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This story is total fiction, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is coincidental.

My wife and I have always had a great sex life, better than any I know of. Her name is Helen and she loves her sex a little on the rough side. We like to do the role-playing thing, and have tried many different things, but her favorite is the rape game. The feeling of being forced to do anything that I want makes her go crazy, she loves it.

One night we were sitting around just chillin' out, talking, and sipping some wine. The kids were in bed so we could talk freely and of course sex was soon the topic of choice. Well before we knew it we had drank both bottles of wine that I had picked up on the way home from work, smoked a couple of fatties, and she was hot. She looked at me, grinned and said that she wanted to be forced into sex (our favorite), but with a twist. The first part I understood, but I had to ask about the twist. I sat there watching my naked wife slowly fucking her dripping, wet pussy with her favorite dildo as she spoke.

My wife told me she wanted me to play a bad man. Break into our house and take her forcefully. This was nothing new, but as she continued I was soon to learn that the twist was just this. She wanted to be taken for a whole day. 24 hours of being captive to a bad man and forced to submit to his every desire. As she fucked her pussy faster and faster she said she wanted to be tied up and abused just like a real rape. Since we have a safety phrase (the words I LOVE YOU) I knew nothing serious could happen to her and I agreed to her fantasy.

The next day was Saturday so we arranged to have the kids sleep over at their Grandparents, leaving the house all to us. I was to drop them off and when I returned the game would be on.

She was going to be on the couch, pretending to be asleep when I came in, and there she was. I went into our bedroom and gathered some things that I would need. There were the handcuffs, some pieces of rope, a ball gag, and a good assortment of vibrators, and dildos. I put all this on the coffee table except the handcuffs.

I went to the side of the couch and snapped the handcuffs on one wrist. Feeling this she started to fight me kicking and screaming so much I had to get my weight on her and let her tire out. Once she settled a bit I was able to get the other wrist behind her back.

I stood up and looked at her lying on the floor, hands held firm behind her back. She said “Take my money, just please don’t hurt me”. “Shut up you little bitch, I’ll take anything I want”, and with that I grabbed a piece of rope and walked to were she was lying. Seeing the rope in my hand she began to struggle again, begging me to please leave.

I got hold of her and spun her onto her back. Straddling her chest I grabbed her by the throat and slapped her face hard. “You are going to give me what I want you fuckin' pig”, and slapped her again in the face and again.

Now slightly dazed, I managed to get a rope around her ankles and tied them good. As I stood up I took a handful of her hair and pulled her to a sitting position. “Now you are mine bitch, and you will do what I say or you will be beaten and then do it anyway.”

I stepped in front of her and released my already hard cock from my pants. “No, no! Please no, don’t do this”. Slap across the face again. Grabbing her by the hair again with one hand and my cock in the other I pressed it to her lips, but she wouldn’t open up. Taking a second to think I reached down and pinched a nipple hard, right through her shabby button down shirt. This new pain caused her to forget about my cock in front of her face, and when she opened her mouth to yell I shoved my cock right down her throat. She gagged a little and tried to pull away, so I put both hands behind her head and started to give her the throat fucking of her life. “Suck it pig, blow me”. Fucking her face like a man possessed I drove my cock down her throat time and time again. I could feel that I was getting close to cumming, so I told the little whore to swallow it all. As I sent my jizz into her mouth I began the beating again just to make my point. She gagged some more so I pulled her mouth off my cock and finished cumming on her face. I looked at her and sneered, “Just stay there for awhile bitch, I need a smoke”, and with that I sat down, lit up and left her there tied up covered in my cum.

I must admit I felt a little bad looking at my poor wife just sitting there, but she never said the words and a quick glance at her crotch confirmed it. Her pussy was so wet she had soaked right through her shorts. I crushed out my smoke, striped off my clothes and headed across the room to my little captive. She begged me to leave her alone. “Shut your mouth bitch or I’ll fill it again”. I reached out and grabbed the front of her shirt with both hands. One good tug sent the buttons flinging and bared those beautiful tits to me. “Please don’t, please just go”.’ That’s it you little whore let’s go into your room for a while”. I ripped off a good part of her shirt and wiped the cum off her face. I scooped her up and tossed her over my shoulder, gathered a couple of the vibrators and headed for the bedroom.

Once in the room I tied her hands up over her head from a hook in the ceiling. She stood there helpless as I walked around behind her. She hadn’t seen the ball-gag that I brought in, so it surprised her when it appeared from nowhere and was forced into her mouth. “That should keep you quiet pig”. Standing behind her, out of her sight I started to run my hands all over her body. I leaned into her back, and grabbed a tit in each hand and whispered in her ear “Nice tits bitch”. I pinched her nipples until they pointed straight out. “Now its time to have some more fun with you. Let’s see how much of a slut you are”. I took out a vibrator and lubed it up. I looked at her,” your ass is going to love this”. I pulled the crotch of her soaking wet shorts to one side and spread her cheeks apart. I rubbed it all around her asshole, and started to work it into her tight ass. She took all 7 inches before she was rocked by her own orgasm. She was shaking pretty good, but still ready for more abuse. Leaving the toy in her ass I pulled the shorts back in place so it would stay there. Still tied and topless I pulled out our whip and whipped her tits good, then I moved around behind her and whipped her ass. With the combination of the toy and the whipping she was getting ready for another orgasm. I pulled the top of her shorts down over her ass and slapped it hard. That was just enough to send her over the edge for the second time. With her knees ready to give out I untied her hands and let her fall onto the bed.

After all this I needed a break, I stripped her naked And tied her spread-eagle to the bed. Once tied I removed the vibrator, dimmed the lights, pulled the shade and let her lay there for two hours while I watched some of the game on TV. When I went in to see her she had fallen asleep. I grabbed the whip and landed a good blow across her tits and yelled “Wake up bitch, its time for some more fun”. She started to squirm and strain against the ropes but they held tight. I whipped her a few more times until her tits were a dark pink. Dropping the whip I jumped on the bed landing with one knee on each side of her. Now straddling her chest I reached for the nipple clamps on the nightstand. Doing this brought my cock right above her face. “You like cock don’t you bitch”. I rubbed my cock all over her face. “My cock likes you slut; I can’t wait to fuck your hot cunt”. I sat back and grabbed one defenseless tit and put one clamp on her hard nipple, then the other. Placing one hand on her neck I leaned forward, “You just lay there, pig, lay there while I fuck you”. I pulled the ball-gag out of her mouth and gave her a slap across the face. “You hear me bitch, you are going to take my cock in your cunt”. I slid down her body until my cock was resting against her wet pussy. “Now take it whore”, with that I slammed my whole cock into her juicy pussy and slapped her face again at the same time. As I pounded her pussy like a jackhammer I reached for the chain that was attached to her nipples. I started to pull and tug on this for awhile She started to squirm around a little, so with one hand still on her throat I slapped her face.

That’s when she finally said something. “Harder”, she screamed “harder”. I slapped her harder and harder as I fucked her fast. I could tell she as going for a ride as soon as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. She started to twitch and shake which brought me over the edge. I sent flood after flood of hot cum into her pussy. I collapsed right on top of her. After a few seconds she said “Oh my god, I love you”, I untied her and pulled her to me and held her tight. Man that was one hot night. Just one of many.


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