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Warning: This story involves light breath play, cutting and a fair amount of cruelty. If this bothers you, don't read it!!


My new apartment is tiny. There's just the one room plus the bathroom, so it's been a little awkward managing two people while you visit. I'm always grading papers in bed while you occupy yourself reading in the only chair at the table.

Tonight, you've moved the chair close to my bed, reading and watching me work. Occasionally correcting something about me to suit you - the way I am sitting, what I am wearing, how covered I am by bedsheets. Everything in your manner communicating that I'm just here at your convenience, and when you decide to be interested in me, you will be.

Eventually you closed your book, and when I respond instantly in anticipation, hoping you would just touch me, made fun of how easy I am, how much I've been wanting you the whole time I was working. You started to touch me then, and I'd struggled to keep composure. Each time I slipped, you chided me, until finally you moved my grading out of the way, your hands quickly checked how wet I was, while I tried to keep still and keep even breathing - impossible. With your fingers in me, my hips always move on their own, the loss of control this time (like most every time) flooded my body in a deep blush and I couldn't help but breathe faster and look away from your face.

You were cold, laughing at me, how much I can't ever help it. You made me beg for everything I needed from you, and kept telling me that I wasn't doing it well enough. Grabbing my throat, you roughly moved my head to the edge of the bed, because, even though I was trying, when I can't please you, you fuck my throat and do it yourself. Completely lost in it, I moaned, my body on fire, hips moving on their own as you started fucking my face. You told me to be still, because this is what I'm good at, another hole (for you) to fuck. I'm such a slut that even this turns me on, being used by you.

Suddenly you pulled out of my mouth and said that if I wanted to act like trash, I may as well get off right here in front of you... It was too much for me at first, too embarrassing. You roughly moved my hand to my pussy, but I was frozen, unable to move. You told me again to get off, but I whimpered and looked away. This time you slapped me, and after a pause slapped me again. You told me I was nothing, just here to please you, and I'd better fucking do as you say. You shoved your cock deep into my throat and held my nose so I couldn't breathe, and I started to feel like I was going to gag.

You said you didn't care if I passed out or puked, but you weren't letting me breathe until my fingers were moving in my cunt and flicking my clit. I held out as long as I could, hesitantly moving my hand to work while my vision just began to fade after not breathing for so long. I was so wet, and almost too slippery to be able to rub my clit just right. You pulled out of my mouth and slapped me, hard, three times, for making you wait so long. Tears were running down my cheeks and I was choking, but you didn't notice, or didn't seem to. You just watched me struggle to get off, fucking my throat, sometimes pulling out to hear me gasp and moan, and then roughly shoving your cock down my throat again.

It was hard for me to concentrate - as turned on as I was, it's harder now, for me to get myself off than it used to be and you know it. Every time I get close you broke my concentration, til it was excruciating and my clit was burning. When I finally got off, you shoved your cock deep into my throat and came, keeping your cock there so I had swallow while my body convulsed on the bed and I almost didn't know what was happening.

You left me there, and I didn't move. I couldn't move - lost in a haze of desire, lust, satisfaction, and self-loathing. You came back with rope, but my eyes were closed, so I didn't notice what was going on, really, until you'd tied up one of my arms. I tried, then, to fight you, but you are stronger than me and easily overpowered me. When you had me tied up - hands together, feet together, all tethered together, unable to move - you put one hand on my mouth, and with the other you showed me one of my razors. I was terrified, trying to struggle and yell, but this amounted to nothing because the ropes kept me from moving very much and your hand muffled my screams. You sat on the bed and pulled me to you in a way that was tender, and comforting. Close and warm after the struggle.

With my head against your chest, held tight by your hand on my mouth, my arms behind me and crushed, my legs tucked under me, my back forced into an arch by the way my hands and feet are tied together, in this way I heard you whisper to me that this will only take a minute, and I should be as still as possible.

You pulled my head to stretch me more, exposing my right side. You ran alcohol swabs over me. My breathing accelerated out of control, and my pussy got wet all over again as you began to carve there, the word whore, the whole time whispering into my ear everything that you're doing and reminding me not to move, telling me this will be over soon and other pretty lies. With you, it's never over.

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