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I sat at the table silently looking over the photograph oblivious to everything around me. The photo was quite incredible, a very high quality glossy with a perfectly focused image looking professionally composed. If I didn't know better I would have sworn it was taken in a high class studio. The subject of the photo looked like a model, but I knew it wasn't, it was a picture of my wife.

Feeling a tingling running through my crotch, I continued looking at the image, my wife was naked on our bed, her legs bent at the knees, opened to present an unimpeded view of her pussy. It was apparent she had been masturbating because her lips were swollen and open, her clit glistening in the light. Her hands were now at her sides, allowing a perfect view of her breasts. They were small, but the nipples were erect, standing taller than I had ever remembered seeing them.

She must have had her head propped up on a pillow because I could see her face, flushed red with excitement. Amazingly, all of her seemed in focus, from the pink folds of her pussy, to the erect knobs of her nipples, to the incredibly sexy expression on her face. I felt my cock stiffen. Had I been anywhere else, for any other reason, I would have been tempted to excuse myself and rush to the restroom and jack-off, gazing at the picture. Instead, I bit my lip trying to curb my reaction and looked over at the balding man who sat across from me.

"The photograph is a better quality than I expected," I said, turning it over and placing it face down on the table. I watched as he grabbed his thick manila folder and slid another photograph out.

Holding it with the image pointed downward, he handed it to me saying, "I told you when you hired me I work with only the best equipment. I'm much more expensive than most the others and here is why." He turned the photo over and let it fall to the table in front of me.

Looking down at the image I thought perhaps he handed me a copy of the first photo. This one was of equal quality and had basically the same view of my wife except she turned her head a bit. Focusing my attention to the edge of the photo I could see it, the purplish tip of a cock just coming into the picture. Before I really got a look at it, the man across from me tossed another photo, this one with an erect cock fully in the picture and my wife's fingers daintily wrapped around its sizable shaft.

"The angle of the photo changed here," I said.

"Remote control on the concealed camera," he replied anticipating my question.

"So you watched..."

"To get photos like this I've got to peek under a few sheets," he said handing me another shot.

Grabbing it from him I now looked as my wife, her cheeks bulging around the man's cock, her fingers gently caressing his balls while the man's hand reached down between my wife's legs, one finger pushed into her wet opening. Trying to maintain my composure, I grabbed my glass of water and took a long gulp. Placing the glass back onto the table, I reached out and one by one looked at each of the photographs as they were handed to me.

It was as if I was scanning through an adult film, skipping from still shot to still shot as my wife's head bobbed up and down on this man's cock, while he pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy and then toyed with her clit. The scene slowly progressed as the man then moved between her legs and I watched in stop motion photography as the purplish head slowly disappeared between her pussy lips and he plunged into her. Amazingly, the photo quality remained the same as if I was looking at very high quality pornography.

As I sifted down the stack I noticed the camera angle move again, this time focusing on my wife's face. In still after still I watched her expression change, much like it used to for me as she got closer, ever closer and then finally coming with an expressive, emotional release that would be so exciting in itself that I would almost always come immediately after her. Now I watched as she expressed the same intense need and overpowering joy with this... this strange man.

Gritting my teeth I shuffled through the last of the photos, seeing the progression, the man arching his back and obviously coming. The camera changed angles once again and I watched as the man's cock slipped out of her pussy. The final shot showed them sleeping together with a clear view between my wife's legs as his cum oozed out of her. I took the stack of photos, banged the edges on the table to arrange them neatly and handed them back to the man across the table from me.

Looking back at me with a professional, emotionless stare, he slipped the pictures into the manila folder and then handed it to me. Reaching into my jacket pocket I pulled out an envelope stuffed with cash. Handing it to him I said, "Here it is, fifteen thousand. With the retainer I already gave you I think you should be set."

Smiling at me he said softly, "Thank you, here's your receipt."

I looked at the page noticing he had written "Paid in Full – Cash" across the bottom of the page. Carefully folding the page in half, I slipped it in the folder and then asked, "The negatives?"

"In the folder. You may want to keep them separate though, in case something happens to the photos."

"Thank you," I said, standing up and reaching for the folder.

The man across the table stood up too reaching his hand out to me. As I reached out and clasped his hand firmly he said, "For all it's worth now, I truly wished I only had an empty file to hand you. Usually, if it gets as far as needing someone like me though, the file is rarely empty."

I could only nod and head out to my car. I had known what was happening, had known it for years, so I knew what the file would hold. I guess I just wasn't prepared to view it all so graphically. Reaching my car, I walked past the door and placed the file on the trunk as I bent over and vomited onto the concrete parking lot. Wiping my mouth off on my sleeve, I grabbed the file, climbed into my car and grabbed the bottle there and took a sip of hot soda.

Driving home I reminded myself that this was all part of a plan, a plan I had crafted over the last year or so. It took some time, but I had slowly gnawed away the insulation her rich parents had provided her with and now, finally, I was ready to fuck her one final time. Pulling into our driveway, I saw her car was still there so I knew she remained completely clueless.

Stepping in the front door I nearly ran into her as she was grabbing her purse and keys and heading out. "Hey hon, how are you?" I asked.

"Got to run here. I'm going out with Jeannie tonight, probably be late, don't wait up," she said as she reached around me for the door.

I took a quick step backward, leaning against the door preventing her from opening it. "Before you go, I think we need to talk."

"Can't it wait until tomorrow, I'm late already," she said, gently trying to move me aside.

"No, I don't think it can," I replied, handing her one of the more graphic of the photos. "I think we need to talk." I watched as her face blanched to a sickly white and then suddenly changed as she set her jaw and she smiled at me.

"I guess now is as good a time as ever." Glancing down at the photograph she said, "John is impressive, isn't he. I mean look at him, god he filled me like you never could."

"Classy to the end aren't you? We might as well figure out what we are going to do."

"Going to do? You are going to get out and that's it," she said arrogantly.

"And the house?"

"Hell, the house was mine before we got married. Bought and paid for by my family decades ago, you're not getting a piece of it."

"Well, before I go, I guess I need to get you some of this," I said, walking over to the desk. Opening a drawer I pulled out a stack of correspondence.

"What's that, old letters?" she asked.

"Well, it's about the house. Something about back taxes, judgments, auctions or foreclosures. I really haven't read it all through."

"But you were paying the bills, you paid..." she suddenly stopped mid-sentence and glared at me. "The house, it's been in my family for years... my grandmother, she was born in this house."

"Yeah, but those tax people, they are a pushy bunch," I said, reaching back into the desk. "They are almost as bad as the credit card people," I continued, handing her another stack of correspondence.

"My credit cards?"

"Yeah, something about not receiving payments."

"But you were supposed to be paying the bills."

"Well, I did pay the bills... well, some of the bills," I said.

"Dammit, I'll make you pay," she screamed heading back into the bedroom. She returned with our small cash box, it was completely empty. "What have you done with my cash?"

"Oh yes, I used it to pay the photographer for all those lovely pictures of you. Yeah, with his expenses and all, and the expensive equipment it added up quickly. But I do have a receipt for you," I said, handing her the receipt.

"I only had about three thousand here," she replied.

"Yeah, well I had to get the rest out of your account. I've written down your new pin number here," I said, handing her a post it note. "I'm not sure what good it will do you though, most of it's gone."

"Gone? I had nearly sixty thousand dollars in there. Where did it all go?"

"Well hon, remember how I used to talk about simplifying our lives? You know, paying off our debts and stuff? I'm happy to tell you that's just what I did, paid off my car, paid off all the credit cards with my name on it and put down a healthy retainer with a good lawyer."

Holding her head, she slowly sat down on a nearby chair. She mumbled, "You can't do this."

Tossing another of the pictures to her I replied, "If you can do this, I think there is a lot of things I can do." Glancing out the window I noticed a two truck pulling up to her car and I looked back at her. "Oh, by the way hon, I told the repo-guy that this afternoon would be an excellent time to pick up your car."

"My car?"

"Well, it's the bank's car now, but all that's in this other stack," I said, reaching back into the desk and handing her another stack of paper. "They're about like the credit card people, get real testy after a while."

Her face was flushed red with anger as she shook her head and began to speak, "I... I... I...'

As I moved toward the door I looked back at her and said, "I know honey, I love you too." I then stepped out of the house and headed toward my car. As I opened the car door I looked back to the house and saw her standing at the door watching me. Yeah, I knew that after a while she'd gather the resources to come after me, but climbing into my car I sure wished I had a photograph of that last look on her face as I drove away.

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