tagSci-Fi & FantasyPlanet Moor Ch. 01

Planet Moor Ch. 01


Lorie Penfield and Perry Crager were out for a walk on the recreation trail by the river. Lorie and Perry had been dating for about two months. His wife had died some six months ago, He had grieved but had to move on, and at the age of fifty-two there was no time to waste. Lorie and Perry walked almost every evening here or some of the other nature trails in the area. The hour or more walks was good for them, they talked and were getting to know each other. Perry was all but legally blind so He didn't drive, and walking unpaved trails was a little rough, but He enjoyed the challenge. He had two custom made walking sticks, they were made of a clear acrylic, and they were the only two of their kind. He had wrapped leather thong on each for handle grips plus molecular steel compound at the base tip for weight and to hold the rubber feet. He had been offered two hundred dollars apiece for them. He refused, they were special to Him. They were something He had and others wanted, for once He felt good about that, plus He needed them to help Him walk and He liked them.

On this day Lorie and Perry had gotten a late start, now it was almost dark and they still had about an hour's walk to the car. The trail was empty except for them; they were walking at little faster than normal. Being out here after dark was never a good idea; the local gangs worked this trail quite often looking for dummies like them. They walked into a clearing where the trees opened up over the trail. They never heard a thing, Perry came to in a room, the lights were on and there was a black woman on another table restrained like He was. He didn't see Lorie anywhere. He yelled out, the woman said, "That won't do any good, I have already tried. They just seem to let you scream."

"Where are we?" Perry asks.

"I don't know all I have seen is this room and the attendants that brought you in. They didn't have much to say." She said.

"I am Perry Crager, who are you? And why are we here? I ask.

"First, I am Areka, call me Reka, my father is black and my mother is Mexican, my full name is Areka Rosa Tanner and I have no idea why we are here, or where we are?" Areka said,

As she finished, the door slid open and a woman walked in, "Good, your both awake, makes my job easier. You are here to serve our master's; they are a race of creatures that like games. Much like our mmrpg's only they use real beings to do the fighting, don't worry if you die they bring you back to life and upgrade your bodies. First, before you go into battle you are upgraded to warrior status. You are trained to use the modified bodies given to you." The attendant said.

"What if I don't want to fight?" Perry ask.

"You have no choice, the master's control you, and you do as they order." She said you both are scheduled for your upgrade within the next hour. The attendants will come to get you when they are ready. The chambers take about forty-eight hours to complete the conversion. You will enjoy the new you. Afterwards you will be put into semi-private room, probably the two of you; you will stay together forever as partners. You will be made part of a larger team, and that team will be part of yet a larger group. Once converted, you will have a skeleton made of a metal alloy called schact. The skeleton will perform all its functions just as normal. There will be an organic computer installed and attached to your brain this will give you super-intelligence and your muscles will receive cybernetic implants that will enhance them tenfold or more. Some of the converts develop special gifts from the upgrades, such as the ability to read minds or talk to animals. These are just a few that I know about." These are rare in most converts but they do happen.

The attendant left, Perry looked at Reka, "I like the sound of the conversion; I just don't like the slave part. I am going to fight with everything given to me and at every chance I get. These masters can't be that strong, if we fight back they can't stop all of us, can they?"

"You know as much as I do. I guess we will find out soon. I too like the sounds of the upgrades; I suffer from joint pain and arthritis." Reka said

"I have bi-polar disorder among other things; my quality of life has been getting worse all the time. I am almost blind as you can see by the thickness of these glasses. I stay in fair shape by walking everyday but I am not that strong." Perry said, "But I never give up, there is always a way through. I never, never retreat unless there is no way to win at that moment, I will back off and regroup, study the situation and attack again. These illnesses have taught me a thing or two about fighting the unbeatable."

"I know what you are saying about never giving up, I have survived two rounds with cancer. If you give up, you might as well just shoot yourself." Areka said.

"I agree, now my plan through short term is to take the conversion and try to turn it against them somehow, who knows maybe I will gain a gift that will make me powerful." Perry said.

Before she could answer two female attendants came into the room, "If you will make this easy and follow us, we will take you to the conversion labs. You two, along with thirty-eight others with spend the next forty-eight hours in the chambers undergoing major upgrades to your bodies. Even if you don't want it, you will find the improvements agreeable. The dark clothed attendant said.

We were lead out the door and to the right into the corridor that ran on this side of the ship for most of its length. There is a similar corridor on the other side of the ship with connecting corridors at junctions along the way. These corridors were the same on each deck except for the connectors between them. Those connectors were different depending on the layout of the deck. We come to a spiral stairwell that had a large landing on each deck, the stairwell lead up and down. The deck number and landing location was painted on the wall inside the landing, this one said, "D-Twenty-nine," the location number was, "L-fourteen." We went down the stairwell fifteen decks, also landing "L-fourteen." We turned left out of the landing, moving down the corridor to a junction numbered "J-Thirty-six. We turned right into the connecting corridor, going about half way from what I could tell. This was obviously a large ship. The attendants lead us into a room, there were others waiting there. I counted thirty-six besides us that mean two more were coming. I looked around the group, I saw no one I knew. Most of them looked scared or pissed off. They all just stood still waiting for what was about to happen. The door opened and two attendants ushered the last two people into the room. There were attendants standing along the walls all around the room. They seemed to be in a trance, they started speaking as one, each saying the same thing.

"This is my ship, I am the transporting Master. The ship has filled its quota for this trip, now you are among the last to be converted. Once this is done, you will be trained. Your training will last till we return to my world. The attendants can't help you get away. They were just like you at one time, you will train for battle, and all new recruits are trained for battle. You will learn several forms of hand to hand combat, the use of many weapons from a simple knife to the latest tech weapons. You will bow to me when I order it; if you don't bow you will die. I see all; hear all through each of you. I use your eyes and ears to know what is going on aboard my ship. My guards do my will, if I send them after you, there is no escape. Welcome to the newest battalion of the Realm of the Torpid, put them in the chambers."

The attendants started taking people through several archways in alcoves. They forced them into the open casket-like chambers; once they had you in position the gel substance in the chamber pulled you in and held you there. The gel didn't seem to bother with the attendants, once the chamber had you in, it closed by itself, to hold you for the next two days.

Two days later, the chamber opened, the lights were hard to take at first. As Perry adjusted to the lights, He heard others complaining about the lights. Perry looked to find Reka; she was sitting up in her chamber. The gel was gone from around her, He looked down and He too was free of the gel that had disappeared. Perry; felt good, like nothing He had ever felt, in fact Perry felt nothing no pain, no discomfort. He could feel my body move, every nerve is alive. Perry, from habit pushed His glasses up, but they weren't there. Perry could see perfectly, everything was so bright and clear. He could hear what people at the other end of the room were saying like they were standing next to him. Then Perry heard it, the voice inside my head.

"Welcome to my control, I have you now." It said.

Perry shut it off, he was used to shutting off the noise in his head, and Perry stood up and stepped out of the chamber. No one else had moved Perry looked to see the attendants start toward him.

"Why are you moving?" it ask through them.

"Because I want to, is that a problem?" Perry ask.

"Yes, you are to do as I say." It said.

"And if I don't, are you going to stop me?" Perry said.

"Yes, these attendants will restrain you." It said.

Perry thought hard about what to do. The attendants coming toward him stopped, he had thought that they should stop.

"What are you doing?" it ask, "How did you stop those attendants under my control?" It ask.

"Are you the only Master aboard?" Perry ask.

"Yes, I am all that is needed. I rule this ship." It said.

"Not anymore, I feel my power growing as we speak. I am going to find you and kill you." Perry said, "I am going to free all these people as I go." Perry pushed out the power in his head, it engulfed the room breaking the hold it had on them. The attendants and newbies alike, they were confused for a few seconds.

The attendants looked at each other. One of them said, "What happened? That thing had us under its control, how did we get loose?

"I freed you; this is something you said could happen. The gift I must have had is now more powerful than ever." Perry said.

Perry pulled his power back, waiting to see what happened, if it would take control of these people again. After ten minutes, nothing happened; Perry could sense more attendants and soldiers coming towards him. Perry pushed his power out into the corridor letting it flow both ways down the corridor. As Perry's power swept over them the master's control stopped, it would never take these people again. Perry felt his power pulling at him, the power needed to feed it. Perry let it feed from the people around him lightly, He was not going to enslave them again. Perry pushed his power out through the ship, with each person he freed the more power he needed, the more he fed. Perry found the master; it was in the center of the ship. It was attached to the ship's power supply, even with that it was not as strong as he was. Perry started feeding straight from it, it was trying to fight but he had it trapped. Perry pulled its supply lines from it. Perry started feeding from the power supply itself. The master tried to run but it had not moved in many years, it had become fat and lazy, depending on others to care for it and feed it. Perry was not sure what kind of being it was, he had not seen it yet. Perry sealed the room it was in.

Perry was amazed at how fast he got control of his power. It seemed that he had been doing it for years, what really happened was the knowledge of his power was downloaded into the organic computer and it was sent to my brain when he had called for it. As Perry needed the knowledge, he received it automatically, just like the brain; the computer was an extension of it now. Anything that was in it was available to him instantly and without having to think hard on it. Perry knew the layout of the ship; he knew the planets they were headed to. Perry now knew what the masters were, torpids or sluggards, the lazy ones. As for what race they were, he thought they were once something close to human. Perry would have to tap its mind to find out, if it still knew.

The next thing Perry had to do was get control of this ship. He was not going to control the people but he did need them to follow his lead. If they were going to survive they would have to stick together. Anyone who would move against him would have to be dealt with quickly. He also knew that going back to Earth at this time would be bad. These new converts on Earth with their new abilities would wreak havoc. They would be superhuman on Earth, and most would use that for the wrong things. Perry headed for the bridge; he needed to get the command crew with him. Perry moved down the corridor when he heard sounds behind me. Perry stopped and turned to find Reka and several others following him.

"What are you doing?" Perry ask.

"We are with you in whatever you do." Reka said.

"How many do you think will follow me?" Perry ask them.

They all looked around and one of them said, "The whole ship will follow you in whatever you want. You have freed us, we are all still connected to each other and we know what is going on. We need to back you, to free the others on the planets these creatures control."

"How many planets do they control?" Perry ask already knowing.

"Sixteen, but you should know that." He said.

"I did, but I ask anyway. I know a lot of things but I will ask questions anyway, just to remain on the level with you. I do not want to enslave anyone, not even the masters; they will pay for their crimes against mankind." Perry said, "We will judge them and execute them. They will not be allowed to harm others anymore."

"You will kill them then, that maybe the only choice you have. I don't think all of them will give in like this one did." He said.

"Captain Isicah Prichard, is it? Perry ask, "We will find a way. I think that once you are released from their power, they can't reconnect. If this one had been able to he would have reconnected as soon as I pulled my power away from you. That could be useful, if I can block even small groups of the people at all. They will not be able to reconnect to their ex-slaves."

"How are we going to get to the planets? They are protected by battle groups. They patrol the space around the planets. If we do not have the right signal, they will fire upon us." The Captain said.

"I am going to invade the creature's mind and learn what I can. I am way more powerful than it. Right now, I need the crew of this ship to maintain control; I will need you, Captain and your officers and any other officers aboard to meet with me ASAP. There are something's we need to work out. But first I will talk with our prisoner. I want to know what it knows. Captain, takes us to the sixteen planets of the Hersha system." Perry ordered.

"Yes, Sir Commander." He said.

Perry headed to the center of the ship; it was easy to get to. The things ex-servants showed me the way, they were happy that they didn't have to care for it again. Perry arrived at the door; he forced it open without touching it. Perry needed all the practice he could get with this new power. He was about to do something he never dreamed of, invading something's mind and retrieve its knowledge. Perry just hoped it didn't die before he was done. Perry entered the room; it sat there on a very large bean bag cushion. It was scared that Perry was going to kill it right this instant.

"You can't read my mind?" Perry ask.

"No, but I feel you in mine, you are trying to learn all I know. You have the power greater than I have ever seen. I don't think there is one among my kind with that much power without addition energy supplies. I will not fight you if you will let me live. If I am to die by your power, I will end myself now." It said.

"I am not going to kill you now. I need you to get us close to the planets. If you will help us, I might be able to talk your ex-slaves into letting you live." Perry said.

"I am not It, I am called Kerg. I was once a human; till I found out I had this power. I was not the only one; there are about a thousand of us. We came in power about four thousand years ago. We had just left a planet called Earth, we were taken like you, but once we land on the planet where we were to be slaves, we developed these powers. We took over, now it seems our time has come." Kerg said.

"So it seems I am going to put you and your friends in front of a panel of your slaves. They will decide what to do with you." Perry said.

"Death is that answer." Kerg said.

"If I get to talk to your kind before the panel decides maybe we can put you to work, there are things you could possibly do that we can't. I will not let them enslave you, though you deserve it. I will not stand for it. I know that you cannot reconnect with a human once the connection is broken. The benefits us greatly, we don't have to worry about you retaking control. You will be required to take care of yourself, at first you will be helped and trained to walk again. From there it is up to you to survive, if you can't you will die. I must go now, I think I have the knowledge I was looking for. I will seal you in here, to the wise, get up and start walking around the room. I have put a cap on your power; you can't use it at all. When you are stronger, I may let you walk the corridors with a guard." Perry said.

Perry left the room and sealed it. Areka and some others were standing in the corridor.

"You are not going to let it live?" This woman ask.

"What is your name?" Perry ask.

"Perry, we were together when we were taken." She said with hurt.

"Lorie, I didn't recognize you, I am not use to seeing things clearly. You truly are beautiful." Perry said.

"That is a good excuse, just so it doesn't happen again." She smiled.

"No, not with you, my love, I seen your real beauty before." Perry said.

"What about me? I thought we had something going?" Areka said.

"I would like to but I don't see how I can keep two women without them fighting." Perry said.

Lorie walked over to Areka, she looked her over. Lorie said, "I like her, if she wants to join us, I am game."

"Lorie, I am not sure where we stand completely yet. Sure we have been dating for some time but we have never gone that far." Perry said.

"Perry, look at yourself, you look thirty years younger than when we were on that trail. I know I do, and I like it, my body has never been this firm and toned." Lorie said.

"I agree, I was almost sixty when they took me, now I look like this, I am about twenty-five to thirty years old. I still have all my knowledge also." Areka said.

"Ladies, if you are to join me in my bed, there will be no fighting. I maybe bring others in my bed. I know one thing now that the subject has come up. My body and power is going to require some form of release, to maintain control over it. Sex can be a good release valve; you two might not be able to handle what I throw at you. Understand?" Perry ask.

"We will see, but if you bring another woman to our bed, we must approve her first." Lorie said.

"Lorie, I know how I feel about it, but how are you going to accept the adultery thing?" Perry ask.

"I don't care as long as I have you." She said.

"Out here, all that stuff is off the table, these are new rules." Areka said.

"I wouldn't quite go that far, but yes things have changed for us. I will still believe in God, I just don't know how to work him in here and now. There is nothing mentioned in the Bible about leaving Earth alive. I know not all these people are saved Christians, so Christ didn't come for us. I don't know if he will out here, I will have to study on that." Perry said.

"Hey, we weren't being perfect on Earth either. So now you are going to get hung up on it out here?" Lorie ask.

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