tagIncest/TabooPervert? Ch. 01

Pervert? Ch. 01


My stepsister called me "Pervert."

It started when she discovered I was using her panties when I masturbated. She really lit into me and I was very embarrassed. I tried to apologize and promise I would never do it again but she never let me get a word in.

Nearly an hour later, after replaying her tirade over in my mind, I came to the realization that her anger was not because I used her panties to jack-off but because I was slow in putting them back into the laundry basket. She was mad because she could not find the panties she wanted to wear.

I resolved to use her panties responsibly and return them to the laundry basket as soon as my cum covered them.

My stepmother sister and I were a closely-knit family. Dad worked on an engineering crew that erected dams all over the world and would at times be gone for a year. At the time of the panties incident he was somewhere in South America and would not be back for at least six months.

My stepsister married right out of high school and divorced less than two years later. Thankfully there were no kids involved. Before she married the guy I warned her that he was a world-class loser. I had never said, " I told you so", since she moved back home. She appreciated that.

My sister was the cutest girl in the world. She was just over five feet tall, just under 100 pounds, dark red hair, beautiful face, and a cheerful disposition. She was eighteen months older than me and I adored her. I know some guys would not tell their sister they loved them but I had never had that hang up. I often told my sister I loved her and had hugged and kissed her since she joined my family when I was three. She was attending the local Junior College with the goal of becoming a paralegal.

Mom was the cutest Mom in the world. She and her daughter were often mistaken as sisters. The only measurable difference between them other than the nineteen-year gap in age was that Mom had the larger tits. She had a very dry sense of humor that was shared by Sis and me and by her brother and sister. I also kissed and hugged my mother often.

I too was attending the Junior College with the goal of becoming a professional photographer. I towered over my Mom and Sis at just under 6 feet tall, slim, with the body of the swimmer I had been in high school.

I was getting laid on a semi-regular basis but none of my relationships ever lasted over three weeks. My best and longest lasting fuck buddy had been my former sister in law but after the divorce we thought it would be best for family harmony if we cooled that off for a while, hence the frequent self help sessions.

The fetish began when late one evening while caressing my dick in the bathroom I spotted a pair of my sister's thongs that had not quite made it into the laundry basket. I picked them up and immediately noticed they were drenched in pussy juice. I put them up to my face and inhaled her sex fragrance deeply. My dick got as hard as it had ever been and I erupted within a minute to one of the best cums in my life. I was instantly hooked. I took those panties to my bed and a fetish was born.

The bad habit that got me in trouble also started then, as I did not return the panties to the laundry basket for a week. There were times I had three or four of her panties under my pillow at the same time. No wonder she was mad.

I did notice that after my manners improved her panties seemed to be at the top of the laundry basket whenever I looked. However, if we passed each other in the hallway and I had one of her panties in my hand she would always say, "Pervert." She had an amused look on her face each time she said it so I realized that I was being encouraged in my fetish.

About three weeks after her lecture we were sitting on the sofa not watching a boring sitcom. I was in my usual boxer short and t-shirt uniform, she was in her usual mid-thigh nighty with matching panties. My sister seldom wore a bra. She did not need to, her small breasts had presence.

She asked me what got me started on the panties snatching habit.

I related the first incident to her then asked, "Who was the guy you were with? He certainly had your juices flowing. I was surprised I did not find cum on your panties."

"There was no chance of that, I was out with Maria."

I was stunned. It took a giggle from my sister to get my mind back to the present so I could ask the question, " Maria fucked you?"

"Yes, well, sort of. We finger fucked each other. As horny as we were that night there were no guys at the club we would consider fucking. Maria said she would settle for a good kiss and a finger in her cunt so I did that to her. I was so bad. It started as a joke but the second my hand touched her pussy her tongue darted into my mouth and it just went from there,"

"You did this at the club, in public? ".

"Yes and no. The kiss and my hand on her crotch were at the club but we were in the ladies room. We were in her car on our driveway when the real action started.

Maria wanted to leave the club right after we left the restroom and she brought me straight home. Neither of us said a word while driving here. Anyway, before getting out of the car I kissed her again and her tongue immediately went into my mouth. She was moaning. I raised her dress and cupped her pussy with my hand and she went crazy. I soon had her panties to one side and a finger in her pussy. She was so hot I did not want to disappoint her and I kissed and finger fucked her until she had a big cum. I have to admit it was awesome.

I kept kissing her until she came down off her orgasm then she immediately lifted my dress and plunged one, then two fingers in my very ready pussy. Her tongue never left my mouth. She gave me my best cum in ages. We agreed to be each other's emergency service. We have repeated the act three times since then.

I see you liked my story."

She was looking at my boxer shorts that now had a very prominent tent just to the side of the aperture. My sister had a clear view of most of my very erect dick through the opening. She stood and bent over to kiss me, her tits coming into full view through the gap of her nightgown. She lifted my face and gave me an amazing kiss. We had kissed lip to lip all our lives but this was very different. It was a soft, warm, wet, lingering kiss. I felt her tongue briefly caress my lips.

She stood and reached under her nightgown and pulled down her panties, which gave me a brief look at her pussy. Sis pulled my cock out of me shorts and with a flourish she dropped the panties right on my boner and said, "Pervert."

Her panties were wet. Her story and/or the sight of my dick got her juices flowing. I did not make the effort to leave the sofa and jacked off right there. It was as explosive a cum as I ever had.

I had just enough time to wipe my cum with her panties before Mom walked in the door. She may or may not have seen the cum soaked panties in my hand. She may or may not have mumbled, "Pervert" under her breath. She did say, "Hello son, boring evening?" She continued to her room without waiting for an answer. Apparently my sister had related my fetish to Mom.

I went to the bathroom my sister and I shared and placed her cum soaked panties at the top of the laundry basket. After taking a leak and brushing my teeth I headed to my room. My sister came out of her bedroom door on her way to the bathroom and impulsively I leaned over and gave her a kiss just like the one she had given me earlier. I gently caressed a breast with the palm of my hand and felt her nipple jump out. As I resumed the trip to my bedroom I heard her say, "Pervert."

"Just remember the pervert loves you," I said.

I was up early the next morning as I was assisting on a photo shoot. After showering and shaving I picked up my underwear off the floor to put in the laundry basket and noticed that my sisters cum covered panties were gone. As soon as the thought that my sister had taken them back to her room last night formed in my brain I had a major hard-on. I did not dare be late for the assignment but I needed to jack off quickly.

There where no panties in the basket.

I went towards my sister's room thinking I might borrow one but bumped into Mom in the hallway. She was wearing a nearly see-through nighty and her gorgeous tits were clearly visible which made my dick even harder.

She said "Good morning" as she opened her daughter's bedroom door and allowed herself in. Just as she was closing the door she noticed the prominent hard-on under the towel around my waist. She stared at it longer than I would have expected before she closed the door behind her. Again I thought I heard her say, "Pervert."

In a flash I ran into Mom's room and to the laundry basket in her closet. Jackpot, right on top, the panties she had probably worn the night before. I started masturbating while still in the hallway and spewed nearly as soon as I closed my bedroom door behind me.

I made it to my assignment on time but did not learn much from it. My mind was on the two women in my house.

That next weekend was rainy and cold but Mom, Sis and I had nothing that required our presence or time elsewhere so we spent the entire weekend lounging around the house. I never wore anything other than my boxer shorts and Mom and Sis wore their mid-thigh nighties. Several times that Saturday the sight of them would give me a boner that had to be beaten to death.

They noticed.

During one of my emergency trips to jack off in my bedroom I found a pair of panties on my pillow. They matched the gown my sister was wearing and I assumed they had just been removed from her body. They were warm and wet. Apparently I was not the only one that had to take some masturbatory time that day. It did not take long for me to cover them with my cum and on my way back to the living room I deposited them on my sisters bed.

Later that evening we were watching a soft porn movie on cable. I was prone on the floor, (partly to conceal another hard-on), Mom was in the recliner, and my sister was lying on the sofa. Their reflection on the TV screen told me that their hands were at times straying to their tits and pussies.

The movie took and implausible turn and I started to make disparaging remarks about it. My sister told me to keep my opinions to myself. I said, "Make me."

Quick as a flash she jumped from the couch to the middle of my back and tried to twist my arm behind me. I rolled over and partially dislodged her but she managed to sit on my waist and tried to pin my arms on the carpet. I was strong enough to just push her straight back, her body sliding downwards over mine. Then the world stopped.

During our wrestling my dick had completely escaped its confinement. My sister did not have any panties on. My dick was slowly sliding along her pussy lips.

Outwardly our struggles continued although much more gently. Under her gown my dick was slowly penetrating her pussy. Her pussy welcomed it. We both softly moaned on complete penetration. All motion stopped. My sister slowly raised her upper body and let go of my arms.

"Give?" she asked.

"Give" I said.

Her cunt muscles squeezed my dick. My dick gave her pussy three hard twitches. She lowered her head to me and gave me another sweet, sexy kiss. We remained in that position for a few seconds more, then, aware of our mother's presence, Sis broke the kiss and gave my dick one more pussy squeeze while whispering, "Pervert" in my ear. As she slowly started to get up I reached under her and tried to stuff my dick back into my shorts before it came into our mothers view. I was only partially successful.

My sister left the living room and seconds later Mom started to follow. Mom stopped suddenly and stared at my still very hard, pussy soaked dick. She lifted her gown and pulled off her panties. Whispering "Pervert" she dropped her panties on my dick then walked out of the living room.

I jerked off right where I was on the living room floor, my mothers wet panties on my face until I covered my cock with them and shot my cum.

As I staggered down the hall I noted Mom was not in her room. I placed her panties on her bed. My sister's bedroom door was closed. I stopped to listen, half expecting Mom to be in mid lecture to my sister. What I heard were moans. It sounded like they were having sex.

I collapsed on my bed and slept soundly.

My sister awakened me in the morning. She was telling me breakfast was ready. I was naked on top of the covers with my normal morning woody. When Sis saw I was awake her hand trailed from my shoulder down my body until she had my dick in her hand. She caressed and squeezed it then left the room.

I left masturbation out of my morning routine and I still had a hard-on when I went to the kitchen. I gave my sister a "long term lovers kiss" which she returned in kind. She pressed her body to my erection. I gave my mother the same kiss but she was reserved in her acceptance. Still, she did accept it and had shown no reservations about the kiss shared by her children. She did not press into my dick as her daughter had but she did not pull back either.

The morning went by normally, or as normally as it could go with the heightened sexual tension. It became obvious early on that neither my sister nor mother had panties on. My dick escaped from my boxers several times but neither seemed to be bothered by that. I gave each several soft kisses, running the tip of my tongue along their lips. Mom accepted my kisses; Sis returned the kisses in kind. Each kiss to my sister was accompanied by a tit caress. Several times her hands softly traced the outline of my dick and once it was she who put my escaped dick back into my shorts, although not before giving it a soft squeeze.

Mom was witness to all of this but made no acknowledgment of it. She did increase the frequency and depth of the kisses she shared with her daughter.

While watching a special weather report on TV my sister sat on my lap while I was sitting on the sofa. She maneuvered her butt until my dick was out of my shorts then positioned her pussy over it. The head of my cock parted the lips of her pussy and we held that position all through the news report. As my dick grew it penetrated deeper into her pussy. I was positive Mom knew exactly what was going on under my sister's gown.

Mom asked Sis to come to her room for a minute and left the living room. Sis turned her body towards me, and while kissing me she slid my dick completely into her pussy. Three slow, delicious strokes later she stood to leave. My dick was fully exposed, covered in her pussy fluids. She kissed me then kissed my dick and went to our mother's room. I jacked-off immediately.

As I walked by Mom's room later I noticed that the door was open and they were in quiet conversation. The only word I picked out as I walked by was "brother". Somehow I did not think it was about me.

Later in the afternoon Maria came to visit. Maria had always kissed Mom when she came in the house but it was not until that day that I noticed they had become full lip kisses that lasted longer than would seem appropriate. Mom's hand cupped the side of one of Maria's breast. Maria's hand was on Mom's ass. My sister had one hand on Maria's ass, the other on Mom's. I had an instant hard-on. All three acknowledge it with a look before retreating to the respective bedrooms.

I went to my room and busied myself with a Power Point show of my photographic work that was going to be the final exam in one of my classes. I allowed my dick out of my boxers and caressed it while choosing what was going to be included in my presentation.

Thirty minutes later the skies cleared and Mom became restless. She decided to go out and visit her brother, our uncle Ray. She came to my room to say bye and she gave me the soft tongue caress kiss I had been giving her for days. Her hand stopped just short of touching my dick, rubbing my lower abdomen instead. My disappointment may have been obvious because Mom suddenly gave me a semi-lustful kiss and gave my cock a soft squeeze before bolting out of my room.

Saying bye to the girls took her about five minutes but then she was gone.

Perhaps an hour later I heard the girls knock on my doorframe, (my door was open), and come in. Maria was leaving and she wanted to say goodbye. I was at my desk so I did not bother putting my dick back into my shorts. The idea of both of them in my room when I was exposed was exciting.

I had known Maria for a long while. She had been my sister's best friend since Junior High and had been the maid of honor at her wedding. Because she was my sister's friend and older than me I had not had many dealings with her but her large tits and heart shaped ass had always fascinated me. I had lusted for her for years.

That was why I was shocked when she leaned down to me and gave me an open mouth, tongue diving, wet kiss. I was paralyzed when in mid kiss she reached down and gave my dick a squeeze. I was not overly surprised, however, that her kiss tasted and smelled of pussy.

The next surprise came when my sister said, "Here, presents." She handed me two soaked panties. Sis then gave me a full, open mouth kiss that also smelled of pussy and she also squeezed my dick.

"I'll be back in a minute," she said.

As soon as the girls walked out of my bedroom I moved to my bed and was soon nude, sitting up against the headboard, gently stroking my dick with the panties. In a short while, after seeing Maria out, my sister returned to my room. I asked her to sit with me and tell me every detail. She swiftly removed her gown and sat at the foot of my bed as naked as I was.

"It was so great" she began. "We had never done anything except finger fuck and had never been naked in bed with each other until today. In the middle of our first kiss she took my nightgown off and dove at my tits. I tried to get her clothes off as fast as possible but found that she had planned today well. Her dress fell off after undoing just one button. She was bra-less. She pushed me onto my back on the bed and kissed her way to my bare pussy. I could tell that mine was her first but it took me just seconds to direct her to the right spots.

She ate my pussy like she had wanted nothing else for years, which turned out to be true. After giving me three big orgasms in a row I was getting tender so I pulled her up and onto her back and gave her tits all the love I had been holding for them forever. I love her tits.

Mom walked in on us at that time. She apologized for disturbing us but she wanted to say bye before going out to see Uncle Ray. Mom gave me a very fine full tongue kiss right in front of Maria then gave her a full tongue long lasting kiss. While Mom was kissing Maria I went back to work on her tits.

With Mom kissing her and my mouth on her tits and my finger in her pussy Maria skyrocketed into an intense orgasm. We waited for Maria to come down then Mom and I shared her tits until Maria was squirming again so I slid down her body. Mom gave Maria one last kiss and left as I was burying my face in Maria's pussy. I gave her pussy my best effort, using every trick Mom taught me."

I stopped listening for a minute after her last statement. Whatever doubts I had about the relationship between my mother and my sister were gone. My mother and sister had apparently been lovers for some time.

As I resumed listening she was saying, "So after I told her about my providing you with panties to jack-off with she immediately agreed to let you have hers. She insisted I put some on while we played so we could give you two at once. She licked my pussy through the panties, that's why mine are so soaked.

By the way, she said she would fuck you anytime, anywhere."

At this stage of the conversation we were sitting side-by-side and masturbating furiously. I said that telling me I could fuck Maria after she left was not good timing.

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