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Poke Her Poker


I want to give thanks to NoSnow for helping on this story.

At the end of School Pete yells "Hey Joey, don't forget about the poker game at your house this Friday.

"Ok shit, it is this Friday; I will have to remind my Dad and Mom.I think they are entertaining Friday also. Who all is coming this week?"

"Well it will be Chris, Tim, Mark, and Dave. He is home from college for a week or two" said Pete.

"Oh man you know my Mom don't like him. She thinks he is rude and she don't like the way he treats his girlfriends.I better let her know ahead of time."

Pete looked at me and said "You better let me know if we can still come over tonight."

"Ok I'll give you a call."

During dinner I reminded my parents that it was my turn to host the poker game this Friday and who all was going to be there.

Mom said "I don't like that Dave. He thinks he's God gift to everything plus he always wins. He is just an ass hole.I don't know if I even want him in our home."

I replied "Maybe he's grown-up? He has been away at college for 6 months, plus his luck has to change."

Dad jumped in "Its' ok for the guys to come on over, even Dave.Remember we'll also be entertaining so you guys will have to be in the basement."

Mom said "Ok, I will try and be nice.We'll see what happens."

I called Pete and told him the game was on but we'll have to set up and play in the basement.He said he was ok with it.I also told him to let Dave know to behave.

Friday evening, right around six o'clock all of my friends that were playing arrived. My parent's friends were showing up around 7:00.

Dave asked "What are the game rules? It has been a year since I've played."

"It's 50 dollars to buy-in and you can't leave the area to get more money.In this case the basement."

Dave said "Cool. Hey guys I brought four cameras. They run off this controller.I can turn them off and on, and change the angle, even get close ups, while we play the game sitting here at the table. If you don't mind I like to check them out to make sure they work tonight."

We all agreed that it wouldn't be a problem. So Dave put them around the room.When he was done he told us he could view the whole basement. Then Dave asked me "Your mom still doesn't like me does she?"

I said "What makes you say that?"

"Oh, just the way she looked at me when I came in."

I said "Yeah, you're right, so you need to either be nice around her or just stay away from her."

I guess I should tell you a little bit about the guys.We all played football and that is how we became friends. Pete is 18 and a real nice guy. Mark's nick name is 'Nuts' and that should explain him.He also knows how to cheat at dealing.He can make sure to give the right cards to any person he wants to win. Chris is 18 and is a little rude and crude. Tim is the youngest; he just turned 18 and is on the shy side. He took Dave's place when he went to college.Dave is the oldest at 19; he was a year ahead of us but still hung around with us. He does think he is the greatest thing that ever walked on earth and is VERY lucky. He seems to win at everything he does. I am, well, I would say I am a good football player and I go with the flow, if you know what I mean.

"Who is the banker tonight?" asked one of the guys.

Chris said he would be it. "Cool" Dave said as he ran a test on his cameras.He had all of us state our names and ages for the test.

"Ok, let's start playing."

After about an hour of playing my mother came down to the basement with her friend Sue, you could hear a pin drop.Now all of the guys think my mom is an attractive woman. From time to time they call her a MILF.Mom was looking really good tonight in her dress.Sue was just as attractive as my Mom.So I gave them both a run down on the game and introduce them to the guys.

"Who's winning?" Mom asked. I told her that Dave was.

She looked at Dave and said "You know you're just lucky and it will change."

He looked at her and said "It is skill, all skill."

She turned around and left with Sue close behind her.You could hear her telling Sue how she just didn't like Dave.

I said "We can hear you." She looked at me and continued to walk up the stairs.

Chris looked around the table and said "I sure would like to see them two naked."We all smiled and went back to the game.

My parent's friends left around 11.Dad and mom came into the basement to check on the game.I gave them both another run down on the game, "Pete and Tim have lost all their money and were just watching the game. It looked like Dave was going to be the big winner tonight."

Mom said "Someone needs to teach Dave a lesson."

Dave looked at my mom and said "I think you had too much to drink already tonight."

Mom said "I can hold my wine."

Then Dave asked if she was going to be the one to teach him this lesson.This just pissed my mom off and she said "Yes I think I will."

"It isn't as easy as it looks," Dad replied. "These kids play online these days and they have been playing regularly for years."

Mom just looked at my dad and then asked "What are the rules."I told mom the rules then asked Mom and Dad if they wanted to play.Dad said he was in. Mom said she was in but needed to get her purse.When she got back Dad had already got his chips and Mom sat down.She gave her money to Chris and he passed her some chips.

After about an hour my Dad lost his money and said he was going to bed.Mark asked if he wanted to buy in again. He said "No way, you guys are too lucky tonight."

He looked at Dave and told him you're the better man tonight."We all laughed.He looked at Mom and asked if she was done.She looked at him and said "No, I'm going to teach these guys who the better player." We all knew she meant Dave.

Dad took me aside and said "Don'tgang up on you Mother."

"Dad, we would never gang up on her," I replied innocently.

"You know what I mean. Just don't let you and the other guys gun for her to push her out of the game."

"Alright dad, we'll keep it cool. But she wants to teach Dave a lesson so I think it will be a long night as long as she can hold her own."

"Well you just keep an eye out and don't let the game get out of control."

"Ok dad."

He went upstairs to bed and I went back to the game.

After Dad left, my Mom said "The rest of the night just call me Mary. No need to be formal at the poker table." While shuffling the cards she said "Joey could you get me a glass of wine."

I asked "Don't you think you've had enough to drink tonight?"

Mom gave me a dirty look and said "Mind your own business."

"Ok Mom" and went to get more wine as Dave and Mark followed me.

Dave said "Your Mom can be a real bitch sometimes." Mark agreed with him.

"I know but she is my Mom."

"Well maybe we can teach her a lesson tonight.Would you like to make a side bet?"

I said "Sure! What's the bet?"

Dave looked at me and said "I bet I can get your Mom out of her clothes and have each guy tell her to do something to entertain us."

I said "I'm not sure; that is my Mom."

Then Mark added "You have to keep her wine glass full all night."

I looked at them and said "I don't think so."

Mark said "Hey, we know you would love to see your Mom nude just as much as we would. Plus she has been quite a bitch to you lately."

I said "You're right about that, but you two are planning on humiliating her."

Dave said "She has humiliated you and the rest of us from time to time. It's just pay back."

"You're right" I said. Knowing how conservative my mom is and all, I didn't think they could do it. "You're on." I figured I was finally going to win a bet.

Dave said "Ok, I will give you $100 if you win and if I win you pay me $100 AND you get to see your mom naked!"

Mark said "All we need to do is gang up on her and she will lose."

I said "We need to make sure the cameras are turned off."

Dave said "Sure thing Joey," laughing.

Now might be a good time to let you know a little bit about my Mom.She's 40 years old and has stayed in shape.I looked at her bra once, it was 36D.She's a manager for a fairly large company and has seven people working for her.She's big in the church and goes every week and even sings in the choir.She is very conservative and likes to be in control of everything.However, she can be a bitch when things don't go her way.

I got Mom her wine and brought two bottles with me.Mom looked at me and asked "Why two bottles?"

I said "Just in case you want more."

About two hours into the game it was just my Mom and Dave left in the game. With Dave up big time Mom had to buy back into the game about 3 times in a row. So far Mom had invested about $200.

"Well Mary, it looks like it's down to just the two of us. Are you ready to give up and say I'm the best player tonight?" Dave said smugly.

Mom said, with a smart ass attitude, "NO way!! Deal the cards."Mom lost again and was low on money now, but still would not give up. She wanted to teach Dave a lesson in a very bad way.

Mom said "Deal the cards. My luck is about to change."

Dave said "Ok, but let's make it interesting.Chris you deal and let the first two cards show. Then we will bet on each card as they come up."

Mom said "Ok but I want Joey to deal."

Dave said "No way he's your son.So let's have Mark deal."

Mom said "I really want Joey to deal."

Dave said "Well I don't think it would be fair, so you're not getting it your way this time."

She just looked at Dave real mean like and then agreed.

Mark started to deal. The first card to Mom was a queen of diamonds. Dave's first card was a jack of hearts.Mom bet $5 and Dave raised her $5.Mom's next card was a queen of clubs and Dave's was a queen of hearts.

Mom was out of money she said "I need to go upstairs and get some money from Dad."

Dave said "Hold on. You can't leave the area and get more money."We all said that's the rule.Mom took a big drink of wine and I filled it back up as I had been doing all night.

Mom said "But I need more money to continue."

Dave said "So, the rules are the rules."

Mom said "You're an ass."

Dave said "But we can make some kind of deal, IF you still think you can teach me a lesson."

"What's the deal?" she asked.

Dave looked at her and said "You have a nice outfit on.It looks like it is worth a few dollars.I'll bet you $300. And you, you bet your outfit; including your bra, panties and shoes; in others words, all your clothes. If you lose, you have to take them off and give them to me.It would be the same as money."

She looked at him and then at me.Then Dave said "Mary your right my luck should change, but I don't think it will.I have won the last 18 hands, you have two queens showing.The odds are in your favor."

Mom look at me and I said "No way Mom, enough is enough it's time to stop."

She said "No, I am going to win and teach Dave a lesson."

Dave said "Take a minute to think about it."

Then Dave got up and walked over to me and whispered "Want to make another $100 side bet?"

I said "What?"

"I am going to see if I can get your Mom to give me a hand job, and I hope it will lead to more."

I said "I don't think she will do anything like that even if she is drunk."

Dave said "So is it a bet?"

I said "Ok you're on."

Dave went back to the table, and looked at my Mom and asked "What's your answer."

She looked at Dave and said "It's a bet."

Since the bet was made Mark just dealt the rest of the cards.

Dave said "Ladies first!" so Mom laid down her cards.She had two pairs, queens and fives.Mom had a big smile on her face. She just knew she had a winning hand.

As she reached for the pile of chips, Dave said "Not so fast"and showed his hand.He had a straight flush; the Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine, and Eight of hearts.

Mom's face went blank. I am sure Mark was cheating with the dealing, but guess I wanted to see Mom nude and humiliated also.She looked at the guys with all us looking at her with smiles.

Dave said "Wait Mary. Keep your clothes on and I will make you another deal. You take the deal or you take your clothes off."

Mary looked at Dave and said "Let me hear the deal."

Dave looked at Mary and said "I already own your clothes so here it is.We play one more hand.If you win you get your clothes back and all the money."

Mom took a big sip of wine, I refilled her glass. The second bottle was almost empty.

"And if I lose?"

Dave looked straight into her eyes and said "You still take your clothes off and then each one of us, but not me, will tell you to do something to entertain us.Then they will all depart and you and me will go over to the couch on the other side of the room and you will give me a hand job. Before you answer think about this; you're right I can't keep winning every hand, but then is it luck or skill.I think I am the better player here, and this is your last chance to teach me a lesson Mary."

Mom just looked at Dave. The smart ass way he said the last statement just pissed her off. With all the wine she drank I don't think she was thanking with a clear mind.Mom asked"When you say all the money, what do you mean?"

Dave said "All the money that I have won, I will put it all into the pot."

"How much is that?"

"About a $1,000."

It seemed like ten minutes went by before Dave said "Well Mary, is it a bet or not?"

Mom said "It's a bet." She looked at me and said "Joey, you will have to depart the room if I lose."

Dave yelled "NO WAY, I told you the bet, you agreed to it. You can't change it now, your son stays for the show."

Mom looked at Dave took another drink of wine. I refilled her glass. Then she said, "Deal the cards Pete I mean Mark."I couldn't believe what I heard.My conservative Mom said deal the cards, she must think she is going to win.

Mark dealt the cards so no one could see them.Mom had a smile on her face; she must have a good hand.But I know Mark dealt the cards and she has most likely been set up. Dave looked at his cards and smiled.Oh no they both have a good hand.Mom saw Dave's face also.

Dave again said "Ladies first."So mom showed her hand.

She had three Jacks and said "I win."

Dave said "That's a good hand... but not good enough."He showed his hand, four of a kind, all fives."Sorry but it looks like it's show time now."

Mom looked disappointed. Looking at Dave she said "You're really going to make me do this?"

Dave looked at her and said "Yes, the way you treat me and call me an ass, I'm going to show you that I am an ass. But then you could just walk out of here and renege on your bet. If you do I will talk about you for a long time. You made the bet and have to do what you have to do."

Mom looked at everyone and said "I am going to do this but what happens here stays here. No one can tell anyone outside of this basement."We all agreed.

Mom stood up and started to take off her clothes.Dave said "Wait, move over to the center of the room."

Mom asked "Why?"

Dave said "We can get a better view of you there."

Mom moved to the center of the room.I was thinking that Dave seems to have gotten the upper hand here and had Mom under his control. This was a first. She was just standing there and Dave said "We're waiting."

So Mom looked at all the guys and started to get undress.While the guys watched she slipped her shoes off. Reaching behind herself she unzipped her dress.She pulled the dress slowly off her one shoulder holding the front with one hand. Changing hands she pulled it off the other shoulder.

All eyes were glued to the sight of Mom standing there. There was a lot of expectant breathing before she started to slowly let the dress slide down her body.

Her bra came into view first. It was lacy and a light yellow. The color contrasted with her tanned skin but showed she didn't tan in the nude as the white of her breasts showed underneath the lace. In fact we could see her brownish areolas plainly visible down to almost the hardened nipples. I almost didn't realize she had let the dress drop into a pool around her feet. There she was in her bra and a Matching pair of lacy yellow panties. I looked at where her long slender legs met trying to see her bush under the lace. I was disappointed until I realized she shaved herself!

Dave yelled out "Turn around and let us get a good look." Mom turned around and everyone was giving cat calls."Ok, enough, take off the rest."

She reached up between her breasts to unclasp the bra. As she started to take off her bra, she looked at me. I noticed for the first time how bright red her face was from being humiliated. I turned my head for a moment, but turned right back to looking. As her tits came into view we were all in heaven.It was the first time I seen my mom's tits since I was a baby and I didn't remember it. They were big and round with just a slight sag. I loved them. The nipples were even harder than before and very long. She dropped the bra down on the floor with her dress.

I noticed Mom's breathing was faster and more shallow than normal. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties she slid them down her tapered legs with a flourish. As she returned to standing I looked down at her pussy. I was right, she was shaved! She looked great and I know my cock was as hard as it has ever been.I'm sure all the guys were hard like me.

Dave said "Mary give me the clothes as they belong to me now."Mom's tits hung deliciously as she bent down to pick up her clothes. As she walked over to Dave they bounced and swayed seductively. Mom handed the pile of clothes to Dave.He then said "Back to the center of the room."Mom started to move and Dave yelled "A little faster now." She ran back to the center of the room. Wow, her tits really bounced around as she ran back. It was evident Dave was in total control now.

Dave said "Tim you're the youngest you get to tell her what you want her to do first."

Tim said "Mary I want you to do 25 Jumping jacks." I thought that wasn't too bad.Mom started doing the jumping jacks. It was kind of funny watching her tits bounce all over.When she was done, she just stood there breathing heavier. I watched as her tits rose and fell with each deep breath.

Dave said "Pete it's your turn."

"Mary play with your nipples for 2 minutes."

Dave said "Wait. I think she needs to do it for about five minutes."

Mom looked at Dave and said "Pete said two."

Dave said "Yes he did but I added to it. Now do it for five minutes or I will add another five."Mom looked at Dave trying to regain control, but it wasn't working.So she started to play with her nipples. It was quite a turn-on watching her pull and rub her puffy nipples. I could tell she was getting into it now. She started to make little humming noises and a slight moan escaped her lips as she reached the five minutes. She was standing there squirming around clenching her thighs together.

Then it was Chris's turn. He looked at my Mom and said "Turn around facing away from us and touch your toes."Mom didn't hesitate. She turned and bent at the waist. The further she bent the more her heart shaped as tightened. Then we began to see the lips of her pussy. There was a definite sheen to them. She finally reached her toes. I expected her to immediately stand up but she didn't, giving us a good look at her ass and wet pussy lips. Chris wasn't done as he said "Now stay bent over and with one hand play with your pussy."She complied quickly running the fingers over the moist lips. Now I knew Mom was getting into it. We could hear her moaning as she slid first one finger inside her pussy and then a second. She began to push them in and out at a languid pace.

Mark was next. He looked hard at my mom and smiled. "Sit in the chair and pull your legs up to your chest." When Mom looked at me I couldn't believe the lust I saw in her eyes.I could not take my eyes off hers as she sat in the chair. She pulled her legs up as far as they would go. Then, without being told, she spread her legs out as far as the chair arms would allow. We all got a good look at her open pussy. The ruddy pink outer lips splayed to each side displaying the brighter pink inner lips. She was now so wet her pussy juice was beginning to run down her crack onto the chair seat.

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