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This was my favorite part about my new house, the backyard. Ah, I thought, lying back on my float, privacy. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sun on my naked skin. I loved being nude, and here I could with no one to care. I chuckled evilly to myself, except my nosey neighbors, a more straight-laced pair could not be found in the city. They had come over after church on Sunday to offer me a casserole, welcome me to the neighborhood, and gossip about the other neighbors. What would they think to see me now?

My hand, which had been trailing in the cool water, lifted unconsciously to my breast, and began fondling the nipple as my thoughts transferred to their sons. We had not been introduced, I had a feeling there might be a reason for that. I had been watching them play one-on-one in their driveway without their shirts. When they returned from their runs, all golden tan and sweaty, I usually had to check my mail just then or water the flowers on my porch. My pussy was getting wet just thinking of them. Identical twins. 18 years old, tall, tan and buff, shaggy auburn hair, and, considering their parents, I had a feeling they were virgins.

My nipple was so erect it was hurting by this point and my pussy was so wet and needy that I brought my other hand up to rub my clit. My head pressed backward as my fingers slipped inside, pumping. My eyes were closed imagining the twins were working me over. I knew they had been watching me. I made sure to do aerobics in the nude when I knew they were home alone, and, of course, the blinds facing their house were left open. I pumped my pussy harder wanting to come. I opened my eyes a bit and glanced at the corner of their second floor. The only place one could possibly see my secluded backyard haven was one corner bedroom of their home, had I just seen that curtain move?

I didn't really care as I felt jolts zing through me as my orgasm started. I pumped as deep as I could and pinched at my nipples loving that bite of pain. My fingers were flooded and I groaned as I came. I looked at that window once more. The two boys were standing there watching me. I took my fingers from my pussy and licked them, one at a time, hoping they enjoyed the show. I rolled off my float and climbed out the edge of the pool making sure to sway my hips and let them see every wet naked inch of me.

I wasn't usually quite so blatant, but, frankly, I was feeling a bit sex starved and lonely. I had been happily married for many years. My husband had died five years ago in a motorcycle accident. I still missed him, but life goes on. He was wild and crazy and we had had a passionate life together. He would not have wanted me to be tame. Recently, I had been feeling tame however. I had just turned 40 two months ago and moved to this small town only two weeks ago. I had had to behave and maintain a public image so my life had been pretty dull.

These boys could be just what I needed, I thought devilishly as I toweled off and entered my house. How long would it be before they were in my clutches? Hmmm. If they really were virgins, could I show them a thing or two? Initiate them? That sounded like a fun challenge. I climbed the stairs and entered my bedroom, which just happened to face that same corner one where the boys had been watching me from, and opened my blinds. I flopped down on the bed, grabbed my vibe off the nightstand and, hoping they might still be watching, fucked myself for all I was worth till I was screaming in orgasm.

The next day as I made my way to my hidden oasis to swim I wore only a Cheshire Cat grin and carried a certain pool toy, which I knew my two window watchers would enjoy. I launched my float out to the middle of the pool, then, I dived in and swam a few laps until I caught sight of the curtains in the corner moving. Glistening wet and naked, I climbed onto my float and settled in to give them a show guaranteed of a standing ovation.

I lay back and got comfortable with my legs spread and trailing in the water on each side of the float. My hands were immediately caressing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. I bent my head down and lifted my breast high and proceeded to suck on it till it hurt. I then did the same to the other. I could feel my desire rising. I needed some cock in me. I needed to be fucked. I took my pool toy from the cup holder on my float. It was my largest waterproof vibrator, nine inches long and two inches wide, very filling.

Using two fingers, I spread my pussy wide, and inserted my vibe into my wetness, one inch at a time. It slid easily into me, all the way. Mmmmm yes. I slid it out and slammed it back in, over and over, in and out. I was panting and groaning. By this time I had floated over to the side of the pool, conveniently my pussy was facing my audience. I propped my feet on the edge of the pool, my legs spread wide. I was going to cum hard and good. The thought of my audience spurred me on. The sensations were spreading. I could not hold back and screamed out loud as the waves began crashing though my body. My pussy flooded.

It was so good I could barely move once I had finished myself. I looked up at the window. The twins were standing watching me, each equipped with a pair of binoculars! Oh yes, they were ready. I wanted them. Tomorrow I would have them. I pulled the vibe from my pussy and proceeded to lick it clean as they watched, and I hoped drooled over the performance.

On the third day I made my way out to my pool in a very different way, completely, demurely attired in a one-piece swimsuit, my long, chocolate brown hair pulled up in a ponytail. I bit my lip to keep from grinning as I spread my towel on a lounge. I then slowly slathered myself with tanning oil and made my way down the steps and began swimming across the pool. Once in the center, I stopped and tread water. I looked up at their window, seeing them there; I beckoned them to come to me. I then floated on my back back to the steps and climbed out of the pool. I lay down on my lounge and waited.

Within minutes I heard the latch on the side gate, some rustling and whispering, then they appeared around the corner of the house and let themselves into the screened pool area. I carefully refrained from licking my lips as they approached. Twin sentinels of masculinity. I was filled instantly with longing and desire.

"Hello," I greeted them. "It's an awfully hot day. I thought you two might like a swim. We haven't been introduced by the way. I'm Catrina, Cat for short. And you two?"

"Scott," said the one that appeared just a tad bit taller.

"Steven," said the other. "Call me Steve."

"You two are so much alike that I may mess that up. Forgive a lady ahead of time?" I looked them over carefully noting their deep green eyes and the red streaks in their hair.

"Sure," Scott answered. "No problem. Folks mix us up all the time. Thanks for the invite but we have to head back to get our suits."

"No you don't," I responded, wondering how quickly I could push them. "My pool is clothing optional. There is a bathroom inside that door there where you can change and grab a towel."

I watched as they looked at each other. They seemed to be talking but didn't say anything. I had never been around twins before. This could be fun.

"Thank you Miss Cat. We'll change and be right back," Steve finally answered.

"Hurry back boys," I said as they walked away. When I was sure they were no longer looking I finally gave in and grinned like a cat and licked my lips in anticipation. As I had expected, they were back quickly, each with a towel modestly draped about his waist.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," I clucked at them. "So modest boys." I reached out swiftly and gave each towel a sharp yank. They fell to the ground exposing them to the light of day. Well hung just as I had imagined.

I was quite surprised when one of the boys, I think it was Scott, commented, "That makes you a bit overdressed Miss Cat."

"Hmm," I responded. "Maybe you can help me with that? I'll need to oil the spots I've missed." I rose from my lounge and slowly with many extra wiggles, peeled myself out of my tight suit until I stood before them naked and proud. I reached down and grabbed the oil. They surprised me again when they each held out a hand for some. Maybe I had misjudged their experience. I squirted some oil into each of their palms.

One of the boys stepped behind me, one stayed in front. They began at my shoulders and like a well-oiled machine they began massaging the oil into my skin. Their hands were thorough giving extra attention to my breasts, which were at attention, and later my ass and pussy. I was practically purring when they had finished.

"You've done that before?" I asked.

"No ma'am," one answered. "But we have wanted to do that to you for days now."

"You are quite honest, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am," said the other. "Our parents brought us up not to lie."

"Did they bring you up not to 'lie' with an older woman?"

"We were taught sex was to be respected. It is special."

"Well," I answered, "it is. Have you had a girl yet?" I bluntly asked, wondering.

"No ma'am. But..." the one whom I thought was Steve responded.


"Well, Miss Cat, we've got a DVD a friend gave up that's got porn on it and we've surfed some on the Internet," he admitted, blushing. "We've seen some things there."

"Then maybe you need to learn some things, some skills so when you find the right girl, you can treat her right. Then you both can enjoy the experience." I reached out one oily hand to each of them and trailed it down their chests.

"Yes ma'am," they responded in unison.

"That's good," and I pulled one toward me for a kiss. His arms wrapped around me and he showed no hesitation as my tongue plunged into his mouth. I felt the other twin close at my back, pressed up against my skin. His mouth was on my neck, biting and sucking. His arms wrapped around me, fondling my breasts. They both seemed to truly enjoy petting and touching.

I was slightly losing control of the situation as my desire flamed. I broke the kiss, a bit out of breath. "I thought you haven't been with a girl?" I asked.

"No ma'am," said the one at my back. His breath on my neck was like a warm caress.

"Neither of us have, Miss Cat," breathed the one I was kissing. "That doesn't mean we haven't kissed a girl, or wanted and imagined touching one as fine as yourself."

"Hmmm. I see. Well how about if I touch you boys a bit?" Without waiting for a response, I knelt down between them. I took one in each of my hands and began stroking their cocks in twin rhythms. Then, hungry for them, my mouth descended to feast.

I swirled my tongue around the head of the twin on my right. I licked along his shaft before taking him all the way in to the back of my throat in one swift motion. While continuing to pump the other with my hand, I fucked this twin with my mouth. I glanced up at them. It was a very submissive position and I enjoyed it while I still retained my control of the situation. They both had their heads thrown back and legs spread and braced. I could hear the moans that they were trying to suppress.

I switched my mouth to the other twin's cock. Ah, I thought as my mouth engulfed him, this one is slightly bigger. He is the one who has moved to my backside twice now. Scott. Yes, Scott liked my backside. I would have to remember that. I switched back and forth between the two cocks twice more, enjoying the taste and feel of them in my mouth and throat. My pussy was drenched and ready.

I lifted my mouth and my hand traveled to their asses giving a firm smack as I began getting up from my knees. I felt a hand at each elbow as they both reached to assist me at the same time. I wanted cock in me. I led them over to the lounge.

"Lie down Steve," I ordered. He quickly complied. I straddled him, my pussy hovering just above the tip of his cock. "Your first pussy?" I quirked an eyebrow at him, "I hope you enjoy."

I sank myself onto his hard cock, taking him in all the way to the hilt in one swift motion. I could hear his indrawn breath. I wondered what it felt like for him. I raised my body off him to plunge once more. Scott was standing at my side. I took him in my hand to stroke him as I moved on his brother. Steve was already moving his hips to my rhythm. Fast learner.

"You want me too?" I asked Scott. He nodded. "You and Steve share, right?" He nodded again. "Then you can share my pussy. I want you both."

"At the same time?" Scott looked startled. The idea must never even have occurred to him before. Maybe they hadn't seen that on the porn they'd watched.

"Yes," I answered. "Now. Put your cock in my pussy with your brother's."

I leaned forward over Steve so that Scott could have access. It was too ingrained in the two to obey commands from adults so, although he seemed unsure, he came behind me. He ran his hands over my oily back, and caressed my ass, fondling the cheeks. Yes, he did seem to enjoy my backside. I filed that information for another day.

I spread my legs wider as I felt his cock at my pussy. He pushed it inside hesitantly. I didn't want hesitant. I wanted to be fucked.

"Push in hard Scott," I said. "You won't hurt me. I want you both in me."

With those words he pushed his cock deep inside to parallel his brother's. I felt stretched, full. It felt wonderful. I started moving slowly, creating a rhythm. They joined in after a moment. As they gained confidence, I think at first they thought they would hurt me, they began thrusting into me, sometimes at the same time, sometimes alternating. I could feel my building orgasm. I wouldn't last long. From the sound of their panting, neither would they.

Electrical jolts traveled along my arms and legs as my orgasm burst through me. I screamed out at the pleasure pain of it. I had tried many times during my marriage to explain to my husband what my orgasm felt like, either I had never found the right words, or a man just couldn't understand just as I couldn't understand what it was like to cum inside a woman.

As my pussy muscles clamped down on the twin cocks inside me, they both came. Their hot cum shot inside me making me more slick as it mingled with my juices. I was so full I could feel our juices oozing out of me. I collapsed onto Steve's chest and felt Scott lay his head upon my back. Mmmmm I thought, a sex sandwich.

After a few moments, Scott slipped out of me. I climbed off of Steve and he got to his feet. They both stood close to me, Steve at my front, Scott at my back, their hands roaming my skin, caressing me in afterglow. They did not understand this need for touching yet, but they would. I grinned knowingly and led them to the pool.

After a quick dip I knew it was time for them to go. Their parents were nothing if not punctual and would be returning home from work before too long. The twins slipped into the little pool bathroom and came out dressed once more. Superman had nothing on them. They were just as handsome clothed as naked. I had thrown a sun cover up on over me as they changed. They approached me and I was once again sandwiched between them with one kissing my lips and the other nuzzling my neck. They would be fun to cuddle between on a cold winter night.

"Did you enjoy your first time?" I wondered.

"Immensely," Steve answered.

"Most definitely," came Scott's response.

"Would you boys like to come back to play again?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am," they answered in unison.

"Then it's a date," I responded. "Feel free to use the pool whenever you wish, even if I'm not home. You better get going now."

They left, slowly making there way to the side gate. I heard the latch and the shuffling of grass as they let themselves out of the yard. I felt sated and satisfied still as I hadn't for a long time. I knew I would have them back soon.


Three days later I found myself sitting naked at the desk in my front room. I had been enjoying some chocolate covered strawberries and remembering that afternoon with the twins. My legs spread slightly and I began stroking my wet clit with one hand. With the other, I began composing an invitation. It had to be worded carefully in case the wrong eyes should see it.

Scott and Steve As an older woman living alone, I find myself in need of strong help taking care of my extensive yard and plants this summer. If you both are in need of a summer jobs, please contact me and, with your parents' permission, we can make arrangements. Thank you, Miss Catrina

I grinned, sure of the boys' response. Their parents, always wanting to be good neighbors and teach their boys responsibility would be very unlikely to say no. I would have them all summer. I laughed out loud thinking of what might happen at our next play date...

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Perfect mix of excitement and creativity. I hope the boys get to play with each other while she watches. Keep going

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