of those large black towels out of the basket over there? And then laying it down here along the ground here in front of me?" She asked.

I did so, still finding this whole thing almost too bizarre for words.

"He doesn't come nearly as much as you do, but pretty close. Especially if no one's been over for a few days. We all think, he never does it himself, and always relies on others to come here and do it for him. Some days, he's pretty copious when he comes, like you. Jan and Stacy even started marking the ground for distance. That's his best shot so far, over there." She pointed, I looked. Not even sure I had ever shot anything quite that far myself. I was more about volume, duration as opposed to distance.

"Impressive," I said, and then stepped back to the side again as Rub called out to me.

"Thar she blows!"

The Mole's prick lurched, and then began to launch several long ropes of semen into the air, one of which came close to the record setting mark that Rub had pointed out to me.

"Oh damn, close...but not close enough. I was really hoping to beat Jan's record. Perhaps another day," she said walking over to what I now realized was some sort of clean up station, where she used some sanitary soap on her hands, and then rinsing off, tossing the hand towel she'd used, along with the long cum-on one, into a different basket. I watched the long snake like dick slowly disappear back through the large open hole in the black box. "He'll take care of this later...after its dark," she informed me. And then with that, we were on our way again. "Like I said Tom, if you ever do need anything done...just let me know, I'll be glad to help you out."

"Thanks. I'll keep it in mind," I told her. However at the moment, I needed to get what I'd just seen and witnessed, out of my mind.


As strange as that had all been, it had gotten me a little horny. Though I'd like to think it was watching Rub's tits wobble and bobble about as we took the path leading towards her side of the complex.

"Hey, wanna come up for a beer-job?" She asked.

"I'm sorry...what?" Sure I hadn't heard her right. Maybe I was a bit more horny than I thought, hearing things.

"A beer and a blow-job together. Haven't you ever had one of those?"

I had to think back. "Maybe in college," I told her. "Though I think I was drinking a Margareta at the time...not a beer."

"That's not what I meant," she laughed, taking my hand in hers, now pulling me a long behind her a bit quicker. "Come on...I'll show you."

She was entirely naked by the time we got to the top floor, undressing hurriedly in the elevator on the way up. Tossing her clothes onto a nearby couch as we entered, she took a deep sigh of relief as the coolness of the air inside their house washed over her body, quickly stiffening her nipples, as I quite obviously noticed.

"Now that's what I needed," she said sounding relieved, and then headed into the kitchen, grabbing a cold bottle of beer from the fridge, walking outside with it. "Come on Tom...time for that beer-job I promised."

I peeled off my clothes before taking a seat in one of the lounge chairs. Since I was already at half-mast as it was, it didn't take long before I was sitting there with a full-blown erection, Rub's hands working their magic on my shaft as I leaned back, taking it all in. She reached over, taking a long pull on the beer bottle, grinned at me...winking, and then lowered her mouth over my cock. I think my ass came up off the chair a good five or six inches, but then slowly settled back down again as the heavenly mixture of ice-cold beer, and a warm sucking mouth turned my senses upside down. I looked up, saw Steven as he came out to stand on his balcony and waved. He waved back, nodding his head in approval. I wondered if he'd ever had the pleasure of a beer-job himself.

I then looked over at my nearest neighbors. And though I certainly couldn't see anyone, the bedroom curtains were open. I wondered, and then waved, thinking..."Just in case." And then Rub swallowed the beer she still held in her mouth, though a lot of it she had allowed to purposely spill, drenching my balls in the process, giving me another unexpected little thrill. She took another pull on the bottle, again winked and smiled at me.

This time...I was ready for her.


I think she finished about half the bottle before I felt the inevitable explosion when it came, though I had honestly tried warning her. But then I realized, she'd been expecting that. As I filled her mouth with my cum, she continued to suck, swish, and basically gargle my cock the whole time I was ejaculating. It was the most amazing blow-job,, I'd ever had. Crazy as she was, she then grinned at me, a combination of sudsy beer-foam, and cock cream suddenly pouring forth from her mouth, dribbling down onto her young breasts, splashing against them. It was wickedly delicious, and erotic as hell.

"So...what did you think? Like it?"

"Oh fuck have NO idea! That was...simply amazing!"

"You're welcome," she grinned still drooling the interesting concoction onto her tits. "Have to try the margarita thing sometime...wonder how that would feel."

And now I was wondering that myself.

"I guess that's what they call, a party in the mouth kind of a drink huh?" I was about to say something, until she reached for the beer bottle again, this time sliding herself down over it as she straddled the table. "Ok it's my turn," she said. "Time for your beer chaser." Gingerly, Rub waddled over to the vacant chair, laying back on it, and then propping herself up. I could hear the "glug-glug-glug" as her cunt took in half the beer, now sitting there with the neck of the bottle fully inside as she sat waiting for me. "Well? Get over here baby. Ever had a shot-gun? And even if you have, bet you've never done it this way."

She was certainly right about that. I stood up, took a moment to look back across the way again, just in time to see Steven tossing what looked like a nice one over the railing. I needed to remind myself to look up the next time I passed by below there...just in case. I knelt down in front of her, positioning myself.

"Ready baby?" She asked hotly. I nodded my head. "Just slam your face into my cunt Tom...I'll try not to drown you," she giggled. And then on the count of three...she removed the bottle, and I dove into her pussy. Literally.


We were sitting there actually drinking a beer, recovering, and talking, when we heard the door open. "'s home," Rub remarked. Seconds later, Darlene came strolling outside onto the balcony, her blouse unbuttoned, open...tits showing. I could only sit there and shake my head.

"Must run in the family," I said looking up, smiling at Darlene as she smiled back starting to pick up Rub's beer and then thought better of it.

"Hot fucking day," she then added to that, slipping her blouse off entirely, spinning her skirt around so as to better unzip it before stepping out of that. She didn't have any panties on either. "Too hot for a beer," she said. "I'm thinking more along the lines of a margarita. Anyone interested in joining me?"

Rub and I burst out laughing at the exact same time.

"What? What's so funny? What did I say?" Darlene asked as she stood there looking down at us. I didn't have the heart to tell her.

But I was also thinking as she went back inside to begin doing just that. That this was one fly, that was suddenly excited to be stuck in this particular web.

To be continued...

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