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Perfect Little Sub


Author's note:

This story takes place after The Avengers movie and is fulfilling the following request: Natasha gets ass fucked with a strap-on. In my head there's some spanking and a lot of preparation and dirty talk and it's the first time (of many), and the female is Natalie Portman A.K.A. Jane Foster.


"Are you ready to become the perfect little sub?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good... then get in position. On the bed. On all fours. Your ass facing me."

Natasha Romanova blushed a little at the command, yet she obeyed it after murmuring, "Yes Mistress."

The words seem to echo throughout the silent room, the last word sending an undeniable thrill through Natasha's body which shamed her as much as it excited her.

Of course, she'd had Mistresses, Masters and many submissive slaves before. Mostly before she had joined S.H.I.E.L.D. where deep cover missions of that sort were not commonplace. Yet this was not a undercover mission. This wasn't even really a mission. It was glorified babysitting duty. A favour Natasha was doing for a very large, powerful friend. The spending time/protecting this woman part, not the submitting to her part. There was no need for that. No need for Natasha to play this role, no information she needed to subtly extract, no tactical advantage to be made from playing the perfect little sub. Yet Natasha submitted.

"You hesitated. You know I don't tolerate hesitation."

The usually so in control secret agent struggled to remain calm as she felt a soft dainty hand gently placed against her left ass cheek, that hand sliding across those meaty globes in a way few had done, and none outside of a mission.

"Do you not want this?"

"No, I do." Natasha quickly insisted.

The redhead could practically sense the other woman smiling, "What is it that you want?"

"To be yours. Completely." Natasha said, trying not to hesitate as she forced the humiliating words out, "I, I want to be your bitch. Your slut. Your perfect little sub. To let you have every part of me. Own my every hole. Please Jane, Mistress! AHHHH!"

The first slap to Natasha's ass sounded deafening as it echoed throughout the room. Somehow the following slaps didn't sound as loud in comparison, although in fairness Natasha was pretty distracted by the pain of the spanking.

Not that it could even compare to the agony she had received 'on the job', the woman known as The Black Widow very proud of the fact that she had survived the best efforts of some of the most skilled torturers in the world. However this stinging pain was incredibly... unique, and the feeling of humiliation made Natasha feel things. Wrong things. Unnatural things.

Those feelings were amplified thanks to the fact that it was seemingly innocent little Jane Foster who was spanking her.

"What have I told you about using my name when we're alone together?" Jane asked after half a dozen spanks.

"I'm sorry Mistress! I'm so, so sorry. I'm just so excited. And nervous. But I want this, I swear." Natasha promised, knowing deep down she was telling her mistress the truth, "I, I want you to fuck my ass. Please ass fuck me. Fuck my virgin ass. Take my anal cherry with your big hard cock!"

Hearing such submissive words from the dangerous super spy set Jane's core ablaze with desire. It was a struggle not to tear Natasha's tight fitting catsuit apart and bury the dildo that was firmly strapped around her waist deep in between the other woman's ass cheeks. However Jane was determined to maintain control.

"Reach back and grab your tight little suit." Jane ordered.

The top half of the catsuit in question was already pulled down to Natasha's waist, something Jane had taken care of pretty much the moment they had got through the door so Jane could get at those magnificently big tits. That was usually how sessions between them started, give or take a little kissing, although to her credit this time Jane had probably only spent about 20 minutes licking and sucking her lover's big juicy titties before moving on. And what a glorious thing this was to move on too, The Black Widow's final act of submission to her.

Already salivating just at the thought of what was coming next Jane ordered, "Slowly pull your suit down to your knees."

Soon Jane found it a struggle not to literally drool as the most beautiful bubble butt she'd ever seen was slowly revealed to her, the horny dom struggling to restrain herself as she once again placed her hand on Natasha's perfect ass.

"Is this mine?" Jane asked huskily.

"Yes Mistress, my ass is yours." Natasha answered quickly.

"To use however I please?" Jane pushed.

"Yes Mistress, my ass is yours to use however you please." Natasha confirmed before crying out as Jane restarted the spanking.

Jane grinned at how after that initial cry Natasha remained silent, the big tough secret agent using her training to withstand whatever the scientist could dish out. Of coarse the pain in itself wasn't the point, it was that Natasha took whatever Jane had to give without complaint, the super spy who could break every bone in Jane's body allowing herself to be spanked because it pleased her mistress. Jane knew that it was that feeling of submission that made Natasha so wet, the other woman's juices practically dripping down her thighs as the spanking continued.

Seeing that wetness, and the feared Black Widow bent over in front of her, was so rewarding for Jane. Darcy had bet her 'anything' she'd never be able to get Natasha to submit to her, that The Black Widow was a total top who would never be a bottom for anyone. For a while Jane had feared Darcy was right as while the initial seduction was easy convincing Natasha to even let her literally be on top had been challenging. However the more time she spent with the redhead the more Jane truly believed Natasha had a submissive side, and when Natasha finally relented in an attempt to prove her wrong things had permanently changed between them, for the better in Jane's opinion.

Slowly under the force of the blows Natasha's butt turned to a light pink, part of Jane desperately wanting to continue the spanking to turn those beautiful butt cheeks a darker shade of pink, and even red. Jane especially loved it when she spanked Natasha so long and hard that her butt became the same colour as her hair. However as much as Jane really loved watching Natasha's ass jiggle from the impact of each blow, and the sound each strike made, Natasha hadn't been that disobedient and this was supposed to be mostly just a quick spanking to remind the deadly spy who was in charge. Besides, Jane had been dreaming of fucking Natasha's perfect ass since the moment she met this woman and she knew she couldn't wait much longer.

With that in mind Jane abruptly stopped spanking Natasha, spread the other woman's ass cheeks and dived down between them.

The second she was in range Jane's tongue shot out of her mouth and slid over Natasha's ass hole. Jane quickly repeated the process, licking Natasha's butt hole with firm steady strokes. Every so often she would spit on that little rosebud, or press her lips to that cute little hole or the juicy flesh surrounding it, or even bury her face in between those cheeks so she could suck on Natasha's ass hole and simply be surrounded by the gloriously rounded flesh.

Worshipping this perfect ass had become one of Jane's favourite acts in the world, right up there with sucking and getting fucked by Thor's massive cock and being in a 69 with this beautiful spy. However actually licking this beautiful butt hole to prepare it for its first fucking was so overwhelming Jane became lost for several minutes, her scientific mind completely clouded with joy.

Meanwhile Natasha couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen to her. Not that she truly feared the pain of it, but the submission, the humiliation, it could change her forever. Possibly even affect her abilities. After all she had no idea how well she'd function in a fight, or a battle of wits, or some other high-pressure situation after she had been sodomised. Yet she had made up her mind to submit to this, because it would mean pleasing her mistress which was the most important thing to her.

As with a lot of things in her life the waiting for it to happen was almost torturous, although Jane's mouth and tongue working tirelessly on her well rounded ass made the weight somewhat more cope-able. The downside was it managed to lure Natasha into something of a full sense of security. Not that she was taken off guard by an enemy, as always she was prepared for an attack at any second, however this particular attack involved Jane's finger being forcefully inserted into her ass hole.

Natasha stifled a cry as Jane joyfully moaned, "Wow... you're so tight. So amazingly tight."

Feeling herself blushing slightly at the compliment Natasha said, "I'm glad the tightness of my ass pleases you Mistress."

"Oh, it does." Jane murmured dreamily, pausing for a long moment just to enjoy the feeling of the full length of her finger being tightly hugged by Natasha's anal walls before adding, "But it means there's a lot of work to be done if I'm going to get my big cock into this tiny little hole..."

With that Jane began slowly pulling her finger from Natasha's ass hole, almost removing it completely before pushing it back in just as slowly. The process was repeated over and over, Jane finger fucking Natasha's ass with slow steady thrusts.

These small movements stimulated Natasha like never before. Not that she hadn't had a finger in her ass before, however there was normally several fingers or a tongue in her cunt at the time so it was merely additional stimulation, like pouring a little gasoline on a raging fire. This time the finger in her ass was her one and only focus, making the pleasure caused by the anal play far more vivid.

The pleasure only seem to grow as Jane began turning and curling her finger inside Natasha's rectum, randomly increasing the speed over random periods of time inevitably resulting in a hard finger fucking, and eventually sliding a second finger into the redhead's butt. Each of these actions seem to make Natasha moan, Jane slowly loosening her back passage until Natasha found herself longing to feel her mistress's strap-on cock in her ass, regardless of the pain and humiliation it would cause. In fact Natasha found herself aching to feel the pain and especially the humiliation of being sodomised, especially if it would result in similar, or even more intense, pleasure like this.

Even after she was pretty sure Natasha was ready to lose her anal cherry Jane continued finger fucking her bitch's ass. Partly so that Natasha wouldn't just be ready to take a strap-on up her ass, but would physically want and even need to take a strap-on up her ass. However she mostly kept going for her own enjoyment. After all this was the first time she'd been able to ass fuck her physically skilled lover, and while in her mind she wouldn't truly take Natasha's anal virginity until she pushed her strap-on cock into her ass hole Jane was having a lot of fun stretching the redhead's ass.

Ultimately though Jane grabbed the same lube she used to coat her fingers with and prepared to squirt some down onto her dildo. Then she had a better idea.

"Hold out your hand." Jane commanded, and then when Natasha did as she was told Jane squirted a generous amount of lube on that hand. She then moved around Natasha's body so that her cock would be in reach, the whole time making sure not to remove her fingers from Natasha's ass, "Lube up my cock. Make sure it's well coated because in a second every inch of it is going up your big juicy ass!"

Jane grinned as her pet did as she was told, quickly growing onto her shaft and stroking it as if it was real, thoroughly spreading the lubricant all over the strap-on while ensuring the tip got the lions share. After a while Jane helpfully squirted a little more lube on the cock, then just watched Natasha work while lazily continuing to pump her fingers in and out of the spy's butt hole.

Even though she couldn't feel it the way Natasha stroked that fake dick was something of a turn on, Jane imagining if she was one of the many lucky men who The Black Widow had bedded she would have probably blown her load by now. Fortunately that would not be a problem for her.

Several minutes after both her cock and Natasha's ass hole were prepared enough Jane slowly moved back into position behind her lover, pulled her fingers out of Natasha's ass hole and softly but firmly commanded, "Pull your cheeks apart for me."

Natasha blushed. Yet more humiliation. To have to spread her own ass cheeks, to present her ass hole for her mistress, was so wonderfully humiliating, Natasha's entire body feeling as if it was burning with lust as she offered up the only virginal hole on her body for this physically weaker woman.

Jane couldn't help pause to savour the breath taking sight before her. The feared and respected super spy Black Widow bent over in front of her, that tight skinned suit of hers still pooled around her knees, submissively spreading her butt cheeks in preparation for her first butt fucking.

After committing that amazing sight to memory Jane quickly pressed the head of her strap-on against Natasha's puckered rosebud and slammed her hips forwards with all her might.

Natasha only let out a soft grunt as she was robbed of her anal cherry, Jane watching with sadistic joy as the dildo forced its way past The Widow's tight ass hole and entered her rectum.

Then Jane regained her senses. She had never taken a woman's anal virginity so roughly before and initially she regretted it so much she almost apologised. However one of the many things that Jane found so intoxicating about Natasha was just how much she seemed able to take. How much she prided herself on taking. How much she craved it, at least when it came to what Jane had to give her.

So keeping up the hard ass bitch persona Jane quelled the urge to apologise, grabbed a firm hold of Natasha's hips and pushed more of the strap-on into the other woman's perfect posterior.

Almost immediately Natasha let go of her cheeks. Before she could rest her hands down on the bed Jane gave a rough smack to the redhead's ass and asked, "Did I give you permission to let go of your cheeks?"

"No Mistress." Natasha replied softly, quickly returning her hands to her butt cheeks, "I'm sorry Mistress."

For a moment Jane considered letting it go, but deciding Natasha would not want that she ordered, "Let go of your cheeks."

Knowing what was coming Natasha blushed and quickly did as she was told. Sure enough five hard stinging slaps connected in quick session with Natasha's butt cheeks, making the meaty flesh jiggle with the impact. It was not enough to make the flesh a darker shade of pink, but the first strike caused Natasha's ass to clench down painfully on the toy invading it. The following clenches were less effective as a no longer surprised Natasha was able to relax accordingly, however the redhead couldn't deny that the additional pain was far more enjoyable than it should have been.

"Spread your cheeks again, and this time do not let go of them until your Mistress commands it." Jane said softly but firmly, waiting until her sub was once again spreading her cheeks before continuing to enter the other woman's ass hole.

Once the dildo was over halfway inside Natasha's bubble butt Jane began slowly thrusting back and forth, sodomising The Black Widow at a slow but steady pace, every so often pushing more of the strap-on into the wonderfully tight orifice in front of her. Although wonderfully tight didn't even come close to doing justice to the heaven that was Natasha's ass.

Few, perhaps even none, would look at Jane Foster and see a dominant woman who enjoyed butt fucking other women. That fact had served Jane well and she'd had the pleasure of fucking many tight female ass holes, most of them virgin before she got her hands on them, yet none of them had been quite as exquisitely tight as the ass hole belonging to Natasha Romanova. Or at least it used to belong to her. Now it belonged to Jane. That Jane was going to make sure of.

Jane was so close to that goal, but in no hurry to achieve it. Why would she be when at the moment she had such a curvaceous body bent over submissively in front of her, Natasha's hand still pulling apart her meaty cheeks which gave Jane a perfect view of her dildo disappearing into and reappearing from the beautiful little hole that was being forced to stretch wider than it had ever done before for Jane's fake cock.

So Jane finished inserting her dick into Natasha's bottom as slowly as she possibly could, savouring every wonderful moment until inevitably her hips came to rest against those spread cheeks, announcing that finally every inch of the dildo was deep within the redhead's bowels.

Smiling triumphantly Jane closed her eyes to savour the moment, then opened them again and softly sighed, "Ten inches, all the way up your virgin butt... mmmmm, you make your Mistress very proud Natasha."

Natasha blushed at just how happy hearing that made her before submissively murmuring, "I live to please you Mistress."

"As you should, slut." Jane said dreamingly, before sliding her hands to Natasha's ass cheeks, "Now you may let go of your cheeks. Your Mistress wants to inspect her prize."

Again Natasha found herself blushing as the moment she let go of her butt cheeks her mistress began fondling those round globes of flesh, squeezing, caressing and even gently smacking them as she gently resumed fucking Natasha's ass, this time the brunette's hips connecting lightly with the redhead's cheeks with every thrust.

Perhaps the deadliest weapon in Natasha's arsenal was her round curvy figure. It reduced many men to mindless horn dogs, easy for her to manipulate, most telling her everything they knew and giving her time to effortlessly take them down before they even realised what was going on. She often took great pride in doing this, and any man who put his hands on her or said the wrong thing would normally end up on the ground, often with a broken bone or two. So there was something undeniably thrilling about having this woman who she could easily break in two treating her like a piece of meat, Natasha loving how Jane shamelessly groped her ass while fucking it a way many, including her former lovers, would have no doubt killed to do.

Of course it was difficult for Natasha to concentrate on Jane's hands when Jane's dildo was moving in and out of her ass, reaching never before touched places inside her bowels which created these intense sensations of pure bliss the redhead had never experienced before.

Natasha had sodomised many, many women so she knew it was possible to receive pleasure from deep anal fucking. Many of the women she had bedded had never cum harder than when she'd fucked them up the ass with a nice big strap-on. But Natasha's expectations had been far surpassed already, the super spy amazed at just how quickly the pain had faded into pleasure. The pain itself had been nothing compared to the various tortures Natasha had endured during her extremely violent life, and it had been well worth it for the pleasure she was now experiencing, The Black Widow moaning joyfully as she began instinctively pumping herself back against her mistress's thrusts in an attempt to increase the speed and power of her first butt fucking.

Jane smiled at Natasha's wanton behaviour, enjoying the sight of the other woman's big round ass thrusting back at her for a few moments before asking in a scolding tone, "What do you think you're doing slut?"

Realising her mistake Natasha quickly apologised, "I'm sorry Mistress."

"What are you sorry for?" Jane pushed, struggling to keep herself from smiling.

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