Playmate Vs Playmate


"Ohhhh... ahhhh shit.... fuck me..." Sable moans as she pushes back against John as his cock darts into her tight ass. The hot, sexy blond hair diva flips her sweat dampen hair back as she grinds her hips so that when John thrusts forward, his cock is thrusting sharply into her ass.

Torrie shakes her head and rolls her eyes, "I'm better than that... my ass is much better than that bitch's...." Torrie says. John grunts as he continues to fuck Sable's backside with hard thrusts that causes his ballsack to swing back and forth. His nuts smack against Sable's skin as he rams his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole.

Sable looks over at Torrie and smirks as she licks her lips, "You're ass... ain't as... good as mine... and this... is my... specialty... you got... to do something else...." Sable looks over her shoulder at John and licks her lips, "Right... stud?"

John nods his head as he stops fucking Sable's ass and pulls his throbbing prick out, "Yeah that's right..."

Torrie bites her bottom lip and scrunches her nose before smiling, "I got it... John stand against the wall..."

"All right... what do you got in mind..." John asks as he stands against the hallway's wall.

Torrie licks her lips as she walks over to him and places her hands on her tits. "You'll see big boy..." Torrie says as she lowers herself a bit and sandwiches John's meaty cock between both of her large Torrie-licious tits. The newest Playboy Diva begins to rub both her tits against John dick and lowers her head down to lick the tip of his shaft.

Sable rolls her eyes, "I can do that better..." Sable says as Torrie continues to pump John's cock with her tits. Torrie spits onto the head of John's prick as she presses her tits harder against John's cock as he tilts his head back and groans.

"Oh... fuck... damn..." John moans as he closes his eyes. Torrie moves her tits faster along the length of John's large cock. The Doctor of Thuganomics licks his lips as he soon starts to cum, and his load shoots upward and lands don Torrie's skin as she continues to work his cock over with her large tits. "Son of a bitch... damn..." John says as he stops cumming and Torrie stands up with a smirk on her face.

"I guess I'm better... I made him cum..." Torrie says as she looks at Sable.

Sable glares at her, "You're not better than me you amateur... I did all the work...

Torrie laughs, "I still made him cum... with my specialty..."

Sable stamps her right foot and looks at John, "John... who really won?"

John looks at both hot WWE Playboy Covergirls and shrugs his shoulders, "You know it's really too tough to call... you two are both great... I'm going to call it a tie..."

"What?!" Torrie and Sable both scream at the same time, both of them not believing what John just said.

"Hey I said I was going to be fair..." John says as he walks to his shorts and boxers and puts them on. He looks back at both divas and smiles, "And I called it right down the middle..."

Sable narrows her eyes and looks at Torrie, "It doesn't matter, you know what, I'm still hotter and better than you!"

Torrie folds her arms, "Like hell you are!"

John shakes his head and walks away laughing, "Guess there's no way to settle a fight between Playmates..."


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