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Playing With Doctor


The small medical clinic was already bustling with activity when I walked in at 8:;00am that morning. I knew that I didn't have my first patient until 8:30am and was looking forward to getting some chart reviews done. Not only was I the only actual Dr. in the clinic but I was the only Dr. for the mental health clinic next door.

The receptionist, a short squat woman who was always frowning, pushed a file at me as I walked by. "Why thank you Vivian, by the way your hair looks lovely." I flashed her my toothiest smile, her expression didn't change. Francess, the young nurse that worked harder than anyone I had ever met caught me as I was turning into my office.

"Dr. Arnold, could you please fit me into your schedule today? I know that I don't have an appointment but I really need to have an exam." Her pretty face was pale and worry was etched into her big green eyes. She was wringing her hands and tapping her foot as well.

"Come in and sit down, I have half an hour before Mr. Smith gets here and he's usually late anyway." I placed my hand on the small of her back and guided her into my office shutting the door behind us. "Sit down and tell me what's going on? Or do we need to go into an exam room?"

"No this is fine, I was taking a shower last night and doing my self exam, you know? Well I am pretty sure that I found a lump and after my mother's cancer scare I would really like you to examine me ASAP." Her cheeks were slightly reddened and I knew that she was nervous. It was general practice to not become a patient of someone that you worked with to avoid awkwardness. We were professionals though and I knew that this was weighing heavily on her.

"Of course. Do you want to do it here or in a room?"

"Um this will work, I can lay on your couch, would that be okay?" I nodded my consent and politely turned away as she slid out of her scrub top and bra. "I'm ready."

I turned around and saw her laying on the dark leather sofa, her right hand behind her back to make it easier to palpitate her breast tissue. Her breasts were high and full, her nipples pebbled from the cool air. Her skin was pale and her long curly red hair cascaded down her shoulders. She looked slightly breathless and a pretty blush stained her cheeks once more.

I had seen hundreds of nude women and never had I been affected like this, even the lonely housewives that had done their best to attract my male attention had fallen short. I prided myself on my devout professionalism. At the sight of my beautiful nurse's bared torso my cock twitched and hardened quickly. I hurried to kneel down next to the sofa to hide my hard on.

"Ok I didn't find anything, show me where you felt it." She reached with her right hand and caressed her left tit on the far side near her arm pit. Her nails were painted bright red and contrasted very prettily with her pale skin.

She looked up at me, "I don't feel it now," she admitted somewhat sheepishly although her hand continued to search out the offending lump.

"Francess, I don't think that there is a lump, I think that you are scared after your mother's close call, and that's totally understandable. You are a great nurse and you know what to look for. Be careful, keep checking and let me know if you need anything." I was turning away and I felt her hand on the back of my arm.

"Dr.? Thank you, I know I am scared." A tear slipped down her cheek. Without thinking I gathered the young lady in my arms and held her close to my chest. My hands caressed her bare back and I was soon aware of what I was doing. Her head was nestled against me and she clung to me, her body molding to my own.

I knew that she had to feel my dick, it was hard and throbbing now. To my sheer shock I felt her lips on my neck kissing me and licking my skin softly. I groaned aloud and lowered her to the couch. She looked up at me her eyes glazed with fear and need. I brought my lips to hers and we began kissing passionately. Her tongue was in my mouth wresting with mine. Her hands sliding up and down my back.

I pulled my head from her mouth and dropped to her tits. Just as I had imagined the hard nubbins were made to be sucked and licked. Her skin tasted slightly sweet as I sucked first one nipple and then the other into my mouth swirling my tongue about it. She was already working on undoing my trousers. "We have to hurry, there isn't much time," she panted.

I stood up and pulled my slacks and briefs off and she did the same. Her pussy was shaven with just a small triangle of fiery red hair above it. Her pussy lips were full and pouts, covered with a slight sheen from her juices. I watched as she faced the wall, climbing to the couch on her knees, lifting her perfect heart shaped ass up so that it was even with my throbbing dick.

Without wasting another second I gripped my member in one hand rubbing the head up and down her slick slit, covering myself in the warmth and wetness of her arousal. The scent of her filled my nostrils and with one hard thrust I plunged into her depths. Her pussy was tight and hot, gripping my cock with urgency. She arched her back and her hair spilled down it.

I started pushing in and out of her hard and fast and soon she was pushing back against me meeting the feverish speed. I felt my orgasm building up as my balls tightened. All at once she emitted a strangled little cry and I felt her entire body tighten and then convulse with her release.

I grabbed her hair and rammed into her as deep and hard as I could as I felt spurt after spurt of my cum empty into her. As I gently pulled out she turned to me. "Thank you Dr." she whispered and kissed my cheek. We quietly and hastily put our clothes on and fixed our hair so that no one would suspect what had just happened.

Francess and I met many more times in my office the next few months releasing stress and frustration into each other's bodies. We melded together perfectly and before a year was up we were married. We still both remember that first time of heated passion and emotions that overtook us, thanking God that we still feel that way for each other.

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