PenPal Ch. 03


Dear Aaron,

I received your letter today and I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear from you. I got home from work and hurried out to the mailbox like I was a kid waiting to see if I’d won a contest. Inside were several bills (can’t help getting those!) but nestled in between them and my Gourmet magazine was your letter. I nearly dropped every thing on the lawn to rip your letter open but I managed to pretend that it was just the normal, everyday post until I got inside. And then, I dropped my blueprints and briefcase and grabbed a beer before sitting down to read your words.

I am glad to know your real name. I often wondered why you never put your real name in the post but I think I can understand now. Maybe it was because you didn’t want just anyone to have the intimacy associated with knowing your name. Aaron. I can’t help but roll it over my tongue again. It feels right. I wish that I could smile into your eyes and say it. I look forward to that day, Aaron.

I was born in Dallas to a great set of parents. My dad owns his own construction firm and my mother owns a flower franchise. Mom will be 67 next year, Dad will be 72 and I will be 31. I have a sister, Melodi, who lives in Aurora, Colorado and run a catering service out there. My only other sibling, Denis, died when we were kids. He jumped into a quarry near our house and broke his neck. I, of course, was the next male in line and I guess I’ve never lived up to my father’s idea of a ‘man’.

I left home as soon as I could, which was once Melodi graduated. She’s three years younger than I am. I did the university thing and had a good time, but never really came out until I got my first job with a firm in NYC. Back then, it wasn’t a good thing to be gay. I was very careful, though. I always used condoms and never slept with someone I didn’t know well. I’ve had a total of about 8 relationships and one one-night-stand. I don’t really count it as a one-night-stand because it was my sister’s boyfriend, her husband now. I did it on request for a birthday present for him.

Anyway, I weigh about 185 pounds, am 5’11” and have dishwater-blond hair and am pretty much hairless, other than that. Just a ponytail, a blond Van Dyke and that’s it. I like to shave and be clean so … no hair. My eyes are green, leaning towards hazel on dark days and I have dimples. I hesitate to mention that since it’s not a ‘masculine’ thing but I’ve received so many compliments, I thought I’d mention them. I’m leaner than I’m taller. I have one gold tooth (on a back molar) and I wear a pendant of St. George, given to me by Melodi. I’m a slayer of dragons, I guess!

Work was especially hard today. I had to complete a set of plans for the new natural history museum as well as a private set for the mayor’s mother who is building a new house. I had both of them nearly done, but I didn’t pay the attention to them that I should have. Why? Because you were on my mind. I kept thinking about your words, Aaron. Wondering if you’d respond and what you’d say … and then, to see your letter today … I’ve felt like a kid at Christmas and you were my Santa Claus. The gift you’ve given me is beyond recompense. I only hope that I can repay you in the future.


He looked up at Marilyn Jipp, who was looking over a sheaf of construction notes for a client. She had crept into his office, expecting to steal what she needed for her presentation. He had only agreed to return to the office until Adam was out of woods from the bypass surgery and had later found out that he’d been suckered into partially running the office since Lawrence was on vacation. “What, Mari?”

“Do you have the Georgia marble binder?”

“Of course. It’s mine.”

The brunette straightened, her mouth pinched in a tight line. “Then, may I borrow it?”

“No. You can take the page you need. The rest of the binder stays here.” He knew what was going on. Marilyn was only a secretary and she was trying to aid her boss, Lawrence Alcanth, in retaining resources that ‘supposedly’ belonged to the firm. But the volumes of tile, brick, stone, wood and other binders that littered Paul’s office belonged exclusively to him. He had paid for and had partially helped assemble the volumes. And if she’d known that he’d already arranged for the removal of the volumes, she would have been beside herself.

I am sending something for you. You said that I could send the book of my choice, so that’s what I’m sending. Two. One that will appeal to your child-like sensibilities and the other that will speak to your soul. I hope that you will enjoy them.

With much love,


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