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Photos in Jamaica


AJ and Shelly were getting close to celebrating their sixth anniversay and wanted to do something special. Shelly was 29 and worked as a book keeper. She was 5'1" and not quite 100lbs soaking wet. Shelly had curly brown hair that went just below her shoulders and had a youthful look to her that her height did not help with. She was usually carded every time she tried to go out and get a drink. She had a shapely ass and breasts that were a big on her tiny body with a bra size of 34C. In college Shelly had partied pretty hard with some light drug use and alcohol, but had become more conservative as she got older. When it came to sex, she had always been more of a tease. She had only had sex with two men before getting married and they were long term relationships.

Even though she was often told how beautiful she was, she rarely wore clothes that showed her body off. Part of the problem was her size. She either had to wear teenager clothing or it didn't fit right. Since Shelly did not like looking so young, she usually went with the latter option.

Her husband AJ was 34 and worked as a marketing consultant. This forced him to be out of town fairly often. When he was away they talked online with webcams and AJ could occasionally get Shelly to take her clothes off online. This method of staying connected worked for them and while it didn't do much for Shelly sexually, AJ loved it. She would draw the line at taking naked pictures though. She was always hearing about some famous person who had some naked pictures taken getting released on the internet. Even though she wasn't famous, it made her nervous to have any out there.

The couple decided to go to Jamaica for a week as their present to each other. One of the things they loved most was traveling to different beaches. In six years they mostly stayed in the USA and went down to Mexico and Brazil a few times. With all the traveling AJ does for work, he gets a lot of airline miles for vacations.

Shelly was so excited to go the exotic beaches of Jamaica. AJ had been out of town for two weeks before their trip and she was looking forward to the sex. It wasn't often she craved it this much, but she had stopped taking birth control recently in hopes they could conceive their first child. Shelly packed a few extra pieces of lingerie and some of her smaller bathing suites in hopes of enticing AJ.


Two nights before they were expected to leave AJ called Shelly, "Hey honey, I am going to have to change our plans slightly. This deal I am working on is taking longer to close than I expected. I am going to have to meet you there instead of flying out with you."

Shelly was really disappointed but knew the deal he was working on could be big for them.

"As long as you get there the same day, then I guess it's okay." She told him trying to be her supportive self.

"I'll let you know as soon as I have my tickets. I love you!"

The next morning before leaving for work Shelly checked her email, AJ had emailed his itinerary and it was for two days after she was getting there. He included a note saying, "I'm so sorry honey, this is the next flight out I could get. This deal will be worth it to us financially if I can close it though."

While she knew the money would be a good thing. They were already in good shape so it didn't make her feel much better about the situation.


Shelly arrived in Jamaica without any major issues. Her flight was a little late, but when are they not these days? Since she left from Florida, she actually gained an hour and arrived a little after lunch. Without AJ there, she planned to spend her time laying on the beach.

Shelly got to the hotel and went straight for her bathing suit without bothering to unpack yet. She didn't want to waste any sun. She found a pink bikini that wasn't anything special. It fully covered her main areas which is what she was looking for.

As Shelly put her bikini on she looked at herself in the mirror. She was more white than usual as it was still early in the year. At least with AJ coming in late, she could catch up on her tanning as he was always wanting to go on some adventure.

Shelly got to the beach and was in aw. This was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. The ocean was so clear and the sand was incredibly soft and white. She picked out a chair and sat down. Shelly applied sun oil to herself and laid on her back. For the next hour or so Shelly watched a few people go up and down the beach. There were two families not particularly close to her but close enough to see. It wasn't real crowded which she liked. Shelly and AJ like to go during slow times to avoid crowds. Shelly flipped over and laid on her stomach to let her back get some sun.

She noticed a man walking down the beach in a red bathing suit and a bag over his shoulder. She noticed how well built he was. Broad shoulders and a very well defined body. You could see every muscle clearly defined on this young man who couldn't have been more that 24.

As he walked down the beach he would stop and talk to people he was passing. "He must be selling something." Shelly thought to herself. She had already planned to pretend to be asleep if he came over to her.

He walked over to one of the families and starting talking. He handed the mother a piece of paper and shook her hand. This sparked Shelly's interest as she loved to people watch. The mother started calling out for the kids and four kids went over to her.

The man pulled a professional looking camera out and gathered the kids up. He put them in some great beach poses that really impressed Shelly. She didn't know much about photography, but it was clear this man knew what he was doing. After several shots he went back to the mother and talked some more. Then he started down the beach again.

As he got closer to Shelly, she didn't feel as threatened as she did at first, but didn't make any attempt to move as he approached.

"Excuse me, miss?" The man said. Shelly looked up at him noticing he sounded more American than Jamaican.

"I hope you don't mind me saying anything, but I see a lot of people come out here and get burned. You just look like your starting to get a little red."

Shelly wasn't sure what to say and felt a little nervous, so all that came out was, "Okay, thanks."

With that the photographer gave her a warm smile that she noticed was very attractive. He reminded her a little of Will Smith, but a little bigger muscle wise. Shelly was expecting a sales pitch, but after the brief smile he went on his way. She watched him make his way further down the beach. She decided she didn't want to burn so she gathered her stuff and went back to her room.


Later that night she got on the webcam with AJ through her laptop.

"I wish you were here!" Shelly told AJ. "It's so beautiful!" She said excitedly.

"Did you get any pictures for me?" AJ asked. Shelly's mind immediately went to the photographer.

"No, I just laid out for a little while."

"I have heard they have some beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes." AJ told her.

They talked a little more and eventually they started flirting.

"Did you get any tan lines today?" AJ asked.

"Hmm, I'm not sure. Lets see..." Shelly said teasingly. Shelly had on a tank top with spagetti straps. She slowly let the strap on her left side fall down. She looked at AJ through the computer and watched his eyes lock into her every movement. She let the other strap down. Her dress slipped a little to expose the tops of her breasts but stopped. It was only being held up by her perky breasts. Shelly let her arms out of the straps and slowly pulled the dress down to just above her nipples.

"On the other end of the computer AJ was rubbing himself through his pants. "Oh Shelly, you are so sexy. I can't wait to see you in two days! You must be the most beautiful woman there!"

"Keep going." Shelly said enjoying the compliments and leaning forward so AJ could see down her fantastic cleavage.

"I can only imagine taking you to around to all of the exotic locations. You would be like a super model on location!"

Shelly let her top over her small, but hard nipples and squeezed her tits together for AJ. "And what are you going to do to me when you get here?" Shelly asked.

"I am going to make love to you like never before!" AJ said and the video started to get choppy and froze.

A moment later her cell phone rang. "Hey, honey. They probably don't have the best Internet there, but my screen is frozen with you showing me your breasts! I wish I could save it." AJ said.

"You had better not!" Shelly quickly reacted. AJ laughed and Shelly knew he wouldn't. They talked a little while over the phone about the deal he was working on and he planned to close it the next day.

Shelly didn't go out that night. She ordered room service and watched TV mostly. She sat on the balcony watching the sun go down. The colors were so amazing. She started thinking about her conversation with AJ and an idea came into her head. She could get some professional photos of her on the beach tomorrow. Nothing crazy, but if she could get some nice professional shots. She could give that to AJ as an anniversary present!


The next day arrived and Shelly started with a workout in the hotel mini-gym and went for a short jog on the beach. She didn't want to go far being alone and all so she stayed close to the strip of hotels. She noticed some waves and a few surfers and watched them as she ran. It wasn't long before she was at the last hotel and noticed a surfer coming in not far from her. It looked like the photographer.

She decided to casually run closer to see if it was him. She was within about 20 feet and recognized that it was him when suddenly her feet were taken out from under her and she fell hard on her side. The wave wasn't that big, it hit her legs just right and she wasn't wasn't watching.

"Are you alright?" The photographer said helping Shelly to her feet.

Feeling embarrassed, Shelly tried to brush it off and looked into his dark eyes for a moment. "Did I see you yesterday taking pictures of some families?" She tried changing the subject.

"Yeah, that was me."

"Well, um." She started feeling nervous to ask

"Were you looking to have some pictures done?" He asked trying to break the ice.

"Well I'm here on vacation for my anniversary and my husband hasn't arrived yet. I was thinking of getting some professional photos done to give him as a present." She realized she just told him her husband wasn't here and regretted it immediately.

"Sure, I do all kinds of pictures. Do you know what you had in mind?"

"Well, just something professional looking. Maybe something he could frame at work. I was just thinking the scenery would be really nice here."

"Sure no problem. I have my portfolio in my bag if you want to look at it."

They walked up to where his duffel bag was and he opened it up. Shelly noticed her whole side was wet and sandy. She started to brush herself off as he pulled a large binder out of his bag. She noticed he didn't have his camera gear, it looked like mostly a change of clothes. He started to hand it to Shelly and stopped noticing how much sand she had on her.

They both laughed for a moment and he held it out flipping through the pictures. Shelly decided she only wanted pictures from the beach so she wouldn't have to go anywhere with him, but the pictures all looked so great she was second guessing herself.

"By the way, I'm Jerrik." He introduced himself formerly.

"I'm Shelly. It's nice to meet you." She said politely.

They talked for a few minutes about the pictures and what she wanted. She saw one picture of a waterfall that was the most amazing sight. It was as clear as a swimming pool and the vegetation around it looked so undisturbed by nature.

"Where is this?"

"It's about five miles from here. We can go there if you want or we can stay here on the beach. These are your pictures." Jerrik sounded so professional it made Shelly feel safe and against her better judgement said, "Okay, lets go there."

"I need to go to my place and get ready. I can pick you up outside your hotel in an hour. Which hotel are you at?"

Shelly told him which hotel and asked if she needed to bring anything.

"Just what ever you want to wear. You should bring a few different things. The colors and contrast can make a world of difference."

Shelly ran back to the hotel, took a quick shower, put on some makeup and was doing her hair when she noticed the time. She put on her favorite summer dress and went quickly to the lobby. She saw Jerrick sitting outside in a black Jeep with no doors or top on it.

"Sorry ,I'm late!" Shelly said climbing in.

"No worries!" He said pulling onto the road.

As they drove they made some small chat and Shelly found out that Jerrick lived in the USA for ten years and had come home for the photography. He was only doing free lance, but has sold some stuff to some major studios and was hoping to grab a full time gig.

The further they went the smaller the roads until they were on more of a trail than a road through a tropical forest when they ran out of road and he stopped.

"We have to walk from here." Jerrick said getting out and grabbing his gear. Shelly followed closely behind. As she followed him she noticed again hot fit he was. Jerrick was wearing a tank top that didn't cover much and running shorts.

They walked about a mile and Shelly's feet were starting to hurt in her sandals. "Watch your step" He said as they came to a small clearing.

The landscape was amazing. On one side you had a waterfall that was only about 10 feet high. There were large rocks to the sides with the most incredible assortment of trees, bushes and flowers you have ever seen.

Jerrick put his stuff down and started unpacking his gear.

"Lets start off on the rocks over there." Shelly went over to where he directed.

He came over with his camera and started taking pictures with some basic sitting and standing pictures. He had her lay on one of the rocks and helped put her arms and body in position without making Shelly uncomfortable. In fact she was starting to feel relaxed.

"That's it, you're a a natural."

"You look amazing! Now over at that tree!" She was starting to feel like a real model.

"You didn't bring a bathing suit did you?" He said knowing the answer.

"No", she said regretting she forgot being in such a rush.

"Well why don't just walk into the shallow area over here and we can get some better shots with the waterfall behind you."

Shelly did as instructed with no questions.

"You are so stunning, Shelly. lets back up a little." Shelly backed up and noticed the bottom of her dress was getting wet. She made several more poses and Jerrick kept talking to her making her feel sexy and relaxed.

"I want you to stand under the waterfall now." He told her. Shelly started to object, but she was in the zone and felt the scene. The water got too deep and Shelly had to swim over to the waterfall. The water was so warm and tranquil.

Jerrick went to his bag and got another camera. It was not the same professional grade camera as the other, but it was water-proof. He was able to walk all the way across without getting his shoulders wet and approached Shelly. This time he was closer to her as he took more pictures.

He lifted Shelly easily up on some rocks so she wasn't under water. Her wet summer dress clung tightly to her small body. As Jerrick took his pictures he could see her dress was nearly transparent. Shelly's makeup had mostly washed away except for a little eyeliner that was running slightly. It made her look raw and sexy.

Jerrick reached out and pushed one of the straps off her shoulder. Shelly's nipples instantly hardened with excitement. She tried to focus on her husband and this is why she was here. Jerrick walked her backwards until she backed into the side of the small waterfall.

"Pull your dress up so I can see all of your legs." He said with more authority this time. She pulled them up to the middle of her thigh. "Higher" he told her. Shelly hesitated and he moved her hands and dress for her showing the front of her panties. She felt so sexy she didn't want it to stop.

Shelly knew what she was doing was wrong. She held the there while he took more pictures. Shelly watched Jerrick closely as he took the pictures. His black skin so wet, droplets of water rolled to the cuts of his muscles. She found herself getting hotter.

He pulled the other strap off her shoulder and she clung her arms to her chest in reaction. She noticed the bulge in Jerrick's shorts. It was starting to tent. Then she saw the tip of his penis peek out the bottom. Her eyes glued to this growing penis.

Jerrick grabbed Shelly's sundress and pulled it down off her chest exposing her breasts. She couldn't believe she was letting this happen. She has been so horny for the last few weeks and needed to feel a cock. With her eyes still glued to it, Jerrick got even closer and picked Shelly up like a ragdoll. She wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her neck roughly. He carried her to the middle where she knew she couldn't stand. She kept her legs tight around him as she pulled his shirt off. She rubbed his chest. She had never felt anyone this muscular before. Jerrick pulled the dress up and over her head leaving her all exposed except for her panties. He kissed and licked her breasts which were small in his giant hands. With one hand he reached under the water and ripped her panties off.

Shelly was so hot she couldn't take it. She reached down and shoved his shorts down enough to pull his dick out. She couldn't see it, but she couldn't get her hand all the way around this growing cock. She aimed it at her pussy and rubbed it over her slit. She worked to fit it in but she couldn't get it past the tip.

Jerrick walked to the edge of the water and put her down. Shelly went immediately to her knees and wrapped both hands around it. She put it in her small mouth, but she couldn't get much of it in because of its girth. Jerrick laid her back and put himself over her and positioned his cock at her hole. He rubbed it up and down and fit the head in. She was so tight he couldn't believe it. He lifted her legs up and put them on his shoulders. He slowly worked himself further in.

Shelby was mixed with passion and pain. "Lay down" She told Jerrick firmly. He laid on his back and this time she aimed herself over him.

She lowered herself with her legs and put the giant head in. Shelly slowly moved herself up and down easing herself further onto him as she was slowly stretched. He filled her in ways she had never felt before. As she thought about the feeling a climax came over her and she gushed her juices around his cock. Making things more lubricated and her muscles now relaxing more, she quickened her pace. Her breasts bounced with her movements as she moved faster and faster. Another orgasm came shaking her out of her rhythm.

Jerrick rolled her over and put her face in the dirt. He lifted her ass in the air and entered her from behind. As he pumped into her, her tits bounced into the wet dirt. He pushed harder and harder. Shelly pushed back to meet his thrusts and felt his load explode into her. As his cock unleashed its load she could feel it pulsate in her tight pussy. This sent her over the edge into another orgasm collapsing into the dirt.

As Jerrick pulled out, Shelly could feel the cum dripping out. Her emotions were going wild. She felt like a slut, but also totally satisfied. As she lay there with her ass still in the air and covered in mud, she heard the familiar clicks of the camera. She turned around to see Jerrick taking pictures of her and froze.

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