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Play The Game, Johnny


Note: all characters in this story are over 18 and consenting.


"John? Dude! Wake up!"

Piggy slapped John across the back of the head playfully and grinned at him, watching him make a panicked attempt to fix his hair. "Come on man, five minutes."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm getting there" Moaned John. Opening his eyes and batting Piggy away with his right hand, his left hand resting on his guitar holding it safe in his lap, he blinked his eyes to clear them and looked down at his wife's name tattooed on his ring finger.

Piggy got to his feet and jumped on the spot, getting ready to go on stage "Oh my god, are you seriously thinking of your wife?? We're in England!! In mother fucking Manchester! The girls here are wild!!" Spinning around, Piggy came face to face with his own wife and grinned, "Oh... hey baby!"

Maureen Van Mortis looked at him and shook her head grinning, her white blonde hair pulled into a large black woollen beanie matching her lacy black top which leaves little to the imagination, her tattoos on show, a small black top just hiding her chest, the curve of her breasts visible above the black fabric .

"Don't listen to him, John." with a smile, she play punched Piggy's arm. "Just because Piggy invented that stupid game..."

"Hey, it's not stupid." Ginger interrupted eagerly, "its pretty fun. I found like 6 chicks in London."

"Dude you're only meant to find one." Interrupted Maureen.

"I'm on the drum riser all night; I only get one chance to look at the audience so I pick as many as I can. I don't get to run around like a crazy person like you two." Ginger glanced at Piggy D and John 5 with a hint of jealousy

"Shame man, its pretty fun." Piggy grinned playfully and planted a playful kiss on Maureen's cheek before picking up his bass

"wait, D..." called Rob from across the dressing room, shrugging on his large union flag trench coat. Are we all ready?

"As ready as we're ever gonna be I guess, answered Ginger. "John, you know what you gotta do!"

"I'm not gonna pick out girls to fuck, Ginger. I have a wife."

"So do I!" Ginger grinned and twirled his drumsticks as he raised an eyebrow "this is TOUR stuff, John. No one's gonna care!"

Rob looked amused and hit the back of Ginger's head "quit harassing him Kenneth. Come on, let's get this gig going. Yeah?

"Have a good gig baby" Sheri Moon Zombie kissed Rob on the lips and with a smile, patted him on his back

"I'll see you later..." With a smile, Rob leaned over and kissed her and dragged Ginger, still hassling John out of the dressing room to get into position on stage.

John looked at Piggy and sighed.

"Piggy, would you promise not to tell Rita if I did pick out a girl?"

"Sure why not." Piggy grinned, "I thought you were meant to be a sex addict anyway." He stopped and started laughing, "I dare you to pick one out who isn't half naked and fake seeing as that seems to be your type!"

"Is not!"

"Aria... Rita..."

"Rita wasn't 'fake' when I met her!"

Piggy started laughing "Yeah then she got her boobs done, her face done and injected pig fat into her lips!" Piggy was almost on the floor at this point, he was pissing John off now. John did miss his wife; he didn't care if she was what is considered 'fake', he loved her and he wanted to be back in America with her. After a short pause, John shook his head and tried to get into the spirit of things, fans didn't want him to seem down, he knew this and he knew there would be loads of girls out there in the crowd who had come just for him. Whilst he wouldn't admit it, that fact did make him smile, imagining all those girls ...just for him.

"Okay." He suddenly decided, "I'll pick a girl and a hundred bucks says she's natural."

"As natural as they come here." Maureen smirked.

"Deal!" Piggy jumped up and held out his hand to shake, "And if you either don't pick a chick or she's either naked or obviously fake you give ME a hundred bucks."

"Fine." John grinned, seeing the roadie wave them on and 'The call of the Zombie' echoing loudly around the dressing room. "See you on stage."


I couldn't believe it, looking around at all these people, screaming for us... I heard girls from all directions screaming 'I love you John 5'; their voices almost lost in the sea of people screaming and for a while I forgot all about Rita. I was in my element... the crowd in Manchester were fantastic, they adored every moment. Though I gotta admit seeing Rob being almost pulled into the crowd when he tightropes across the barriers never gets old, one day he's gonna be ripped apart by fans which, believe me, is not a fun thing to explain to your wife.

Though I loved playing to these people, every time I caught Piggy's eye or Ginger's eye they were gesturing to the crowd, trying to get me to pick out a girl. The gig had only just begun and I didn't want to pick one just yet, I could play about for a while, sing, run. You know, normal shit I do at a gig. I was getting slightly nervous however... it was like going on a first date or something, which is ridiculous. I mean I had to remind myself that I'm married to a really sexy woman, great tits, decent job, gets on well with Aria's kids; yet it almost felt like I was cheating.

God what am I saying? All I was gonna do was pick out a girl whom I could admit I would 'theoretically' fuck. ...all I was doing was finding a girl in the crowd and making her feel a bit special for a while; I wasn't cheating on Rita, I wasn't gonna sleep with this mystery chick was I? Of course not! Like I said, I'm just gonna make some chick feel like she has a shot with a rock star. Every girl's dream right?

To be honest I probably didn't look great, I was sweaty and I'd been running around; I lost at least a stone on this tour just running around on stage, Rita was in for a shock when I got back. Feeling a stupid grin spreading across my face at the thought of this I shook it off, realising I actually needed to pay a bit of attention to my side of the stage.

As the night went on, I got more and more excited at the thought of picking out a girl, the idea seemed to be even more fun the further through the set list we got, though with a sudden feeling of horror I realised we were on the final song and I hadn't picked out a chick, I ran back over to my side of the stage and looked around, no girls far out, they were the fake ones. Turned up a bit late because they were so busy putting on their hair and their boots so I looked down the front to see if there was anyone worth picking out there.

Then I saw her.

I think she'd been looking at me all night but I'd only just noticed her, she was tall, not too dressed up which I liked, her hair was about the same length as mine and was jet black and shiny... I could see slightly down her top and saw her cleavage which was pretty good, normal tits, a good size. She had an evidently curvaceous body, her waist slim with full hips and if I looked closely enough I could see a couple tattoos on her wrists as she waved her hands in the air and one of them looked like my logo! She was obviously a fan of me. So I looked at her, when she looked back, I saw her pale skin in the stage lights, her eyes framed with black eyeliner, sparkling with joy. She didn't quite look like she believed it was her I was looking at; she smiled in a 'you're looking at me?' Sort of way so I smiled back and winked at her playfully. She seemed to cream herself just at that; she turned excitedly to her friend to ask if that really happened and she was obviously in shock, unable to believe her luck. I'd decided on the girl I'd happily take home to fuck...

As Ginger came down from the riser for the final bow at the end of the gig, I gestured to her, a stupid grin on my face. "Her... down the front... black bob with the cleavage..."

"Not bad..." I saw Ginger pull an approving face. ...always nice when friends approve of random chicks you wanna fuck. I gave her a last look as Ginger pulled me off the stage and let out a sigh of relief, knowing not only had I won a hundred bucks, I'd found a chick I would happily fuck other than Rita.


With a boyish laugh, Ginger threw his towel at John's head and tackled him onto the sofa.

"You finally picked out a chick you'd fuck instead of the swamp monster!!"

"Really?" Piggy exclaimed, almost in shock, "You picked a fucking chick!?" His face was a mask of disbelief, "Shut your face! ...little goodie two shoes Johnny?"

"Yeah!" Ginger laughed, "I saw her and everything!!"

"What's she like?? Is she hot??"

"Fuck yeah! Surprisingly normal looking too! A couple of piercings, tattoos, dyed hair but that was it. Normal tits, not overdressed, I'm impressed! You found a 'normie'!" John couldn't quite understand why they were so amazed he had found a normal girl he'd like to fuck. Truth be told, she was really pretty and he was eager to find her. Pulling his mind back to the conversation, he shook his head

"Look, you guys can say what you like but I'm getting showered and going out to that Metal club on princess street"

"Do you have your ID and British money?" Piggy smirked.

"I'm John fucking 5!" John boasted, "I don't need an ID or British money." He grinned, grabbing a face cloth and scrubbing his makeup off.

"Don't you need to call your wife, dude?"

"Fuck no. I'm going out!"

"Oh my god...!" Piggy suddenly realised what John was going to do, "You wanna go find that chick don't you!?"

"What? No!" John lied. "I just wanna go out for a drink at this bar."

"Just remember we need to set off EARLY tomorrow." Ginger grinned as John stripped off and hurriedly started to pull on his clothes. "God you're fucking desperate to get to that bar." He chuckled, "I reckon you're going looking for this girl." He laughed as John pushed him away, "Give me a call if you pull her, I'll give you an extra 100."

"I think you're all being really unfair." Sheri interjected, "so what if John wants to find this girl? I saw the same one whilst you were setting up and I think she looked very nice." She smiled at John, "Go find her."

"You won't tell Rita?" John murmured to Sheri, slightly embarrassed that he was thinking of cheating on his wife.

"Of course not, sweetie." She smiled and gave him a hug, "go find her! You can take her back to your hotel room; have fun then get back on track." She paused, amused, "the last time I saw you this eager was when you first met Rita."

"God anyone would think you were in love." Ginger joked.

"I'm not in love. I just... wanna see this girl."

"Then go, we can cover for you" Sheri was always supportive of John's decisions, unless it was something stupid, then he would never hear the end of it (such as his decision to have Rita's name tattooed on his finger) "Just remember, we need to be back here for about 11 tomorrow."

"Awesome!! Thanks a lot Sheri!" He smiled, "I really appreciate this!"

"Just go!" She paused, thinking to herself "Did you bring condoms? I don't want you getting this girl pregnant, she only looked about 20."

"Well I didn't come with the intention of cheating on my wife so, no. I didn't bring condoms." Sheri rolled her eyes and pulled some English money out from her purse. "Go stop at a drug store, they've got a big one called Boots here. They're on every street corner, go find her." She gave him a playful grin, "Just remember to be safe and if she says no, take it for an answer."

"Please? Mr softy?" Ginger laughed, "He'd chase her until she said yes but he'd do it in the most un-manly way possible!" John stuck his tongue out at Ginger as he pulled his jeans on.

"I am manly!"

"And the rest of us are manlier." Piggy chuckled, "at least our other halves look like they belong with us!"

"And that's why he's going after this pretty goth girl." Sheri interrupted, "She's his type and maybe he'll get her name tattooed on him instead of Rita's." She ended with a silly grin.

"'Never gonna let me live that down are you?"

"Nope!" She laughed, looking at him. "Go find this girl, we'll see you tomorrow."

"See ya!" yelled John as he rushed from the room, pulling on a coat against the November weather in England and heading out of the Arena.


"Oh my god I fucking stink!" I yelled, coming out of the arena followed by Laura and Fizz, brushing my black hair off my face. The Twins of Evil gig had been fucking amazing, I touched Rob Zombie and John 5, the sexiest man alive had smiled and winked at me! I couldn't believe it! Having someone you adore so much initiate eye sex with you is amazing, and he picked me out above all the other girls! Fuck the meet and greets. They can keep their £250 tickets; I had a moment with John 5 with my £35 ticket.

"Well we can't just go back to the hotel." Laura grinned as she took a flyer from a passerby, "Let's go to this thing!" I took the flyer off Laura and looked at it, the black and white flyer with the stock images of Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie every magazine had used adorning it with the words 'Twins of Evil after party' written across it; with the prospect of cheap vodka and beer? Well... I had my ID on me but not a lot of money and I didn't really know where the club was. I'd been to Satan's but only in the day time and I'd only seen it from the outside.

"You've got your map app!" Fizz exclaimed with glee, lighting up a cigarette, her first since 2 o'clock that afternoon since we'd started queuing at the arena doors "Come on! I wanna go to Satan's!"

"Please Luce!" Laura pleaded; I rolled my eyes and my friends begged me to go to this club even further seeing my sarcasm.

"Fine. We'll go to Satan's." I stepped back hearing the cheers of glee from Laura and Fizz, whilst I dearly loved them both they were both really childish on occasion. I sighed and pulled my hoodie around myself, I supposed a trip to Satan's might be fun. My friend Henry always banged on about it and how awesome it was and the flyers did give us cheaper entry. "Yeah go on... Satan's would be fun"

As we walked through the cold, night time streets of Manchester I looked around, thinking about John 5 who smiled at me and winked... I mean I had no shot with him, I knew that and I thought his wife was on tour with them; I knew that Sheri and Maureen were... I didn't even fully know if Ginger was married or if his 'armcandy' was a kidnapped girl or something. Rock stars and their marriages have always been so confusing... why can't they just marry me? I'd make them happy. I shook my head at this thought; I didn't even want to get married. The thought of it was a bit stupid really yet when it came to Rock stars and famous people in general it was almost like staking a claim. And now my thoughts were beginning to sound stalker-ish, even to me. ...great going Luce...

"What's with the face?" Laura asked, poking my cheek. "Don't be nervous. We're going to Satan's!" She and Fizz jumped around me excitedly yelling about the club. I shook my head exasperatedly and continued along to princess street, seeing the bright lights of Satan's I felt my anxieties melt away. Yes I was probably going to be sweaty for the rest of the night but oh well. I could always catch a shower in the morning or even when I got home, plus I reckoned everyone else would be just as sweaty from the gig as I was. The best thing I really could do was just go with the flow and have a little fun...


As the night went on Lucinda noticed Fizz and Laura getting slowly but consistently more and more drunk. By midnight they were already on shots and the fact none of them had eaten since about 2 in the afternoon, meant they were already very close to falling over. Similarly Lucinda wasn't feeling too great either, one vodka and coke had pushed her a little too far on its own. She decided the bathroom might be a good idea. Being away from the noise and splashing a little water on her face would probably sober her up a little. She made her way to the bathroom and upon getting there, heard a couple girls talking excitedly whilst they did their makeup.

"Did you hear?" The first one said excitedly "The guitarist from Rob Zombie is here!!"

"I know!! I think I saw him at the bar!"

Lucinda shook her head, her luck was never that good, and they were probably just tripping or something. She and her friends had seen a Manson look-a-like earlier so there could be a John 5 look-a-like wandering around Satan's. Daring not to get her hopes up she walked out of the bathroom to try and find Fizz and Laura but suddenly frowned. They had moved. All sorts of catastrophic thoughts ran through her head, that they had been kidnapped... that they would get raped or lost or that she would get raped or lost. Looking around desperately she pushed her way around the club, her anxiety rising in her chest at not being able to find her friends. All around her the party was heating up and people were dancing, gyrating and head banging in the near darkness, lit only by the red and purple lighting. She swore as she realised her friends were lost somewhere in the crowd and ran and swore some more before she crashed into someone, falling to the floor and letting out a scared noise as 'Mars Needs Women' started playing on the sound system of the club. She was going to be crushed at this rate!

Suddenly she felt someone grab her arm and pull her up and away from the mosh pit forming on the dance floor, pulling her away to a quiet booth nearby, away from the thronging crowd. Lucinda's vision was slightly blurred with tears but she was trying desperately to pull herself together to thank the stranger. Looking down at the stranger's left hand she sees some writing on their ring finger and frowned, thinking about how stupid an idea that was, why get a name tattooed? Vaguely feeling the stranger sit her down and speak to her she looks up at whoever it was talking to her, suddenly gasping as she realised who it was.

"John... John 5...?" She looked up at the man in front of her in awe, no way was this person John 5. He would not randomly appear in Satan's and pull her off the floor to stop her from being trampled...

"You're... the girl from the concert..." John looked at the girl he had rescued from the dimly lit mosh pit and his heartbeat picked up; He'd found her! He was beginning to give up hope but there she was! Looking up at him in shock and awe, she was even more beautiful than he originally thought. Her hair was sticking to her face slightly and she looked like she'd been crying which he couldn't blame her for; he remembered seeing a girl next to her in the arena whom she had turned to after he winked at her. "Are you here on your own?" He watched her shake her head, her mouth still slightly open in awe. "Do you know where your friend is?" he asked and watched as the girl shook her head again, still staring at him. "You're allowed to talk to me." He said kindly, looking at her slightly disbelieving eyes.

"You're John 5..." She murmured in awe. "You looked at me earlier... you winked at me."

"Yeah... I did." He smiled at her, "can I buy you a drink? You look like you could use one."

"I shouldn't..." She started, "I haven't eaten since two and I think I'm slightly drunk from merely one vodka and coke..."

"Do you want some food then? There are loads of take out places... Or there's my hotel. The restaurant might still be open, and if it's not, there's room service. I think anywhere to get food around here at three in the morning is gonna be packed and probably not all that clean" He smiled, genuinely trying to be nice as she definitely looked like she was in need of help.

"I could do with a meal instead of a snack." She said, her voice trembling slightly. John couldn't quite understand why she was so nervous; he was just a normal human being after all.

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