tagLoving WivesPleasing Sandra Ch. 02

Pleasing Sandra Ch. 02


The following Friday I invited Frank to drop by to watch a movie. Sandra was dressed in a black leather micro skirt with no panties and a silk vest that had long ties in the front with no blouse or bra underneath. Frank dressed causally. We had downed a couple of martinis and sat on the sofa with some wine and munchies. I had rented an R-rated romance movie and we watched it with interest. I had Sandra rub my groin through my pants as the movie progressed.

"Now for a premier film, never before seen," I announced and began the edited video I had taken last week of Sandra rollicking with Lenny, Frank and me. We watched with rapt attention, Sandra barely diverting her eyes but rubbing and squeezing my clothed boner harder. When Frank was about to enter tied-up Sandra he chuckled, "Now she's really going to get it."

I looked at Sandra. "Do you think you can take that monster?"

"We'll see," she bantered.

We continued watching. Frank commented on how good the video came out. "That's professional quality. I bet you could market it."

I commented that really wasn't my thought. Sandra began breathing heavy, moaning and squeezing my cock with enthusiasm. When we got to the scene of Frank withdrawing from Sandra on the floor, I asked him, "Did you like that?"

"Oh! Man! Did I!"

"Wanna do it again?" I inquired


I turned to Sandra, "Frank wants to tear off a piece. Let's go to the bedroom. I wanna see you fuck him good."

She sucked in a breath, whined, got up with us and grabbed hold of both of our cocks and led us to the bedroom. Clothes flew everywhere. "Fuck her from behind," I told Frank. "I want her to do double duty. Sandra obediently got on the bed on her hands and knees. "Let's not make her wait with foreplay. Ram that prick up her pussy," I added. With a loud 'Aaaaaaaaawwwhhh' from her, Frank did exactly as I said and pushed all of his 10+ inches in, in one fell swoop. As Frank began pumping I told my wife, "Keep your mouth open." I climbed under her and pulled her mouth over my dick. "I have a good view of Frank reaming your sweet cunt and get to fuck your other hole at the same time," I sneered at her. "Use your cunt to fuck his cock and your mouth to fuck my cock. We'll give you two cocks at once and not charge you extra – but you have to do us both real good," I snickered.

Frank and I banged her for 15 minutes, me getting six of my eight inches down her throat. She gagged. I told her, "Get used to it, babe. There's going to be more cock in all three of your love holes than you can count." With my dick stuffed in her mouth she muffled a long whimper. I had fucked her in the ass before but not often. I think she was a little dubious.

She came three times by the time I unloaded down her throat and Frank filled her pussy. I held my cock deep in her mouth and reminded her to swallow every drop. We both pulled out. At my direction my wife put half of Frank's dick in her mouth and sucked it clean. Then Frank dropped down and sucked her pussy trying to get as much of his cum and her cunt juice as possible.

We went to the family room for a little food and drink. I invited Frank to spend the night. "We have the king-sized bed that we all can fit in with my wife in the middle. Then anytime during the night either of us wants some nookie we just have to roll over. She'll be ready. Actually, soon she'll be ready to fuck anytime, 24/7."

We climbed into bed about 11pm. At midnight I noticed Frank feeding my wife his 10 inches. At 1am I fucked her, and this switch off every hour continued until morning. At 4am when Frank was in her I whispered in her ear, "You're not getting much sleep but you're making up for it with all the cock you're getting."

"Hhhhhuuuummmmm," she responded.

Over the next month, I made love to my beautiful bride six times a week. I added another buddy, Darrell, to the group and each of the three came over and fucked her at least each week. She was getting close to a dozen cocks a week – and that's just in her cunt and doesn't include her mouth. Plus I got her a massive dildo. I also bought a smaller vibrator that I often had her keep in her pussy as she did her housework. She wasn't far from cock 24/7! She wasn't far from continuous orgasms! Well, that's an exaggeration but a continuous state of bliss is close. My wife became obsessive cock craving. When a cock wasn't in her she was at least thinking about it. I think I had reached my goal.

I added some variety. In one position I tied her wrists to the headboard posts and her ankles to the top of the same posts. She looked like a ball of flesh with a gaping pussy prominently in front. When I was frisky I would put her in this position and virtually fuck the shit out of her. I could be as hard and rough as I wished. I could fuck her with the big dildo, the vibrator, a zucchini squash, even a wine bottle a time or two. I took pictures of those things buried in her pussy to add to our collection. She struggled at first but soon got used to it and even got to like a little hurt as part of her fucking.

We increased ass fucking. I would put her doggie style and slide my dick slowly into her asshole. Another that we both liked was her facing me and straddling my lap as I sat. The angle here was just right for dicking her ass or her cunt. We found that she could climax just as readily getting cornholed. She hesitated at first when I had her clean my cock clean with her mouth right after sticking it up her ass. But she got into it after I explained that to earn cock she always had to clean it afterward.

Sometimes at random I had her give me a blowjob: sitting around watching TV, under the breakfast table, once in front of the picture window. I was averaging 5 or 6 suck-offs a week. And I was blown away when we found that, as long as I tweaked and pulled her nipples at the same time, she could sometimes cum sucking my cock. She is a veritable orgasm machine. Peppered among the blowjobs I would have her jack me off, sometimes in quasi public like while sitting at a restaurant table. She was becoming masterful at jacking off and sucking off.

A couple of times two of my buddies came over and we would dp her. One time Lenny got on his back and Sandra slipped her cunt over his upright cock. I bent her forward and worked my dick into her ass. After Lenny and I had it going Frank put his five of his 10 inches in her mouth. As I pumped her ass her rosebud would gradually expand and I could pump her ass hard and fast. Then I could reach out, grab her hair and bend her head back so that Frank would have a straight shot down her throat, though he still only got about 6-7 inches in her. We could fuck her like this for 20 minutes and she would have 4 to 5 orgasms – maybe one or two anal but nobody could tell for sure.

Sandra and I let the three know that she was positively imminently fuckable.

After a time I told Sandra that we were moving up a notch. I told her to dress in a micro skirt, a sheer sweater, decent makeup with heavy red lipstick and flowing hair, no panties or bra, and four-inch heels this Saturday evening. Saturday she looked like she could give a store dummy an erection. We relaxed with gin and tonics and a shrimp plate, then hopped in the car and took off. I drove for 20 minutes to the other side of town. In a seedy neighborhood I parked at the side of a surprisingly clean looking and well-lit theater. Sandra took note of the XXXX on the marquis and I bought us tickets. The person selling tickets doubled as usher and tore our tickets in half and directed us in.

We entered a relatively large theater with double aisles. It was pitch black other than the screen that was showing a buxom blonde getting hammered on a table by two black guys with the biggest dicks in the world. Sandra gasped and said, "My, my, my." We waited a moment for our eyes to get used to the dark.

I whispered instructions, "Grab my arm and we'll walk down the aisle to the front, then turn around and walk back to see who's here. Then we'll grab seats in the third row from the back in the middle of the middle section."

As we walked back Sandra whispered, "I can't make out any details but it looks like two dozen people are watching us, not the movie."

"That's because you're better looking than the movie," I chuckled softly. I let her enter the row first and we settled into our seats. "Maybe we can get some ideas from the movie," I commented and began taking in the film. It wasn't long before Sandra was breathing heavily and squirming a little. "Like what you see?" I asked.

"Uuuuuummmm," she answered.

I put an arm around her and inside her sweater and twiddled her right tit. Soon I noticed a man at the end of our row. A little later he had stealthily moved to a seat next to Sandra. She didn't notice until the last second, turned to me and said, "There's a man sitting next to me!"

"It's all right. People move around a lot in these theaters."

After a few minutes she turned again to me and gasped, "Larry, he has his penis out and holding it in his hand!! What should we do?!?"

I leaned into her ear, "WE shouldn't do anything. You... keep looking at the screen, reach your hand over, grab hold of his shaft and start jacking him off." She looked at me incredulously. "Yeah, that's right," I continued. "Slowly jack him off so I can see. And one more thing: tonight it's not penis; it's cock – large hard cock." She looked at me curiously, returned her gaze to the screen and hesitantly moved her hand toward the man. Unbeknownst to her I had nodded at the man. Soon her hand was near his cock. She pulled his hand off and wrapped her fingers around it. "Jack it slowly like you do so well," I cajoled. I soon noticed her hand riding up and down his shaft and rim and heard his light moaning. This went on for a few minutes.

"How long should I do this?" she asked me.

"Until you make him shoot off like a geyser," I replied.

She kept jacking the guy, and with her eyes glued to the screen didn't notice the man that moved in next to the one she was jacking off and the two behind us. She did notice a guy in the row ahead watching her jacking off the first guy and glancing peeks at her chest. I aided and abetted by removing my hand from the top of her sweater, grabbing the bottom and pulling it up exposing her right tit.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'm showing him your tit. Don't worry about it. Just keep pleasing the other guy," I answered. She returned her eyes to the screen and her fist to the cock. The guy getting jacked off reached a hand toward her bare tit just as the guy in front did the same. Being a fair guy I pulled up her entire sweater and bared both tits. I noticed that Sandra's nipples were stiff as a board and protruding a half-inch. Two hands quickly tweaked her two nipples. Sandra glanced at me wide-eyed. "Keep your mind on your work, babe. Get that guy to cum. I'll worry about your nips," I responded.

In a couple of minutes a geyser of cum reflecting the projector light could be seen flying through the air and landing on the back of a seat. Not very subtly the man growled, "Ooooohh! Baby!" I told Sandra, in a normal voice so the others could hear, "Suck his cock and clean it off, and lick off any of his cum on your hand." The other guys took note. Sandra turned to me with hesitancy. I put on my stern face, "Look, slut. If you want me to keep you supplied with cock, you'll get your ass in gear and do exactly as I say and not give me any shit! Now suck his cock clean!" Sandra was taken aback but rose up to lean over the armrest and engulfed the man's cock in her mouth. Everyone, which now included three in front, three in back, two to Sandra's right and one beside me, was mesmerized with her cock cleaning skills. And they about shit when she licked a little cum off her hand and ate that.

"Does everybody want a little poontang?" I asked the crowd.

"Yeah! Yeah, baby! Damn straight! You betcha!" came the chorus of replies.

I informed, "O.K. Follow my directions and keep to the rules. She'll do whatever I say though she loves cock anyway. You guys figure out how but one at a time fucks her, one can face fuck her, the others waiting their turn at her can play with her tits or have her jack your cocks. And a finger in her ass is O.K. Just keep the commotion down and no pain.

"Some here aren't white," one intoned.

"She's an equal opportunity slut and will fuck any color or size. Now I'll get out of your way and be watching from a couple of rows away, so have at her, men." Sandra started to give me another reluctant look but I cut her off, "Give me any backtalk and I'll leave the theater and let them do whatever they want with you for the next six hours without my supervision."

"Can you control them?" she asked with trepidation.

"I dunno," I whispered. "Probably. But as long as you fuck 'em real good it won't matter. So do me proud. I want to watch every cock stretching your cunt at least once over the next couple of hours, and especially hope to see you cum over every cock. I so much want to see you cum over and over again as all of these cocks pummel you."

I went two rows forward and noticed a bunch of guys scattered around the theater watching, too hesitant to join in I guessed, though the possibility of this turning into a gigantic gangbang orgy crossed my mind. The only downside (or upside??) to all this was a chance that my wife will love it and I'll have to make this a regular thing.

As I settled in my perch I saw she had slithered down in her seat with her legs spread wide as a bunch of horny toads scrambled toward her. But a giant of a black man – must have been 6'-4" and 250 pounds – pushed the others aside and stood between her legs. I surmised he was the alpha male of the group. "Ever been fucked by a big black cock, bitch?" he asked. She nodded, no. "Here's what one looks like," he continued as he pulled his dick out of his pants. As near as I could see it was at least 12 inches long and fatter than an arm. Sandra looked at it wide-eyed. "This can and will do a lot of damage to an untrained white bitch cunt. But it'll only hurt like hell for a little while; then you'll like it and become a white honky ho. Grab onto the cocks on either side and hang on for the ride of your life. I'm about to turn your fuckin' cunt into the Grand canyon!"

The big man jammed his monster in Sandra's pussy to the hilt in one big thrust. She let out a scream. I was beginning to worry that I might've gone too far but was too excited seeing my wife getting ravished to think much about it. She continued gasps of pain as the big one piledrived her. But in less than a minute they turned to loud moans of pleasure and soon I saw her body trembling uncontrollably with the telltale signs of her orgasm. I was both relieved that she was safe and thrilled that my wife is such an insatiable cock-loving slut; I like that in a woman.

The guy with the black telephone pole of a cock must have agreed. "What a hot piece of ass you are! You're the hottest white honky ho I've ever fucked! Your cunt won't be able to get enough of this and will be begging for more big black cock before I'm done with you. Do ya hear, bitch?"

"Huuuummmmmm," she replied.

"Tell me you love this black cock fucking your pussy," he went on.

"I love your cock," she mumbled.

"Then here comes some black seed to remember me with," he said and bellowed as he filled my wife's pussy with his cream. "Take the bro's seed you white slut ho," he yelled. He withdrew his cock with a slurp and announced to the group, "This free ho is ready and wants all of your cocks. Get another one in her pussy and let's have one in her mouth to keep the bitch busy and quiet."

'Where is my camera when it's needed most??' I mused. One guy was half kneeling and half standing on the arms of her chair and fixin' to impale his dick down her throat. Another got between her legs with his face at the first guy's back and easily slid his dick up her pussy. Two others put her hands on their dicks and their hands on her tits.

"Ooh, Ooh, Oww, Uuh, Ow," grunted Sandra through the cock in her throat in sync with the cock fucking her. She might have wanted to cry out in pain but her stuffed mouth wouldn't allow it. Then her grunts of pain again quickly became muffled moans of pleasure. "Uumph! Uumph! Uumph! Uumph!" One guy at her side leaned over, pulled the man's cock out of her mouth and hissed, "You love all this cock don't you bitch?"

"UH HUH!" she panted.

The cock returned to her mouth and with a satisfied sneer on his face the second guy pounded her as hard as he could. It wasn't long until he clenched his butt cheeks, held his cock deep in her pussy and whitewashed it with his cum. Sandra felt his hot cum and came herself the 2nd time in four minutes. He pulled out, put his cock back in his pants, and climbed over to the row in front to watch. Everyone else, now about a dozen or so, were in line in the row with Sandra.

The next guy in line hesitated for the guy pounding her throat who, now unhindered, started royally face fucking her, fast pumping his long cock deep in her throat and back to her lips as she struggled. In less that a minute he held his cock deep in her and shot his cum right down her gullet. She gagged and coughed—though her cough was stifled and her body absorbed the reaction and shook instead. "Eat it all, bitch, and maybe I'll let you breathe," he sneered. He removed his spent dick and Sandra coughed, gagged and swallowed all at the same time.

The next man inline climbed over the armrest and without fanfare put his prick in her pussy. This time there were still two hands on her tits, one dick in her hand, and nothing in her mouth. The fucker took advantage and French kissed her. I wondered if she would like that but got my answer when she came the 3rd time in five minutes. It was dark but her uncontrollable body shaking and loud squealing were unmistakable. The man got his rocks off, stood up and had her clean his cock which she did with gusto, then exited down the row.

The 3rd man entered her cunt, fucked for a few minutes, unloaded his jism, and departed. Followed by the 4th. Then the 5th and 6th. She had three more orgasms with these four, the last two coming back-to-back with #6. The 7th decided the arrangement was too clumsy. He had Sandra get up and straddle him as he sprawled in the seat. This made his aim easier and also made Sandra do all the work. She fucked him with gusto, bouncing her torso up and down like a water pump handle. Her tits were easy access and a man standing in the back row had comfortable access to her mouth. It also allowed a finger to twiddle her asshole which one or two did.

She fucked number seven, then six more, non-stop. Half the time she was also sucking someone's cock, one or two getting seconds. She didn't tire, fucking the last seven men with the same ass bouncing speed and sucking off four like she hadn't eaten in days. I lost count but I would guess close to 8 to 10 orgasms with the last seven, one I noticed the very second the first finger penetrated her asshole. During the last three fucks her body was in a continuous tremor emitting a continuous guttural moan. She had one long continual orgasm throughout the last fucks. She was a cuming fool who seemingly could not get enough cock in her.

I returned to the arena. A few of the original 13 were lolling around and about six others had moved to the vicinity. "That's all for today," I announced. "Sorry, we have a limit. But keep watch and when we return my wife will give all of you a piece." Looking at Sandra I added so all could hear, " You would like that, another truck load of cock, wouldn't you," as a statement not a question.

"Uh huh," she replied. "But do I have to wait?"

I continued. "For a preview you can watch her give her husband a final blowjob. If anybody wants, feel free to jack off on her and give her a cum bath. And, since she still wants more, for the grand finale one of you give her one last good fucking doggie style. Do it in her cunt or up her ass whichever you like." I walked behind her and pointed to my exposed erection. She climbed back on the seat and engulfed my cock in her mouth. One last guy climbed on her back, rubbed cunt juice on his pecker and pushed it all the way up her ass. After four minutes she had cum twice more from the ass fucking and I felt cum building up pressure. I pulled out briefly, raised her chin and said, "You love a cock up your ass, don't you?"

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