tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPeggy's Real Life Confessions Ch. 01

Peggy's Real Life Confessions Ch. 01


Although most of the stories here are fiction, as I begin this series of narratives, I'll openly admit that none of what you are going to learn about me is fiction. It is truth. It will perhaps give you some insight into the mental and physical workings of a very married mother of two.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been "sexual" and attracted to things that had to do with sex. In my early years, I find it impossible to remember the first time or how many times I went through the "if you'll show me yours, I'll show you mine." Of course, as I grew older, this went from "show" to "feel" and so on. I can remember reading a medical book when in high school that explained the differences in the male and female sex drives, and when the book discussed "the female", it discussed the differences in females. I have always been one "of those."

I started masturbating long before I physically had the ability to reach an orgasm. It just felt good, and I enjoyed playing with and touching my pussy. I remember when I had my first orgasm, I could not believe how good it felt, and quickly wanted to have another and another.

Not to get ahead of myself, but it seems like a good place to add this bit of insight. I am strongly attracted to the male penis. I love looking at them, unlike many women, and I love touching them. Most of all, I like exciting them and making them hard. I especially like the challenge of making shy men hard. Most men seem to think if they "can't get it up" that it is a turn-off for a woman. In my case, it is not. It just presents a challenge that I love undertaking. The two things that a man can't fake... a hard-on and an orgasm turn me on the most, especially when it is over me!

Perhaps it is also a good time to add this bit of physical information about my orgasms too. I am not just multi-orgasmic. I am poly-orgasmic. As the old saying goes, the more I get, the more I want.

Most women, like men, can cum once and then it is over. They have obtained sexual relief and physically, they have become so sensitive that, for a while anyway, they can't stand to be touched any more. I'm not like that. I've often wondered how many other women were like me. In this regard, I also discovered something else about my orgasms that is a bit different.

Several years ago, at age 44, I entered into an affair with a man who enjoyed dominance. I found that I was very much turned on by being a total submissive. As I think about it, this is perhaps because by being controlled, I no longer had to deal with the responsibility for my sexual misgivings. One afternoon, while tied, he started masturbating me. He loved to watch me cum, and especially enjoyed making each successive climax better, deeper, and more lasting than the one before it. I had cum perhaps a dozen times during the hour long session. Then, like most of you, I reached the point of "maximum sensitivity" and could not stand to be touched.

Did he stop? No, he didn't. He took great delight in making me absolutely suffer as his continued to massage my clit and explore my pussy with the vibrator that he kept going in and out of my pussy. I was in absolute agony as he continued, and begged him to stop. He did not. H delighted in my torture, and not only did he focus on my pussy, but included my nipples as well. I truly felt I he was going to destroy me physically, but then something I had never experienced happened. I started to cum again. But, this time, it was very different. It was deeper and so intense that when I started the orgasm, it lasted and lasted and lasted. I started to cry, and this made the orgasm even more intense. When I use the word "intense" that doesn't come close to describing what I was going through!

My inner walls were contracting. My pussy seemed almost in an endless wave of contractions, so tight and intense that I almost stopped the motor in the vibrator. My orgasm, seemed endless. Tears were running down my cheeks, and I was in a physical state I had never heard of or reached before! When the end did come, I nearly convulsed and passed completely out, and lost contact with the world around me. When I came around, the feeling of really deep satisfaction was indescribable! Once over the "sensitivity barrier", I had discovered "the ultimate" orgasm. It scared him to death! He thought he had killed me. All I can say is, getting there was really tough, but once there and past "the gate", it was like a physical heaven, and words can not describe it.

I masturbate a lot when alone. I am sexual enough to where I can cum by just touching and tweaking my nipples, never touching my clit. I am quite an experienced female masturbator, and find caressing my pussy to be very satisfying and something that I must do several times a day. But, try as I might, I have never been able to take myself beyond the "sensitivity barrier" to reach what I now term "the ultimate" orgasm. I have had sexual encounters since then, and now at age 47, I am addicted to "the ultimate" orgasm.

Even as a young girl, I have always loved being watched, especially while dressing, undressing, and while masturbating. There is just something about knowing strange eyes are looking, and that "out there", there is someone who enjoying and getting a physical high off of seeing me naked and naughty.

Several years after we were married, my husband and I joined the swinging wildness of the free 70s. During this time, I was the cover girl several times over for the old, popular swinging magazines that could be found on the top shelf of most news stands. There were articles in these magazines where the cover girl would tell a little about her sexual-self. I have always been an exhibitionist, and opened up with all of the dripping details about being seen and my naughty habits.

One day an unsigned letter arrived from one of the forwarding services related to the Seekers, one of the larger swingers magazines. An article about me had told of my frequent delights as I undressed in front of open motel and hotel windows with the lights on and the drapes wide open.

The letter said if my husband and I were ever traveling I-95 in South Carolina that we should stay in a certain motel. It went on to explain that the motel owner had long enjoyed offering a special room to "promising" couples, and that the see-through mirrors in the room gave a full and unrestricted view to those next door of all that went on in the "special" room. I mentioned the letter to my husband, and soon we were on the way up I-95 to the motel.

I wore a very sexy and exposing outfit, and went in with my husband when he asked for a room for the night. I could see the delight in the eyes of the older man behind the check in desk when he handed us the key to what I suspected was "the special room." He asked us if we happened to be on our honeymoon, and smiled when we explained we were always on a "honeymoon." The old man said that he was sure we would like the room, as it was especially designed for couples, and as close to a honeymoon suite as he had.

Upon entering the room, there were mirrors everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! There was even a complete wall of mirrors in the bigger than average bathroom! The bed was round and king size, and mirrors covered the walls which backed up to the room on the left and to the right. There was absolutely no place in the room where you weren't visible to one of the mirrors.

I noticed when we entered the room that on the left and right of this room, there were doors, but the doors were not numbered like our door was. I quickly realized once we were in the room, that is was exceptionally quiet too. This wasn't for our comfort. I realized later that it was so those watching from the rooms that surrounded us couldn't be heard in our room.

As I undressed, I could feel eyes watching me. You know how you have that second sense sometimes. The whole idea of what was happening really excited me, and I, in turn, excited my husband to where he performed outstandingly during the evening, and when he wasn't fucking me, I lay on the bed and offered exceptional views of myself, masturbating as often as I could stand it. It was a fun evening, and the feeling of being watched by who knows how many made it even more exciting!

About a month later, a small package arrived, again from the forwarding service at the magazine. In the package was a video tape. As I placed the unmarked tape in the player, I was surprised to see that it was of our exciting evening in the motel. Not only were the rooms next door full of truckers and others who enjoyed watching our every move, but they had taped all of my undressing, masturbation, our fucking, and everything else! The note said that the tapes were available at several of the truckstops across the country and that they had been reproduced by the thousands!

This opened up a whole new world of sexual excitement to a born exhibitionist like me, and I will pickup on that part in Chapter Two of my confessions!

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