tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPirate Treasure Ch. 09

Pirate Treasure Ch. 09


This is the prequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank innoentdoll for her editing and cleanup, her contribution made this a much better story.

Chapter 9
Island Hopping

Our Trip to Martinique was relatively uneventful. The island was beautiful and we did some sightseeing, but in general we acted like lazy tourists. Cindy and I went jet skiing and enjoyed frolicking in the ocean.

The next day we wound up going shopping in a rather upscale area and found some very sexy crop tops, cowl neck tops and a sexy kind of vest top. We also found some very sexy short shorts, with breakaway zippers and snaps and I was thinking about using them that night in a disco. We also found some really nice elegant, but very revealing sexy dresses. Most of the dresses we found were skintight and Cindy had to be practically poured into them, but fortunately she has the body to pull that off.

Our last night in Martinique I took Cindy to the disco wearing one of the backless cowl neck tops and the short shorts with breakaway snaps. The top had a deep plunging neckline that ended close to her navel so the insides of her breasts were completely exposed almost to the nipples. Since it was backless the sides were also bare leaving the outsides of her breasts also bare. Basically, the draping top barely covered her nipples and if she moved in the right way even those were uncovered occasionally. The shorts were leather and are patterned after high cut bikini bottom with the deep plunging V in front and back, with snaps on the side for quick removal. There was no way she could wear the shorts without having her pussy completely shaved.

We had already danced several dances and Cindy had a group of admirers watching her breathtaking breasts being alternately exposed and then covered as she danced the night away. Soon a slow dance came on and I dipped my head to begin feasting on her luscious mouth, at the same time my hand slipped into her top and began to knead those awesome breasts. She moaned into my mouth and pressed those incredible breasts into my hand. She pulled her lips back just a little bit from mine and whispered. "Master, take me now and show everyone who this body belongs to. Show everyone that I'm your slave and you can do whatever you want with me. Please master, take me and ravish me in front of everyone."

Of course that was the plan all along. While our lips reunited in a deepening kiss my hands quickly undid both ties and her top slipped to the floor and I could feel tremors of excitement blast through her body, as she stood there topless in my arms. Her lips parted, our eyes met and I saw the excitement of being exposed to everyone in her eyes but I also saw the minx that wanted to tease every man in the room and show them what they could not have.

While still looking in my eyes she took her hands from around my neck, put them behind her head and bent backwards over my arm presenting her breasts to everyone, but especially me. I did what every man in the room wanted to do as I bent over and began to lash her nipples with my tongue. I sucked, licked, nibbled and bit her nipples until her breasts were quivering and she was begging for me to take her.

I reached down and unsnapped her leather shorts and they joined her top on the floor, Cindy had now been stripped naked on the dance floor and was displayed for everyone to see. Cindy was still bent backwards over my arm, with my mouth still mauling those diamond hard nipples as I slid two fingers into her pussy and with my thumb began to caress her clit with my fingers pushing relentlessly into her pussy.

The act of being displayed naked on the dance floor had Cindy the on the edge of an orgasm, but my toying with her erogenous zones had her fighting to keep the oncoming orgasm from consuming her. Now it was my turn to tease her.

"My pet you have at least 20 people around you watching your naked body being ravished by your master."

Cindy was quivering with need as I continued my relentless assault on her body, and she knew everyone around her was watching her master take what is his.

"Oh Master, Oooohhhh Master, Oooooo please, I need you in me, MASTER ... Oooohhhh Please."

"Oh master, I'm going insane ... torturing me ... I'm going to cum ... MMMASTER let me cum soon."

"Hold it Pet ... Hold it."

I continued my assault on her lewdly displayed body and her quivering and shaking was telling me she was fighting for control. I knew she didn't want to disappoint me and cum without permission, but I could see she was having a very hard time doing that. I made it worse as I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and with two fingers began to pinch and caress her clit; her stomach started spasming and she was bucking in my arms.


"Yes you can Pet. Don't disappoint me. I know your body I know you can."

I dropped my pants and started feeding my cock into her shuddering pussy. My mouth stayed latched onto her nipple and my thumb started flicking her clit as my cock started sliding into her tight grasping pussy.


Her back was fully arched with her gleaming tits still sparkling with my saliva, showing off to all the people around us. She was shaking, bucking, squirming and twisting trying to forestall the orgasm.

"Not yet my Pet. Wait for permission."


"Cum for me Pet, cum now"

Cindy's body exploded with her back bent almost in half and froze with her head back screaming. Her mouth was open while the cords on her neck bulged out and every muscle seemed to knot in relief against her skin. It was a massive world-class orgasm with her entire body screaming out in ecstasy. Her pussy clamped down on my cock in a satin vise so hard I couldn't move, then her stomach muscles clenched and she whipped forward into my chest.

"AAAgggghh ... Ohh Ggggddd ... AAAgggghhhh ... OOOhhh ... Ohh Ggggddd ... OOOhhh ... OOHHHH My MMMAAASSSSTTEERR."

I held her as I began to feed the rest of my cock into her tight pulsating pussy, then I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I grabbed her butt in both hands and began to pound deep into her body. She had come down from the first, and now she blasted into another one at least as big and as impressive as the first.


She shattered again and again. I kept pounding in and out of her pussy while lashing her clit with my fingers when I wasn't using that hand to hold her. I was holding her twisting, thrashing body in the air with her mounted on my cock and my two hands supporting her. She was trying to help and was clawing my shoulders and back trying to hang on for the ride, but every time she got some kind of hold she would shatter again and her body spasms would force her to lose control of her muscles.


The eroticism and exhibitionism of being fucked in the middle of a crowded dance floor had Cindy writhing from multiple orgasms. Being impaled on my cock naked while I showed off her incredibly toned and succulent body took her to a zone beyond orgasms and her body was in full orgasmic seizure when I finally shot my ropes of cum inside her.

As I held Cindy's quivering, seizing body tightly against my chest I looked down and saw her innocent face covered with an orgasmic glow and her eyes looking at me lovingly. My cock never softened but instead got harder as I carried her back to our booth still impaled on my cock and this time we made passionate love to each other while everyone watched.

As we sat in the booth with Cindy's legs wrapped around me and her impaled on my cock. We shared our love to her eyes and an occasional deep soul-searching kiss as Cindy used her pussy muscles to make love to me. She would tighten and release and then somehow cause ripples in her pussy as she slowly built my need for her. She would occasionally raise herself up and slip back down my cock, teasing both of us and at the same time building our need. Her engorged nipples would rake against my chest as she raised and lowered herself while her breathing came in deep shuddering gasps as her desire for me build into a desperate need.

Cindy was not on display in the booth, but in a way both of us are because our hearts were out there for everyone to see. The whole time Cindy was teasing me she was telling me how desperately she loved me through her eyes and the more her desire increased the more desperate her looks of love became. Finally neither of us could take anymore, I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard against me slamming my cock into her cervix and crushing her clit between us.

Her eyes lost focus, her mouth fell open in a wordless shuddering exhale with her body quivering in my arms. I gently bit her nipple as I slammed my cock into her again and this time her head rolled back on her shoulders and she breathed a long sigh of contentment as her orgasm took her.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOO Master ... I love you soooooo."

Cindy's head rolled forward and once again she poured her love into me through her eyes. She kept her eyes on me the whole time her orgasm wracked her body, with her body continuing to shake and quiver she planted her lips on mine breathing her love and contentment into my mouth. That's when I lost it and planted my cock deep inside the woman I love and started firing ropes of cum against her cervix. We held each other intimately and kissed lovers kisses while our orgasms waned.

Applause broke through my reverie and broke the spell that Cindy and I were under and I realized our tender into the lovemaking had been witnessed by at least 40 people. I know I started this by displaying Cindy on the dance floor, but somehow their applause seemed to cheapen the beauty and the intimacy of Cindy's love.

I'm increasingly finding that I value the intimate moments of making love to Cindy rather than displaying her to the masses. Don't get me wrong, I still love to display Cindy and watch her body writhe in ecstasy in front of a crowd. I still get very excited and turned on during these occasions but when we make love alone, kissing and holding each other it gets to me so deep down, I feel her in my heart. Those times alone, we truly are making love.

That night when we went home we couldn't stop touching or holding each other and later that night we fell asleep looking into each other's eyes. In the wee hours of the morning I awoke to find Cindy my on my chest staring longingly at me and I knew she needed to feel my love again. A feeling that was confirmed when Cindy whispered intimately.

"Master please make love to me and show me how much you love me."

I slowly teased and sensuously made love to Cindy until the sun came up. This time it was all about our hearts joining in a commitment to the love we felt for each other and through the joining of our bodies our hearts became intimately entwined. As the sun came up I held the woman of my dreams sleeping in my arms with love and contentment etched on her face.

Looking at the beautiful woman in my arms, I desperately wanted to drive away all the pain and sorrow that she has suffered. I wanted to see a look of love and contentment permanently etched on her face and I wanted her to know how deeply she is loved. Based on everything that happened in New Orleans I know that her shell of normalcy is very fragile and I have to be ever attentive to let her know how deeply I love and care for her. It's still beyond me how somebody can take this beautiful, loving angelic woman and abuse her physically and mentally. The gift of her love has affected me more deeply than anything in my entire life and as I stare at her and caress her face I know I will do whatever I have to keep her safe and let her know how much she is loved.

During our meanderings in Martinique we talked a lot about what's going on. I don't want to scare her at the same time I believe wholeheartedly in rule number five. I can't lie to her just like I don't expect her to ever lie to me. So I told her about the guy at the club, the fact that multiple groups were looking for her and the fact that they were sending a team to abduct her. Unfortunately, this required her to relive much of her tortured past and all the abuse that she had been put through.

Cindy never knew her father and the stepfather that raped her was all she ever knew growing up. The series of all the people that used and abused her were all on the list she had given us earlier and those people had all been checked out. So I'll have to look for answers someplace else.

We packed up and left Martinique and went to Guadeloupe, and stayed in a villa on the beach next to a Club Med. Guadeloupe is shaped like a butterfly, with one side beautiful sandy beaches and the other a dormant volcano surrounded by rain forests. The first day we relaxed and unpacked before going for a long walk on the beach. The next day we went for provisions in town and followed it up with a trip to the rainforest. The volcano side of the island was exotic with a beautiful waterfall where we spent some impromptu time under the cascading water.

The next day I took Cindy for a walk and brought along many of the provisions that I had purchased in town. Cindy had taken to wearing a bikini any time we left the villa, mostly to keep us from getting arrested. As we came to a very open spot in the beach I commanded her to take off her swimsuit, which she did without hesitation. I placed two very large beach towels next to each other in the middle of the open sandy area and began to hammer 3-foot stakes deep in the sand at each corner.

I could see Cindy knew what was coming and her breathing started to get deeper with her nipples puckering into hardness and her pussy starting to glisten in the sunlight. I had Cindy lie down spread eagle in the middle of the towels, I then proceeded to tie each of her limbs to a corresponding stake. I tied each rope to the stake using a taut line hitch and this allowed me to go to each corner and began tightening the lines and stretch Cindy into a very taut X.

When I thought I was finished Cindy looked at me and said "Master, could you make it a little tighter please." So I went to each corner and found enough slack to tighten her even more.

When I was finished Cindy was a vision. Her tiny belly was pulled taut against her backbone, her ribs were pulled up and prominently displayed in relief against her tightly stretched skin. Her full breasts were tightened into straining hillocks on her chest topped with hard begging nipples, reaching out for somebody to love them. Her pussy was tilted up in relief against her sunken belly with her pussy lips glistening, her pussy was begging to be played with. The cords on all of her arms and legs strained against the stretching and were prominent against her skin.

In a whispered moan Cindy said. "Oh master I love it when you do this. I feel so desirable and sexy and my skin is so sensitive and on fire, waiting for you to caress it. One touch from you and I may explode into a million pieces."

I lay down on the towel and said "Don't move Pet."

As I began to lavish light little kisses all over her face Cindy was watching me with loving admiration. She made sure not to move her face as I began to trace her lips with my tongue and occasionally dip inside her mouth. Her lips are giving small twitches and I could tell she was having a hard time not reaching out and ravishing my mouth. I kissed down over her ears across her neck and as I began to move towards her heaving breasts she began to moan and gasp.

"Master my skin is so sensitive when you stretch me. Please take me now and don't torture me anymore."

"You know this makes you cum so much harder and you love it when I torture you so."

I lightly licked her left nipple and she arched her back trying to get more of her nipple into my mouth, but I was having none of that. I begin to place light licks and kisses around her straining breasts but would occasionally stray to give her nipple a lick. She kept arching her back and twisting back and forth trying to find my mouth to suck on her nipples. I started kissing down to her tight belly, but as I did she screamed, "NNOOOO MASTER, COME BACK, My nipples are begging you, PLEASE MASTER ravish my nipples."

Torturing Cindy like this is also torturing me and I could only resist her so much as I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and began to scrape it with my teeth. Her back arched to the limits for bondage trying to push more of her nipple into my mouth and then I repeated that with her other nipple. Cindy was screaming begging me to let her cum, as I looked down I could see her hips bucking trying to get something to feed its hunger.

"Not yet baby, you do not have permission yet."

She started shaking and I could tell she was trying to hold back her orgasm.

"Ohhh Master. I'm there. OOHHHHH Master ... Oh ... Oh ... Oh Master Please."

I resumed kissing down her tightly stretched belly and through the valley between her hips. As I approached her shimmering pussy I could see her hips hunching trying to find my mouth. As I decided to torture her further I bypassed her pussy and kissed down the inside of her thigh, and she screamed again.

"NNOOOO MASTER, COME BACK, My pussy needs you, PLEASE MASTER take me NOW."

I relented slightly and lightly ran my tongue through her pussy lips. Her pussy opened and her hips lifted straining to get more of me inside her. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth making sure not to touch her clit as I continued to torture the love of my life. She begged and screamed again. "NNOOOO MASTER, TAKE ME, PLEASE MASTER, MAKE ME YOURS, PLEASE MASTER ... TAKE ME NOW."

"Not yet my Pet wait."

I slid my fingers in her pussy and began to slowly thrust in and out, as my tongue was circling her clit. Cindy's hips were pushing upwards and straining trying to get more of me but I kept holding back. She was crying and begging for me to take her and let her finish, this torture had her on the edge of sanity. As I continued relentlessly fucking her with my fingers I gave her clit a quick lick and then sucked it into my mouth. Her stomach muscles bunched as she tried to stop the onslaught of feelings threatening to overwhelm her.

"Oh master ... Oh master I can't stop ... Ohhhhhh mmmmassstter ... oh ggooodd ... MASTER."

"Not yet wait for my permission."

Her head was thrashing from side to side with her cunt straining at the ropes to grab me and pull me inside her. She is so dazzling when she's on the edge of orgasm and I find it difficult to resist her. So I pulled my fingers from her cunt, squatted down so I could get my cock between her legs and started feeding my cock into her soaked pussy.

"MASTER ... OOHHHH My MMMAAASSSSTTEERR ... Ohhhhh Gawd ... Oh mmmyyyy mmmaster ... CANT STOP ... MA MASTER ...PLEASE MASTER."

"Then cum my pet and cum hard," I said into her ear

She started cumming before I even had my cock fully in her. Her body bowed within her bondage in a rigid spasm as her orgasm totally consumed her. As I rammed all the way into her, she came again and screamed out her completion, "OOOhhh ... Ohh Gawd ... OOOhhh ... MAAASSTER ... OOHHHH My MMAAASSSSTTEERR."

I held her hips and began slow deep thrusts into her quivering pussy. I ran my hands over her tight belly and then ran my hands up and cupped both tits. I thumbed her diamond hard nipples and pinched down on both nipples. Cindy clamped down hard on my cock with her cunt and her stomach muscles locked in contraction pulling her back to the sand.

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