tagNovels and NovellasPleasant Street Ch. 01

Pleasant Street Ch. 01

byD.C. Roi©

AUTHOR's NOTE: I wrote Pleasant Street before I wrote the Passion In James County series. As you read this story, and Return To Pleasant Street which I'll post later, you'll probably find some sections of stories I "borrowed" for my later work. I hope this doesn't detract from your enjoyment of this one.

Chapter one


A young woman named Jody runs a "unisex" beauty shop in her home on Pleasant Street, you know, one of those shops where they do both men's and women's hair. She's a very good stylist and has many faithful clients. Maybe it's also because she has a nice personality and is very, very pretty.

The other day I saw a guy I know going into Jody's shop late in the afternoon. After he went in, Jody put the "Closed" sign in her window. I'm not a peeping Tom, so I don't know that the events described in the following story actually happened, but they could have...


Milt Anderson was the last customer in the beauty shop waiting for a haircut. Tall, good-looking, and in his late forties, Milt was a very successful financial advisor. He allowed himself the luxury of a shampoo and haircut at least once a month because he loved the way it felt when someone - especially an attractive woman - fussed with his hair, even though he was happily married. The girl who was going to be doing his hair today was one of the prettiest women Milt had seen in a while.

"I should have come here a long time ago," Milt thought as he watched the young woman take money from the customer ahead of him, an older woman with purple hair. When the other customer left the attendant turned to him and smiled. She had a very pretty smile.

"Hi," she said, "I'm Jody." She went to the door, locked it, and put the "Closed" sign in the window. It had been a long day, and she didn't want anyone walking in while she was with her last customer.

"Hello," he said. "I'm Milt."

"You want a shampoo, cut, and blow dry, right?" the stylist asked.

Jody was slim with dark hair that hung to the middle of her back. Her shiny hair was done in an attractive style featuring loose, fluffy curls. She wore a plain white blouse and snug calf-length brown skirt with deep slit up the front. Her legs, which showed through the opening in the skirt as she walked, were strong and well shaped. The deep tan pantyhose she wore made her lovely limbs look more enticing.

"Not bad!" Milt thought as he followed her to the chair, "I wouldn't mind a romp in the hay with her! Not at all!"

Jody put a protective plastic cover over her customer and fastened it around his neck. As she did, Milt inhaled the delightful scent of her perfume. Her hip brushed his arm and he felt his groin tighten.

"We need to go out back so I can do your shampoo," Jody said.

Milt followed her, enjoying the swing of her hips as she walked ahead of him. Her bottom was extremely well formed and moved enticingly in her snug skirt. Passion continued to stir in his groin. "Watch it, old boy!" Milt cautioned himself, "You could get arrested for what you're thinking!" He was going to have a case of blue balls if this kept up. He sat down in the chair Jody indicated, then he leaned back, laying his head in the groove of the special shampoo sink.

Jody turned on the water and began wetting her customer's hair with the spray.

Milt's hands gripped the arms of the chair. He was acutely aware of her nearness and the effect it was having on him.

"Tell me if the water's too hot," Jody said as she massaged his hair, insuring that it was all wet. When it was wet, she put some shampoo in it and began working up a lather.

She moved around Milt, lathering his hair. Her movements caused her firm thigh to brush against his hand quite often. Milt could feel her warmth radiating through the material of her skirt. Without thinking about what he was doing - or the consequences - he extended a finger and stroked her leg gently.

Jody, who was busy working the shampoo into her customer's hair, at first wasn't aware that he was stroking her leg. Then she became cognizant of a tingling sensation, little shocks of pleasure shooting into her body. "He's touching me!" she thought. "My God! What am I going to do?" Wanting to avoid a scene, she decided the best thing to do would be to ignore the whole thing. So, despite the feelings his touch provoked, she continue working the lather into his hair and tried to keep her attention focused on what she was doing. He had nice hair, thick and full. But even though her mind was trying to ignore what was happening, her body wasn't. Without realizing she was doing it, her body pressed against her customer's hand, seeking more of his delightful touch.

Once he started touching the pretty hairdresser's leg, Milt knew he very likely could get slapped for what he was doing - he almost expected to - so he was pleasantly surprised when she moved closer. "Goddamn!" he thought. He became bolder, his movements more open. He added a second finger and his explorations grew more daring.

Jody continued to work on her client's hair, acutely conscious of the motion of his seeking fingers and the effect those explorations were having on her. "What am I going to do?" she thought. "He...he isn't stopping. I-I guess I-I have to tell him to stop before...before this goes any...any farther!" She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. What her customer was doing to her felt so nice! She was a bit shocked when she realized she wasn't sure she wanted him to stop.

Jody's boyfriend broke up with her a month earlier and she'd been so busy in the shop she really hadn't had the time - or energy - to get back into the dating scene. For the last week or so, she woke up horny almost every morning, the result of some pretty erotic dreams. Milt had unknowingly chosen a time when Jody's resistance to his advances was at a low point.

Jody continued her mental debate about what she should do about her customer's actions. "This...this is my shop. I...I can make him stop any time I want," she thought, "I-I guess there isn't any harm in letting him cop a little feel. I'll stop him if he really gets out of line."

It seemed to Milt that the pretty hairdresser was taking an inordinate amount of time doing his shampoo and was pressing against him much more than necessary while doing it. The touch of her leg on his hand and the sensations from what she was doing with his hair had given him a full-blown, throbbing erection.

"Good thing I have this cover over me," he thought.

Emboldened by Jody's failure to protest his actions, Milt began using his whole hand to stroke her. He slipped his hand through the slit in her skirt and it came in contact with warm, nylon-encased skin. His penis jumped as if touched by a live wire.

Jody' was rinsing the man's hair. Her insides writhed when his whole hand moved onto her stocking-covered thigh. This was more than she wanted, way more than she could allow! She had to stop him now! She wrapped the towel around the man's head, tucking the ends in carefully. His hand continued to slide boldly up and down her thigh and her breath caught. Her legs went rubbery; she couldn't speak, and could barely breathe.

Even though Jody's mind was telling her to put an end to what was happening, she felt her legs parting. Then her customer's hand slid between her thighs and he continued thrilling her with his caresses.

"Jesus!" Milt thought when he felt the girl spread her legs. Fires of passion blazed to life in him as his hand glided over the girl's hot, silken thighs. This couldn't really be happening! He slid his hand up and brushed his fingers lightly over the place where her legs joined her body. He was surprised to discover wetness through the two layers of nylon separating the hairdresser's vagina from his fingers.

"Oh!" Jody moaned softly when Milt's hand touched her vagina. Her chest was heaving, her mind swimming. She had to make him stop now! She had to! But she couldn't move and her voice wouldn't work!

Milt continued to stroke Jody's vaginal lips through her panties and panty hose, tracing the pulsing opening with a single finger, probing at her. He could feel her trembling.

"Unnhh!" Jody groaned and her body jolted. Passion washed over her in unstoppable waves. This was crazy! This stranger was playing with her pussy and she was getting turned on! Really turned on! She couldn't remember ever being this turned on! "Ohh!" she moaned softly. Her hips began thrusting forward, seeking more of the man's touch.

"Am I hurting you?" Milt croaked. The hoarseness in his voice gave evidence of the incredible sexual tension he felt.

Jody, quaking with excitement, was unable to talk. She shook her head.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked softly.

"Yes! Yes! Get away from me!" the rational part of Jody's mind screamed. Instead, her head again moved from side to side. "What is wrong with me?" she thought desperately. "Why am I letting him do this to me? Why can't I stop him?"

Milt slid his fingers up over Jody's nearly flat belly, to the elastic waist of her panty hose, then he slid them inside the pantyhose and her panties, seeking direct contact with her passion-inflamed labia. Jody's hips rocked forward in response to his touch. Then he discovered the swollen bud of her clit.

"Ahh!" Jody moaned. When her customer's finger touched her clit, mighty bursts of pleasure raced into her body. If he kept this up, she was going to come! Right here! She didn't know how this situation had gotten so out of control, but it was too late to stop! She was so turned on she had to come or she'd scream! She couldn't recall the last time a man's touch turned her on like this!

While his hand drove the lovely young hairdresser wild, Milt tried to relieve the discomfort he was experiencing from his swollen, throbbing erection. Things were entirely too snug inside his pants. His rigid shaft desperately sought freedom. He unzipped his fly, then fumbled his swollen pole out of its prison. He couldn't remember the last time it had felt this hard!

Jody gave up pretending she was trying to do her customer's hair and clung to the chair, trying to keep from falling as his hand sent delectable impulse after delectable impulse percolating through her lovely young body.

"Oh God!" she thought, "If he keeps that up, I'm going to come! I-I have to come! I have to!"

Milt, keenly aware of the effect he was having on Jody, continued to stroke her vagina and felt her juices flowing. He felt her passion-inflamed body trembling. He stopped caressing her for a minute and tugged her panty hose and panties down. He was surprised when she moved to assist him, helping expose her vagina to his seeking fingers. When her middle was bared, his hand slid up her hot, smooth skin again. This time his finger parted the slick petals of her labia and began to enter her. As it did, his thumb came to rest on her super-sensitive clit.

"Unnhhh!" Jody groaned. Overpowering sensations knotted her insides, building sweet tension that felt so good, but demanded release. "Oh God! He's finger-fucking me now!" she thought. "I-I'm letting a...a stranger, a man I just met, finger-fuck me! And I-I...can't do anything to...to stop...him. Oh God! It feels so good!" Soft moans kept escaping from her as Milt's finger and thumb plunged and twirled insistently.

Jody's control was fading fast. She knew her body was about to explode with passion. She gripped the chair and sink, her knuckles white. "I'm gonna come!" she thought, as signals of impending release flashed through her swirling mind. "My God! I'm gonna come! Now!"

"Ohh! Ohhh!" the luscious young woman groaned, expressing her passion, her hips jolting in frenzied movement, juices of passion flooding out of her.

Milt felt the walls of Jody's vagina begin to spasm around his thrusting finger, then her hips began rocking frantically and even more wetness drenched his hand. He savored the sounds of delight that poured from Jody, pressed his finger deeper into her, and watched, smiling, as she rode out her orgasm on his hand. Her pretty face was flushed, her eyes were closed, and a slack look of bliss pervaded her exquisite features. Her chest heaved as she gasped incoherent cries of delight.

When Jody's motions slowed and the clutching of her vagina stopped, Milt slid his finger from between her thighs. He sat up and gently pulled her up onto his lap. Still weak and limp, she fell into his arms, her chest heaving, her head lying on his shoulder.

It was the most shattering orgasm Jody ever had! She couldn't recall ever experiencing anything like it! And even though it was over, she knew she was still in his power! She let him pull her onto him, and settled herself on his lap. Then she felt something under the plastic cover, pressing against her bottom.

Jody had been so wrapped up in her own passion, she hadn't given much thought to what Milt was experiencing. Now she knew. "My God!" she thought. "He's got a hard-on!"

Milt hadn't said much and remained silent. He was afraid if he spoke, it would break the spell, and he didn't want that. Not now, not when it looked like he was so close to making love to the lovely young woman he held in his arms.

Jody sat up and looked at her customer. She could see desire in his eyes and was thrilled, even though she knew she shouldn't be. When he began unbuttoning her blouse, she felt her excitement begin expanding again. Slowly, carefully, he opened the buttons. She felt air on her exposed skin as he slid the open blouse down her arms and off. She sat there trembling, wearing just her flimsy lace bra while his hands traced delightfully over her chest, eventually moving to the clasp of the bra. He unhooked the clasp, which was between her breasts, then that garment, too, fell to the floor. She was naked from the waist up now, and aquiver with ecstasy.

"What's wrong with me?" Jody thought feverishly, "Why am I doing this?" "Mmmph!" she groaned when his warm lips covered the straining tip of one perfect breast. Electric feelings shot into her. He was doing it to her again! He was turning her on all over again!

Milt couldn't recall when he'd seen a lovelier pair of breasts. Small, firm, and delightfully shaped, they sagged not a bit when he took Jody's bra off. The nipples stood out proudly from her dark areolas, begging to be suckled. Milt did just that, feeling her tremble, hearing her moan as he did. He mouthed one breast, then the other, over and over, leaving her body quaking uncontrollably.

Finally, Milt looked into the young woman's eyes. "I want you," he said, his voice hoarse. "Stand up for a second."

Mute, Jody did as she was bidden. As she stood next to the chair, her legs wobbly, she felt his hands undo the buttons that held her skirt, then it slid down her legs and pooled around her feet. She stood in front of him naked, feeling terribly vulnerable; brimming with so much need she knew she'd do anything he asked. She watched him pull off the plastic cover and saw his throbbing, engorged shaft for the first time.

"He's huge!" she thought. "My God! He'll split me in two!" She continued to watch,

transfixed, while he opened his pants and slid them down. Then he beckoned to her and, like a zombie, she moved toward him.

"You want me, too, don't you?" Milt rasped.

Jody's head moved up and down. She was astride his legs, now, her middle moving toward the erect shaft, which pointed at her aching opening. He grasped her hips and, guiding himself with one hand, pulled her onto him. She gasped as the flared tip parted her vaginal lips and glided into her.

"Ohh!" she moaned, sinking down onto him. Indescribable sensations ripped through her as she impaled herself on her customer's swollen shaft, which spread her, stretched her, and filled her more than she'd ever been filled. Finally, her buttocks were pressed against his thighs and his huge column was crammed all the way into her! She'd never experienced anything this fantastic!

It had been a long time since Milt had made love with a woman as tight and beautiful as the one whose vagina now enveloped his cock. He began rocking his hips, thrusting his swollen rod up into the clutching warmth of Jody's tight love channel. He grasped her slim, shapely hips and kept grinding into her, savoring the wonderful friction as the walls of her snug channel dragged along his erection.

The movement of the man's swollen cock gave Jody feelings she never imagined possible. She didn't believe she could feel any better than she had a few minutes earlier when her passion exploded on his fingers, but now she knew that was just an appetizer! She didn't ever want these exquisite feelings to stop! Her head lolled on her shoulders and her fine breasts bobbed softly as Milt thrust forcefully into her. Tighter and tighter passion coiled inside her, ecstasy building upon ecstasy. She'd never felt this good!

"It's going to happen again!" she thought, as she felt the first stirrings of orgasm approach. "My Lord! He's going to make me come again!"

Milt couldn't wait. What he was experiencing was too good, too exciting, too intense; and he'd waited too long! Electric sensations, so intense they were almost painful, exploded through his body with surprising intensity. "Gaaaaa!" he cried, erupting, powerfully, pumping what seemed like an endless supply of hot, opalescent fluid into the young woman's body.

Jody felt the hot fluids gushing into her and dropped over the edge into a kaleidoscope of ecstasy.

"Ohh!" she cried. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohh! Ohhh! Yes!" Her pelvis continued grinding against Milt's until they were both spent, then she collapsed into his arms, her head again on his shoulder. The fabric of his shirt brushed against her bare breasts. She couldn't remember ever being more satisfied. He was still hard, still buried deep inside her.

Jody lay in her customer's arms and felt his penis shrink, then slide from her body with a tickle. They were finished.

Milt was too spent to do much of anything, so he held her. After resting in his arms a bit, she stirred, then slid off him. Taking a towel, she cleaned herself off, then him, and both of them got dressed. Milt followed her out to the front of the beauty salon and sat down in the chair. Jody, as if nothing unusual had happened, put the cover back over him and proceeded with his haircut. When she was done, she held a mirror up to show him how it looked.

"That's fine," Milt said, smiling, "I'm really very satisfied."

He got out of the chair and Jody finished brushing clipped hair off him, then they walked to the desk, where he paid her for his haircut and shampoo, and added a generous tip.

"Would you like to schedule another appointment?" she asked.

"I think that would be a good idea," Milt said.

"In four weeks," Jody said, handing him a card. "I've put you down for the same time as today. You'll be my last customer."

"I'd like that," Milt said. He took the card and left.

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