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Physical Checkup


Jake was running an hour late for his appointment with Doctor Jensen. He'd taken a nap in the middle of the day, not unusual for a college student, especially one working part-time at the university hospital. He believed his alarm clock would be enough to stir him from his slumber, but as he learned to his regret he was extremely capable of finding the off switch while unconscious. He only had thirty minutes before the clinic would close, and he hoped Doctor Jensen could find the time to slip in his appointment. It was a pretty mundane check-up, but he needed it to get school insurance finalized today, or it could lead to a world of frustration later on.

Arriving at the clinic five minutes from closing, Jake didn't see any patients around, which gave him hope that he'd be able to get his check-up. He noticed a couple walking hand in hand out the clinic, and felt a pang of jealousy over their blissful existence together. He'd never been with a girl, his interactions with the other sex limited to group activities or study sessions, sexual encounters existing solely in his imagination. It wasn't that he was unattractive; he'd been commented as being "cute" by some female friends, and was of a decent height at his 5'8", and worked out enough to have a toned body. He was, however, extremely shy around girls, and could never properly articulate his feelings about the fairer sex to the people he knew. It left him lonely in the romance department, something he'd hoped to remedy in his time at college, but had still failed to do so yet. So far, the only intimate contact involving women was him watching them in porn as he masturbated.

Entering the clinic, he looked around for Doctor Jensen, who was usually up and around in the lobby if he wasn't seeing a patient. Instead, there was a gorgeous blonde sitting behind some sort of makeshift reception table, a small desk stacked haphazardly with a few papers, but Jake ignored the mess completely while staring at the beauty that sat behind it. Her long golden hair done up in a pony-tail, she had a beautiful face topped off with a pair of frameless glasses, accentuating her beautiful blue eyes. She wore a sleeveless blue blouse, a concession to the coming summer's heat, with a low neckline that showed off her amazing breasts, which were definitely a C-cup. She wore a short black mini-skirt that barely reached past her ass and accentuated her long, slim legs. As his gaze continued to be drawn in by the beautiful woman, Doctor Jensen stepped out of his office, reminding Jake of why he came here in the first place.

Running up to the old man, he started pleading, "I'm so sorry I'm late, Doctor Jensen. I was taking a nap, and didn't mean to oversleep. I know you must want to go home, but please could you just fill in my check-up sheet so I can get insurance issues out of the way?"

Doctor Jensen gave Jake a look of remorse, and sighed, "I'm sorry, son, but I'm late for an engagement myself. I'm taking my wife out for our anniversary, and I need to close up now. There's nothing I can do for you."

Jake was crushed. "Today's the last day of the deadline, sir, and I need it to be enrolled in classes and renew my scholarships and..."

And like some angel, both in form and manner, the blonde bombshell came to his rescue. "I think I can help, Doctor Jensen. I did agree to be your assistant not only to help you file papers and organize patients. I mean, I can actually put this medical degree I have to some use."

Doctor Jensen nodded, filling Jake with hope. "You do know how long these things can take, right Laura?. You sure you don't mind staying late?" Laura nodded to this. "That's great, Laura. Jake, this is Laura, an old friend's daughter, who has been helping out at the clinic for the last week or so since she finished med school, preparing for a job as a researcher in the university hospital. She'll help you sort out your problems with no trouble, I'm sure." With that, he stepped out the clinic, leaving the two of them alone.

Jake gulped, thinking about how this beautiful, sexy doctor was going to be giving him his check-up. With her standing up, he noticed how tall she was, at most at inch shorter than him, and in flats as well. The thought of stripping down before this statuesque beauty made him tense up immediately. Thinking about how she would run her hands over his body as she checked for diseases and medical conditions, how she would use her equipment to probe at his exposed skin, those very thoughts were making him tense, while at the same time giving him a mild erection, which he tried to control with all his will.

Heading off for the test, the two of them stepped into Doctor Jensen's office. It was the same as he remembered, a typical sterile room with white-washed walls, a leather examining table sitting in the middle and various medical equipment surrounding it, and in the corner two simple chairs surrounding an old oak desk. It was far warmer than the lobby in the office, sweat beginning to drip down his face. "The AC's been broken for awhile," Laura mentioned, "but the test shouldn't be that long. Let's just get it over with, and we'll be out of this heat." Laura pointed to the examining table, which Jake promptly sat on.

"Jake, right?" Laura started, looking through his file. Jake nodded, tongue-tied. She noticed his nervousness. "I hope you don't mind my attire, but I've been dressing down since the AC broke down. But there's no need to be worried, Jake, it's just a routine check-up. I don't bite." Jake could only thank his lucky stars for the broken air conditioning.

With the short conversation over, the test began. Laura asked, "I'm going to need some medical history here. Are you a smoker?" Jake shook his head. "Drink excessively?" He shook his head again. "Any sexual contact recently?" Jake's face became flush, and he sheepishly shook his head again.

Looking up from his file, Laura stared Jake in the eye. "I need to know the chance of you contracting STDs Jake. Any kind of sex counts, even oral and anal. Even handjobs and heavy petting might be a concern, so please state if any of that might fit the bill."

Jake said softly, "I'm one hundred percent straight, Doctor Laura, but I...I don't have a girlfriend. I haven't been with a girl before, or even made out with one. The closest I've come is a birthday kiss from a classmate on the cheek. I mean, school and work have made me so busy..."

"It's ok, you don't have to rush into things," Laura said. "Plenty of people wait until the right time. I'm here to conduct a medical test, not judge you. Now that the history is done, please remove your shirt and pants."

Jake was somewhat taken aback. Usually Doctor Jensen asked him to take his shirt off, conduct a few tests, then his pants for others. Gulping, he clumsily unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his pants, reluctantly discarding them both to reveal his lean, slightly toned frame. He worried about how he would control his erections as Laura walked about in her revealing clothes, touching him for tests, coming so close to him. Those very thoughts were already giving him a slight boner.

"I know it's really warm in here Jake, so I'm speeding certain processes along and keeping you cool at the same time," Laura explained. If she was concerned about the boner that pressed against his boxers, she didn't show it. Taking a short look at his body, she quickly moved onto the tests, measuring his blood pressure and pulse, checking his eyes and his tongue, all the while her smooth touch on Jake's skin sent shocks through his system. As she ran one slim finger down his spine, he could feel his penis growing, thinking hard about baseball and to try to keep it down, but to no avail. His mind could only focus on the beautiful doctor touching him all over, mentally stripping her as she got close, which only made his erection grow larger.

"Are you alright, Jake?" Laura asked, bringing him back from his fantasies. "You seem really tense right now." Jake shook his head, though he fought to control his erection.

"It's just really warm in here, you know, I think it's the heat that's getting to me," Jake said.

Laura nodded. "You're right, this heat is really getting to me too. In fact, I want to do something which would make me a whole lot more comfortable, and I really hope you don't mind."

And suddenly, Jake's fantasies were returned, as Laura began unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a lacy black bra that clad her large breasts and her slim, sexy torso, which could rival a supermodel's. Slowly, she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to reveal similar black lace panties, showing off the full extent of her long, slim legs. Standing before him in her fully revealed 32C-23-34 figure, she looked like a goddess, like his dreams made real, and could not believe what was happening. And yet, what happened next was more unbelievable.

Wearing only her underwear, Laura said, "Alright, I'm going to need you to stand up now, Jake." Jake did so, and all of a sudden, she put her hands on the waist-bands of his boxers and slid them down his legs, turning him an even brighter shade of red.

"The heat could be getting to your system, as with the tension you were feeling because of it. I'm going to help relieve that tension, and then we can re-take your heart rate and blood pressure in new conditions " She said with a wink. His erection was now out in the open, staring Laura in the face, and Jake went red from the embarrassment. He started to put his hands over his growing boner, but Laura grabbed his wrists and pulled them away. "Please Jake, there's nothing to be ashamed about. All I'm doing is to help relieve your stress levels."

Suddenly, Laura ran her hands over his penis, which surged to its full length, seven inches of manhood resting in her soft grasp. She moved her hand to his balls then, gently massaging them while shifting her grip around the base of his penis. Looking displeased, she took out a bottle of lube with one hand. "This should make things more comfortable," she said, as she slowly stroked, up and down, a smooth, continuous motion that sent Jake wild, his cock throbbing in its pleasure and exertion to control itself. Slowly, she increased the pace of her movement, checking her watch every so often as she continued to stroke his dick. He put every bit of will he had not to cum right there.

She noticed this, and sighed, slowing her rubbing of his dick. "I thought you'd be enjoying this more, Jake. After all, you have a sexy girl clad only in her underwear jacking you off, giving you what I assume is the first handjob in your life, and you still look like you're getting a rectal exam." Jake looked at her, mouth agape, totally at a loss for words. "I'm sorry I hid my intentions, but I thought it'd be a lot less awkward if we just transitioned into sex without talk. Look, my boyfriend broke up with me while I was finishing up med school, and all I've had to pleasure myself with for the past few weeks was my vibrators. You're cute, and the fact that you're a virgin makes this all the more fun for me. So let's start over again, ok?" All Jake could do was simply nod.

Pulling Jake's body closer to hers, she wrapped her arms around his torso, leaning her head in as she pouted her lips. Thinking if this were a dream, and not caring even if it were, Jake closed in, their lips enveloping each other, tongues darting out and tasting the others. It was salty, sweet, an indescribable feeling that transcended anything he thought he knew. Pulling him closer still, their tongue lashed furiously at each other, while her chest heaved heavily against his own, the feeling of her bra unusual and exciting, her soft flesh against his like cream bathing him in erotic splendor. She continued to pleasure him with his mouth, moving from his lips to his ears and neck, sending erotic sensations through Jake that he never imagined possible from a simple mouth.

Suddenly, Laura broke off from her ravishment of Jake, standing before him like a half-naked angel, sweat slowly dripping from the heat of their passion. "Get on the table, Jake," she said, and Jake couldn't help but obey her. He complied and lay down, as she moved over to the other end, her lips moving closer to his raging penis. "Close your eyes Jake," she said, to which he reluctantly agreed, not wanting to lose sight of this fantasy, afraid the dream would break any moment. He felt the warm, wet feeling of his dick in Laura's mouth, her hands massaging his balls, the slurping she made as saliva dripped down his shaft sending his imagination into a frenzy, combining with the erotic pleasure he felt racing up his groin to give him pure ecstasy. Minutes later of this pleasure, he opened his eyes, and as he saw this blonde bombshell giving him a blowjob, a perspective he imagined only on a computer screen, her breasts resting heavily on the examining table as her head bobbed up and down. He started groaning in pleasure, experiencing far more than he had ever imagined, and reminded of a scene from a porn video, he grabbed her pony-tail, controlling the pace of her head bobbing up and down his cock, speeding it up every so slightly. Laura seemed to enjoy this, moaning as well as making gorgeous slurping noises, spit and sweat dripping down her chin.

Suddenly, Laura stopped and got up, and grabbing Jake's hand motioned him to stand up in front of the table. He did so, his dick still wet with her spit and standing tall, while she got down on her knees in front of him, looking so sexy in her underwear and glasses. Looking up at him as she took his cock in her mouth once more, she took one of his hands and once again made him grab her pony-tail, and Jake caught on, sliding her mouth up and down on his cock to his own rhythm. In turn, she let her tongue loose, licking with wild abandon as his shaft travelled through her mouth. Fucking her mouth as much as she was sucking him off, Jake's arousal was growing by the second, building once again to the climax. It hit the brink when she grabbed his ass for a few seconds, burying his seven inch cock all the way into her throat, saliva dripping down her chin as she took all of him in, choking on his manhood. Feeling the quiver in his crotch, Laura released her mouth from its grip of his shaft, transferring it to her hands as she quickly stroked his now completely lathered manhood, twisting her hands as it went up and down his cock, licking and sucking his sweat-covered balls. Combining with the pleasure he already had, Jake finally came, a huge burst of white semen which Laura directed straight at herself, the cum splattering on her glasses, her cheek; then pointing it lower, it continued to spray onto her breasts and stomach, skin and underwear stained by the torrent of white liquid spraying from his cock. She looked ridiculously slutty and sexy, a cum-covered whore who reveled in his hot, white semen.

"That was amazing, Jake. I've never had a boyfriend that produced so much, and you treating me like some cum-slut is making me so fucking hot." Laura stood up now, reached for Jake's mouth and kissed him full on in the lips, the taste of his cock still on her tongue. Jake didn't notice, took caught up in the moment, too focused on this incredibly hot woman kissing him again and again. She moved his hands to her breasts, pushing them underneath her lacy black bra, as he cupped her amazing soft tits, kneading them in pleasure as they continued to kiss. Soon, she took one hand and move it to her ass, as he groped her while she moved to some unknown beat, arcing herself back and forth as their lips were locked, tits and ass caressed and toyed with by the inexperienced but eager boy.

She stepped back from their embrace, and motioned to her cum-stained black-lace bra and panties. "Take it all off," Laura said, and Jake could not believe those words. Laura raised her arms above her head and closed her eyes, and Jake approached tentatively, grabbing her breasts in both hands, which made her gasp. With a confidence which he found from some inner depths, he quickly unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor to reveal her large, cum-stained breasts in their full splendor. He put his mouth over a hard nipple, then started licking and sucking, and he thought he could hear a whisper of a moan escaping her lips, enjoying the taste of their mixed sweat and the pleasure he knew he was giving her.

Jake then knelt down, moving to her panties. Tentatively, he sniffed at them, then touched them, finding her soaking wet, taking in the musky aroma of her sex. Quickly, he slipped the black lace panties down to her ankles, and looked up to see his whore completely naked, strands of hair out of place in the chaos of their fucking, splattered with his cum and eager for more. Feeling all the more adventurous, he started stroking her pussy and enjoyed his first touch of a woman's privates. Finding his courage building as she rocked to his rhythm, moaning all the while, he stuck out his tongue to her pussy, licking softly at first, but when he heard her moan even louder at this act, he continued with a greater passion, grabbing onto her ass as he made his virgin attempt at pussy licking, recalling every muff-diving scene he had watched in his porn videos. Those memories seemed to be sufficient, because after several minutes of orally pleasuring her, Laura's knees started quivering, and when he found her clitoris buried within her labia, licking it over and over with his waiting tongue, she buckled in orgasm, falling onto her knees to join Jake on the floor.

"That was amazing, Jake," she said, once she recovered her breath. "And you said it's your first time? God, even my ex was never this good at orally pleasuring me." After kissing him deeply on the lips, tasting her pussy juices on his tongue, she continued, "I have something I want to try before getting you to fourth base though, something my boring boyfriend never wanted to experiment with." She motioned him to lie down on the examination table, which he did without question. Getting up and joining him, she came face-to-face with him, and leaned in to kiss him once more, her tongue sucking on his with an even more intense passion. Pushing out her amazing tits to his face, she said, "Suck on them again, Jake. Tease them like you did just now." Eager to do so, he put one nipple in his mouth as he licked and suck all around, tasting the sweat and cum and ignoring it for the pure bliss he was going through, all the while his dick stiffening from Laura's exquisite moans. Turning to the other breast, he did the same, while Laura moved a hand down to her pussy to finger her clit slowly.

"Ok, now to the experiment. I'm going to fuck your cock with my tits, Jake, which are so fucking sensitive right now after all the attention you've shown them. I want you to eat me out while I do so, and I'll see if I can't get your cock fucking rock solid." Turning around now so that her ass was to his face, she slid her gorgeous breasts around his cock, while he in turned stuck his mouth into her wet, waiting pussy, enjoying the simultaneous pleasure of eating her out while his cock was slowly being stroked between the soft, fleshy mounds of her breasts, pleasuring him to a level of ecstasy he didn't know existed. His cock surged to its full size once more, precum already appearing on his tip, as his balls swelled up with the pressure of his building orgasm, while Laura's pussy juices were freely flowing through his cock.

Pulling her breasts off his cock, she got off the table and leaned against the wall of the office. "Take me now, Jake," she moaned. "I want your cock in my pussy right now. I want to take your fucking virginity in my wet fucking pussy, and fuck until we both can't take it anymore." His cock throbbing in pleasure, he joined Laura against the wall, and as he approached her pussy, she used her hand to guide it into her, sinking Jake's raging member into her waiting hole, her tight pussy the best feeling Jake's cock had experienced in his entire life. He thrust against her, and she thrust back, their two bodies moving as one as pleasure went searing through their systems. Leaning against her and grabbing onto her tits, he pinched and squeezed them as her vagina tightened even more in her pleasure. "Oh yes, Jake, squeeze my tits! Squeeze those mounds and ravage them with those hands of yours! Your cock is so fucking good in my pussy, your hands so great on my tits...Oh goddddd...." she moaned, as she continued to rock with the ecstasy of Jake's virgin fuck. Just as she cried out, Jake reached his limits, the intensity of his pleasure built to the point of explosion. "I'm going to cum!" he cried, to which Laura only moaned. Spraying his load of hot white semen into her vagina, she orgasmed as well, her pussy juices dripping down their bodies as she screamed in pure ecstasy. Exhausted, both of them collapsed onto the floor, rocking slowly in each others' arms.

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