tagErotic CouplingsPlotting My Revenge

Plotting My Revenge


I wanted to tear Sela's report up so badly, but I didn't. How dare he betray me like that? I felt like such a fool! The man I hire to investigate my husband, ends up fucking him! I could have him put out of business! I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to get a gun and blow both of them to hell!

Who could I tell about this? My girlfriends? My family? The private investigator found no physical evidence of my husband messing around, except for his own dick that he put in his ass! That would open a Pandora box of questions I really didn't feel like answering.

I had my questions about my husband's fidelity, but I had no idea he would suck and fuck a dick! What was it about being online that makes people lose their damn minds? I signed on and created an ID for myself: lady2fly. I thought about all the ways I could get back at my husband. I could send messages to his ID and set him up. I could do what he did, and get with some women. I could set up a gangbang and let him walk in on me. But what could I do to hurt him as much as he had hurt me?

I started by going into a couple of chatrooms and having conversations. Men were attracted to my name. I'd get a lot of request to show pix of myself, or to meet somewhere. A week or so later, I bought a digital camera, and took some risqué photos of myself. I created a 360 page, and described myself as an open-minded, married woman looking for all kinds of fun. Once the page was done, my popularity skyrocketed. I'd go into a chatroom, and get instantly bombarded with IMs. Men and boys were sweating me hard. I couldn't really carry on a decent conversation with any of them, because boxes were popping up every few seconds.

It wasn't as easy to come up with a suitable revenge as I thought. Plus, I was kinda having fun online. In the meantime, I went along as if everything was fine with hubby, while I figured out the perfect revenge. Clay's demeanor toward me hadn't changed much since he fucked the investigator. I didn't know whether that was because it was no big deal to him, or he had compartmentalized the event from the rest of his life. I almost wished he would have come out and confessed it to me, but he didn't do that either.

In order for my revenge to have the best effect, I needed to keep everything normal too. I didn't treat him any differently, and I didn't talk to him any differently. We even had sex about the same amount of times as before he bent over for the investigator. The big difference was the images in my head. When Clay was on his knees licking my pussy, I imagined him on his knees sucking Sela's dick. When Clay was doing me doggy style, I imagined him in the same position for Sela. When I was on top of him, I imagined what other position he and Sela would get in given the opportunity.

As his dick would pulsate in and out of me I would feel hurt, I would feel anger, and I would feel aroused. Maybe my time on the computer was making me crazy too. The thought of my husband getting fucked by another man was adding intensity to my orgasms. I couldn't believe it, but I didn't stop indulging in it either. My husband was a bigger freak than I thought, and part of me liked it. Maybe I was a bigger freak than I thought too.

Lady2fly was an increasingly popular lady. As I spent more time online, I separated myself from her more and more. That made it okay for me to get wet at the nasty things guys wanted to talk about. They weren't talking to me, they were talking to her. She became my alter ego. I was the one who would masturbate about it later, but Lady2fly was the nasty slut who participated in their raunchy fantasies. My hands were wet and sticky, but they were clean. I even started venturing out of the chatrooms to adult websites. I'd look at pictures and read stories of group sex. I'd get so turned on I'd use a toy to masturbate myself to more orgasms after fucking Clay to sleep.

Chocolatewonda popped up one day, and I was playing around with him just like with everyone else. He offered his webcam, and I accepted. Most of the men I was used to seeing had average size dicks, but Chocolatewonda was truly hung. I knew he had to be messing around somehow, but after watching him cum I knew he wasn't. He was only 22 though. Lady2fly was all for playing around with him, but I actually felt guilty getting off to a boy more 15 years younger than me. He of course was talking a lot of shit about what he would do if he got a hold of me. He kept telling me how long he could go, and how good he could be.

There were two others I talked to fairly regularly – Singleblknhung and Soulfulone. They were both younger than me too. And, if the pictures they showed me were real, they were hung as well. I talked to these three because they were respectful. It was clear that they wanted my pussy, but they weren't annoying about it. Part of my focus on them had to do with the age difference; I won't deny that. I took some more pictures of my body from time to time to show them. I made them promise not to save them, but I know they were – which is why I never let them see my face. I could only imagine them getting busted for having nude pictures on a public computer, and my face being plastered all over creation,

I started a conference to have some fun with the three of them. From the way they worked together to turn me out, I would have sworn they knew each other. They weren't competing with each other. One would talk of holding me, while the other two groped and licked me. One would talk of doing me doggy, while the other would slip his dick in my mouth and suck my nipples. I went beyond just teasing myself during that conversation, and used one of my toys to have a few really good orgasms. I took some masturbation shots afterwards that they went nuts for.

I made a point to conference with them about once a week after that first time. Each time they got better, and wilder. I was really getting hooked on those three. My husband would come home, and get some of the nastiest sex my pussy could stand. I even started letting him do me anally after my boys had talked about it so much. Of course I knew Clay was still cyber-creeping, and I was still mad at him for getting fucked. But now that I was cyber-creeping myself, our sex life really took off. I still hadn't forgotten about exacting revenge on him, but it was getting a little less attention than before. During sex, my thoughts started to be less about him and Sela and more about me and my boys.

singleblknhung: we're coming to see you

lady2fly: you're what?

chocolatewonda: we talked about it, and we are going 2 come see u

lady2fly: when were u planning 2 tell me?

chocolatewonda: we're telling u now

lady2fly: and that's how it goes now? u just tell me what you're gonna do?

soulfulone: we just wanna be with u.

singleblknhung: can u blame us?

lady2fly: u still need to understand u don't control me like that

soulfulone: sry

singleblknhun: you know your pictures have driven us nuts

2flycuite: i'm a grown-ass woman

singleblknhung: we know that

chocolatewonda: after talking so much about it, we want 2 actually do it

lady2fly: u also know i'm a married woman. no matter what i do on here, that doesn't change.

soulfulone: u don't want to see us?

singleblknhung: in the flesh?

lady2fly: i didn't say that – lol

singleblknhung: so we can come?

2flycuite: u can cum anytime u want – wink

singleblknhung: lol

soulfulone: we want to cum on you. on them pretty titties

singleblknhung: and on your sexy ass

soulfulone: after we spank you

lady2fly: damn, y'all

chocolatewonda: u know what i want 2 do

lady2fly: lol – yeah, i know nastyman

chocolatewonda: squat over my face, mommy

lady2fly: mmmmmmm – u know not to call me that

soulfulone: y, mommy?

lady2fly: it's nasty, that's y

chocolatewonda: u want 2 b our sister again?

lady2fly: okay, stop! y'all 'bout to have me take my panties off

singleblknhung: that's the point!

soulfulone: take 'em off, so i can suck your juice out the crotch

lady2fly: u r soooooo nasty

chocolatewonda: r u wet?

lady2fly: u huh

chocolatewonda: let us come see u

singleblknhung: please!

lady2fly: how would u get here?

chocolatewonda: let us worry about that

lady2fly: where would u stay?

soulfulone: at a hotel, unless u wanted us 2 do u n your bed

lady2fly: hell 2 da naw!

singleblknhung: please!

soulfulone: you're husband would never have to know about it

chocolatewwonda: just like he doesn't know how nasty u really want to be

lady2fly: well . . . i'll think about it

And I thought a lot about it: in bed when I signed off and went to masturbate; that night while riding my husband's dick; and the next day as I noticed all of the hotels in the area.

"Do you have fantasies about me?" I asked my husband while he was in the shower and I was taking off my makeup at the sink.

"Of course I do."

"Wild ones?"

"Some of them."

"How wild?"

"Wild enough to be a little embarrassed to tell you."

I stood on the toilet seat to look over the shower door at him. Despite his huge indiscretion, he was still a sexy ass man to me. Seeing him wet and soapy added to the naughty thoughts I was already having. "Tell me."

"Nah," he laughed.

"Do you ever imagine me with other men?"

"I'm not answering you."

"I promise I won't get mad."

"Well, sometimes."

"Multiple men?"

"A few of them."

"Tell me."

"It's not something I'm proud of. I mean, for a married man to think of his wife with other men, is kinda foul."

"That's for me to judge, isn't it?"

"No, because I never dreamed I'd tell you."

I got off the toilet, and took off my clothes. I took note of the wet spot in my panties before getting in the shower with him. "Will you tell me now?"

"Baby," he moaned.

I rubbed my hard nipples across his back and pressed my body to his. "Please?" I reached down and stroked his soapy dick,

"Tell you a wild fantasy I've had about you?"

I bumped my hips to his ass, as I imagined Sela did when Clay was bent over the counter spreading his cheeks. His dick grew in my hand. "A raunchy fantasy."

"Okay." He took a breath, "I'm downstairs playing pool with the fellas. You come down looking real good. I can't help but kiss you."

"What do I have on?"

"This flimsy, leopard print outfit. It's not lingerie, but it is kinda sheer."

"Okay, I can see me in that," I moved my hands over his chest.

"I start groping you as we kiss. The fellas get kinda quiet as they watch. I reach down and grab your ass, and flip up the back of your skirt."

"Hmm, showing me off, huh?"

"You have on a thong, and the fellas are amazed that I did it. You don't stop kissing me, so I lift and hold your skirt up. One of the fellas comes over and rubs your ass, and you kiss me deeper. I let your skirt down, and unfasten it. As your kissing me, you wiggle your hips to make it fall to the floor. I spin you around, and kiss your neck. You have one arm around my neck pulling me closer and the other grabbing your titty. The fellas are mesmerized. I reach down and run my hand across your hips and thighs. I dip my finger between your legs, and you are wet. I call one of the fellas over, and he starts rubbing your titties. You put both arms around my neck, and offer your chest to him. He unfastens and pulls your top off, and your nipples are like – pow!"

"Just like they are now," I laugh. His little tale was definitely getting to me.

"One of the other fellas come over and they each take a nipple in their mouth. You part your legs a little, and I run my finger across your clit as they suck. It's not long before I you have an orgasm in my arms. When you stop, I pick you up and lay you on the pool table. Your ass is on the edge, and your legs are over the side. I slide your thongs off, and you spread your legs for me to lick your pussy."

"I'm naked in front of your friends?"

"Butt-ass naked, and spread out. As I'm sucking your clit, they are rubbing you and sucking your nipples. One even starts sucking your toes."

I jumped and dug my nails into his chest for a second, "You know I can't handle that!"

"I'm looking up from between your legs, seeing their hands and lips all over you."

"I'm not kissing them, am I?"

"Oh no, I know you wouldn't kiss them. But they're on your belly, your neck, and of course your nipples."

I washed the soap off his dick, and turned him around so I could suck on it. "Keep going," I squatted so I could rub my clit.

"Your pussy is so juicy."

"You bet it is," I moaned.

"I'm licking and sucking every inch of it. Your body starts tensing up, and I concentrate on your clit to make you cum. I stand up and come to kiss you with your juice still on my face. One of the fellas takes my place between your legs, kissing your thighs at first. After we kiss for a minute, I take out my dick for you to suck. You turn your head and take it all in your mouth. One fella eats you for a while, then another, while the others keep groping and kissing your body when they're not licking your pussy."

I slid my hand between hubby's legs, and pointed a finger to his hole. He flinched, and put his hands on the wall over my head for balance.

"You started cumming again, and sucked my dick hard. When I started to cum, you hold my dick in your mouth to swallow every drop. I bend down and kiss you again."

"You so nasty," I took his dick out long enough to say.

"I move away, and there's two dicks in your face. For a minute I sit back and watch you being eaten, and sucking dicks. I know it's wrong, but you look so good doing it."

"I look slutty too, right?"


"You like when I'm slutty?" I slid my fingertip in his ass.

"I love it, baby!"

"Just like you like this finger in your ass?"

He moaned.

I let go of his dick to smack his ass, "Answer me!"

"Uh huh."

"Nasty ass," I gave his ass another smack, then put his dick back in my mouth.

"I watch them make you cum again, then I lift you onto your knees. Your pussy is literally dripping wet, and I slide right in. As I'm fucking you, you suck the dick of whoever stands in front of you. One by one you make them cum, and aim it for your chest as best you can. After the last one is empty, you and I cum together."

"That's how it ends?" I asked when he didn't say anything else.

"We get applause and thank yous," he laughs.

I stand up and wrap my legs around him to take his dick inside me. He presses my back against the wall, and pounds my pussy.

"You'd love to see me be a slut like that, wouldn't you? Sucking other men's dicks, and getting my pussy ate."

"Oh fuck!"

"Yeah, fuck me baby." He exploded in me, and sent me off on an orgasm. I wasn't sure his legs were going to hold out, but I know mine were in no shape to support my weight at that moment. "That's a helluva fantasy," I said once I caught my breath.

He helped me stand, "What made you ask about it?"

"I was curious as to how you thought about me."

"Does it make you mad?"

"No way! It's just a fantasy, right? If you show up here with your boys and a leopard miniskirt for me to put on, we may have a problem," I laughed.


I kissed him, and we got out of the shower. He asked me what I meant by 'may' as he spread my legs and drove his dick inside me. Our wet bodies felt real good moving against each others, since we didn't dry off. He kept asking me if I wanted to fuck his friends as he fucked me. At first I didn't want to answer him. I wanted to let the thought of me being unfaithful hang on his mind. But as my body started responding to his control, I couldn't form the words to answer. I panted, and moaned, and screamed as he beat my pussy to another orgasm. We both fell asleep, wet and creamy.

The next day I sent my boys an offline message: Be here next Friday.

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