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Photographing An Indian Celebrity


I am a great fan of Sonali Bendre, India's sexiest actress, I have seen all her movies and feel that she has the sexiest body, here's one of my Fantasy about Sonali.

I am a photographer and photograph Models, Actresses and Sonali is a friend as I have done some of her portfolios, she calls me one day and comes to my studio for some private and sexy photographs. She's wearing a real micro mini and a short top.

She wants some real sexy photographs, to be given to some of her new producers & directors, I ask her to pose as she is, then I tell her to pull down the chain of her top, she does it a little and I am not happy, I go and pull it down a lot more so that her lace peach bra is quite exposed, I take some more photographs and then I ask her to remove her top completely she removes it and I photograph her in her bra through which her sexy tits are quite exposed.

I then ask her to lower the bra, she does a little, then I go to her and lower it further till her nipples are out, she tries to object but I do not listen. I now ask her to remove her bra and again she is reluctant, I go to her and remove her bra completely telling her that what her producers want to see is her flesh, her breasts are now exposed, as I am removing the bra my fingers brush across her nipples and I notice that they have become hard. Her boobs are real sexy, they are not very big but there is absolutely no sag. I am feeling horny and tempted to hold and finger them, as I did while photographing Mallika Sherawat (She was more than willing to have them sucked).

"As a rule since I'm removing my top, you should do the same," she said huskily to me. I remove my top and get back to taking her photograph.

We continue the shoot with close ups of her boobs, then I ask her to sit on the sofa and pull up her skirt, she does a little but I tell her to lift a little more so that her panties are seen, she is again reluctant.

I then show her some of the photographs of models and actresses I have taken, some of them who are now Miss Worlds and Miss Universe like Susmita Sen., Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley, and Lisa Ray etc. They are all seminude or nude shots with their boobs & cunts clearly seen and some sexier, even their panties and pussy exposed, some of Mallika Sherawats are even sexier with her masturbating with her fingers (What I did not tell her was that I had fucked all these models while photographing them)

I then show her some recent photos of Bipasa Basu absolutely nude; she is shocked, as Bipasa is a close friend of hers.

"Since all of the directors have already seen you in the nude, what's the problem?" I ask her.

"The old directors have but I'm trying to impress this new director, and I'm not sure what he likes," she replied.

"Well if you want to get into films, you have show them some real hot photo's, otherwise you may not get anywhere."

She says that's ok but this is for new directors and I tell her that if she has to get films she has to show them some real hot photos.

She is now bolder and agrees and lifts her skirt I can see her sexy peach lace panties matching her bra, I take some more photos of her with her topless with her panty seen and then go near her and remove her skirt and take shots of her in just her panties, she asks me to remove my trousers and as I am about to remove the door bell rings, I hurriedly give her a gown and send her to my office and go to the door.

At the door is Bipasa Basu, I forgot that she had called and wanted to have some more photos taken. She comes in dressed real hot wearing a short skirt and a small semi transparent top with no bra, she kisses me and I start shooting her, completely forgetting about Sonali. She is soon topless and walks over to me, I kiss and suck the boobs for a while and take a few photographs and remove her skirt, she has the shortest thong panties. I kneel and kiss her pussy through the thongs. She pulls down my trousers.

As I am photographing Bipasa, Sonali walks out of the office – she is topless and only in her panties, Bipasa is a little shocked but soon start laughing and then greet each other and greet with a lip-to-lip kiss. Soon they all over each other kissing and sucking boobs.

I'm surprised then they both release and look at me.

Sonali says, "Its ok Sanjay we are both friends and have been have enjoyed each other for some time, we are not lesbians we like guys but once in a way this also happens". With this Bipasa comes to me and pulls down my underwear, my rock hard cock springs out and she starts sucking it, Sonali comes and joins and they are both sucking me ... I am so excited having not one but two of my favorite actresses sucking my cock. I just keep moaning ooooohhhhh. I just cannot control myself and shoot the first load into Bipasa's mouth and then the second and third on Sonali's face and boobs, Bipasa licks my cum of Sonali's face and boobs and then they kiss to share my juice.

We stop for a break, I give them some drinks and light them cigarettes, and we are nude and relax with a drink and a smoke.

I am soon on my knees spreading Sonali's legs and going down on her juicy cunt. Bipasa licks my semi soft cock to make it hard again. I am in heaven as my ultimate fantasy of sucking and soon fucking my favorite actress is coming true.

Sonali's pussy is really hot and full of juice, which I keep slurping and she keeps moaning, in the meantime she calls Bipasa and I am shocked to see Bipasa standing with her cunt to Sonali's face and Sonali begins to lick. Sonali's is also so excited and about to come.

"Sanjay pleeeeassse fuck me, shove that hard cock of yours in my cunt," she pleads with me. I immediately get up and Bipasa helps me spread her friend's pussy and holding my cock shoves it into Sonali's cunt. It feels great; her pussy is full of juice and very tight...

I pound her for a long time while she's shouting, "fuck me Sanjay, fuck me harder than all the directors and heroes have fucked me, your cock feels great."

We come together and as I remove my limp cock from her cunt, Bipasa goes down on Sonali in a hurry licking and slurping both our juices from her cunt. Sonali gets real horny pushing her friends head into her cunt,

"Lick me, lick both our juices," Bipasa licks Sonali's cunt clean, her face is full of cum, she then kisses Sonali making her taste her own cum with mine. This is the sexiest moment of my life not only fucking my favorite actresses satisfying my fantasy of seeing lesbians and threesome.

I am myself surprised that my cock is again Hard in just 10 minutes, now Bipasa wants me to fuck her and of course I am more than ready. Sonali now helps her friend by first licking her pussy then licking my cock; she takes hold of my cock with one hand, spreads her friend's cunt lips with another and shoves it into her cunt. We fuck for a long time with Bipasa shouting and Sonali cheering, I finally come along with Bipasa and needless to say Sonali licks her cunt clean of our sperm.

We all kiss together tasting each other's cum and planning to meet again.

My special thanks to the Volunteer Editor Chat_Wizardess for editing my story in record time.

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