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Peggy Takes A Part Time Job


This story is the sequel to my six part series Another Football Season. To find out what brought Peggy to this point please take the time to read that series. Or just enjoy her exploits from this point forward. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. R_U

Peggy takes a part time job.

After Franklin left late that Saturday afternoon I decided a relaxing bubble bath would be just what my abused body needed. His gargantuan sex tool along with the enormous size of his body left me more than a little sore. I poured myself a glass of wine then decided to take the bottle with me knowing I'd be soaking for some time and figuring my throat would need more than one glass to sooth its cock stretched flesh.

I had helped design our rather large master bath ten years before specifying that an oversized tub for two be positioned in a corner of the room with large picture windows overlooking the wooded area behind the house. The raised platform where the tub is located is finished with imported Italian tile. Recessed lighting above is controlled with a dimmer switch and the specially designed windows have glass that allows persons on the inside to have a clear view of what's outside while blocking anyone outside from seeing in so no window treatments or mini blinds are needed. The glass also has an anti-fogging feature so hot steamy baths didn't cause condensation from forming blocking the view of the dense woods outside.

As the tub filled and relaxing bubbles formed on the surface of the hot water I lit candles at each corner of the tub and placed my wine glass on the ledge surrounding the tub. While the tub filled I stood before the vanity gazing at my self in the large mirror. Applying a generous amount of cold cream I removed the make up which I'd applied earlier to entice Franklin to my bed room. Washing my face thoroughly made my skin feel fresh and tight.

I turned the supply of hot water off and went to the linen closet to gather the fresh towels I'd need when I got out of the tub. Wisps of steam rose from the bubbly surface of the water. I tested the temperature with my toes and found it to be perfectly hot then lowered my shapely but sore body into the water and was instantly surrounded with relaxing hot water and strawberry scented bubbles. Every muscle in my body relaxed and began the recovery from an afternoon of being pulled and stretched. Of course there were some internal muscles that would have to recover on their own over the next day or so. I sank down into the hot bubbly water so only my head stuck out above the froth of pink strawberry fragrant bubbles.

With my eyes closed I let my body relaxed and begin its recovery from the events of the past seventy two hours. After several minutes the hot steamy water brought tiny beads of perspiration to my brow and I slid back up a little so I could reach a towel and my wine glass. After patting my forehead with a fluffy hand towel I took a sip from my fluted wine glass. The cool liquid tasted wonderful and soothed the sore flesh in my mouth and throat.

Soothing bubbles clung to the soft skin on my breasts above my rather tender nipples which remained submerged in the steamy hot water. My hands slowly massaged the tense muscles along my shapely legs releasing the tension and the residue of lactic acid that had built up in the fibers.

Outside the autumn sunset was aglow. Warm pink red and purple colors highlighted the evening sky replacing the brightness of the annual change of colors in the woods below. I was in a perfect setting to allow me to clearly consider the options my life had presented the past few days.

Twenty four hours from now Barry would be returning from his weekend football fest with his zombie buddies to have our little talk he'd requested in the note he'd left me before dawn this morning. I figured the outcome of that talk would have some bearing on what path I'd choose with regard to Franklin's discrete business proposition.

I knew deep in my mind that I didn't want my marriage with Barry to end. We'd put too much effort into our relationship over the last fifteen years and to be quite honest with the exception of the period of time during the year that action was hot and heavy on the grid iron our marriage and sex life was pretty darn good. I would certainly expect a sincere apology from him for slapping me last night and I'd be sure to let him know that a repeat of that would end our marriage instantly. I knew in my heart that his anger and the outburst about my shopping habits was brought on by the fact that he'd missed the ending of some silly football game that apparently turned out to be historic in nature.

Barry had never shown the least bit of concern with the amount of money I spent which in my mind was little more than a speed bump in his six digit salary. Lord knows he'd happily put out seventy five hundred to add two cup sizes to my tits five years ago giving his trophy wife the lovely 36D tits I now sported. I was certain that if our talk tomorrow night went well this episode would soon be forgotten and our lives would return to the status quo.

On the other hand I thought if he didn't immediately apologize for striking me and leaving his finger imprint on my wrist or if he was going to continue making an issue of my spending habits then perhaps divorce would be something I'd consider. I felt confident that if push came to shove any divorce settlement would at least leave me with enough income to sustain my current life style quite comfortably. Of course I wouldn't have the trump card of children and child support to fall back on since he and I had decided not to have any kids.

While my soft delicate hands continued soothing my sore body I considered my other options. If I conceded that my spending had gone a little over board recently I could promise to do more window shopping instead of buying everything I thought I needed or liked on my frequent visits to the mall. A smile came to my lips knowing window shopping just wasn't my cup of tea. Somehow I'd have to augment the money Barry would give me as a shopping allowance.

That thought caused me to consider Franklin's discrete business proposal. Mother Nature's colorful end of the day show had nearly faded completely the only hint remaining was the pale sliver of light just above the horizon. Twinkling stars began to light up the night sky like a swarm of fireflies on a hot July night. I reached over the edge of the tub and lifted the wine bottle pouring my self a second glass its sweet contents. My bath water was now little more than lukewarm and the froth of bubbles had all but disappeared. I lifted my toes from the water to see if they had begun to wrinkle which they had but I was enjoying my soak and its affect on my tense sore muscles. I slid down and let my head and face slip below the surface of the water then tilted it back and smoothed my hair along my scalp as I sat back up. The cascade of water over my face felt good and after patting the water from my eyes I folded the hand towel into a pillow and placed it behind my head on the edge of the tub. I had no where to go and no one to see so I decided to relax and soak until the water became too chilly for my skin. I took a sip from my wine then placed the crystal glass back on the ledge of the tub. As I gazed out the window at the twinkling stars in the night sky I recalled Franklin's words. "I run a very lucrative discrete high class escort service." Three words intrigued me most, lucrative and high class. I suppose in his mind and perhaps mine also those words are what separate his business from that of a twenty dollar street hooker standing on some dark corner waiting for her next trick.

Franklin had used all the politically correct words to describe his business but when it came right down to it he is nothing more than a big black pimp with a big black car and a stable of whores. No matter how classy you make her look a whore is still a whore willing to spread her legs or drop to her knees for any man with enough cash to make it worth while. I smiled knowing he thought me sexy enough to sign on as one of his escorts.

I tried to move my thoughts to other things but I kept coming back to the lucrative part of Franklin's proposal. He certainly was being more than generous with his fifty fifty split of an hours charge for the services and the ten percent commission on tips he asked his girls to pay was nothing in the big scheme of things. I suppose others in the same business reverse that and pay their girls the ten percent or give them a lot less than a fifty percent cut. So I had no problem with his proposed pay scale. Besides being illegal the problem I had was I wouldn't be choosing who I'd sleep with. I'd have little or no say in which cock I sucked or which got to fuck my hot box. If I did sign on with Franklin I would immediately be indebted to him for the twenty five hundred dollar advance he mentioned for new high class clothing but as I saw it that would be five appointments and if I couldn't stomach being one of his high class escorts I could end our agreement at that point or so I hoped.

The upside to signing on with Franklin would be that I could capitulate to Barry and tell him I would be a good little trophy housewife from then on and let him keep my credit cards. There was one other huge benefit to becoming a high class escort. I'd no longer have to sneak off to some beer stinking sports bar to try and find some drunken stud to satisfy my growing lust for strange cock.

I decided to call him to clear up a few questions I had. My sexy toe lifted the lever on the tub drain and I stood up and dried my body with a huge fluffy white towel. My toes were totally wrinkly but the rest of my body was smooth as silk and smelling like freshly picked strawberries. I wrapped the towel around my boobs grabbed my wine the half full bottle and scurried off to my bed room looking for my cell phone.

"Franklin speaking." His voice boomed as he answered my call.

"It's Margaret." I replied.

"I thought I recognized the number." He said. "What's up baby? You want another round tonight?" He asked.

I giggled as I reclined on my bed then said. "Oh no...One round with you is more than enough for one day."

"I'll take that as a compliment." Franklin replied.

I got to the point. "I was taking a bubble bath and thinking about your business proposal." I said.

"Yes." he answered stretching the word as he spoke.

I got the impression he was expecting me to tell him and his proposal to take a hike.

"I have a couple questions about the arrangement you have with your employees." I explained.

Franklin chuckled then said. "Ax away Margaret."

I paused for a moment trying to think of the best way to pose my question.

"You still there?" He asked.

"Yes....yes... I wanted to ask you if any of your new girls couldn't handle their appointments." I asked knowing my question wasn't clearly stated.

"You mean were they late?" Franklin asked.

I figured why beat around the bush. "No I meant what if they couldn't handle the sex for tips part." I said.

"Yes and she repaid the final installment of her advance just a couple weeks ago with interest." Franklin said.

"Interest?" I asked.

"I do expect a return on my investment." Franklin remarked.

"I suppose you should." I said then asked another question. "How long does it take from when one of your girls signs on until her first appointment?"

"Maybe a week no more than two. I have to get her into the photographer for pictures then show them to some of my clients." Franklin explained.

"Okay." I said. I wanted to know how much his girls were making on tips which we hadn't talked about earlier so I asked. "If I sign on realistically what can I expect to make on tips?"

"I really can't say exactly but I can tell you that last month my commission from the girls was fifty five hundred." He offered.

"Franklin that's ten grand a month in tips." I exclaimed.

"On average yes. A couple of my girls have five or six appointments a week but I think you can realistically expect between five hundred and a grand per appointment depending on how happy the client is." Franklin said trying not to be too specific.

"And don't forget tips are all cash and tax free." He added. I did a little more quick math in my head. "Let me get this straight. If a girl had two appointments a week and made fourteen hundred in tips we're looking at over a hundred grand a year. Is my math right?" I said.

Franklin chuckled again realizing the numbers finally dawned on me. "Margaret.....My best girl made almost a quarter million last year." He admitted.

"Holy shit." I exclaimed.

"Why do you think I told you it is a very lucrative business proposition I'm offering." He said.

"And you think some of your clients would want to date a thirty eight year old women like me?" I asked.

His boisterous laugh pretty much answered my question but he said. "First of all Margaret never refer to an appointment as a date as far as anyone knows these are strictly business appointments. As far as our clients wanting appointments with you a lot of my clients are sixty years plus. Their not interested in a twenty year old who knows nothing. I can guarantee your appointment calendar will be booked as solid as you want."

"Okay okay I think I'm convinced." I said. "But I have one more question."

"What's that Margaret?" Franklin said.

"What about the cops. Have any of your girls ever been arrested?" I asked.

He laughed again then explained. "The mayor is a client the DA is a client and even the fucking police chief is a client of mine. What do you think?"

"Well you certainly seem to have all the bases covered." I remarked.

Franklin didn't respond immediately I assumed giving me a little pause to think.

But before he could speak I continued with my questions which seemed to be popping up in my head rather fast. "Do I get to meet your other girls?"

"Never." He replied with one word.

"If you're really interested I can give you the internet address of a private chat room where I can upload pictures of them but my employees never meet each other." He explained.

I assumed this would be an opportunity for me to get a first hand look at what he considers a high class escort and I agreed to log into his chat room. I had nothing to do for the rest of the evening so I agreed.

"Okay the URL is w w w dot elegant escorts dot net. When the home page opens click on the link for private chat. I'll invite you into the room as a guest. Ya got that? He asked.

"Got it." I replied.

"After we've chatted you can call me back." Franklin said.

"Okay give me a couple minutes I have to plug in my laptop and start it up." I explained.

Before he hung up he said. "Hope you're good with computers Margaret everything is handled in private chat and via email."

"I'm okay. See you in a few minutes online." I said as we hung up.

The laptop Barry had bought me a couple years ago was in the closet stored away in the leather carrying case he got as an accessory. I had to plug in the charger and wait for a moment until it started up. Sitting cross legged on my bed naked as a jay bird with a stack of pillows behind my back I clicked on the world wide web icon on the screen.

A window opened but I had no idea where to type in the address Franklin had given me. I finally realized that if I clicked in the box that had a WWW at the beginning I could back space and type anything I wanted.

I typed in the information then hit enter. A strange box opened that said Can not find address. "What the fuck." I said out loud.

I studied the address then noticed I'd mistakenly put a space between the word elegant and escort. Back spacing the error out I again his enter and the web paged opened.

It was artfully done with only some basic information. There were links across the top for several options one of which said Mission Statement. I laughed and made a mental note to click that and read the bull shit on that page. The last link at the right said Private Chat.

I clicked on the link and another page opened. At the bottom there were two options One said members join chat and the other guests join chat. I clicked on the link and a chat window opened in the middle of the screen. The first line in the chat window said. "Waiting for Invitation" I sat and waited.

Only a couple seconds passed when the message "Big Daddy has invited you to private chat."

Immediately after that Peggy appeared on the next line.

I typed. "Yes."

The next message from Big Daddy asked. "Who established the U.S. Post Office."

That seemed kind of strange until I recalled my U.S. History in grade school. Ben Franklin started the post office.

"Franklin." I typed.

A smiled face appeared then the words "Hi Margaret."

In his own subtle way Franklin was confirming I was who I said I was.

"Hi Big Daddy" I typed.

I could see how this chat thing could be fun and I waited for his next line of text.

"Let me show you some photos first then we'll chat." He typed.

"Sounds good." I replied happy that my typing skills were still intact.

A smaller window appeared inside the chat box that said. "Big Daddy is sending you a file. There were two options "Accept and Decline"

I clicked on the accept option. The little window got bigger and a head shot photo of a beautiful woman appeared. She was probably twenty five or six years old and had long straight blond hair. Her blue eyes sparkled wonderfully in the picture and it appeared she wore only a clear lip gloss. Her complexion was fair and she had the faintest sign of freckles on her cheeks.

Big Daddy's next message said. "This is Tina.

I replied. "She gorgeous!"

"Besides being an incredible escort polished and refined her specialty is school girl role play. Big Daddy explained.

"I'm not surprised." I typed.

"Click the 'x' in the corner of the photo box." Big Daddy wrote.

The window closed when I clicked the 'x' but as soon as it did another small window opened. I was catching on quickly and clicked the accept option.

It was Tina again this time dressed in school girl clothes. A short flowing skirt and white blouse with knee high stockings and patten leather flat catholic girl shoes.

"That's some outfit." I remarked.

"A favorite of more than a few clients." Big Daddy replied.

"Here's another of my girls." He typed.

I closed the photo window and clicked on the accept option again.

A photo of a beautiful black woman opened. Her hair braided tight to her scalp She had a milk chocolate complexion and very high cheek bones. Her lush full lips were covered with mother of pearl lip gloss.

"Samantha." Big Daddy typed.

"And her specialty?" I asked.

"Look at the next photo." Daddy replied.

I closed one and opened the next. Samantha was standing with her back to the camera. Her long flowing hair extending nearly to her waist. She was wearing the tiniest satin shorts I'd ever seen which accentuated her very well rounded butt. A booty that would make even Beyonce jealous.

I closed the window and typed. "let me guess anal?"

"Bingo" Daddy typed.

Over the next ten minutes Big Daddy showed me photos of his other three employees. All absolutely drop dead gorgeous and each having a special talent to offer their clients.

"All of them are so beautiful I'm not sure I can meet those kind of standards." I typed.

"My photographer is incredibly talented I guarantee he'll be having you not only meet but exceed the standards for my girls." Big Daddy said.

"And my specialty would be?" I asked.

"You demonstrated your special talent this afternoon." He replied.

So he wanted me to be his cock sucking specialist. I certainly fit the bill but I wasn't sure I wanted to escort his clients then in private drop to my knees and suck their cocks.

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