tagMaturePhotographer Ch. 01

Photographer Ch. 01

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Photographer Greg & Teacher

Greg Johnson was arguably the best junior photographer of all times. When he was in Junior High School he started photographing all the senior high games in every sport. His eight grade class had a show where any student could display his or her art. He made a display of his action shots for his entry. He not only won the blue ribbon, but the yearbook committee asked him if they could use his photographs for the school yearbook.

The principal was considering creating a separate booklet with each of the teacher's pictures and biographies. Greg jumped at the chance to photograph the teachers and amazed everyone with his results. His pictures seemed to capture the personality of each teacher. They all wanted to know if they could get copies and enlargements for their families. Since he did not own reproduction equipment, he had to take them to a photo processing company and was not personally satisfied with the quality, but everyone else felt they had the best pictures of themselves that had ever been taken.

The following year, the yearbook committee asked him if he would take all the school individual and group pictures. They said they would pay him the same thing they had paid the professional company the previous year. This was his dream come true. With the money he would earn from this project alone, he could purchase his own processing equipment. His father helped him write a business plan and co-signed for a loan at the bank. The room recently vacated by his older sister when she went to college became his processing plant and office.

Mrs. Blair, one of the teachers contracted with him to photograph her daughter's wedding at the going rate for a professional photographer. When he got to the house for the family pictures prior to the wedding, the bridesmaids and bride wanted some pictures taken as they were getting dressed. At this point, he was in the tenth grade and had never seen a girl other than his sister in her underwear. They wanted pictures with them all standing together in their underwear, stockings and high heals. They posed in several different positions and he was so nervous, he could hardly hold the camera. They told him to relax and just pretend they were in bikini bathing suits. He received five more engagements to photograph weddings from referrals and people who had seen his work.

One of the bridesmaids was an aspiring model and asked him if he could do a photographic portfolio for her to use with modeling agencies. He didn't really know what that was, but he agreed to do it. As soon as he got home from the wedding, he started to research what would be needed and got all the supplies. The bridesmaid not only got a job modeling, but the agency asked him to be their exclusive photographer for promotional material for their agency. After having his father review the contract with an attorney, he agreed to not work for any of the agencies competitors. The retainer they paid him completely paid off his initial equipment loan and also provided the money for a portable studio.

During the rest of his senior high school years, he became so well known, that he actually had to refuse many engagements, just to be a student and have some social life. The day of his graduation, Mrs. Blair asked if he would be willing to do a special project for her. He accepted without hesitation. He still had the pictures he had taken of her at her daughters wedding. He thought she was the most beautiful woman at the wedding. She had no idea how many pictures he had taken of her that day from every angle. One was a close up of her licking her lips to remove the cake icing from her upper lip. He kept that one in his bedside drawer and looked at it as he masturbated, imagining that it was his cum that she was licking off her top lip.

When he arrived at Mrs. Blair's house, he was shocked at how she was dressed. Her hair, that was usually up in a bun, was flowing down around her shoulders. She was wearing a white, almost transparent, shirt tied around the waist to expose her stomach leading down to very short shorts. The shirt was unbuttoned low enough to expose a half bra that pushed her breast up showing everything but her nipples. She invited him to follow her into the kitchen. Following her was definitely a pleasure as she was wearing spike heals that made her long legs look gorgeous and she swung her ass evidently for his benefit. This was really a shock, since her school was attire always very reserved and proper with her hair up in a bun.

Mrs. Blair offered him a glass of iced tea and invited him to sit on the stool beside her. "What did you do with all the pictures, you took of me at my daughter's wedding? I only saw a few of them in the photo album and the proofs that you showed us." His face got suddenly red from embarrassment and he didn't know what to say.

Knowing he had been found out, he simply said, "You were the most beautiful woman at the wedding that day. I didn't mean to be so obvious.

Mrs. Blair reached out and laid her hand on his leg and smiled as she said, "I was very flattered. You made me feel pretty and maybe even a little sexy. When I saw you had your zoom lens focused on me, I really was a little naughty as I licked the icing off my upper lip. How did that shot come out?"

Greg turned red again and without thinking blurted out, "It was the best shot of all, I have it in my dresser drawer beside the bed."

Moving her hand higher on his leg she asked, "Why do you keep it there?" Greg started to get an erection, and now it was full blown and with one more upward move of Mrs. Blair's hand, she would be holding it. He started to panic, not knowing what to do or say.

She smiled and said, "That's ok, I am really flattered now and I am pretty sure I know why it is there." With that she moved her hand up and actually patted his erection a couple times before standing up and retrieving a notebook from the counter. Greg thought his balls were going to explode.

She fixed them each another glass of tea and asked Greg to join her in the den. When he stood to move to the den, his erection was more than obvious. Mrs. Blair simply smiled and licked her upper lip. He had no idea what was coming next. This was truly the weirdest day of his life. Although there could have been sexual contact with some of his customers over the last couple of years, he had decided he needed to keep it totally professional to avoid any possible lawsuit or rumors that would hurt his business.

"Let me tell you about this project and the possible payment upon completion. But first let me tell you about why we are doing this project. My husband and I have been married for 22 years and I have never been unfaithful to him. The most I have ever done was to give another man a kiss on the cheek or a hug in a public surrounding. On the occasions when men have hit on me, I let them know in no uncertain circumstance that only one man plays house with me."

"I was the homecoming queen and Dave was the captain of the football team. We rode together on the back of a convertible for the parade and each fell in love with the other that day. Dave invited me to the Junior / Senior Prom. After the party about six couples went to his parent's lake cottage for an all night party. His parents were very wealthy and this cabin was much bigger than this house and just happened to have six bedrooms. I didn't realize this at first, because we went into the living room, put on some music and started dancing. The maid, who was leaving just as we arrived, had prepared a wonderful assortment of food and drink. We ate and drank and couples started making out pretty heavily. At some point I realized there was only one other couple left in the room, I asked Dave where everyone was. "

"Dave said, 'I will show you,' and led me to a bedroom and closed the door behind us. He could tell how nervous I was an assured me everything was ok and that we could just make out in private. I was a virgin and planned to stay that way for a long time. He put on some soft music and our making out became pretty hot and heavy."

Mrs. Blair paused at that point in the story and Greg, who was just about to drop a load in his pants asked, "So what happened next?"

"Somehow during our making out, Dave had managed to remove most of his own clothing and was working on getting my clothes off. When I resisted, he said he just want to see what I looked like naked. Of course when our bodies came together, the hormones kicked in for each of us. I had always been told that you couldn't get pregnant the first time you had sex, so I decided to give myself fully to him that night and make arrangement for birth control when I got home. We really were in love and I was sure we would get married some day.'

"As soon as I missed my period, I got tested and sure enough I was pregnant. He asked me to marry him and we had a church wedding with all the trimming two weeks later. Fortunately, Sarah was over two weeks late arriving, so we told everyone she arrived early. Right after the wedding, Dave's father had given him a summer job at a plant in another state and in the Fall we left for college and lived off campus in a huge house his father bought for us. By the time we arrived home at the end of the next summer, no one knew about our out of wedlock child. In fact, Sarah doesn't know and please never mention this to her."

"Wow, that is an amazing story. I guess you weren't kidding when you said your husband's family was rich. Looking around at this property and remembering the size of the wedding you gave Sarah, it looks like you and Dave are doing ok yourselves. "

"Financially, we are doing better than ok. His parent's were killed in a plane crash shortly after Sarah was married. The pictures that you took of them at the wedding are the last pictures they ever had taken. They were wonderful in-laws. Dave inherited his father business and is now the CEO of a huge conglomerate with companies all across the country and around the world."

"You probably wonder why I teach school, if our family is so wealthy. The answer is that I love it. When Sarah started school, I went back to school and got a masters in educations. When money isn't important, you can do what makes you happy."

"I have been very happy up until about twelve months ago. Our sex life suddenly went from occasionally to non-existent. We never had excessive sex, just the famous missionary position with me occasionally getting my way and being on top. We have never had oral sex because he thinks respectable people don't do those things. I can't believe I am talking to you about my sex life. You probably think I am crazy."

"I don't think you are crazy and I can't imagine anyone not having sex with you all the time. I am not sure that sounded right, but I know if you were my wife, I would want to love you in every way possible. What happens when he sees you in this outfit?"

"He has never seen this outfit. I bought it special to meet with you. I was hoping you would like it" she said as she untied the bottom of the shirt and unbuttoned the final two buttons exposing the sheer half bra. Greg could see the nipples pushing against the sheer material of the bra. He really began to wonder what was going on.

Greg started to laugh and said "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson?" For those too young to remember, that is a line from the movie, the Graduate.

"You might say that. Actually, I just want you to see what is available to you upon completion of this project." Now Greg was the one licking his lips and struggling to keep from embarrassing himself by shooting a load of cum in his pants.

Fortunately Mrs. Blair went back to telling the story. "About the same time the sex stopped, Dave started staying up late after I went to bed. One night a few months ago, he got an emergency call that one of his buildings was on fire. He forgot to turn off his computer before he left. When I came down, I found he had been in a porn chat room. I read back through the messages and couldn't believe what I saw. I checked the history on the computer and went to the different sites. Most of them wanted passwords, so I looked around his desk and finally picked up the pen and pencil holder and found a name and password taped to the bottom. He didn't return until late the next day. I had set the computer back to the original chat room and pretended I didn't know anything."

Another night he came home late and missed the hamper when he took off his shirt. Since Maria, our maid, does the laundry, he probably didn't think anything about the lipstick on the collar. Another night there was lipstick on his jockey shorts. I have followed his several time and have observed him meeting women in a restaurant and followed him to motels and seen women opening the door and greeting him. One time the woman was totally nude."

"He has no idea I know anything. I have the best divorce lawyer money can buy. The papers are ready to file and I plan to take him to the cleaners. Since he inherited everything after we were married, half of everything will be mine. My attorney has advised me which companies and properties I should take. We own four homes. One is in Malibu, one is in Tuscany, Italy and the other is the cabin where we went on the prom night. I am taking the homes in Malibu and Tuscany. I have already given my notice that I will not be returning to school next year. I will be busy as the CEO of my companies."

"The only thing the lawyer wants is at least a dozen incriminating photographs with multiple women in compromising situations before he files, so it will be a slam dunk. That is where you come in. You are the best photographer I know. The more married women you catch him with, the more reason he will have to not allow the photos to go public."

"Before you give me your answer, let me explain the payment terms. For any picture that you take of him having sex with another woman, I will offer you sex in the same position you photograph the two of them of them performing. If he is getting a blow job, I will give you a blow job. If he is ramming his cock up her ass, I will offer my ass for your pleasure. With that she took off her shirt and took off her bra. Her breast jumped free and the nipples stood straight out. Are you interested?"

That shot Greg over the top! As he came and cum ran down his leg, he shouted, "Yes!" He fell back in his chair exhausted and wondered if he was dreaming.

Mrs. Blair laughed and walked over to Greg. She unzipped his pants, reached in and got some of the cum and returned to her chair. She put the cum on her top lip. Looking right at Greg, she licked her top lip and asked "Is that what you imagine as you look at my picture when you jerk off? The bathroom is at the top of the steps if you would like to take care of the rest of that massive load you shot off in your pants."

"Thank you" Greg said as he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Greg thought things like this only happened to people he read about on Literotica and he always figured most of those were just made up out of someone's imagination. He likes the stories in the Mature section, because he is more attracted to older women which is the reason he always thought about Mrs. Blair whenever he was masturbating.

When he returned to the Den, Mrs. Blair was redressed with her shirt tucked into her shorts. She asked Greg to come with her to her office. She sat at her desk and motioned for him to sit in the side chair. Putting on her glasses, she was suddenly very business like. She handed him a Major credit card with his name on it and said. "This is for you to use to buy suits that you will need to have for dining in the finest restaurants. Dave only dines in the finest. I hope you have a young lady friend who would like to dine with you. You may also need to purchase surveillance equipment Here are the keys to a new SUV with tinted windows in the rear. It is yours to keep. It has been registered in your name. You will need this Blackberry and laptop computer for written documentation and to contact me with your progress notes. Here is an envelope with $10,000 to assist with gaining cooperation from motel night clerks. The final thing you will need is this notebook with all his addresses of his business locations and the motel and restaurants that I know he frequents." I would like to have this completed within a month. And then she winked and said, "Of course as soon as you have the first picture you can contact me to set a time for your first installment. In case your parents want to know who you are working for, you can give them the attorney's name. Here are your business cards. His staff has been told that you will be doing some investigative work for them." Mr. Barker's personal secretary, Amy, knows all the details, so you can rely on her for details or make any arrangements. If you need to replenish your $10,000 cooperation account, you can simply get cash from the American Express Card. She handed him a set of keys to the other three homes and told him the security codes were in the notebook.

As he sat there and looked at everything with his name on it and the envelope with $10,000 he couldn't believe it. Mrs. Blair watched as he looked through the names in the book and saw his mouth drop open when he came to the name of the mayor's wife. She said "I would really like to see her getting it up the ass. She snubbed me recently at an event."

"You were really sure I would do this weren't you."

Mrs. Blair just smiled and licked her upper lip. She of course was absolutely right. Who in their right mind could refuse this beautiful woman?

As Greg started to leave, he suddenly wondered about Sarah and asked Mrs. Blair how Sarah would react to the divorce.

"Oh, she is all for it. She actually knew before I did. Both she and her husband have seen Dave with other women at more than social events. Sarah happened to be at a conference where Dave showed up with a woman on his arm and got into the hotel elevator. It was a glass elevator and Sarah actually saw them in an embrace in the elevator. She called me and asked if I knew where her father was? I said no, and she replied that she knew. She said this was the third time that she had seen him and it broke her heart. She always looked up to Dave as a hero. After the divorce is final, she is going to inform her father that she wants this house. She will probably get it since it was the mayor's wife in the elevator with her father"

As they walked to the door, Greg put his arm around her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "I am really sorry this is happening to you."

"I am too, but he is not going to get me down. Of course I imagine you will be getting me down quite frequently." With that she gave him a peck on the cheek and reached down and ran her hand under his balls, giving them a little squeeze. With that she opened the door and said "Thank you for stopping by, it will be a pleasure doing business with you." The door closed behind him and he walked to his new car. He placed his bike in the back of the SUV and drove toward his house.

After she closed the door, Martha Blair watched her young stud walk to his new car. She wanted to call him back and have him ravage her right now. She couldn't believe the size of what she had touched and the size bulge it had created in his jeans. Since she had never been with another man, she had always assumed that here husband's dick was average. According to what she saw on the porn sites and what she had just felt, her husband was definitely in the small category. She licked her lips again as she thought of the new depths in her body that would be reached by Greg. She walked back to her office and signed on to a her favorite porn site using her husband's sign on name and password. As she watched a woman inhale a huge cock, she dreamed of the day she would have Greg's cock in her mouth. She watched carefully so she would know what to do when the opportunity arose. As she watched, she unbuttoned her shirt and started to massage her tits, pushing the bra out of the way. She pinched the nipples and pretended it was Greg biting them. The man on the screen, exploded a big load and the woman swallowed every bit of it. Then they traded places and the man began to focus the attention on her pussy. Martha unbuttoned her shorts and ran her finger up and down her slit before inserting it inside her body. She thought, "Fuck you David M. Blair, you have only yourself to thank for the fucking you are about to receive."

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