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Persistency Pays


Charmaine had been faithful to her boyfriend for 9 months now, although it was more a case of avoiding temptation as opposed to resisting it. Things were a little better with Danny, although still not right.

It was August, and she was in her home town, 2 hours from her boyfriend. She went out with her friend Carla to the bar, something she did the odd time when she went home. The last time she went out with her, though, was over a year ago. By the end of that night she cheated on Danny for the first time.

Charmaine was a beautiful woman, in her late twenties now, 5'4, 130 pounds with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. Once again, her and Carla brought two guys back to Carla's place. Charmaine was more or less just helping her friend pick up, but she noticed the one man, Michael, was very interested. Michael was 6'1, 155 pounds, very lanky, with short brown hair. He was from hours away and was in town for a show he was involved in.

The four of them were sitting downstairs, drinking. Michael couldn't take his eyes off Charmaine. Her hair was down, her makeup was perfect. Her tits were huge in her tight, white T-shirt. She had a tight, thin skirt on that showed all her smooth, tanned legs. Her feet were bare and he treasured every inch of skin he saw.

When she went upstairs to the washroom, he followed her and lingered in the kitchen, fixing them both a drink (making hers strong).

"I made you a drink." he said when she came back to the kitchen.

"Thanks." she replied, approaching him, very conscious of her tingling pussy. She was very close to him when he handed her the drink and he bent to kiss her. Charmaine did not turn away and they pecked lightly, repeatedly. Her pussy flooded as he pulled her close and forced his tongue into her mouth. She set her drink down and put her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately, tongues exploring as he slid his hands down to her ass. He squeezed her soft ass over her thin skirt as his tongue licked hers. They breathed heavily into each other's mouth as his one hand ran up and down her back while the other remained locked on her ass.

After a couple minutes of heavy making out, she could feel a bulge in his jeans pressing against her stomach. He slid a hand around to the front where it found her soft breast. Charmaine breathed into his mouth, cunt buzzing with desire. He massaged her tit with one hand, her ass with the other.

"Are you guys coming down?" Carla yelled from downstairs. Charmaine broke the kiss.

"Just a minute!" she yelled back, smiling. She gave Michael a quick kiss and began to undo his pants. Michael didn't know what to expect as she pulled down his fly. She just wanted to feel his dick. She hadn't felt a new cock in 9 months, she was drunk, she was horny, and feeling a little mischievous. She reached into his underwear and wrapped her fingers around a long, skinny shaft. Her vagina moistened further when she felt it.

She smiled at him teasingly and walked away. He stared at her sexy ass in her thin skirt as she left and he had to stay behind for a couple of minutes to get his boner down.

The four of them drank and drunkenly flirted downstairs for the next 40 minutes. Finally Carla and her man went upstairs to "look at something" in her room. Charmaine and Michael were left alone, sitting on the couch, both of them realizing that their friends were getting laid.

He looked into her brown eyes and moved in for a kiss. She closed her eyes and their lips met, kissing softly. He breathed deeply as he forced his tongue into her mouth. His hand gently grabbed her breast over her T-shirt as they kissed. Her hand fell to his lap, feeling the outline of the bulge in his jeans. She was breathing heavily, needing a cock to fill her, needing to touch his dick again, wanting to taste him, to ride him.

His hand slid down her smooth, bare leg. As they made out, he slowly slid his hand up her smooth, soft leg. Her pussy tingled uncontrollably as she felt his hand slid closer to scratching her itch. As he sucked on her lips, his fingers reached her panties. He couldn't believe how wet they were – and the heat! "Ohhh" she moaned softly into his mouth, opening her legs a little wider. He nudged her panties aside and touched Charmaine's naked pussy lips. "Ohhhh…" she moaned a little louder, her kiss hesitating.

Michael was amazed at the juices flowing from her hot pussy as he ran a finger up and down the entrance. He dipped a finger into her hot hole, she broke the kiss, moaning. He slid his finger far inside her and she clearly wanted more. Her small hands undid his button as he slowly slid his finger in and out of her gripping twat.

Still kissing him hard, she pulled down his zipper. She reached into his underwear and a surge shot through her pussy as she grabbed his bare penis for the second time. Their lips smacked loudly as she pulled his penis out. It was longer than she's used to from Danny – about 7 and a half inches, and it was a little skinny, but she definitely wanted it. As she slowly stroked his manhood, he slipped a second finger into her gash.

"Oh God." She whispered, breaking the kiss briefly. Her hot vagina tightly gripped his two probing fingers as he slid them in and out of her. Charmaine wanted to get fucked. The only thing that would ease this feeling is if she put his dick in her cunt, or if she stopped this. The only way to stop this would be to get him off. She wanted to suck his cock anyway.

She broke the kiss. She tugged on his jeans and he raised his ass, sliding his fingers out of her wet hole. She pulled his pants and underwear right off of him. Michael pulled off his shirt and was left sitting on the couch, long dick standing at attention. Charmaine knelt on the floor between his legs, pussy tingling, looking at him seductively with pretty brown eyes. Then she looked at his cock. She reached out and gently grabbed the shaft, stroking it as she moved her face closer. Her tongue snaked out and she gently licked his bag, small hand caressing the entire length of his organ. She licked up his bag to his shaft. Her tongue slid slowly all the way up his penis. She gently kissed his mushroom head.

Charmaine sucked his fat head in between her lips, sucking loudly, causing him to moan. He watched her beautiful lips slid down his cock until 6 ½ inches of him was in her mouth. She began to slide his penis in and out of her eager mouth, bobbing her head up and down quickly. Michael put his hand on Charmaine's head, guiding her as she went down on him. Slurping noises were so loud, they could be heard at the top of the stairs. 'slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp' went her mouth as she gave spirited head. A couple more minutes of this and Michael couldn't take it.

"Ohhh, I'm cumming.." he groaned. Her wet pussy tingled with excitement as she slid her lips as far as it would go down his shaft. She felt his penis begin to pulsate between her lips and suddenly, hot, thick liquid splashed off the back of her mouth. She struggled to swallow it as more came gushing out the end of his cock. She managed to swallow that as well before pulling his penis out of her mouth. One more load shot out, getting on her nose and chin.

He moaned as her hand squeezed more cum out of his manhood. She licked the cum off the top of his dick, smiling. White cum glistened off her tanned face. Pussy still tingling, she got up and went to the bathroom to clean her face.

* * * * * * * * * *

Charmaine and Michael maintained contact via email. Despite his hints to get together, she kept the relationship innocent (after that first night, that is!), feeling very guilty about her slip up. 5 months had passed since that first night. She had not had a new cock in her in over 15 months.

One phonecall would change everything.

Michael called. He was near her city visiting friends. He wanted to see her. Charmaine was free that night, she was also horny. She made it clear to him that they would meet for an innocent drink as friends. He agreed, so she said yes.

They met at a pub. They talked. They laughed. They had a good time together. That one drink turned into 4 rather quick ones. Her arousal grew, her inhibitions shrunk.

She agreed to let him drive her home. She let him walk her to her door. Each issue she relented on brought her closer to the point of no return. She never really invited him in, she was just too drunk to remember that he was only walking her TO the door.

He sat on the couch and she offered him a beer. She opened one, gave it to him and sat on the couch beside him. She was wearing a tight black blouse that revealed some cleavage, a black skirt, and a black leotard. She wore her hair up.

He set his beer down without taking a drink. Michael leaned toward her and kissed her soft cheek. Charmaine's pussy was moist, but it absolutely flooded when she felt his lips on her cheek. She didn't see the harm in kissing him, she'd done it before! She turned to him and his lips crushed hers. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue inside. Their lips smacked loudly as she kissed him back. She was so turned on as she made out with him.

His hand slid up to her soft breast, massaging it over her shirt, feeling the nipple harden as he felt her tongue enter his mouth. He slid his hand from her breast to her leg. He squeezed her thigh over her leotard and she moaned in his mouth, legs subtly parting wider. Charmaine couldn't control herself. She needed to be touched.

She would suck him off again, and leave it at that. His hand slid up her thigh, feeling heat emanating from her crotch as he approached it. Michael touched her pussy. The juices had soaked through her panties and leotard she was so wet! She moaned, kissing him harder, loudly. Her tongue snaked eagerly into his mouth as her small hand dropped to his lap. She felt his bulge through his pants as he rubbed her slit over her wet material.

"Oh God.." she moaned, kissing him harder, her hand undoing his pants. Charmaine was losing control. She knew even though she was drunk, that if he stuck a finger up her pussy, she would be his. If she only knew how right she was! She had to suck him off so as to avoid this temptation.

Her small hand pulled Michael's skinny, 7 ½ inch cock out of his pants. He moaned as she broke the kiss, stroking him slowly. He watched this goddess bend towards his lap, and he mercifully pulled his hand out from between her legs. She licked around the mushroom head of his dick as her hand rubbed his shaft. She slowly licked down his long skinny pole, and then back up it. She slipped his head into her mouth and sucked. He moaned, his hand holding her head.

Charmaine slid more of his cock into her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down on his dink, slurping loudly. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' filled the room as she gave him a blowjob. For 5 minutes she gave him head, her pussy buzzing uncontrollably.

"I feel too exposed out here, " Michael said, "let's go to your bedroom." Charmaine desperately wanted him to fuck her, so she knew how important it was to get him to cum in her mouth, so she wouldn't be tempted! She knew he couldn't cum if he didn't feel comfortable. She pulled his penis out of her mouth with a 'slurp'.

"Ok." She said, getting up. He followed her into the bedroom. Before she got to the bed, he spun her around. He pulled her close and they kissed hard, tongues exploring as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks over her skirt. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sent her tongue into his mouth, her pussy absolutely on fire. He pulled the back of her skirt up as they kissed loudly, grabbing her ass over her leotard. He slid one hand up to the top of her leotard and slid it into her panties. His hand caressed Charmaine's entire bare ass cheek as they kissed harder, breathing heavily. He slid his hand down her ass and reached underneath her. Her sopping wet pussy sucked his finger inside hungrily.

"Mmmmph…" she moaned into his mouth. She melted, she had nothing left to stop this as he backed her towards the bed.

"We can't have sex." She whispered as he slid his finger out of her panties and lay her on the bed.

"That's okay." He replied, kissing her. He lay on top of her, between her legs. Her skirt was hiked above her waist, and through the thin materials of her panties and leotard, she could clearly feel his long hard cock through his underwear (his pants still being undone). He grinded against her as they kissed loudly, lips smacking. She was gasping for breath, wet pussy on fire as he broke the kiss and kissed down her neck. He kissed her chest, and Charmaine was helpless as he undid her blouse, button by button, exposing her black bra.

He kissed the tanned skin of her cleavage as his hand slowly pushed her bra strap and blouse off her left shoulder. Michael pushed the left cup of her bra down and out popped her nipple. It was very erect as he bent to suck it into his mouth. Thrills shot down her spine, moistening her cunt even further. As he sucked her tit, his hand went down to her crotch. He stroked her over her moist materials, and she rubbed herself against his hand. He grabbed the sides of her leotard and panties, letting her nipple slip out of his mouth.

Charmaine found herself raising her ass, allowing him to slide her leotard and panties down her sexy legs. She pulled each of her feet out of them. She lay before him, legs spread, feet flat on the bed, skirt above her waist, blouse open, wet pussy exposed. The furry triangle of her bush framed her pink, swollen lips. She wanted nothing more than to whip out his cock and jam it into her aching pussy.

He lay on top of her, their lips met again, smacking loudly. He sat her up, pulling off her shirt. Charmaine found herself inches from the huge bulge in his boxers as she let him pull off her shirt. Unable to stop herself, she pulled his cock out of his underwear. Michael's long, skinny cock was at full hardness and she eagerly stuffed it into her mouth, her lips sliding down 6 inches of it before she could take no more. He felt the warmth of her expert mouth around his penis and he gently held the back of her head as she sucked him.

Sucking and slurping noises were very loud as she bobbed her head on his manhood. 'slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' went her mouth as he took off his shirt. Charmaine ran her tongue all around his cock as she gobbled it into her mouth over and over. He slid his hands down her smooth, tanned back and he unsnapped her bra. She continued to give him a blowjob as her bra fell down her arms. Without missing a beat, she tossed it on the floor, freeing her breasts. They jiggled a little as she continued to jam his meat into her mouth.

Unable to hold herself up any longer, she lay back on her bed before him, naked except for her skirt, breasts heaving, pussy aching. Michael lay on top of her, between her sexy legs, kicking off his clothes, first. His lips found hers and she shot her tongue into his mouth eagerly. He could feel Charmaine's naked, wet pussy against his bare cock as he grinded against her. She moaned into his mouth, loving the feel of his long penis rubbing against her hungry cunt. She found herself wanting him to bring his hips back too far and pierce her needy vagina with his powerful rod.

He broke the kiss and she closed her eyes as he kissed down her neck. She breathed heavily as he sucked her nipple. He kissed down her belly, she slid her feet up the bed until her knees were bent and her legs were spread wide around him. He kissed her smooth inner thigh, the scent of her arousal was so strong. Her heart was pounding hard as she felt him kiss closer to her treasure. He kissed her pink lips and she sighed.

He licked from the bottom of her pussy lips, up to the top, tasting her. "Ohhhh…" Charmaine moaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth. He slid his tongue far into her cunt, lapping her juices. She was very close to cumming, her hands reached above her and clenched the sheets as Michael sucked the lips of her pussy into his mouth and licked them. He kissed her pussy once more before grabbing her skirt in both hands. He slid it down her legs and she pulled her feet out of them. She was now completely naked for him, breathing heavily. She needed him in her. She was so fucking horny!

"Do you have protection?" she asked.

"No." he said, disappointed. He hated wearing them. He was standing before her, and she looked hungrily at his mighty hard on.

"I have one," she said, "in my top drawer." Her legs remained open as he grabbed the condom and tore off the wrapper. She watched him slide it down his pole and her pussy flooded again when he knelt between her legs.

With his cock now out of her view, Michael tore off the condom and threw it on the floor.

He couldn't believe he was about to fuck the girl he masturbated about so often! He ran his long dick down her swollen pussy lips. Her heart was pounding, she was squirming beneath him. The head of his cock was at her entrance and he pushed forward.

Michael's entire 7 ½ inches slid inside Charmaine's sopping wet vagina in one stoke.

"Ohhh God!" she moaned. Filled up at last! She has not felt anything that deep in so long! He lay on top of her, pressing his naked body against her, his cock deep inside her, bare – unbeknownst to her. He cherished the feel of her hot pussy gripping his cock. They kissed passionately, loudly, as he began to slide in and out of her slowly. Their lips were smacking, they were kissing frantically. She moaned into his mouth, running her hands up and down his back as Michael slid his long penis in and out of her hole. He broke the kiss and raised himself up on his arms. He began to fuck her harder, watching her tits bounce. She closed her eyes and ran her feet along his legs, orgasm rising. She had a loud bed, and it was squeeking loudly to their rhythm.

Just then, her roommate came home. Charmaine didn't hear her roommate but her roommate heard Charmaine!

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Unh! Unh! Ohh fuck! Ohhh!" she moaned, almost drowned out by the loud squeeking of the bed. 'squeek squeek squeek squeek squeek' went the bed as Michael drove her into it with his thrusts. She stretched her tanned legs above him, almost there as he continued to piston in and out of her horny cunt. "Ohh God! Unh!" she cried, cumming hard, eyes clenched shut. Her wet pussy gripped his naked pole as he fucked her through an intense orgasm.

Charmaine felt weak after such a powerful orgasm but when he slid his long penis out of her wet pussy and lay on his back, she was pretty quick to straddle him. She eagerly grabbed his long dick in her hand and jammed it into her accommodating pussy. She was either too drunk or too horny to remember that he was supposed to have a condom on! "Ohhhh" she moaned as her hungry twat slid down his pole.

Her roommate assumed she was with Danny, so she went to her room and tried to ignore Charmaine's cries.

He grabbed her beautiful ass and helped her bounce up and down on his organ. Her tits were bouncing in front of his face and he let go of her ass and grabbed her tits. He sucked on her nipples as her pussy gobbled up his cock over and over. From behind, one could see the bottoms of Charmaine's feet on either side of his legs, up her tanned smooth legs. Michael's cock pulled her pink pussy lips out slightly, before shoving them back in, over and over. Charmaine was gasping for breath. 'squeek squeek squeek squeek' went the bed to her rhythm.

He could no longer contain his lust. He rolled her onto her back and got between her legs, his dick found her pussy and she sucked him right back in. "Ohhhhh!" she cried loudly. Her lips found his as he pounded her hard on the bed. She moaned into his mouth, raising her feet in the air as she hurtled towards orgasm. Her bed was squeeking loud and pounding hard against the wall, drowning out all other sounds. 'Slam! Slam! Slam! Slam!'

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