Pirate Treasure Ch. 11


I turned fingertip vibrators up to full blast and continue to pinch her clit. I also pulled the soft deerskin flogger and began to firmly caress her nipples. Cindy hadn't even come down from her first orgasm when she blasted into another. "MMMMAAAAASSSSTTTTEEEERR ... OH GOD ... MORE ... MAASSSTER ... AGAIN ... CCUUMMMMING ... CANT .... MAAASSSTTTEERR ... STOP ... CCUUMMMMING ."

Her body had gone from a full clinching orgasm into bone breaking spasms as the machine relentlessly took her from orgasm to orgasm with no respite. I moved my vibrating fingers up her body and pinched her nipples between them. With my other hand, I took off her mask and looked into those lust clouded, unseeing, beautiful green eyes. During a hard orgasm, her eyes would roll to the back of her head and then snap back, before doing it all over again with the next one.

I started timing her orgasms and as she was coming, I would use the deerskin flogger and slap her clit firmly during each cum. I think it took her to an even higher level, but she was spasming so hard I couldn't tell. But, after a half a dozen times her eyes rolled to the back of her head and stayed there as her body went limp and she passed out.

I stopped the machine and pulled it out of her spasming pussy and quickly unbuckled her legs and arms. I scooped her shaking body into my arms and carried her to our bed. About halfway there, I felt her arms around move around me as she whispered into my neck, "Master, in me, need you in me."

I laid her on the bed and crawled between her legs, pushing my cock into her spasming pussy. I started entering her slowly, but Cindy was having none of that as she threw her trembling arms and legs around me and tried to pull me deep into her. As I hit bottom, she started to cum again and she whispered, "Take me Master, take me hard. Show me who owns this slave, my master. Take me now."

I pulled back and started slamming into her body. She was back in her continuously orgasming state. After her show in the playroom, with this incredibly sensuous woman writhing beneath me and her pussy's continuous rippling on my cock, there was no way I could last very long. So I hammered hard and deep, kissing her face as she continued to writhe in orgasmic rapture beneath me and within a few more minutes, I slammed hard into her. With my cock pressed firmly against her cervix, I started planting long ropes of my seed inside her.

Cindy lost all muscle control and was spasming with her arms and legs flailing and occasionally holding on to me only to lose their grip as the next round of spasms shook her to the core. Cindy was in the throes of an orgasm unlike any I've ever seen and she looked like she was having a seizure. I started holding her tight, stroking and kissing her face lightly. As I held her, I could feel the seizures diminish as they transitioned into shaking and quivering.

Her eyes were open but lost. She was not seeing and her mind was not with her body. As I continue to hold her tightly and lavish kisses on her face, I could see her eyes starting to focus and I knew she was coming back. She blinked and looked at me, her eyes opened wide as though she was seeing me in a new light. Her eyes began to fill with tears as she buried her still quivering face in my neck.

"Master I worship at your altar, you took me to heaven and with your love showed me the splendor of being your love slave. Oh my God, my master, have never known bliss like I do when you make love to me, this went way beyond ecstasy. I was floating on a cloud of euphoria above us watching you make love and take your slave as your own. Every cell in my body was tingling with your every touch and every thrust inside me."

She pulled her face her my shoulder and put her lips to mine. As she did, I attacked her lips and thrust my tongue inside her mouth showing her how much I loved her dearly. We stayed like that breathing each other's air, feeling each other's heartbeat, feeling our love wash over both of us.

Her love for me was feeding my heart and my love for her was starting to have its effect on my cock inside her. I didn't want to damage her so started pulling my cock out of her still clasping pussy, but Cindy would have none of this and wrapped her arms and legs around me. Her quivering body was still sensitive and on edge from all of her orgasms. She kissed me softly and said, "Please stay inside me, don't go away. Master stay inside me and make slow, sweet love to me again."

I could never deny her anything, so I slowly brought her body to one final orgasm and we came together, sharing our love. We fell asleep with me still buried inside her.

When I woke the next morning, Cindy's head was on my chest and she was watching me sleep. I reached up and caressed her hair and cheek as she nuzzled into my chest and hand. As I stared into those selfless eyes, I realized that this was the most wonderful way in the world wake up. Then I thought back to when Cindy has woken me up by sucking on my cock, and I thought well maybe the second-best.

"Good morning, my stunningly beautiful sex toy, the love of my life. Did you sleep well, my baby?" I said.

"Not really master, even now I'm still floating on a cloud of euphoria that you gave me yesterday. You are truly my master and I still don't know how to describe last night. You conducted a symphony with my body, taking me higher and higher until all that was left was you and the lustful paradise you showed me. It was like you are a god that came down from heaven and took me on a cloud of ecstasy to heaven with you." She whispered softly.

"Oh master, I am truly your completely devoted slave. You have taken me from nothing, saved me multiple times and taken me to the heights of love and passion that makes my heart almost explode. You are my life, my love, you have shown me love and life and you make me feel beautiful, sexy and desired. I don't know how to describe or show you the feelings I have for you, so I reaffirm, with all that I am, I freely give you the only thing I have to give ... me, all of me. My heart, body, soul and free will are all yours forever. Master I will never deny you anything or ever say no to you, with every fiber of my being, I love you." She whispered.

I pulled her to me, sweetly kissed her lips, cradled her head in my hands and looked into her exquisite green eyes full of unflinching, self-sacrificing, limitless love and glistening with tears.

"My beautiful sweet innocent Cindy, you know one of the reasons I love you so much is that you have no idea what extraordinary gift you are offering me. You are my perfect woman, your heart is completely selfless and when you love you don't hold back and you give everything you are. You give yourself completely to your master with complete trust and unwavering devotion, obeying every command without question. All of this wrapped in one of the most gorgeous bodies I've ever seen, topped off with this gorgeous face." I said.

"That innocent face on top of that sinfully delicious body makes you extraordinarily beautiful, exotic and dazzling. I know you don't see yourself as the incredibly beautiful woman that you are, but trust me you could be a movie star or a centerfold model. With a few pictures and a couple phone calls, you could be a Playboy centerfold, but then I would have to share you and that's something I'm not going to do. Cindy, you are mine and I will never let you go. I will display you to show you off and show you how proud I am of you, but no one's ever going to touch you but me. The fact that you are an exhibitionist and it excites you to have people lust after you, while at the same time giving yourself completely and only to me makes you extraordinarily perfect for me." I added.

"From the first time we saw each other when you were tied to the mast New Orleans, you've been able to tell me what you need with just a look. Likewise, you can see in my heart and know what I need. My baby, its fate that we found each other, because you are the perfect woman for me. Likewise, I'm the perfect master for you. I love you, Cindy, always will. The gift you give me is one I will treasure always and protect with my life."

Tears of love and happiness were streaming down her face as Cindy jumped into my arms and she clung to me like her life depended on it. I held her tightly until I felt her body slowly relax and realized she had finally gone to sleep. I covered her with covers and knelt on the bed looking at this innocent woman that I love so. I never thought this would happen to me, love was something that didn't happen to people like me, but then this angel came with the body of a porn star and she took my heart by storm.

Normally I would've run away and never let anybody get this close, but strangely enough Cindy captured my heart by never asking for anything. She just gave, her love, her heart, her body and her free will. She gave herself freely and put her heart out there for anyone to step on. She gave herself to me with no demands or conditions. She has followed my rules and obeyed all my commands without once questioning me or saying no. Her love and devotion is completely selfless and completely devoid of anything for her.

She truly is an angel from heaven, here to change my life. When someone like Cindy comes into your life, you can do one of two things, you can use her up, throw her away and take advantage of her (which is what everyone before me did) or you can become a better person and love her back with complete devotion. As I looked at her sleeping face, I reached over and caressed her face, still not really grasping the fact the she's real. She rubbed against my hand and in her sleep mumbled, "Love master."

As I got up to leave the room to work on the contracts, I had a lump in my throat, as I realized she has indeed made me a better person.

As I walked into my home office, I had on my desk the final contracts for the sale of business that I originally went to New Orleans for. In addition, there was another set of documents, which stated that all the assets from the sale would go to Cindy. I had set up a blind trust so that all the investments will be well cared for and would continue to grow, but Cindy didn't know a thing about any of this. She would've never asked for any of this, because it didn't matter her. The only thing that mattered to her was my love for her and that's why I did this. It's my gift for all the selfless love and devotion that she is giving me.

I signed the contracts and stuck them in the FedEx envelope so they would get to the lawyers the next day. I still had three other businesses to attend to so I started going through e-mails and other correspondence and I lost track of time.

A while later, I felt some soft arms draped around my neck, with two large delicious breasts pressing into my back and a pair of soft lips kissing my ear as she whispered, "Master, are you hungry? I've made something for you to eat."

I pushed back from the computer and let Cindy curl up in my lap and I said. "Yes my pet. I could use something to eat. When did you learn to cook?"

She turned and said, "Well I didn't really cook anything Master, it's more of a fruit salad."

She got out of my lap, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen and there I saw different fruits lined up on the breakfast bar. As she turned I saw that coquettish little minx look in her eyes that she gets when she's planning something, so I decided to go along.

"Master, could you help me set up your fruit salad."

She held her arms over her head and it was then that I saw the ropes around the breakfast bar and I understood. I scooped her up in my arms and cradled her while I kissed her passionately. "It will be my pleasure to help my Pet serve her fruit salad." I softly whispered.

I laid her back on the breakfast bar and then I reached over to bind her.

"No master sideways."

I looked at her and saw the glint in her eye and said, "You beautiful little vixen. You planned this little seduction to get me away from my papers didn't you."

"Yes master, you haven't played with your toy all day and your toy is getting lonely."

I grabbed her face and gave her a deep passionate kiss and then said, "My pet, you are indeed a treasure and I love you so very much. My beautiful sexy toy you will make a dazzling serving dish."

I turned her sideways and draped her cross breakfast bar, this left her butt perched on the edge of the bar and her head hanging off the other side. I felt my cock getting hard possibilities as I began to bind her arms and legs. Since the breakfast bar was open underneath, I bound her left ankle to lift wrist and right ankle to right wrist underneath the breakfast bar. This also had the effect of bowing her back and thrusting her pussy and tits into prominence and it also stretched and flattened her belly.

I saw some pineapple rings and I thought I knew the perfect place for those and I set them on her breasts with her nipples sticking through the hole. I put another ring of pineapple over her belly button and then filled in the center holes of all three pineapples with whipped cream, I also put some of the whipped cream on her pussy.

I put a lot of the other fruit on her flat belly. Her belly made a perfect serving table and I put some of the chunks of melon and papaya in a circular pattern around the pineapple ring. Yeah, she's definitely the sexiest most desirable serving dish I have ever seen.

I started licking the whipped cream out of her pussy and found a surprise. Cindy had already filled her pussy with grapes and I saw her belly quiver as I ate the whipped cream and grapes from her pussy. The more I ate her, the more her belly quivered and more grapes came out of her pussy. In the beginning, the taste is more whipped cream with grapes, but towards the end the taste was all grapes and Cindy. The more I had of the grapes dipped in Cindy's musk, the more I found the taste to be intoxicating. I took two grapes and fed them to Cindy so she could have a taste too.

Since I had run out of grapes I took the pineapple ring off of her belly button began dipping it into Cindy's pussy juices and I realized it really wasn't the taste of fruit that I like, I love the taste of Cindy. So I wound up opening my mouth wide and sucking her entire pussy lips into my mouth and then began to suck as much juice out of her as I could but the more I sucked, the more nectar she created.

By now she was begging for me to let her come, her hips were bouncing off the counter and I could see the muscles in her belly quivering shaking trying to keep from cumming.


I started becoming obsessed with her pussy nectar and sticking my tongue as far into her pussy as I could to get more of her nectar. I lashed at her clit and sucked on it only to generate more Cindy juice for me to drink. She was pleading and screaming by now. "OH MASTER ... OH GOD ... MORE ...MORE ... LET ME CUM ... OOOOHHHHHH ... MASTER ...PLEASE"

By this time she was thrashing so hard, all pretense of a fruit salad gone. There were still bits of whipped cream on her belly and nipples but all the other fruit had fallen off of her body. I was hungry for more of her pussy and I would divide my time between licking and sucking on her clit to create the Cindy nectar I craved and then putting my mouth over her pussy and sucking out as much juice as I could.


Cindy was screaming for me to let her cum, but I wasn't answering her because I was intoxicated by her essence. I thought maybe if I let her come, it will generate more nectar. So I pulled my mouth from her pussy only long enough to say, "CUM NOW."

Cindy's muscles clenched and quivered and her back arched as the orgasmic tsunami rushed through her and for the first time, Cindy squirted when she came. I was in heaven there was more of Cindy for me to drink and as I finished off her squirted essence, I felt satisfied. With my excessive hunger sated, I left her pussy and began to clean the rest of her body of whipped cream and fruit, paying special attention to her quivering breasts and hard petulant nipples.

I came around the bar and cupped Cindy's head and gave her a kiss while she was shaking and quivering from her orgasm. As I pulled away from her kiss, I stood up and put some whipped cream onto my cock and fed it into her mouth. With her head hanging over the edge of the bar, my cock began to slide all the way down into her throat. I slid back out slowly and then back and slowly and began a very slow sensuous throat fuck.

Usually, the large head of my cock gave Cindy a lot of problems when she tries to deep throat me, but in this position she didn't have any problems. I could feel her tongue licking and washing my cock as it traveled through her mouth and down her throat; she was doing her best to give me the best blow job of my life and by God, she was succeeding.

Cindy was still quivering from her cum and her quivering throat muscles were rippling up and down my cock, at this rate it wasn't long before I was going to fill her mouth with my cream. As I slowly fucked my cock down her throat, I reached over and pinched her nipples. I could see her belly ripple in pleasure and the vibration of her moan resonated through my cock bringing me to the edge. I pulled back so that the head of my cock was in her mouth and started filling her mouth with my cum.

After I came in her mouth, I untied her bonds, slid my hands underneath her and carried her to the bathroom where I planned to wash all the fruit juice and whipped cream from her body.

As I carried her back to the tub, she looked at me with this incredible depth of emotion and a satisfied look in her eye.

"Did Master enjoy his fruit salad?" She queried.

"My delectable pet, now I can add delicious toy to your resume, I think you know I did. Your distraction and seduction are very much appreciated, my love. Thank you my love, for everything you do, for loving me the way you do and for being the best thing in my life. Also distracting me from work and not letting me forget that you're the best thing in my life." I said.

"Master I love you and I will do anything for you. Thank you for loving your slave the way you do and for indulging your slave in her distractions and seductions. I know it's not proper etiquette for a slave to act that way and I thank you for allowing me to show you how much you mean to me and how much I love you." She said.

"You are my treasure my pet, and it makes me very happy for you to show how much you love me." I added.

I set her in the tub and she sat there basking in her Masters love while I cleaned all of the fruit salad off of her skin. Somehow, I didn't miss responding to any of my e-mails at all.

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