tagLoving WivesPerils of Pauline

Perils of Pauline


The Perils of Pauline Carpenter.

You Promise

"Don't get in the way, you hear me, I'm telling you," the skinny tall man picked up his coat as the nice but plain looking woman fussed round trying to help him, "Get off woman, now you understand?"

The woman smiled nervously, "Yes, yes I understand," her fingers went to her lip nervously touching her mouth, mean while he buttoned up his coat, "I don't want to hear that you have been talking or distracting them in any way, they are doing me a favour,"

The two workmen busied themselves unpacking the materials as the woman put rubber gloves on and ran water in to the sink, she muttered to herself, "Honestly I do understand."

The two men tried not to look as he stood beside his wife, "You better understand and I better not hear anything or you'll get another taste of Saturday night only this time I'll mean it," one of the men couldn't help but notice how the woman whinst when her husband squeezed her arm.

He looked at the workman, "Bob, Terry, thanks again, I'll see you in the pub around 8 tonight, settle up then, O K?"

Bob nodded, "O K, no problem," he turned and gripped the door handle but before he turned the handle he looked back at them, "And take no nonsense from her, she will chatter all day if you let her but that's nothing that giving her a good clip, I can't put right."

Grinning at the two men he left. She busied herself washing the breakfast dishes as the two men moved their kit in to the front room. As Terry put the piping down he looked at Bob, "You know she ain't a bad looking woman, wonder what got her stuck with a nasty shit like Charlie Carpenter?"

Bob was busy with a tape measure, "Some woman like to be dominated, and I'll tell you this I wouldn't mind clipping her one."

Terry put his hand up the chimney, "Oh yes, nice body, good tits, shapely ass, take those glasses off and she would scrub up nicely, shit that's not, it fucking is."

Bob looked at him, "What the fuck are you on about?" Terry pulled his arm out pulling a large ball of wadding with it, he did the same again and pulled out more, "You know that borrowed flue that pratt's paying us to fit, well there is one up there all ready, the fucking thing was stuffed up by this."

Bob grinned, "Oh dear, so if we hide our pipe then we can do nothing all day and that cunt can pay us."

Terry smiled, "Why not?"

Just as they started to hide their pipe the woman came in, she caught the pipe sending it clattering to the floor, Bob panicked, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Her head dropped, her hands went to her mouth again as she blubbered, "Oh I'm so sorry please forgive me, please don't say anything, promise me you won't say anything, I'll make us a cup of tea, oh I'm so sorry," she all most bowed as she backed out of the room.

Bob watched her go, as she shut the door, his head slowly turned to Terry, "She's scared shitless, we could do anything if we put a mind to it."

Terry looked up at him, "And as it's going to be a long boring day, would help pass the time."

Bob smiled, "I'll keep her busy you lose the pipe in the back of the van."

Bob waited close to the door; he heard the handle turn and made his move. As she pushed through the door he bent down, she never saw it coming as she tripped over him; the tea cascaded all over his back.

The howling and pain was worthy of an academy award, the woman almost passed out with shock, the word sorry kept repeating out of her mouth, Bob carried on, "Jesus your old man warned us about you, you wait till we see him."

The woman was shaking, "No, no please I'll clean it up, are you burnt, is there anything I could do?" those last five words were just what Bob wanted to hear, "Yes there fucking well is, where's your bathroom?"

Still playing the indignant fury Bob marched past her and up the stairs; she hurried behind still being apologetic. Bobs eyes caught sight of the bedroom to his left as he followed her directions to the bathroom.

Once in there he pulled off his shirt and slung it on the floor, then he did the same with his trousers making no move to close the door, she stood out side.

Bob bellowed, "You, what's your name," a little muted, "Pauline," came from the outside, Bob was loving this, "Get in here and take these clothes and wash them, you can't expect me to work in them can you?" he heard nothing, "I said can you?"

She stepped around and in to the bathroom, her hands again in that characteristic position at her mouth a sure sign of domestic servitude, "No, no, I'm sorry, I'll do them right away."

As she bent and picked the buddle up she pulled them to her, forcing her breast's up, Bob stared as the two creamy globes rose to the top of her dress, he could have dived his mouth in to the cleavage there and then but she turned and hurried down the stairs.

A quick wash and the sticky tea remains were gone. Bob, in just his boxers looked out the bathroom door, down the stairs and saw what he wanted to see, nothing, so he moved in to the bedroom.

He looked around the smart room, the big double bed seemed to take over everything; the posts at each corner and the bar that joined them top and bottom made it look massive, he struggled past the bottom of the bed making for the tall set of draws beside the small dressing table.

He stood silent for a moment, still no sound from downstairs so he opened the first draw, nothing of interest, blouse's, jumpers etc, then he moved down, tights, slips all boring, he moved down again.

As he pulled the next draw open he giggled, "Oh yes, you dirty little bitch," he pulled out a peek a boo bra, sexy panties, suspender belts, and nylons, he pushed around and found more, the draw was full of the sexiest underwear he had only ever seen in Penthouse.

He heard some movement on the stairs, he quickly opened the bottom draw, he stared at boxes, pictures of sex toys plastered on them, he was imagining what was in the box's when Pauline called out, "Bob, Bob where are you."

Bob was about to move when he heard Terry, "You lost him love, he must be some-where what do you want him for?"

Bob heard her stammer, "I, I have his shirt."

He shouted so both could hear, "In here,"

A second later Terry pushed her through the bedroom door, "Here he is," he smiled at him, "What you got there mate, change of clothes?"

Pauline looked in the same direction, "Oh no, please no, you mustn't."

Bob stood up, naked but for his boxers and that left nothing to the imagination of the other two that he was getting a hard on, he dangled a suspender, panty set off his fingers.

Pauline dropped the shirt and tried to get around the bed but Terry was in the way, "Please, stop no, put them away."

Bob laughed at the panic in her face, "No, this is fun, are you wearing something like this now?"

Terry was deliberately getting in her way as she shouted at him, "No, no of course not, I only have to wear them for my husband, please put them away."

Bob's left hand sneaked back in the draw and pulled out the peek a boo bra, "What do you think Terry, be a interesting chat with Charlie, what do you think he will say, me in my boxers and his Mrs showing us these skimpy undies, must tell him how we liked the pink bows"

Pauline stood still, her face a picture of panic, "No, no you wouldn't, you couldn't."

Terry winked at Bob, "Well we might not tell him if we saw you in them," she looked open mouthed at him, "Oh come on just a little fashion show for us no harm it that, after all its your fault we are in this mess and it wouldn't do for Charlie to find that out."

Pauline rung her hands in desperation, "You, you promise you won't tell anyone, I have your word?"

Bob smile grew across his face, "My word is my bond, what about you Terry?"

Terry mockingly put his hand to his chest, "Not a word to a sole, cross my heart," he looked over to Bob, "Pick something real nice for the lady."

Bob rummaged in the draw until he found a black pair of high cut pants, a black and red suspender belt, he still had the black peek a boo bra; the next draw had some seamed stockings, he took the packet out and threw the whole lot across the bed.

As Pauline bent to pick them up Terry said, "With all this lot there must be some high, high heels somewhere."

Turning to the wardrobe Bob opened the door, he caught sight of something in the corner of the robe but choose to keep it to him self; there at the bottom were a pair of red ankle strapped high heeled shoes, the spiked heel was silver and they were, as expected very high, he picked them up and turned, "Now I thought Charlie was a kinky bastard but these are the business."

Bob loved the look of total embarrassment on Pauline's face as he watched the smile on Terry's face widen as he helped her reluctantly pick up the sexy bits of lingerie.

She almost ran to the bathroom, Terry looked at Bob and thrust his hips back and forth, Bob waved his hand and whispered, "Take your time, we will have some fun with her but first lets play her in, like all good anglers never loose the catch when its this close to the shore."

Bob was looking down at the toy draw, he bent and picked up a box, there was a picture of two long rubber cocks bending out of a bulbous end, one cock fatter than the other, "Bet that makes your eyes water?" When suddenly they heard, "You promise now, you just want to see me in my Saturday night stuff and you won't tell on me?"

Both men waited, the anticipation killing them when Pauline walked in, the sharp intake of breath from Terry was almost deafening, it was Bob who couldn't help but speak, "Fucking hell, I knew she would scrub up fucking gorgeous."

She looked at the two men now ogling her body, Bob was quick, "Sorry love, I meant to say you are really lovely, now why don't you come around this side of the bed, let me see them shoes."

He could see she was nervous but he could also see something fantastic. She had taken her glasses off and let her hair down. The brown waves swung around her face. Bob admired the white almost ivory skin colour; the brown hair and skin complemented her pixy like features especially around her slender neck and slim shoulders.

His eyes didn't linger long at her shoulders, the white mounds of her breast's ballooned over the black lace, the bra pushed them up but that wasn't all the bra did, in the middle of each cup was a red star, in the centre of each star a lovely thick rosy pink nipple pointed out.

Dragging his eyes down, Bob could see the rest of her full rounded figure. The thin waistband of the high cut pants was lost under the suspender belt; the black straps ran over her hips and down her thighs, they were topped and bottomed by little red bows as they clung to the sheer dark stockings.

His eyes gazed at the black material, he could see she was bald under the lace; he licked his lips at the thought of a completely hairless crotch and what he would do with it.

She stood in front of him, the dark stocking between the pale ivory skin of her thighs and the red shiny shoes, considering the height of the heels she walked well in them, Bob guessed she had been forced to learn to wiggle her ass as she walked.

Bob was fighting for something to say, something that would not make her any more nervous than she was, he looked at Terry who was nodding and pointing furiously at the back of her.

Pauline backed herself to the wall, "Is that it, I'm going to get dressed, I've done what you asked and you will keep your promise, won't you?"

Bob suddenly realized what Terry meant, "Oh come on, that's not enough, lets see it all, how about you turn around for me."

Pauline shook her head, "No, no that's enough, I'm going to change," she tried to slide along the wall but Terry was there, he moved quick forcing her to stumble on to the bed. Bob was on the bed a second after she fell, before she could move his left hand lay flat on her back holding her down as his eyes surveyed her firm round bottom.

Bob giggled, "Now that's a nice pattern, stripes become a nice ass, Charlie looks like he had a good time, and I've seen the pattern maker."

Pauline put her hands behind her trying to cover her ass, but the high cut of her pants hid nothing, the mass of faint pink criss crossed lines were obvious.

Bob ran his hand under hers, "Please stop that, I don't like it," but Bob didn't stop, "Look at this little lot."

As Terry got closer, he looked curiously at Bob, "What did you mean, the pattern maker?"

Bob slapped Pauline's ass, "Now you be a good girl and don't you move."

Pauline protested, "But I can't I must get dressed, this is wrong."

Bob slapped her again this time it caused a little squeal from Pauline, "If you move before I say, we will be forced to tell Charlie we were shown the remains of Saturday nights fun,"

She blubbered, "No, no you mustn't you promised."

Bob almost giggled, "I'll keep my promise as long as you stay on that bed with that nice ass on view to me and my friend," Bob got off the bed, the giggle became a laugh as he watched Pauline, she didn't move.

As he moved towards the wardrobe he heard a little whimpering voice, "You promise you won't tell on me?" he still couldn't help but chuckle, "That's it Pauline you just do as your told and a promise is a promise," he opened the door and lifted out a small box, put it on the floor and reached in again, this time he turned to Terry, a long thin cane in his hand, "One pattern maker."

As he made the cane whistle through the air, Terry said, "I bet that smarts, does it Pauline, does it sting?"

The men could almost hear a sob as she answered, "Yes and I don't like it, but I have too, I have no choice."

As Pauline was explaining Bob flicked the lid of the box open with his foot, "What's this, ropes, gags, photos?" he bent and picked a handful out photos out. Pauline was quick, she went to move, but Terry grabbed her ankles, "You stay put; remember the promise."

There was panic in her frightened voice, "No, no please put them back, please, I'm begging you."

Bob started to look through them, "Begging a, what have we here that you beg so much, oh yes, I see now why you didn't have a choice, look Terry," he handed a few to Terry.

As Pauline sank her head in to the pillows both men scanned through the pictures, they were of Pauline tied to the wooden bars across each end of the bed, her waist over some sort of rolled up foam bending her so her ass was forced up, some two foot off the bed.

Terry and Bob looked at photo after photo, all of them showing Pauline either naked or dressed in sexy underwear, but mostly she was tied, either on the bed or over it, some standing in various positions, in various stages between dressed and naked, sometimes with ball gags or ring gags, but all of them had the same effect on the two men, especially Bob as he gazed at her bald cunt.

Bob looked over at the bed, Pauline still had her head buried in the pillows, he winked at Terry, bent and picked up two lengths of rope, he tapped his wrist and pointed at her and the bed-head; Terry took the rope and slowly, quietly he slipped around the bottom of the bed and moved to the side, as Bob moved up his side.

Both men made a loop, then at the nod of Bob's head, simultaneously they each grabbed a hand, Pauline squealed, "What are you doing?" it was to late, they had slid the loops over her wrists and dragged her hands to the cross beam.

Smiling down at the terrified woman Bob fastened the hand he had to the cross bar, as Terry did the same Bob sat on the bed, "Now come on Mrs. Carpenter, lets look at the situation, you have got me almost naked, you have dressed in the most provocative underwear, you have let us see personal photos and you have revealed to us your little games on Saturday nights, so what's the matter with us seeing you as the photos show, or shall we ask Charlie?"

Her lovely face looked pleadingly at Bob, "Look untie me, I have done all you asked, I'll keep my promise and you must keep yours, please let me go." Without saying a word Bob got up and surveyed the woman at his mercy on the bed.

He bent forward and smacked her ass, "Lets do a deal, I want to see," he looked up at Terry and winked, "And I'm sure I speak for Terry that we want to see those fine marks on your ass, so tell us to take your panties down and we will see it all then that could be the end of that, promise."

Pauline gasped, "You can't mean it, no, no you mustn't," Bob looked across at Terry, "Oh well suppose we will have to talk to Charlie then, what do you think Terry?"

Terry joined in the fun, "Can't see any other way, just thought she was being nice, seeing as what she had done, but."

Before he could finish Pauline blurted out, "Alright; but you promise, not a word to Charlie but please be quick you can take my pants down, just to look, nothing else." she dropped her head back down in the pillow.

Both men sat on the bed, making sure they were either side of her well-rounded ass. Terry ran his hand over her ass, giving it a squeeze, "mmmm nice a firm," he carried on stroking as Bob slid his fingers under the thin waistband and pulled down.

Bob pulled down hard, the back of his hand trailing over the skin of her thighs then all the way down her stocking clad legs until they were off her ankles. Terry was still squeezing the globes of her ass when Bob started fingering the lines, "Nice lines I bet some of these hurt, did they?"

She was struggling to answer her voice quivered as she said, "Yes some of them did, now will you stop and untie me," but Bob had no intentions of stopping.

"Did you tell Charlie they hurt?" Bob started to tickle across the lines playing more on the lower part of her ass.

Pauline whimpered, "No, I daren't do that I always tell him I like it," Bob slapped her ass hard, she squealed a little, "Ouch, please no."

Bob looked up at Terry, "What say we use this cane and make a few more stripes," Pauline cried out, "No, no he would see them," but Bob carried on, "We could tell Charlie she gave us the come on and asked, no begged us to cane her because she likes it."

Pauline was almost shouting, "No, no don't do that," but Bob had the final word, "We could cane her, then stick that ball gag in her mouth, leave her tied up and tell Charlie all the things she let us do, I wonder what he'd do when he got back to our helpless friend here?"

Pauline pulled hard on the ropes, "No, no god you wouldn't please, please untie me."

Bob picked up one of the photos and thrust it in Pauline's face, "You want us to be nice to you so be nice to us, lets have this pose," in the picture Pauline was naked and on her back, arms and legs tied spread eagled to the four bed posts, with the ball gag in her mouth.

Pauline blubbered, "Why are you doing this to me, I don't know you," Bob ran his hand over her ass then slid it down her hip and pushed it under her until his hand was trapped between the bed and her bold mound, she wiggled trying to move it but all she did was rub more of her cunt in to Bobs hand, "You may not know us but you won't forget us, now what's it to be?"

"If I let you, that will be the end of this, promise it will be the end of this,"

Bobs hand pulled out, then he knelt and undid the bra strap, "Lets have a look at you in that pose before we do any promising," Terry was already untying her wrist.

As soon as Bob had untied his side the two men exchanged ropes forcing Pauline to spin on the bed, her bra was quickly slid down her arms and thrown at the open draw, the main thing on the men's minds was to have her arms retied to the posts.

Once her arms were secured they two men grabbed a leg each and pulled them apart, it was taking Bob all his concentration to tie her leg to the post as his eyes kept wondering to the neat hairless cunt now with the pink inner flesh open to his gaze.

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